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  1. WesternZagros Issues 3Q Results
  2. Asiacell to go Public in Early 2013
  3. Kurdish Oil Exports “Halve”
  4. Sri Lanka to Buy Iraqi Oil after US Sanctions on Iran
  5. Iraq Oil Exports Flat in November
  6. Russian Investor Increases Stake in Gulfsands
  7. 39,000 Housing Loans Approved
  8. Syscom 18 Wins Deal for Power Metering Systems
  9. Shriram, Mokul bag $230m Basra Contract
  10. KBR Awarded FEED, QCSS Contracts at Mansuriya
  11. First phase of alternate strategic pipeline operated
  12. Iraq says Vitol apologises for Kurdish oil purchase
  13. Iraq Seeks to Boost Oil Output to Match 1979 Record
  14. Does Iraq Suffer From The Oil Curse?
  15. Investors Shun Postwar Iraq as OPEC Star’s Recovery Lags
  16. Iraq's Oil Surge Could Threaten the Saudis
  17. KRG halts oil exports
  18. Iraq says it obscures payments for Kurdish oil exports
  19. Iraq Daily Oil Output Exceeds 3.2 Million Barrels
  20. Iraq agrees to extend oil pipeline through Jordan
  21. Iraq Kurds Halt Crude Exports, Central Government Official Says
  22. Iraq impasse costing $20 million a day
  23. Iraq oil exports bring in over 8bln USD in November: statement
  24. Oil Deal Between Kurdistan And Iraq’s Central Government Breaks Down Again
  25. Iraq Tells Lukoil to Cut Oil Production Target at West Qurna-2
  26. Iran ready to supply Iraq with 25 m tons of gas in 2013
  27. Lukoil to cut Iraq oil output 30% after gov't plan
  28. Iraq signs contract to set up 20 stations in four provinces
  29. AL JAZEERA VIDEO: Scramble For Iraq's Oil Wealth
  30. Abu Dhabi acquire oil privilege share in Kurdistan
  31. Kurdish deputies to sue finance minister for lack of transparency
  32. Turkey sees record exports with $152 bln, Iraq its second market
  33. Iraq December Oil Exports Down 11% On Month
  34. $4.6bn Iranian Exports to Iraq in 9 Months
  35. Iraq okays Kuwait energy deal
  36. Sadrist MP calls for Abolition of NIC
  37. Maliki: Some Financial Corruption Politically Motivated
  38. Iraq threatens to seize oil shipped without its consent, sue dealers after Kurds begi
  39. Turkey and hydrocarbons in Iraq
  40. Lukoil to Boost 2013 Oil Output, Seek Extension to Iraq Contract
  41. Lukoil Pares Iraq Oil-Output Target; Others Talk on Similar Cuts
  42. Iraq Plan to Let BP Develop Oil in Kirkuk Is Illegal, Kurds Say
  43. Oil firm to boost exports from Iraqi Kurdish area
  44. Iraq scores its first oil find in decades
  45. Exxon Mobil boss meets Iraqi leader in Baghdad
  46. Bad weather, dispute with Kurdish region weigh on Iraq oil exports
  47. Iraqi oil link to Turkey hit by explosion
  48. Iraq achieves electricity self-sufficiency end of 2013
  49. Exxon Mobil boss talks business with Kurds as it considers its Iraq options
  50. Iraq tackles oil buyers’ concerns in 2013 marketing push
  51. Jobless rate in Iraq reduced to 20% from 38%, says ministry
  52. CNPC sets sights on investment in Iraq
  53. Chevron decided to expand its activities in Kurdistan and Barzani described its deci
  54. Iraq inks oil exploration deal with Kuwait Energy
  55. DNO Slips as Iraq Tensions Curb Outlook for Payments: Oslo Mover
  56. Despite Ups And Downs Iraq’s Oil Industry Sees Large Growth In 2012
  57. Iraq’s flood of ‘cheap oil’ could rock world markets
  58. Kurdistan to extend oil pipeline to Turkey, Horami
  59. Iraq Tries To Deal With Unemployment By Creating More Government Jobs Again
  60. Iraq in dispute over 2013 draft budget as KRG oil sector demands higher allocation
  61. Iraq’s wheat harvest exceeded 3 million tons in 2012
  62. Power production to double in three years
  63. Bombing hits fuel oil pipeline in Iraq: Oil Ministry
  64. Zain Iraq plans to follow Asiacell with own public offering by June
  65. Bomb Targets Fuel Oil Pipeline in Northern Iraq
  66. Iraq Gives Go-Ahead for Iranian Pipeline to Syria
