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  1. Contract with Siemens has been concluded by the ministry of electricity
  2. Co-existence to be added to Iraqi school curricula
  3. Iraq selected North America’s TALON robots
  4. Kurdistan to pay financial liabilities to the oil companies working in that region
  5. Nuclear test ban treaty has been ratified by Iraq
  6. Oil-rich Kurdistan region of Iraq gradually seeking its independence
  7. MoU has been signed between Iraq and Iran for joint naval cooperation
  8. Iraq sanctions have been breached by NPA
  9. Near 2 year low output from OPEC due to low supply from Iraq
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  11. Developing disputed Kirkuk oilfield of Iraq, BP concludes agreement with Baghdad
  12. Iraq Lowers Oil Production Expectations
  13. Iraq hails lower school dropout rates
  14. Nasdaq helps Iraqi Kurdistan region to setup its own stock exchange (ESX)
  15. Sumitomo Corp. invested in Iraqi car dealers
  16. Plastic pipelines are built in Iraq for the first time for oil transportation
  17. Lukoil to start exports from the West Qurna-2 oilfield of Iraq
  18. Non-oil exports from Iran exceed 2 million USD for Iraq
  19. Ministry of transportation of Iraq to import new and improvised buses
  20. Shell-led consortium boosts production at Iraq's prized Majnoon oil field
  21. Minister claims Kurdish oil pipeline is almost completed
  22. Debate over oil revenue surplus in Iraq
  23. Rising oil and gas stakes in the Iraqi Kurdistan
  24. How Turkey and Kurdistan partnership will leave impact on Iraq?
  25. Abu Dhabi’s TAQA will venture in Iraqi Kurdistan oil exploration projects
  26. Oil rights will be auctioned in the oldest oilfield of Iraq - Kirkuk
  27. Majnoon oilfield of Iraqi Basra province has been inaugurated
  28. First Egyptian fair held in Iraqi Kurdistan
  29. Central Bank of Iraq declared rise in USD sales during Saturday auction
  30. Central Bank of Iraq declared rise in USD sales during Saturday auction
  31. Securities for the companies in Iraq will be ramped up by AGT
  32. For the better share of Asian oil market, Iraq is getting prepared
  33. Establishing oil city in Basra is under discussion, says oil minister
  34. Iraq signs $6bn refinery contract with Swiss firm
  35. Iraq’s mobile phone subscribers cross 27m
  36. Shahristani invited French companies to work and invest in Iraq
  37. Dana Gas is in discussion with Kurdish government for expanding its operations
  38. Minister said, Baghdad International Fair – a civilized phenomenon
  39. Iraq is now eligible to participate in best economic relations
  40. Central Bank of Iraq declared rise in USD sales in its auction
  41. DNO International remarked Iraq as – ‘Sea of Oil’
  42. Amending contracts’ forms for Iraqi contractors demanded by Mayahi
  43. $246 million contract has been signed BGR Energy Systems with Ministry of Electricity
  44. Decline in USD sales announced by CBI
  45. Support in bids requested by Seoul for joining oil projects in Iraq
  46. Over 10,000 Filipinos will be employed in Iraq by the mid-2014
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  48. IMF estimates 2014 as the ‘year of investments’ for Iraq
  49. Iraq future energy summit will be hosted in Basra
  50. Iraq is planning for hiking its oil export capacity
  51. GCC realty funding has been urged by Iraq’s Basra
  52. Iraqi oil export to be rebounded for the rest of the days in the month of October
  53. Central Bank of Iraq has increased its cash reserves, says the Finance Committee
  54. Iraq Economic Center suggests CBI should disengage from USD in its currency reserves
  55. Iraq’s foreign debt reached $39 Billion
  56. Central Bank of Iraq says it strives for a balanced ratio of gold with hard currency
  57. Adaptation of electronic banking services in Iraq urged by Finance Committee
  58. Japanese trade and energy firms to increase their activities in Iraq
  59. The US debt crisis will affect Iraqi economy, says Iraqi economic center
  60. Iraqi Economists say, “Can’t unlink USD from IQD”
  61. Economist called for economic reform, says GOI is responsible to transition to a mark
  62. Banking expert urges for strengthening Iraqi dinar – not just locally but globally
  63. Arbitration proceedings on Kurdish contract started by Dana Gas
  64. As Asian Demand is increasing, Iraq is all set to bolster its oil output
  65. Economic committee member urged for Baghdad and Kurdistan dispute resolve for 2014 bu
  66. First step towards energy independence by Iraq province
  67. Hefty return to oil production growth by 2014, experienced by Iraq
  68. Iraqi project Tower of Harp has high future prospects
  69. Iraq presented contract extension for oil services company Petrofac
  70. Oil pumping has been started by Lukoil at Iraq’s West Qurna-2 oilfield
  71. Kuwait to take part in "Project Iraq 2013" fair
  72. Iraqi MP attributed complained about lack of strategies for protecting local products
  73. Before the US industrial output data WTI crudes show fluctuations
  74. Finance committee member in Iraq urged for supporting the stability of Iraqi dinars
  75. Emaar project will provide many job opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  76. $1.2 billion has been paid by Iraq to Kuwait
  77. Study: The Destruction of Iraq's Electricity Infrastructure. The Social, Economic and
  78. Crude Higher on Iraq Risk But Supply Still Plentiful
  79. Iraqi governor puts oil wealth to good work
  80. Zain Iraq is eyeing for stock market float
  81. Zain Iraq is eyeing for stock market float
