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  1. Iraq Stock Market Report
  2. Iraq Stock Market Report
  3. Iraq Stock Market Report
  4. Original shares of Baghdad Al-Iraq for General Transportation (SBPT) will resume
  5. Original shares of Babylon Bank (BBAY) will resume trading on Dec. 9
  6. Dabbas buys "United Bank", Ministry of industry which budget are deposited
  7. Stock market opens the door for investment to citizens
  8. ISX composite data
  9. Big sell off at pepsi (IBSD)
  10. Iraqi telecom Asiacell hopes to raise $1.3 billion
  11. Asiacell announces offer share price
  12. DFM - Provides technical support to establish Erbil Stock Exchange
  13. Salaam ( BDSI )
  14. Al-Karmal broker
  15. Non Regular Market
  16. shares into our good name
  17. erbil - NASDAQ
  18. Not liking this
  19. Iraq Land Transport
  20. Asiacell make all
  21. Just received my asiacell shares!! Yea!!!!
  22. I cant log onto the isx tracker
  23. Getting started how to's?
  24. Fallujah Construction Material (IFCM)
  25. Rabee Securities reports great earnings for...
  26. Summarized bank Financials from Rabee.
  27. Zain Iraq Plans IPO by July After $1.3 Billion Asiacell Sale
  28. Aljazera Brokerage
  29. Note to Investors: Iraq Has Its Act Together
  30. Iraq's $1.4 billion Asiacell share offer sold out: exchange
  31. ISX strocks change of name
  32. warka ebanking updates
  33. The powers of the General Assemblies of the companies
  34. Asia Cell protecting its low price (support)
  35. The stock market and the challenges of increasing funding needs
  36. Bauble of baathist regime transformed into an Iraq success
  37. Warka shares proxy to good name
  38. Banker: the stock market rebound to enter the telecommunications companies have
  39. bloomberg
  40. Calls for economic exploitation of foreign investors in securities market to support
  41. Frontier hedge fund investors eye Iraq
  42. Securities Commission: a falloff in purchases of non-Iraqis from stock
  43. Original shares of North Bank (BNOR) resumed trading on April 14
  44. D. Qusay al-Suhail discuss with the Chairman of the Securities Commission plans
  45. Iraq stock exchange join the International Institute for Securities Market Developme
  46. Moneyhub.net
  47. Where have the real investors gone?
  48. Iraq participates in Washington's training program of the 23
  49. Al Karmal
  50. The stock exchange signed a contract to move the trading session directly
  51. Advantages of stock exchange
  52. Bank Stock Opinion
  53. Asiacell Stock Price
  54. (TASC) 200% cash dividend
  55. Kuwait’s Zain to Set Up Iraq Company to Meet IPO Requirements
  56. Kuwait’s Zain launches long-delayed sale of Iraqi unit
  57. Securities Commission building Reconstruction, monitor market "in the future" technol
  58. 9th June 2013
  59. ISX brokers
  60. Warka ISX - Anyone buying ??
  61. The Iraq Stock Exchange Upgrades to NASDAQ OMX's X-Stream Technology
  62. VIDEO - Northern Gulf's Bartle Bull on Investment in Iraq
  63. Unable to read the downloaded Market Report
  64. Economy Bank
  65. Increase the capital of Assyria International Bank to 210 billion dinars
  66. Q2 bank profits
  67. An Opportunity To Make Money Online Without Investment
  68. Zain Group achieved a net profit of 113 million dinars in the first half
  69. Al-Saadi confirms importance of foreign investment in the stock market
  70. Central Bank: a significant decrease of the Iraqis in the stockbroker
  71. Warka Issued ISX Numbers (Fact or Fallacy)
  72. Al-Saadi: we are entering as permanent members on world body to securities
  73. Warka Brokerage - In Business ?
  74. Asia cell specifies Amer Pro as its new Executive Director
  75. shares via warka
  76. Analytical study: stock trading put 'er in stock market is on verge of collapse
  77. Ravi; increase number of companies in stock market to support market activity
  78. Economist: money market hampered Iraqi threat to country's economic development path
  79. Recent Emai/Letter to Me From The ISX (Warka Standing)
  80. Al-Saadi: 6830.9 million net investment in Iraq market for securities
  81. Saadi: Iraq's financial market will witness a quantum leap in 2014
  82. Erbil: Preparations continue for the opening of Kurdish stock exchange
  83. The banking sector supports index «securities»
  84. Invitation to encourage exchange bond market
  85. The Iraqi stock market experienced significant growth during the current year
  86. Integrity of subjecting the Baghdad stock market control
  87. Suspected corruption of "big" in Iraq
  88. Iraq securities market Announces 867 billion shares circulation during current year
  89. ASE qualifications make them near Central station
  90. Iraq confirms the market presence of 22 foreign investment fund which trades
  91. Iraq market: more than two billion dollars and 300 dollars trading volume for 2013
  92. Gignhaimr: Zain Iraq is preparing for public listing on stock exchange market in 2014
  93. Zain Iraq - Just Another Dead IPO ?
  94. tips ?