  67. Shahristani: Iraq will open three power stations every month
  68. Cheap imports may ‘destroy’ Iraq’s cement industry
  69. Mobile industry boost growth in arab world
  70. Baghdad and Kurdish region solve issue of payment for oil firms
  71. Source: Al-Qaeda steals oil derivatives at night
  72. Have Iraq’s Oil Exports Hit a Plateau?
  73. Iraqi Groups Fail to Agree Oil Payments, Lawmaker Says
  74. Kurdistan will produce adequate electricity in 2016
  75. Baghdad refuses to pay Peshmarga budget for seven years
  76. Why Iraq Won’t Solve Its Electricity Problems Any Time Soon
  77. 10 Million Barrels Per Day of Crude by 2020
  78. Surge in attacks on domestic oil pipelines
  79. REUTERS VIDEO: Iraq's Six Trillion Dollars Revenue Is On The Way
  80. PetroChina says willing to develop Iraq's W.Qurna oilfield with Exxon
  81. Problems Reforming Iraq’s State Owned Enterprises
  82. Parliament approves national budget for Iraq
  83. Vote on some items of the budget, in the absence of Kurdish component, "incorrect pro
  84. Ratification of Federal Budget without Kurds' approval "negative step", says MP
  85. SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) : Kurdistan to cut oil output by 250 thousand barrels per day
  86. Iraq Finally Passes 2013 Budget But With Protests
  87. Iraq budget deepens dispute over Kurdish oil revenues
  88. Iraqi Kurdish region’s external trade hits $20 billion
  89. Iraq’s Failure To Diversify Its Economy
  90. Refer the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh to
  91. It appears cbi anounced rv?
  92. Iraq to Invest $130 Billion in Upstream Oil Sector Over 5 Years
  93. Indonesian Oil Company to buy part of Iraqi oil field
  94. Prime Minister Maliki Completes His Clear Out Of Central Bank of Iraq
  95. Iraq's fifth oil licensing round 'soon'
  96. Iraq’s people yet to feel benefit of oil boom
  97. Iraq oil exports rebound after two-month lull
  98. 6,500 acres of Diyala’s farms and orchards threatened by drought
  99. Al Faw Grand Port
  100. Breaking News--Minister of Planning: Presidency approves the state budget for the cur
  101. Turkish traders cash in on Iraq while the politicians squabble
  102. Iraq’s Economy At A Crossroads, Interview With USAID’s Vladimir Halama and Thomas Doh
  103. Exxon Mobil to invest $1.65 bln in Iraq's West Qurna 1-official
  104. Iraq to Fall Short of 2014 Target for Oil Output, Lawmaker Says
  105. Iraq's February oil output rises marginally to 2.963 million b/d
  106. Leak halts Iraq Ceyhan oil pipeline
  107. Iraq’s Oil Exports Recover in February 2013 After Two-Month Decline
  108. Iraq Seeks to Boost Crude Exports to China as Oil Output Rises
  109. Despite Challenges, Banks Look to Set Up Branches in Iraq
  110. Contradictory decisions on Nassiriya oilfield and refinery
  111. North Bank: Our profits 69 billion dinars in 2012 and deposits 1.6 trillion dinars
  112. VOICE OF AMERICA VIDEO: Iraq: Wealth For Some, Woes For Many
  113. Iraq to hit “final nail in coffin of darkness” in October
  114. CBI Former Governor Refused Granting money to PM PDF
  115. Iraq Revises Its Oil Reserves to 150 Billion Barrels
  116. Shell, Mitsubishi Will Start Iraq Plant on April 15
  117. Iraq, Jordan Agree to $18 Billion Oil and Gas Pipeline from Basra to Jordanian Coast
  118. Iraqi Kurds urge US neutrality in oil dispute
  119. UNITED NATIONS VIDEO: Iraq: The Grassroots Recovery
  120. VOICE OF AMERICA VIDEO: Iraq Economy 2013
  121. Another Hollow Promise By Iraq’s Electricity Ministry, End To Power Shortages By Octo
  122. Korean Companies Spot New Opportunities as Iraq Rebuilds
  123. Bismayah New City
  124. Iraq’s Oil Industry Still At A Plateau
  125. Agriculture develops a plan to export wheat in 2018
  126. Behind Iraq’s Impressive GDP Growth Rate
  127. Standard Chartered to open branch in Iraq seeing loan growth
  128. iraq - National Statistics - http://www.tradingeconomics.com/iraq/indicators
