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  1. Najaf is about to get investments by Italian companies
  2. 1 trillion 750 billion Iraqi dinar allocated for Iraq municipalities in 2013
  3. Official claims hurrying up endorsement of 2013 Budget
  4. Iraqi Stock Market: Circulation value amplifies by 64 billion in November
  5. Kuwait Is about to Help Iraq to Address Missing Persons, Property
  6. CBI Governor Indicates Steps to Reduce Inflation
  7. 2012 – 2013 Iraqi Budget – 10% Growth Anticipated
  8. Iraqi MP says, MoE presumes investigating of fuel for electric stations
  9. Iraq is about to buy Mitsubishi transformers
  10. China has sold 10 urbanized trains to Iraq
  11. Baghdad arranged meeting for Arab Housing Ministers
  12. Iraqi MP suggests for privatization of the electricity sector
  13. Iraq looking for Bolster Oil Export Pipeline Network Investors
  14. Iraq is about get $900 million bank loans from World Bank over four years
  15. Iraq’s deals to be awarded by Kentz
  16. Exxon Mobil oil deal stirs up talk of civil war in Iraq
  17. Double oil and gas pipeline about to get expanded in Iraq & Jordan
  18. S. Korean Co. is pressurized by Mayahi for speeding up Basmaya project
  19. Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey governments play a risky game
  20. Libya, Iraq oil ventures are targets of investors
  21. Iraq's production of oil exceeds in December
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  23. Iraq oil output hits over 3.2m bpd, eyes 4m
  24. Saudis could get threatened by Iraq’s oil surge
  25. For the first time, Iraq is boosting the gold reserves
  26. Fourth license plan is about to get accomplished by Iraqi Ministery of Telecommunicat
  27. Iraqi Kurdistan: Power shift in oil politics of Iraq
  28. Regional firms are ready in investing in Iraqi free zones
  29. Gas pipeline of Iraq-Iran-Syria is under process
  30. Fourth license plan is about to get accomplished by Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunicati
  31. Korean diplomat heads towards Najaf for investment openings
  32. Asiacell to Be Listed in Iraq’s Stock Exchange
  33. Dollar selling by Central Bank of Iraq turns down on Monday auction
  34. Gold reserves are boosted up by CBI for supporting Iraqi currency
  35. The northern Kurdish region of Iraq has stopped oil exports
  36. Iraq is interested in expanding oil pipeline across Jordan
  37. MP thinks, State budget’s endorsement depends on Parliament situation
  38. New training center for Iraqi staff by Russian Luk Oil Co.
  39. Activation of quality control and center of standardization are claimed by Iraqi MP
  40. Iraq observes amplified fiscal growth rates
  41. Iraq’s construction sector is supported by IFC
  42. Iraq’s oil output plan is cut by LUKOIL by a third
  43. Iraq Star Increases in OPEC as Restriction Hurts Iran
  44. Iran-Iraq discussion on common collaboration in economic sector
  45. Maliki: No problem in solving projects in Iraqi 2013 budget
  46. Heavy rain in Iraq increased deficiency of fruits and vegetables
  47. Uncover Exchange Rates for Budget of the Year 2013
  48. Oil Ministry: Iraq is now a permanent member on Global Transparency Initiative
  49. Finance Committee Make Budget in 2013
  50. Iraq Named as World’s Second Largest Oil Producer by OPEC
  51. Pay back the deficit of 2012 budget and the absence of any signs of deficit in 2013
  52. Iraqi MP expecting endorsing federal budget law of 2013 in mid-January
  53. A drop in demand for dollar is observed by CBI
  54. The Iraqi banks about to get allowed by CBI to sell USD
  55. Iraq is looking for boosting bourse with big telecom list
  56. Iraq Trade Ministry: Iraq economy must not completely depend on oil profits
  57. Over 2000 ships dock at Iraqi ports during 2012
  58. Official says that Iraq became dump for bad goods
  59. MP claims for enhancing share of State budget for Kurdistan
  60. Finance Committee expressed interest in new unified retirement law
  61. Oil exports in 2010 brought $ 52 billion to Iraq – IEITI
  62. Turkey witnesses record exports with $ 152 billion, Iraq its second market
  63. CBI must apply deletion of three zeros project in 2013 says economist
  64. Iraqis complain about intricacies trading torn banknotes
  65. Iraq requires for sophisticated banking ambiance
  66. December Oil Exports of Iraq Down 11% On Month