  95. What's your opinion on Al-Jazera Brokerage?
  96. Director of Iraqi Stock Exchange does not expect the inclusion of "Zain Iraq" several
  97. The opening of the first office of the World Stock Exchange in Baghdad, the first of
  98. Technology & regulations and laws in Iraq market for securities of the best
  99. Can't get a copy of my ISX portfolio from Warka bank.
  100. Yale Grad Trusts in Bank of Baghdad
  101. Iraq market for securities settled third among Arabic capital markets
  102. Whats up with BIME
  103. Is this significant to anyone here ? Huge BUOI trade on the 3rd
  104. Cola INSD
  105. Preference for investment in fixed assets to equity
  106. Al-Karmal Broker
  107. Kurdistan Erbil stock exchange trades first quarter 2014
  108. Looking to get in the ESX trading
  109. Starting Exchange Erbil end of 2014 to promote investment in the country
  110. Erbil Stock Exchange [WEBSITE]
  111. The Dubai market contribute to the establishment of the financial market of Erbil
  112. BUOI to 252 Billion / Cash Dividend - Earth to Warka
  113. Iraqi stock exchange contributed to the economic growth
  114. On the grounds of Cork. Appointment of a receiver revenues Zain Iraq
  115. August next opening of Erbil market for securities
  116. Zain raises net profits by 8% and recorded $198 million
  117. Zain Iraq: no basis for damages claimed by an Iraqi telecom firm
  118. Al-Warka Shares
  119. ISX held a Conference in Dubai to discuss investment in economic sectors
  120. Stock market strengthens ... in Iraq
  121. ISX how do you get English version of Market Reports
  122. The Iraq Stock Exchange Upgrades to NASDAQ OMX's X-Stream Technology
  123. ISX To Rise As Much As 200 %
  124. Lebanese Business Council: Iraq securities market model is progressing rapidly
  125. ISX investment invites int'l financial institutions to cooperate with Iraqi banks
  126. Gulf commercial bank increases its capital of 250 billion to 300 billion dinars
  127. How to fund an Aljazerra Brokerage- What bank/wire service did you use?
  128. Inclusion of all banks operating in Iraq stock market
  129. Tomorrow. Asiacell launches its shares trading
  130. ISX market "continued growth" despite violence and calls for new laws to revive only
  131. Invitation to the legislation on securities market
  132. The Closing bell can be herd in the distance
  133. Iraq Crisis Not as Bad as You Think: Bartle Bull - video interview
  134. Worth a punt ?
  135. Warka Brokerage Email - This New ?
  136. Arbil market securities gain membership in WFE Arabic
  137. Iraq Stock Exchange goes electronic
  138. Seems Like A Pipe Dream Now.......
  139. Iraqi Court rejects $4.5 billion compensation claim against Kuwait's Zain Telecom
  140. Credit Bank
  141. ISX... Going Thru the roof !!!!!. This is exciting :) Maybe running up to NASDQ ?
  142. Recovery of the stock indices compared with early events
  143. Iraq halts trading market on North Bank
  144. Development of stock market
  145. Paid Up Shares
  146. Businessmen's Union desire to establish stock exchange & Iraqi Business Council-Gulf
  147. ISX website down
  148. Al-Saadi: transparency done stock market
  149. Investment stock lacks culture exchange
  150. Zain: ME Telco 2014 Best Brands award, plans to list in ISX despite violence
  151. Attention Trapped Warka/ISX Investors - New Broker / Stock Swap Etc.
  152. ISC has decided to suspend BBAY, BCOI, BEFI, IELI, SIGT, SBMC, SBPT and VKHF from tra
  153. Iraq Stock Exchange to Launch Electronic Trading System X-Stream
  154. Baghdad broker on the risks of investing in Iraq
  155. "Rabee" Stock Brokers... Question...