  129. Iraq’s Troubled Agricultural Sector
  130. Iraq is negotiating with the 159 State to join the World Trade Organization
  131. Former Vice President Slams Iraq's Economic Policy
  132. production at Iraq Majnoon within 2 to 3 months
  133. AL JAZEERA VIDEO: Turkey Steps Up Economic Relations With Iraq's Kurdish Region
  134. June 2013: Secret procedures for recovery of the dinar against the dollar! RV!!!
  135. Legal representative warns of Iraq's accession to World Trade Organization
  136. Assurances of importance of telecommunications sector in economic development
  137. China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom
  138. Global financial institution: Government unable to Iraq with banks it acquired 91
  139. Iraq awards project management for Karbala refinery
  140. Violence Disrupting Iraq’s Economy
  141. Fiscal surpluses off need for guarantees for investment projects
  142. JEWISH NEWS 1 VIDEO: Iraq's Boomistan? Boom Times And Wealth Sweep Kurdistan
  143. INTERNEWS VIDEO: Iraq Oil Industry 2013
  144. Iraq’s Oil Exports Remain Flat-Lined For Last Fourteen Months
  145. Government guarantees to encourage private banks to finance investment projects
  146. energy strategy (2013-2030) will transform Iraq into "player" in global energy sector
  147. Iraq forms joint panel to stabilise currency 2013-06-10
  148. Iraq No Closer To Solving Its Electricity Problems
  149. Mokhtassan: transparency, banking business advancement, reduce corruption
  150. UN Sec General call for end of CH VII sanctions against Iraq! BIG NEWS!
  151. "Citi Bank" will open an office in Baghdad and al-Maliki inviting them to more effect
  152. Citibank - American Bank first branch in Iraq opening
  153. Chapter 7 updates! Bigger news!!
  154. Iraq’s Oil Exports At 15-Month Plateau, While Prices Drop
  155. HSBC British investment loans announced intention to leave Iraq, selling shares
  156. Lack of Workers’ Rights In Iraq
  157. ECLAC: out of Chapter VII would give greater freedom to Iraqi banks
  158. US expert: any sudden drop in oil prices would be a "blow to life" in Iraq
  159. Today .. Security Council votes to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  160. Security Council President confirms Yes vote in favor of ending chapter VII