  67. Jordanian journal: Jordanian officials get warning from Maliki for exporting Israeli
  68. MP attributes decline of Iraqi agriculture to lack of waters, governmental negligence
  69. The Iraqi Free Zones Dept. signs investment deals at Khor al-Zubair
  70. Iraq is about to add 300.000 b/d in 2013 for oil exports
  71. Iraq is about to get $4.59 billion Iranian exports in 9 months
  72. Oil exports of Iraq in Dec. fall to 2.34 mbpd, official says
  73. Finance Ministry of Iraq delegation visits Iran for free zone formation talks
  74. Economist calls for releasing the Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq
  75. The federal budget of 2013 waits for the approval from Iraqi Government for additiona
  76. Kurds sturdily reject reducing Iraq Kurdistan’s share of central government budget
  77. Iraq Basra regional governments has plans for building tunnels to lessen traffic
  78. Sadrist MP requests for cancelling the National Investment Commission
  79. Kirkuk asks to increase the petro-dollars to 3 dollars per barrel
  80. Jaffari, Wagner had discussion over the Iraqi-German relations
  81. Al Allawi: The Central Bank’s Directors acting to weaken him
  82. Russia Is Requested by Iraq for Taking Them Out of Chapter VII Provisions
  83. The Iraqi foreign currency is controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve
  84. Iraq gives warning to confiscate oil shipments, sue dealers
  85. Iraq will be hosting the Gulf Cup 2015
  86. Economy of Iraq predicts to grow 9 % in 2013
  87. Iraqi H & C Ministry goes under agreement for building residential complexes
  88. Instructions by MoE for preparing to face emergencies during cold wave
  89. 2013 Oil Production will be Boosted by Lukoil, Seek Extension to Iraq deal
  90. Iraqi expert emphasizes the significance of the amendment to article 28 of the Genera
  91. Political differences in the parliament, paused five oil code laws
  92. A variety of commercial ships dock at the Basra seaports
  93. Iraqi government’s resolution of closing border inlets got criticized by Parliamentar
  94. The Australian Ambassador, Mutleg discussed promoting mutual relations
  95. Various commercial ships dock at seaports of Basra
  96. The annual inflation of Iraq increases
  97. An increase in profits in 2012 got registered by TBI
  98. Karbala PC claims governments for reopening border inlets
  99. KR recommences the oil exporting to Turkey via trucks
  100. MP calls for expanding the resources of economy of Iraq
  101. Iraq has plans for letting BP develop oil in Kirkuk is illegal, according to Kurds
  102. Genel will continue sending Iraq oil exports as revenue to exceed plans
  103. Exxon’s Iraq stake can be bought by a Chinese oil company
  104. Iraq’s Trade Bank attains $ 488 million revenue in 2012
  105. Iraq is interested in learning India’s use of health-cards
  106. The development of communications is discussed by the MoC, Turkish Counselor
  107. Iraqi MP emphasizes on the necessity of improving employees’ salaries
  108. Oil falls from four-month high amid U.S., European dept talks
  109. The oil policy is defended and BP Kirkuk deal is rejected by Iraqi Kurds
  110. Provinces of southern Iraq fight over huge oil field
  111. Iraq rice yields far below domestic requirements
  112. Diyala province of Iraq asks for 33,000 new houses to replace slums
  113. Ministry said that Iraq finds extra billion barrels of oil
  114. Giant oil deposits is found in southeastern Iraq
  115. Resan: Trade Ministry falls short in providing Ration Card foodstuffs
  116. Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) released
  117. Afren sees 2013 sales at least Matching the 2012 record on Iraq
  118. Iraq, Exxon hold talks over uncertain oil contracts
  119. Iraq oil-for-food tryout starts in France
  120. Southern Cement calls upon government of Iraq for protecting local products
  121. 20 Trading Vessels Received by Basra
  122. Southern oil pipeline to be built by Iraq for boosting exports
  123. Iraq to Achieve Adequate Electricity by 2013
  124. The Partnership Agreement with Iraq, approved by the European Parliament
  125. Iraqi aviation debt settlement is approved by Kuwaiti parliament
  126. Iraq to Participate Third Arab Social, Economic Growth Summit
  127. Iraqi oil’s main customer is going to be China
  128. Iraq shows interest in opening Bulgarian business
