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  1. assist Gov't in proper use of "development" funds in transparent & equitable manner
  2. Abbadi reveals new theft a "hundred billion" dollars in Interior & defence ministries
  3. IBMU proposes selling shares in mixed sector companies for private sector development
  4. Iraq’s Oil Exports Continue Their Up And Down Trend
  5. Economic parliamentary: Iraq's balance in DFI fund reach 24 billion dollars
  6. Kurdistan region, Baghdad reach deal on oil exports and payments !
  7. Tankers carrying Kurdistan crude arrive off Singapore
  8. Baghdad Transfers $500m to Erbil Last Wed. !! Good News !
  9. ATLANTIC COUNCIL VIDEO: Challenges to Stability and Energy Production in Iraq
  10. Dropping Oil Prices And Iraq’s Budget Woes
  11. Iraq Worsens Its Ranking On World Bank’s Doing Business 2015 Report
  12. Parliament calls on the government to accelerate to send the budget to parliament
  13. budget in 2015 before approval in Thursday's session
  14. Parliamentary Finance: the vote on the 2015 budget later this month
  15. Tomorrow to read the budget and read the law of parties
  16. Iraq’s Oil Exports See Dramatic Increase In Dec 2014, But Falling Revenues
  17. Meeting on Saturday to complete the reading public budget for the 2015 law
  18. The amount of the budget for the 2015 landing imposed lower oil prices
  19. Late payment of salaries and the staff of the region ended
  20. first time we see the existence of cooperation between the parliamentary committees a
  21. One government banks director breaks deposits Iraq financial abroad and gives busines
  22. Tomorrow.Internal control Conference sponsored by Abbadi
  23. The completion of the preparation of the final report of the budget law
  24. Finance Committee asked the chairman of the parliament 4 days to complete the budget
  25. Finalization of the initial draft of the Central Bank and the legal amendment banks
  26. The customs tariff law to protect national products
  27. Shell to build $11B petrochemicals complex in Iraq
  28. National Guard in front of the government tomorrow
  29. Iraq receives new Russian ‘Night Hunter’ fighter jets
  31. Next week a new initiative to strengthen the Iraqi economy
  32. Start of Economic Development
  33. Minister of Finance to sign a contract to borrow from Japan worth $ 208 million
  34. US Ground troops reach Kuwait in preparation for the implementation of its operations
  35. A source at the bank: No control over the flow of dollars abroad
  36. Iraq Oil Exports Dip In January Bad Sign For 2015 Budget
  37. difficulties in the implementation of the oil agreement
  38. Meeting between central govt and Kurdistan ends without result
  39. Iraq officially looking to join Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  40. Economic expert calls on the government to change the fiscal and monetary policy
  41. Sabri: apply Article 140 after the elimination of Daash
  42. Governor of the Bank: Our reserves of hard currency are very good
  43. Iraq’s Oil Exports & Revenues Slightly Up In February 2015, But Still Not Enough
  44. Abadi wants the everyone to know, full steam ahead.
  45. international bonds denominated in dollars to help bridge the deficit going forward
  46. Iraq second in the world for oil- Kurdistan 8th But their pocket money doesn't match
  47. March 2015 Iraq Reaches Another Record High In Oil Exports, Still Not Enough To Meet
  48. Parliamentary citizen: the next meeting will see the inclusion of oil and gas law
  49. Iraq’s financial situation bad pay most traders search for the most stable currency
  50. Parliament is expected to send the Central Bank Amendment Act of the State Advisory
  51. Zebari, Iraq is likely to request emergency funding from the IMF about $ 700 million
  52. Oil minister: Iraq close to securing refinery from Islamic militants
  53. Smart Card 4-18-2015
  54. Iraq Does Poorly On U.N. Human Development Report
  55. Moves to the application of tariff 4/27/2015
  56. smart card will reveal the aliens in state departments
  57. Iraqi Oil Minister: Iraq's oil exports hit a record
  58. Iraq is not bankrupt, we are facing war and financial crisis says Abadi
  59. Iraq seeks credit rating before jumbo bond issue April 30, 2015
  60. Get the sovereign rating supports the issuance of treasury bonds
  61. the transfer of powers to the provinces over the next ten days
  62. Abadi adviser for the world: interest loan «IMF» not exceeding 1% and payment 5yrs
