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  • Investors Iraq News's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    From PressTV. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. A week-long Flower Festival is being held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to celebrate the arrival of spring. Foreign participants say they are speechless with the sight of Baghdad shining in full bloom. Press TV‘s correspondent, Altaf Ahmad, reports from the Iraqi capital: Source: Post your commentary below.
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  • Investors Iraq News's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    From AFP. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Former members of the Iraqi national football team Ahmed Radhi and Chaker Mohammed Sabbar are battling off the pitch in the country’s parliamentary election. View on YouTube Source: Post your commentary below.
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  • Investors Iraq News's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    At a major Iraqi business event*in London on Tuesday, there was a strong sense that Iraq’s perceived risk profile is improving, and that this is an excellent time to do business in the country. Nearly 300 delegates attended the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC)‘s Spring Conference at the Mansion House, which focused on “building a diversified and modern economy“, with many of those flying in from Iraq specially for the occasion. This record attendance was just one of the positive indicators in evidence at the event, with speakers pointing to improved security, better relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the central government in Baghdad, and a growing trend towards up-skilling and capacity building in the local population; here at Iraq Business News, we’ve seen a positive indicator of our own, with a 15 percent increase in our website traffic over the past year. Closing the conference’s first day, IBBC Managing Director Christophe Michels also drew attention to the growing number of companies joining his organisation, and a much more relaxed atmosphere in Iraq’s major cities. The second day of the conference also saw a full house at the Royal Overseas League to discuss business opportunities for Iraqi and British small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). (Picture: Baroness Fairhead CBE, UK Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion, addressing the conference.) Source: Post your commentary below.
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  • Wolverine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Trump May Be Involved In 1956 Lemonade Stand Scandal, Mueller Investigation Finds Special counsel’s office has also discovered irregularities in tax filings for a newspaper route president had in 1958 Donald Trump (left), with his siblings, at around the time he was duping other kids into buying watered down lemonade. (Credit: "Once a cheat, always a cheat,” appears to be Donald Trump’s lifelong motto in both business and politics. New revelations from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office suggest that a 10-year-old Donnie Trump might have avoided paying taxes on $12,000 he earned at a lemonade stand over four months in the summer of 1956. New information out of Robert Mueller’s office suggest that Donald Trump was hatching tax scandal schemes even at the angelic age of 3. The probe also learned that Mr. Trump’s lemonade was watered down to include only 10% lemon juice and was exorbitantly priced at 25 cents a cup when other children in his Queens, NY neighborhood were only charging 10 cents per glass of cold refreshment. “Donnie’s lemonade was always warm, weak, and watery, but he got 25 cents by bullying other kids and even their parents into buying his swill,” said Louise Marks, a former neighbor of Donald Trump in his family’s old New York neighborhood. “Donnie told everyone that his father would have them evicted from their homes if they didn’t buy his diluted crap. We were scared, so what could we do? Read entire article with exclusive results of Mueller probe here:
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  • Brazileiro's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:14 PM
    Me too HB cause we know if it don't happen before Ramadan it won't happen til afterwards. Share suscription was announced on 14 March so 4-8 weeks after puts us between now and mid May. I've lived in South America for so long now you think I'd be used to no one having any sense of urgency in getting something done lol.
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  • haggisbasher's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:00 PM
    Am hoping Warka announces AGM at the end of this month, that will be 30 days since they called for share option.?
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  • Will-it-happen?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:12 PM
    its not often you speak sense, but today you do
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  • BatmaninIraq's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:25 AM
    4-24-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article “The Central Bank signs a memorandum with Visa International tomorrow” This is the same day for the start of the Financial Inclusion... Smells International! Article 8, convertible currency... What we all know now is that is about to change starting from what they say: TOMORROW. The memorandum with VISA comes the day of the beginning of Financial Inclusion. ...they were given phones by the CBI months ago and those phones are being used for a purpose and that purpose is now openly stated by the CBI that they are about to distribute the new notes and that they have a suitable environment. Citizens are getting TEXT MESSAGES now to come in and get paid, cards, exchange, etc...The program rate is imo about to change and they clearly are not hiding it. The process is underway and almost complete. I believe your witnessing that each and everyday.
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  • Will-it-happen?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:32 AM
    Nice, Visa International to enter iraq
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