  129. Iraq undertakes oil buyers’ concerns in 2013 marketing push
  130. Iraq requires political strategic vision to upgrade industrial sector
  131. Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq discusses with Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  132. Parliamentary committee accuses Iraqi Government for deterioration of industry
  133. Russian company to invest in oil refineries in Muthanna province
  134. Act of sabotage stops pumping oil to the Cihan port of Turkey
  135. Iraqi Transport Minister confirms its desire to benefit the Korean experience
  136. Turkey is interested in Iraq’s share of oil and gas
  137. China close to $ 650m Iraq oil pipeline deal
  138. Barazani explains decision by Chevron Co. work in the Region as ‘Courageous’
  139. Kurdistan’s oil field got granted by Chevron
  140. Kurdistan’s oil field got granted by Chevron
  141. CBI needs all banks for developing its work on the use of modern systems
  142. Parliament: joining CBI auction network for reducing corruption
  143. Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) declares selling 80 billion Dinar treasury bills
  144. Iraq budget shortage amounts to 19 trillion dinars
  145. Free Zone to be set up in Baghdad
  146. Parliamentary committee calls for investing budget funds to upgrade Iraq’s economy
  147. Ministry of Planning (MoP) allocates funds to set up electricity station in Maysan
  148. Exxon gets warned by Iraq on Kurdish contracts amid plans for BP development
  149. Baghdad’s threats fail to restrain demand for Kurdish oil
  150. Dragon Oil Plc signed an agreement for Block 9
  151. Iraqi ministry says, jobless rate is slashed to 20% from 38%
  152. A $450 million pipe construction to be started by Indian firm in Basra province
  153. Iraq goes through Maritime Navigation agreement with Kuwait
  154. Texas Tech helps Iraqi students by providing education
  155. BP gets warned by Kurds for not drilling for Baghdad
  156. Baghdad gets approval for establishing free zone
  157. Iraq again puts blame Kurdistan for its illegal exports
  158. Iraq Kurds struggle for energy autonomy, with or without Exxon
  159. Khalil says, billion IQD assigned to finish filtered water security in Shimal Distric
  160. Mayahi criticizes mechanism of distributing allocations of 2013 budget on provinces
  161. MP says, political disputes not to affect promoting 2013 budget
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  163. MP assures there are global, UN’s attempts for releasing Iraq from CH VII; It is goin
  164. After three-month suspension, Syrian plane lands in Baghdad
  165. A few Spanish companies plans for implementing major construction projects in Baghdad
  166. Kuwait gets rewarded by Iraqi oil deals
  167. Kurdistan says, Iraqi Government refuses to pay dues of oil companies operating in Re
  168. Iraqi-German Investment Conference is going to take place on next Tuesday
  169. Iraqi MP says: Parliament to vote on Federal Budget of 2013 at end of current week
  170. Free Zones Dept. concludes couple investment deals at Khor al-Zubair
  171. Iraq Stock Trade Sign of Investor Confidence
  172. Asiacell shares sold on Iraq bourse in major float
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  174. A meeting was held by MoC for discussing Iraqi satellite project
  175. Iraq: Old power plant got fixed in Nasiriyah
  176. MP: participation of mobile phone companies in stock to benefit Iraqi economy
  177. Iraq Parliament to vote on budget of 2013 during Thursday session
  178. PM Erdoğan says, in spite of US opposition, oil deal with Iraq is legal
  179. U.S.: oil of Iraq wealth good for region
  180. An audit by Parliamentary committee for temporary contracted employees in state insti
  181. Heavy rains, a blessing to Iraqi marshlands
  182. Iraq’s Oil-for-food Corruption Case Dismissed by the US Judge
  183. Experts claim to speed up Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization
  184. Committee has been formed by Council of Ministers for unifying USD price
  185. Finance committee member stressed n passing law for deleting zeros
  186. Increase in investment projects revealed by Council of Ministers
  187. Crude export in Iraq reached 2.5 million barrels per day
  188. Ministry of Trade announced tender offer for equipping wheat in ration card