  63. Within (10) days .. positions of independent bodies to resolve once and for all
  64. World Bank: We will give a loan for Iraq let loose during the 35-year-old
  65. Iraq Hits Another Record High In Oil Exports In April 2015
  66. Parliamentary Economy: not behind the delay deletion of zeros stability
  67. Central Bank reveals high cash reserves during May and expects it to continue
  68. Siemens Najaf Factories
  69. Government launches next week the promotion of local industry and the private sector
  70. Iran, Turkey and France is ready to enter into investments Iraqi Central Markets
  71. Abadi stop work draws new customs tariffs, the first of August next up
  72. ISIS is making the biggest threat to oil prices even worse Read more: http://www.bus
  73. July july july
  74. International Alliance gives Abadi three months to implement his promises reform
  75. government to freeze the "oil and gas law," and proceeds to have a new draft
  76. 600 billion dinars for the salaries of the staff of the region for the month of May
  77. banking environment in Iraq is not encouraging to attract investment
  78. Abadi's adviser (dinars): taxation came to be consolidated in all outlets
  79. One border crossing points in Basra
  80. Iraq Reaches Another Record High In Oil Exports In May 2015
  81. Zebari calls for Washington to help Iraq in tracking money laundering operations
  82. Distribution of investment projects in accordance with the Government's program
  83. Abadi called a project to facilitate the completion of transactions of the citizens i
  84. Iraqi financial talks with international banks
  85. negotiating with international banks to issue sovereign bonds
  86. The issuance of sovereign bonds to reduce inflation and speculation
  87. The financial credit rating of Iraq announce next month
  88. National calls to bring the Central Bank of quotas
  89. Baghdad plans to tour for promotional bonds worth $ 5 billion
  90. Abadi: not for Iraq, opened the doors of the Gulf states to Daash and thanked them no
  91. calls for France to help Iraq restore its effects leaked and frozen
  92. Jaafari, calls for France to help Iraq restore its effects leaked and frozen his asse
  93. Finance Committee warns of pumping large amounts of dollar in the market
  94. Decentralization will be applied early August
  95. Abadi: Region did not abide by the terms of the oil agreement
  96. National Security Council to discuss the issue of national card
  97. Coming Soon gas oil law in the Council of Ministers and the siege on the region
  98. Parliamentary Energy: dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil Tmihda to launch negotiatio
  99. 25 July of this first phase will see the launch of the single card project
  100. cooperate with the World Bank and the IMF to "adjust the Iraqi economy.
  101. Iraqi oil minister: Iraq exceeds expectations for June oil sales
  102. Iraq Reaches Another New High In Oil Exports As Budget Deal With Kurds Breaks Down
  103. Iraq looking with American negotiators development skills to join the WTO
  104. unique to publish the terms "political agreement" and accomplished by the Government
  105. Tomorrow .. Economic parliamentary Baloargi meet to put the final touches to the inve
  106. Deputy: Iraqi Kurdistan halted the delivery of Federal Government oil revenues by agr
  107. Kurdistan region complains about the lack of financial payments and threatening to se
  108. Federal Court denounce the 10 articles of the 2015 budget
  109. Parliamentary economy expect difficulties in the application of tariffs next month
  110. Parliamentary oil propose a joint meeting of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil to
  111. "five thousand dinars," and beware of rumors
  112. Baghdad Operations announces big victories for our security forces west and north of
  113. August next deadline for the transfer of powers Otherwise we will give complaints to
  114. Oil and energy parliamentary: will be hosting the Ministers of Finance and the oil in
  115. UK leader offers direct signal supporting strikes on Syria
  116. Cabinet: We are working on the application of two lines to support the economy
  117. Abadi adviser: Reduce the salaries of presidencies achieve financial benefit to the c
  118. Airstrikes Continue Against Terrorists
  119. Baghdad market bombing has been condemned by Ban Ki-moon
