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  • Brazileiro's Avatar
    Today, 01:20 PM
    I got a response from Mr Issa today that an internal transfer of IQD can be done from one warka clients account to another warka clients account. Warka Bank would need a transfer request form and a copy both persons ID's. I had asked if this was possible due to a personal financial problem and I need to get some cash in my US or Canadian bank account by the end of May. What I would like to do is transfer some IQD from my Warka account to your Warka account, then you transfer funds from your non-Warka bank to my US or Canadian bank account. Looking to transfer from $1k - $5k USD worth of IQD. I am more than willing to negotiate on the exchange rate if anyone is interested. If interested please send me a pm and we can email specifics. TIA, Brazileiro
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  • BatmaninIraq's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM
    4-21-2018 The Central Bank of Iraq refused on Saturday to distinguish between categories of banknotes, considering discrimination a legal violation. The Central Bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News a copy of it, "Iraqi banknotes homogeneous in various categories and the power of absolute absolutism and are accepted by the Central Bank and its branches, banks, institutions and the public." "The distinction between categories by imposing a certain category on the public or refusing to accept a certain category is unacceptable and is contrary to law," the central bank said. The current Iraqi currency consists of seven categories: 250 dinars, 500 dinars, 1000 dinars, 5,000 dinars, 10,000 dinars, 25,000 dinars and 50,000 dinars, and the coins were withdrawn by the bank for non circulation by the public.
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  • Brazileiro's Avatar
    Today, 10:22 AM
    yeah Warka wanted the paperwork very quickly yet nothing HAPPENS in Iraq quickly.
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  • opportunist's Avatar
    Today, 03:39 AM
    Mike, Back in the day when it was originally announced that shares could be put into your name I jumped on it. I also received both splits and Dividends that were posted to my Warka Bank account so I feel I am sitting very well. Lick your wounds and move on. If it makes you feel better I lost $250,000 in a community bank in the good ol USA which had done everything right but the feds pushed them out and forced all the money into the too big to fail banks who did everything wrong. Welcome to America. At least Warka has a second chance. Your young and chances are smart enough to rebound. Life's good.
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  • Will-it-happen?'s Avatar
    Today, 02:04 AM
    Wonder where warka will slot into the following list
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  • James's Avatar
    Today, 12:36 AM
    Warka closed at 1.40 or so and they offered shares at $1.00 to raise dividends, so that is how I came up with that amount.
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  • Investors Iraq News's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:33 PM
    GardaWorld, a global leader in comprehensive security and risk management, has made its weekly security report available to Iraq Business News readers. Prepared by GardaWorld’s Risk Analysis Team in Iraq, this essential report includes short- and medium-term outlooks on the security situation, reports and commentary on recent significant events, and a detailed overview of developments across the country. Please click here to download the latest report free of charge. For more information on how GardaWorld’s services can support your business in Iraq, please contact Daniel Matthews, Senior Director Iraq, at Source: Post your commentary below.
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  • Will-it-happen?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    $1 a share would be awesome
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  • James's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:30 PM
    Hey Mike032588 I understand what your saying. When I saw Warka's webpage post stating clients had 15 days to get authorization complete. I said to myself .... not happening. I went through all that years ago and it took ... TIME . I know of someone who lived in that area (Washington) and did all this in person. I hope they were able to make the deadline. I also have friends who called the Iraqi Consultant and found out the lady who handle those things had quit or was gone. I'm waiting to hear if their paper work was delivered to Warka on time or if they too were part of this sell off. As far as Warka shares... they aren't trading so when they do (again) you should get hopefully at least $1.00 per share. (I say that IMO I have no proof). One thing you could do is start over with a different broker and start buying again. The bank stocks are very low right now and there are a hand full of industry stock right now trading. I use Al Karmal and would be glad to share that info with you if you like. This is probably not what you want to hear but it might be a way to cover some of your losses over all. Again I feel for you. I doubt you will get a reply since Warka will say it was announced although with an unrealistic deadline for foreign investors.
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  • mike032588's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:28 PM
    years of building...
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  • Will-it-happen?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:37 PM
    me too !!! (damn 147k in warka, you are brave !!)
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