  189. Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq discussed scopes for joint cooperation with Hung
  190. Finance committee member sighted positive growth of Iraqi economy through currency ra
  191. Continued setbacks for Iraqi Faw Port project
  192. Iraqi economy is booming though bureaucracy causing steep hurdles
  193. Southern oil export slowed down in Iraq
  194. Construction works begins at the largest industrial city of Iraq Kirkuk
  195. Central Bank of Iraq expresses its encouragement for the foreign banks
  196. Big oil alert in Iraq, in case of US strike against Syria
  197. 65 Precast schools have been built by Gulf Precast in Iraq
  198. Diwaniya province requires construction of housing units
  199. Levy on taxes will magnetize foreign companies in Iraq, says economic committee membe
  200. US monetary policy will affect emerging economies, says IMF
  201. Negative influence in Iraqi market due to low quality goods
  202. Sri Lankan president is keen to strengthen relationship with Iraq
  203. Malaysian Firms Urged To Tap Iraq Market
  204. Iraq plant construction projects awarded to ASEC consortium
  205. Iraq signs deal with BP to revive northern Kirkuk oilfield
  206. Iraq in Need of Skilled Workers to Finish Existing Developments
  207. New CEO has been appointed by Iraq’s Asiacell
  208. Finance committee confirms deletion of zeros from Iraqi currency
  209. Maqel port received 6 commercial ships
  210. To address housing crisis, bank capital raised by Iraq
  211. Oil wells added to the production system of Maysan Oil Company
  212. MP confirmed salary and retirement laws will be re-drafted in Iraq
  213. 12 ships and 2 fuel tankers received by Khur al-Zubair and Maqel ports of Iraq
  214. UAE-based firms concluded contract for $4.5bn city project in Iraq
  215. Royal Dutch Shell resumed oil exploration at Majnoon oilfield of Iraq
  216. Iraq seeks help from Brazil for admission in WTO
  217. OCCI will participate in Arbil trade exhibition
  218. Increase in USD sales declared by CBI during Sunday auction
  219. Ministry of trade and Brazilian delegation discussed Iraqi application to join WTO
  220. Minister unleashes Iraq’s plan for carrying out 50 water and sewage projects
  221. Roads and bridge building projects have been concluded by Iraq
  222. In Iraq, Abu Dhabi based investors shifted focus on Zain IPO
  223. 4 million crude oil storage in South Korea, planned by Iraq
  224. Chronic Housing Shortage in Iraq, minister urges for foreign investments
  225. Ministry of Commerce affirmed Iraq’s close move towards full WTO membership
  226. Iraqi oil industry woes continue to be barrier for oil export
  227. Adoption of 2014 budget in Iraq is expected early
  228. Iraq province empowers governor to sign oil deals without Baghdad
  229. Iraq five-year plan will attempt to diversify economy
  230. 4.5B USD project has been unveiled by UAE based developers
  231. Saudi metro deal won by Hill – Company urges Iraqi contractors to join
  232. Housing project development contract concluded by Bloom Properties and Al Handal in I
  233. 5 year development plan launched by Iraq
  234. Finance Committee member stressed on security concerns in Iraq
  235. Rise in USD sales by CBI during Tuesday auction
  236. Central bank of Iraq’s gold and currency reserve reached $80 billion
  237. Baghdad asked Kurdistan to link the latest pipeline within the network managed by Bag
  238. Brazilian investors magnetized by the development of Kurdistan region
  239. Despite of upbeat economic data, oil prices decreased
  240. Zaha Hadid Parties With Kanye, Ponders Return to Baghdad
  241. In 2013, 11045 workers from Turkey has been received by Iraq
  242. Southern oilfield of Iraq restored production after fixing leaked pipeline
  243. 3 hospitals to be built in Baghdad
  244. Iraqi oil production is anticipated to be increased in coming months
  245. Weak Iranian economy leads to decline in Iraqi religious tourism
  246. Erbil to get more control over oil industry – National Oil Company agrees
  247. 600 schools to be opened in Iraq in the month of September
  248. Iraq Mega Projects Conference will emphasize investment opportunities within the coun
  249. Increase in USD sales during Saturday auction – revealed by Central Bank of Iraq
  250. By the end of 2013, Iraq to pump 3.7 million barrels per day