  120. The issuance of a unified national card in the 25th of this month
  121. Zubaidi confirms the importance of the expansion of free markets work Iraqi airports
  122. Baghdad sent 300 billion dinars to the region
  123. Iraq earns $ 5.3 billion from oil exports in the last month
  124. confirms no change in the date of the application of the tariff decision
  125. IMF Executive Board Approves US$1.24 Billion in Financial Support for Iraq
  126. Iraq announces the launch of banking cooperation with international banks initiative
  127. Iraq Oil Exports Stall As Prices Drop In July 2015
  128. Customs confirms to embrace the application of tariff law on Iraq outlets and all of
  129. The international credit rating agency: Iraq economic policy can not cope with the vo
  130. US report: Iraq is going through the most serious economic crisis that threatens the
  131. Thousands cheer for Iraqi PM al-Abadi's reforms
  132. Iraq’s oil output climbs to record despite fighting
  133. Economic Reforms
  134. Report: Israel purchased $1 billion worth of oil from Iraqi Kurds
  135. delay the adoption of anti-money laundering law presents Iraq to enter the black list
  136. We will host Governor of the Central Bank to discuss the "money laundering"
  137. Parliamentary Finance finish drafting anti-money laundering and submit it to the pres
  138. Mezni demanded Abadi send draft oil and gas law otherwise would provide new draft
  139. National card- activate sunday sept 13
  140. Iraq nears ‘giant’ petrochemicals project with Total
  141. Abadi calls for Maliki to vacate the premises and offices within 48 hours
  142. Economist: to hold the government to raise the sale price of the dollar to the Centra
  143. Oil and gas law will reach parliament this month 01/03/2016
  144. A Look at the Crude Wealth of Iraq
  145. Iraq plans to raise money for the project, "FAO" large port 01-12-2016
  146. Iraq ranked 37th globally B89.8 tons of gold reserves
  147. Washington replaced its troops deployed in Iraq and keep the prepared
  148. Expert: optimistic about the return of Iraqi industry to normal 01.22.2016
  149. Babylon Investment opens the largest shopping mall
  150. The government plans to raise the value of the dollar to 200 000 dinars per $ 100 to
  151. Exchange pensions workers’ salaries on Sunday and Monday
  152. Abadi: Iraq is moving to restructure the economy, diversifying its sources and take a
  153. Abadi directs "an ultimatum" to al-Maliki and Allawi and Nujaifi to evacuate the pal
  154. Union of Chambers of Commerce: we will hold in April next year an economic forum in A
  155. "Fitch" rating modulate the Iraqi economy from "stable to negative" and expects his r
  156. Oil bearing Ministries chock-delayed rehabilitation of the refinery withstand [Peggy]
  157. The Pentagon is committed not to surrender to Iraqi leaders Daash for "until the comp
  158. Parliamentary Economy: the coming months will see a rise in Asaralinvt to $ 55 a barr
  159. Declare a state of emergency and raise the alarm to the point (c) for all security fo
  160. Iraq says it's launched offensive to recapture IS-held Mosul
  161. US Marines Enter Ground Combat in Iraq to Defend Oil Fields
  162. Ki - moon: surprised at the progress made ​​by Iraq against Daash
  163. Abadi speaks of new oil agreements
  164. Trade: the arrival of about five thousand tons of oil for the benefit of the ration c
  165. Arabs today - Iraq gets for the first time on a "credit rating" from international ag
  166. E-commerce in Iraq is witnessing a rapid growth
  167. Document" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ordered his followers to withdraw from Iraq
  168. Potential growth of the Iraqi economy 5-5-2016
  169. Abadi calls on the United Nations to support Iraq in order to recover his money smugg
  170. Holding Rate Iraq
  171. Najib: Government is making a great effort to control the financial crisis
  172. Iraq's agreement with the IMF position to issue bonds on the global market
  173. IMF gives loans to Iraq impossible conditions and specialists rule out the implement
  174. Total Oil Output 4.7 million bpd; Exports at Record
  175. Iraq-IMF deal “On Track”
  176. Urgent .. the arrival of a US military armored vehicles to the Kurdistan Region
  177. Sirhan: Lower Iraq's reserves of foreign currency increased by $ 35 billion
  178. Interior looking to speed up the opening of national card centers in all provinces