  161. Watch it live?!!?
  162. BIGGEST NEWS!!! UN Security Council votes to remove Iraq from Chapter 7 of Charter
  163. As a result of Chapter VII exit expect direct impact on dinar exchange rate!
  164. CCTV VIDEO: UN Lifts Sanctions On Iraq
  165. Int'l Bank: Iraq is market where her Slobber every investor & entrepreneur in world
  166. Oil: 40 global companies including us Citibank want to finance a tube sight-obstacle
  167. Baghdad investment: Al-Mansur commercial Mall opens tomorrow
  168. Turki: our capabilities outweigh the potential challenges that we face and the future
  169. While this forum sleeps & focuses on mostly boring news I'M FLUSHED with GREAT NEWS!
  170. Economic Committee Member calls for CBI to set a new IQD exchange rate!
  171. JPMorgan Deepens Iraq Business After Citi, Standard Chartered
  172. Lifted sanctions of chapter seven to bring boom in Iraqi economy
  173. Maliki urges international banks active presence in Iraq
  174. Economist: IQD experiencing ‘remarkable’ increase; Expectations of higher value.
  175. With Chapter 7 Lifted, Iraq Regains Control of Its Own Economy
  176. MARCOPOLIS VIDEO: Iraq Stock Market Easiest Way To Invest In Iraq
  177. MARCOPOLIS VIDEO: Iraqi Kurdistan Is Gateway To Iraq
  178. MARCOPOLIS VIDEO: Zagros Group A Leading Conglomerate In Kurdistan Region Of Iraq
  179. MARCOPOLIS VIDEO: Banking System In Iraq And Iraqi Kurdistan
  180. Controversial Case Against Central Bank Of Iraq Officials Continues
  181. CBI to reconsider timing on dropping zeros from currency, suggests now is time!
  182. More Hollow Promises By Iraq’s Electricity Ministry
  183. Pending RV???? This could be it...
  184. Finance Committee Job Study Reveals an Future Exchange Rate Calculation! $1.16
  185. Erbil Stock Exchange opens early next year
  186. PRESS TV VIDEO: Iran And Iraq Reach New Electricity, Gas Deals
  187. IMF Report On Iraq’s Economy Sees Short-Term Growth, But Long-Term Structural Problem
  188. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=50315
  189. Government and private banks
  190. Economists: budget next year not differ much despite higher financial income
  191. IMF recommended non-oil sector development & foreign exchange liberalization
  192. IMF: Iraq will have President Int'l market oil processing & expect up to 9% growth
  193. IQD to witness biggest improvement over the next few days, says CBI
  194. Iraq Sees Continued Problems With Its Oil Export Facilities In June 2013
  195. Expert: The World’s Last Oil Barrel May Well Come from Kurdistan Region
  196. Expert: The World’s Last Oil Barrel May Well Come from Kurdistan Region
  197. IMF: Iraq will be a prime contributor to the processing of the international oil mark
  198. Oil: exports the first half of this year exceeded 444 million barrels per day
  199. Direct lending a new pipeline to export crude oil in Maysan card million bpd
  200. A member of the Economic Committee: delay amend the investment law endures head of
  201. Recommended that a report by the International Monetary Fund
  202. Susan Saad Commission's insistence
  203. Outlook down the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the coming days
  204. understanding will make Iraq a global hub for petrochemical production
  205. meetings to resolve the file supplementary budget
  206. independent body to support the banks
  207. Minister of Finance: Romania is the first leg of Iraqi European banking relations
  208. Iraq among the top ten countries ownership of natural resources
  209. Baghdad.Bank [Citibank] world: Iraq goal and see the economic giant agonist
  210. Post the "oil and gas" to the next Parliament
  211. Electricity Protests Spread To 5 Of Iraq’s Provinces
  212. Thoughtful planning and benefit from experiences of States play in Iraq economy
  213. Private sector success and failure status
  214. Party Spokesman: Call for a Set Date to Reset Iraqi Currency; Will Raise Value of IQD
  215. Parl: Bill to establish Iraqi company to extract oil from all country, Kurdistan
  216. Insurgent Attacks And Technical Problems Beset Iraq’s Northern Pipeline To Turkey Cut
  217. News Emerges of Iraq’s Kurdistan Trucking Oil To Iran Again
  218. OPEC Oil production declines due to disturbances in Iraq, Libya
  219. Iraq’s Unemployment Rate Much Worse Than Officials Say
  220. Structural Problems With Iraq’s Economy Creating Job Crisis
  221. Help IHF fund its new Iraqi entrepreneur search
  222. Lukoil completes first wave of Iraqi worker training
  223. July 2013 Mixed Bag For Iraq’s Oil Industry
  224. Iraq seeks consultant to manage Nassiriya oil, refining project
  225. Raise the level of Iraq's credit rating attracts investments and achieve development
  226. Directed to exempt all investing companies from taxes and fees
  227. The law of economic reform a step towards comprehensive development
  228. Iraq's accession to the WTO» limit inferior goods
  229. Specialists: the private sector is able to diversify and boost the productive sectors
  230. U.s. study: Iraq may be the most stable in the current decade
  231. India may offer Iraq stake in upcoming Indian Oil refinery
  232. Iraq shortlists firms to build $18bn export pipeline
  233. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM VIDEO: Economics Focus Iraq
  234. Forecast for GDP for Iraq 10.5 percent
  235. CNN VIDEO: Kurdistan Region Of Iraq
  236. Oil Minister: Iraq will store 4 million barrels of crude oil in Korea
  237. Nineveh Council gives Minister the power to contract with oil companies
  238. Exploring The Structural Problems With Iraq’s Economy, Interview With Lehigh Universi
  239. Iraq Signs Consulting Contract With BP For Kirkuk Oil Field
  240. Parliament: four important laws will end all disputes over oil
  241. Report of the rich world: in Iraq this year, the number rose to 175 a millionaire
  242. New Baghdad Administration Finds Millions Stolen In Corrupt Construction Deals
  243. Iraq to Raise Bank Capital To Address Housing Crisis
  244. Oil majors negotiate reduced Iraq production targets
  245. BP gets $4.5 billion payment for Iraq's Rumaila field service contract
  247. Al-Shahristani: Iraq plans to become global centre for energy resources
  248. M of C with Iraq's accession to Brazilian delegation to World Trade Organization
  249. Economists: Iraq's accession to WTO reduce economic isolation & call for law reform
  250. Iraq’s New 5-Year Development Plan Sets Nice Goals But Will Have Little Effect Upon P