  156. ISX rises 2.55%, value exceeds IQD 621m
  157. buying shares
  158. USA Stock Options?
  159. Approval on listing a number of companies at Iraqi Stock Exchange 2014
  160. The End of the 'V' Bottom for USA markets?
  161. Abadi:'ll consider disabling investment in Iraq a crime no less than terrorism
  162. Second Market
  163. Bloomberg App
  164. Splits and Dividends:
  165. Bottom Drops Out of ISX
  166. Ffinancial market and the Iraqi dinar and the wars Economy
  167. ISX up 1,131.72%
  168. Stock market down today, 22 March 2015
  169. Iraqi Stock market confirms the high proportion of trading shares 04-02-2015
  170. 22 foreign funds to invest in the stock market
  171. Conscious / high dollar is intentional and the government to take the necessary measu
  172. Christmas Day is coming....
  173. Cabinet decides to provide liquidity to banks eligibility "discreet"
  174. Iraq Stock Market Report June 8, 2015
  175. Iraq index recorded a remarkable increase by the end of trading today,
  176. Oil and the ISX: Cause and Effect?
  177. Warka Brokerage
  178. Mamoura Real Estate
  179. Iraqi Stock Exchange closed down in the red zone
  180. Iraq Stock Market Report June 29, 2015
  181. Call Iraq Stock Exchange to provide trading system offers online 07/28/2015 10:42
  182. Extend the closing date of receipt of the IBM RFP3 Offers Web Sphere Portal up to
  183. second quarter report 2015
  184. Reload securities trading for 2015 instructions
  185. implementation of the Custodian service in Iraq Stock Exchange 08-18-2015
  186. Iraq Stock Exchange to book RFP (Daily Bulletin and prepare monthly and annual system
  187. The appointment of the Director of the depository center in Iraq Stock Exchange
  188. An invitation to reconsider stock prices
  189. Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank (BDSI)
  190. Conference in London to discuss investment in the stock market
  191. Asiacell announces the launch of electronic payment project (Asia Money)
  192. Stock market: companies' capital increase to more than 8 trillion dinars 01/03/2016
  193. HSBC exit Iraq ???
  194. "Ashur Bank" profit 30% in 9 months
  195. Executive Director of the stock market calls for the establishment of an independent
  196. ISX recorded a decline in the number and value of shares traded for the month of Ja
  197. Iraq shares traded higher value to more than 30 billion dinars 2-7-2016
  198. ISXannounces the delivery trading near residential role and corporate offices process
  199. I think something BIG just happened in Iraq perhaps the HCL was passed
  200. Higher number of shares traded in the Iraqi bourse last month
  201. Baghdad Soft Drinks will hold their GA meeting on Thursday Apr 7,2016
  202. Iraq Stock Market Report 3-21-2016
  203. HSBC ASIA HOLDINGS B.V. completed the selling of 13.2bn shares of Dar Es Salam (BDSI)
  204. buying BDSI
  205. Samir Al Nassiri *: Iraq stock exchange market role in attracting investment 5-8-16
  206. Iraq index recorded decline sixth .. and foreigners are turning to buy 2016/05/10
  207. Stock market sign three agreements with the agency to develop Direct FN dealings and
  208. Realistic Expectations
  209. Stock portfolio
  210. International Accounting Standards & the ISX
  211. Iraq Stock Market Report 6-9-2016
  212. Banks, hotels shares leading the index Iraq Green Zone 6-19-2016
  213. Iraq Stock Exchange is on the rise despite a drop in the overall index
  214. Banks raise Iraq's Stock Exchange
  215. ISX announced that it would offer investors online stock market services for the inve
  216. Iraq Stock Market Report market report (week ending: 30th June 2016
  217. Bank stocks push Iraq index to continue to rise
  218. The stock market looking for investment promotion after
  219. Iraq Stock Exchange is preparing to launch investment funds and expert prepared "solu
  220. Central Bank launches a website that includes price indices and the stock market
  221. The role of Iraq Stock Exchange in attracting investment
  222. Iraq Stock Exchange achieved a rise in the value of stocks and a decline in their num
  223. Iraq Index rising support bank shares 9-08-2016
  224. Securities launches instructions via the Internet trading system for investors
  225. ISX launches instructions online trading system for investors 9-24-2016
  226. Banking stocks index rises Iraq at closing 10-03-2016
  227. IBSD calls it's shareholders to collect dividends
  228. Stock market trading in government bonds issued instructions
  229. Rise in the number of shares traded for the month of October by more than 100%
  230. The Iraq Stock Exchange officially signed today 11-14-2016
  231. Iraq Stock exchange will not regulate the trading session
  232. The stock market indicates a rise in the number and value of traded name for the mont
  233. Next stock market: Monday last meeting of the year 12-18-2016
  234. In just 2 Weeks Iraqi Stock Market exceeds up to 12% 1-17-2017
  235. after several years away from site, just have a question.
  236. ISC - Economy Bank
  237. isx on the up
  238. 2017 isx brokerage firms results
  239. ISX announces the implementation of a deal worth ten billion dinars 22nd July, 2017
  240. cash dividend
  241. ISX will suspend trading of the following companies ...
  242. Stock broker
  243. Time frame
  244. Last trading session for 2017
  245. Direct Investment In ISX
  246. News from Warka for Proxy stock holders
  247. ISX on the rise
  248. Asiacell (TASC)
  249. regular market to the non regular market
  250. ISX up swing