  179. Abadi: the world grasped the seriousness of Daash and will celebrate its end in Iraq
  180. Iraqi government approves an economic program to face the crisis
  181. Iraq to increase oil exports
  182. US senator bless Iraq's victories achieved on Daesh
  183. Retaking Mosul from ISIS: A risky, high-stakes battle
  184. We are all part of a campaign in support of our economy .. invitations to invest 130
  185. Iraq PM to Mosul residents: 'victory is near' 10-05-2016
  186. MP Najib: 2017 budget "austerity" and the region's share 17 percent
  187. Urgent Daesh vacate its headquarters from the University of Mosul and locals waving t
  188. Daesh leader killed after escaping from Mosul 10-19-2016
  189. IS Leader Al-Baghdadi Demands Peshmerga to Halt War
  190. Iraq Balks at Joining OPEC Cuts
  191. Iraq, a member of the Human Rights International
  192. Iraq Reveals Oilfields Output to Win Over OPEC Ahead of Meeting
  193. Central bank governor for "tomorrow Press": aspire to get foreign Sndhatna internatio
  194. Haider al-Abadi ,, telephone with US President-elect Donald Trump
  195. Saudi Arabia’s Sway in OPEC Limited by Resurgent Iraq and Iran
  196. China's Sinopec weighs takeover of Gulf Keystone
  197. Iraq Is Raising, Not Cutting, Oil Exports
  198. Rumaila oil field achieves 3 Bbbl
  199. Egypt seeks to import crude directly from Iraq
  200. Oil Exports Hit Record Before OPEC Cuts
  201. Iraq gives full February crude supply to three Asia, Europe buyers despite OPEC cut
  202. Egypt nearing deal with Iraq
  203. POTUS removes IRAQ from travel ban list
  204. IEA Doubles Forecast as Iraq Ramps Up
  205. Iraq announces increase in Kirkuk oil refinery capacity
  206. Squabble at Iraq's Oldest Oil Field Could Rock Global Supplies
  207. Rosneft takes first shipment of Kurdish oil for refining system
  208. Oil loading ops resume at Basra oil jetty
  209. Iraq calls for bids for new oil refinery in Basra
  210. Iraq replaces Saudi as top oil supplier to India in April
  211. Iraq says achieved OPEC oil cut share, ready to meet new demand
  212. Rosneft expands in Kurdistan
  213. Iraq Is New Oil King, Beats Saudis in Fastest Growing Market
  214. Iraq wants to reopen old Saudi crude exports pipeline
  215. Iraq sets up oil shipping, trading joint venture
  216. Photos Reveal Iraq Oil Fires Burning Behind ISIS Retreat
  217. Iraq faces resistance from Asian buyers on "ambitious" oil price change
  218. Iraq Braves Break With Tradition in Search of Oil’s True Worth
  219. Shell to withdraw from Iraq's Majnoon oilfield
  220. Iraqi PM's office says Turkey agrees to deal only with Baghdad on oil exports
  221. Iran bans oil refinery products traffic with Iraqi Kurdistan
  222. Luaibi orders work to reopen oil pipeline to Turkey
  223. Petrochina expresses interest in Iraq's Nassiriya refinery
  224. Iraq Turmoil Threatens Billions in Oil Traders' Kurd Deals
  225. Iraq boosts southern ports oil export capacity
  226. Saudi Arabia falls behind Iraq in U.S. Oil Exports
  227. As Saudi Arabia limits US crude shipments, Iraq steps in
  228. Iraq to divert most Kirkuk oilfield output to Iraqi refineries
  229. Iraq's November oil exports from south up at 3.5 MMbpd
  230. SABIC to open office in Iraq as relations improve
  231. Iraq boosts output capacity at Kirkuk oil refinery
  232. Iraq plans oil pipeline network to cover all its territory
  233. Iraq's oil minister optimistic crude prices will rise
  234. Iraq nears oil output capacity of 5 MMbpd, committed to OPEC cuts
  235. Iraq and BP sign deal to boost Kirkuk crude output
  236. Iraq to build oil refinery in Faw
  237. Iraqi oil-export ambitions seen putting strain on OPEC accord
  238. Iraq's oil ministry calls for investors for Anbar refinery
  239. Iraq signs contract with PowerChina & Norinco
  240. OPEC resistance to Saudi supply plan grows with Iraqi defiance
  241. Iraq extends bid deadline for Kut oil refinery project
  242. Iraq says oil production remains stable amid protests
  243. Iraq just exported most crude oil since November 2016
  244. Iraq extends bid deadline for Diwaniya oil refinery project
  245. Chevron Starts Work On Iraq Field Development Deal
  246. Iraq says it's ready to boost oil exports once OPEC gives OK
  247. Iraq pumping oil at record levels, unaffected by protests
  248. Iraq to boost oil sales to China by 60%
  249. Iraq has agreed a deal with U.S. company Schlumberger Ltd to Drill 40 wells
  250. Lukoil has confirmed Eridu field geological model