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  1. Hello from FistFul of Dollars and cents and baby Abigail
  2. Sad day at newtown
  3. Just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone.
  4. What crazy thing have you done?
  5. The Mechanical Doctor
  6. Obama and Biden are comming for your guns!
  7. Sorry I havent been on in a long while but need help
  8. Maybe it's funny...maybe it's not
  9. Funny read
  10. " 333 " .... In 2013 !
  11. 2013 Baghdad - Iraq - Drift
  12. Heavy drinkers get extra brain fuel from alcohol
  13. Have two for you.
  14. Be warned!
  15. I feel bad for Warka Bank
  16. Day In Court
  17. Now this IS taking the P
  18. XRumer Test????
  19. The doctor's water trick
  20. Train them first:
  21. Redneck Birthday Present...
  22. PM's: Gold and Silver
  23. Punishment Saudi style.... an Eye for an Eye.
  24. Saddam Hussein and rare golden cart
  25. New Product
  26. Bombs
  27. be sure to pay your taxes on time
  28. The coming wealth snatch 37.5pc + 22.5pc + 30pc = CYPRUSED!!
  29. Britain lost their gun rights in 1997.
  30. Yikes!!! Talk about having a BAD DAY!!!
  31. Happy Memorial Day
  32. Obama at the bank
  33. Transgender Navy SEAL is a 'Warrior Princess'
  34. Virgin Warning
  35. magazine capacity
  36. Pardon Edward Snowden
  37. Gun enthusiast interview
  38. Yes, We Can Abolish the IRS
  39. Forex Trading at Lunch Time - Learn to Trade Not More Than 20 Minutes a Day
  40. how To Be Successful Trader
  41. How the Forex Market Sessions Work
  42. How to Day Trade Forex
  43. How to Keep Your Emotions Out of the Equation When Forex Trading
  44. How to Make a Living As a Forex Trader
  45. How To Measure Risk With A Trendline
  46. How to Minimize Risk When Trading in Forex
  47. How to See All the Beautiful Places in the World Without Worrying About the Money
  48. How to Trade Gaps in the Forex Market
  49. How to Use Stop Losses When Trading in Forex
  50. Money management
  51. Learn How to Enjoy Trading
  52. The Best Way to Set Up Forex Charts
  53. Trading Naked Is The Ultimate Way To Trade!
  54. Trading Three Moving Averages
  55. Trend is Your Friend
  56. Ultimate Swing Trading Strategy That Works For All Types of Markets!
  57. What Are the Best Times to Trade Different Currency Pairs
  58. Why Forex Robots Don't Work and Can't Make You Rich
  59. 4 Tips to Manage Emotions and Stay Focused on Price
  60. Develop Trading Discipline
  61. How to Pick the Best Currency Pair For Trading
  62. How to Trade Price Action
  63. Is Forex Trading Difficult
  64. Learn Forex Trading Risk Free
  65. News Trading
  66. Ways to Make Money Online!
  67. Domain names anyone ?
  68. Roll Call for original members...
  69. China frees the benefits of bank loans
  70. The UK Just Spent $90 Million To Build A Plane That Can Fly Anywhere On Earth In 4 Hr
  71. Liquid oil discovered on mars!!!
  72. T-Walls:
  73. Happy Birthday Guys!
  74. New Element Found:
  75. DHMO Is In our Water Lakes and Streams!
  76. Federal Reserve System
  77. Protesting Sheep:
  78. Fencing Made Easy
  79. Mom! Mom can we play train?
  80. Doctor claims new medical breakthrough will allow corpses to be revived within a day
  81. New Orleans Lawyer -Tell it like it is
  82. 250km/h and no longer yellow:
  83. False messiah
  84. The Anatomy of a "Flyover"
  85. Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?
  86. Venezuelan flights booked months in advance because of cash scheme
  87. Yuan. One of the top ten currencies worldwide
  88. kuwait stock exchange (warba not miss sp warka)
  89. Wall St. elites reason it's time for 'de-Americanized world,' China news agency says
  90. George Soros bets $1.25 BILLION on put option for US Financial collapse
  91. UPDATED: Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers
  92. UNCTAD: the global economy is going through a breakup
  93. An expert in American Affairs: the American crisis worsened in the next 10 years
  94. flashback to 2010
  95. This is so embarrassing ...
  96. Does Army consider Christians, Tea Party, a terror threat?
  97. Only in America
  98. ObamaCare
  99. Snow
  100. Little did the Platters know in 1955
  101. Another one that makes me "chuckle"
  102. No joke. Fukushima nukes the world.
  103. White House urged China to move toward currency rate determined by market forces
  104. Another one that makes me "chuckle" part 2
  105. ObamaCare Part 2
  106. It must be deer season:
  107. More Bitcoin:
  108. Britain is poised to become the strongest economy in Europe by 2030
  109. What Was Your Favorite Gift This Year? Mine was...
  110. May your pockets fill this year.
  111. Bitcoin... Research & Be Aware ...
  112. The collapse of confidence in the Government, most notably the United States
  113. Dinar for Sale
  114. Are you watching, are you starting to see?
  115. 8-year-old pays it forward to soldier with tear-jerker note
  116. situation Ukraine
  117. New form of money ?
  118. There is a lot of truth here.......
  119. Has anyone ever seen this website?
  120. Three steps just make you a billionaire
  121. 104 billionaire in Britain playing $500 billion
  122. Most powerful President in the world is powerless!
  123. A little more oil can be squeeze out of the Permian Basin.
  124. Forecast of oil reserves depletion America
  125. Venezuelan Prostitutes Earn More Selling Dollars Than Sex
  126. Wells Fargo’s Davidson Says Iraq May ‘Prick Bubble’ (Audio)
  127. Why can't I search a member's years old posts?
  128. Britain issued Islamic bonds in the coming weeks
  129. China's foreign exchange reserves rise
  130. British officials: 1,500 Britons (daash) to fight in Iraq and Syria, then return
  131. Gates warns of global economic crisis about to happen
  132. Call him Queen Bee -omnipotent presidency myth makes it harder to get a competent one
  133. State of the Nullification Movement
  134. eMail from a friend:
  135. valuable life information
  136. Major economies began to lose flexibility
  137. Selling some stash!
  138. Pressures within the US Central Bank to change monetary policy violation
  139. Selling some Uncirculated Dinar--northern Arizona
  140. mike032588
  141. Syrian pound is collapsing, Central Bank forced banking companies buy USD
  142. Heres-Hoping
  143. please sign petition
  144. Why is the site still hacked?
  145. Tech help to foil malware in the works:
  146. Merry Christmas!
  147. the haircut
  148. oil prices
  149. Intersting read on how to sell your dinar on ebay and get the most $
  150. Three Short Videos well worth your time
  151. No Bull
  152. China Poised To DEMAND U.S. LAND As Payment For U.S. Debt
  153. Sterling is being charged with FRAUD
  154. These Are Very Dangerous Times' - Petrodollar Dismantling
  155. Military convoy union station Portland Oregon martial law in America
  156. Is OPEC close to using Petro-Yuan as Russia commences talks with Saudi Arabia?
  157. Growth of Russian-Chinese Ties and Beijing's Plans to Defy Dollar Hegemony
  158. US urges China to lower tensions, but sees progress in talks on currency, cyberspace
  159. Three Currencies Ready for a Huge Revaluation in 2015
  160. US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence
  161. Russia, China Central Banks to sign agreement on yuan, ruble use
  162. France says 'decision time' has come in Iran nuclear talks
  163. Iranian Central: $ 29 billion Iran balances frozen abroad are to be released
  164. WTH happened to the Lounge ???
  165. Yogi Berra quotes & sayings
  166. Why Pegs to the US$ Will Break
  167. Make America Great Again !!!
  168. America decides to send bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons to fight Daash
  169. Canada and the Global Currency Reset - Karen Hudes: Dinars, Dong and Zim
  170. News media advertising is in big trouble
  171. What is this?
  172. The official MTB71-free 2016 Election discussion thread for sane reasonable adults
  173. Spot the odd one out!
  174. London Fire may have been caused by eu-regulations
  175. This place is still here??
  176. Am I Rich Yet????
  177. Silver
  178. 2020 Keep America Great !
  179. Warka Bank Transfer
  180. Oil News
  181. what happen to this website?