  82. Iraq embraces China's growing oil dominance
  83. Key officials for Iraq property have been named by Rotana
  84. The need for currency reform in Iraq
  85. In Iraq thousands of schools to be proposed to be rehabilitated
  86. Technology chambers have been opened by Baghdad University
  87. 14th commercial fair of countries to be participated by Iraq
  88. Expectations from Lukoil for employment is on high from the Iraqi tribes
  89. Kuwait joined the Iraq Project 2013 International Trade Exhibition
  90. First Hyatt-Branded Hotel to be opened in Iraq
  91. Commercial oil discovery in Iraqi Akri-Bijeel block, concluded by MOL
  92. Pakistani firms joined Iraqi expo for attracting the international buyers
  93. The new Kurdistan oil pipeline will still be opposed by Baghdad
  94. Oil and gas find in Iraqi Kurdistan by Marathon
  95. Despite unrest, Big Oil will invest $25 billion next year in Iraq
  96. Outstanding payment rose in Iraq and Egypt for Dana Gas
  97. 7 commercial ships have been received by Iraqi ports
  98. Commerce Chamber VP met provincial government of Iraqi Basra province
  99. For the new refinery needs, Sinochem to use Iraqi crude for 40 percent
  100. Iraqi deputy premier and Venezuelan advisor discussed oil price preservation
  101. Iraq pipeline projects to be discussed by the experts
  102. 2500 homes will be built for the terror victims in Iraq
  103. Major energy deals to be concluded between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan region
  104. Major energy deals to be concluded between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan region
  105. Iraq minister and BP CEO visited Kirkuk oilfield of Iraq
  106. Oil exports from southern oilfields halted due to bad weather in Iraq
  107. Second oil pipeline between Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey is planned to constructed
  108. Armenian exports to Iraq reached 30 million USD
  109. OPEC exports will recover slowly
  110. International oil exports commenced in Iraqi Kurdistan, defying Baghdad’s disapproval
  111. Capacity of new Iraq-Turkey pipeline to be raised
  112. Blow for the Turkish exporters due to queue of trucks at Iraqi border
  113. Long credit for Indian buyers has been offered by Iraq
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  115. Crude production in northern Iraq to be started by Taqa
  116. Iraq ranks 130th in terms of economic development
  117. Additional oil discovery in Iraq, carried out by KNOC
  118. Oil market is stable and steady, said two OPEC members
  119. Following security problems, Baker Hughes suspended its work in Iraq
  120. $449 million export gas pipeline in Iraq to be built by STX Group
  121. Record Gas production output reached in Iraq by Norway’s DNO
  122. Brent-WTI to spread expands to seven-month high on Libya
  123. Turkey released a proposal for acting as a broker in the share of Iraqi oil revenue
  124. Are Iraq's oil ambitions going down the drain?
  125. Turkey discussed on 13 energy exploration blocks with Iraqi Kurdistan
  126. Iraq ministry of trade is offering tender to provide rice on ration card
  127. Commercial exchange between Iraq and China to be reviewed
  128. 5 borders inlets to be inaugurated by Turkey in Iraq
  129. Oil companies in Iraq are looking forward to tighten securities
  130. Power plant in Iraq to be built by Schneider Electric
  131. Energy: Italian firms compete for Aqaba-Iraq oil pipeline
  132. VIDEO: Turkey and neighbours locked in water-use row
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  134. The new Iraqi parliamentary building is to be built by Zaha Hadid
  135. Iraqi prime minister inaugurated power station in Wasit province
  136. Iraqi prime minister showed red carpet for the British investors
  137. Jordan’s prime minister discussed economic relations with Iraq
  138. Scientific cooperation between Iraq and Romania discussed
  139. Iraq to fulfill all its obligations with Kuwait by the end of 2015
  140. Iraq strives reaching towards its big oil output growth
  141. 5 jet planes to be sold to Iraq by Bombardiers
  142. Royal Dutch Shell will conclude a deal with Iraq for 11$ billion petrochemical comple
  143. Leak halts north Iraq oilfield output, exports to Turkey not affected
  144. Iraq's oil exports up in October
  145. Oil Declines as Stocks Climb on Iran Accord; Yen Weakens
  146. Strategic partnership to be established between Ankara and Erbil
  147. Oil shipments from Iraq to Turkey will not affect the oil prices
  148. Gasoil term contracts for 2014 to be finalized by Iraq
  149. 2 wells have been drilled by Maysan Oil Company
  150. Hill International wins a $54 million contract in Basra Southern Iraq
  151. Halal food & lifestyle market value is $1.6 trillion
  152. Tata Steel has clinched key pipeline project in Iraq
  153. Iraq Oil exports has shown slow recovery in October
  154. Last Saturday auction, sales of dollars by Central Bank of Iraq observed a steady ris
  155. Daewoo E&C wins US$693 mln order in Iraq
  156. Turkey to mediate on sharing oil and gas resources between Baghdad and Erbil
  157. Forum of Business and Investment between Iraq and France inaugurated
  158. Iraq’s stock market regulator asked to ease rules to attract foreign investors
  159. Oil export deal to be finalized between Erbil and Ankara
  160. Maliki inaugurates branch of Standard Chartered Bank in Iraq
  161. Washington rejects exporting Iraqi oil without approval of Iraqi federal government.
  162. N-Deal of Iran is a step towards stability, says Iraqi PM
  163. Hard currency reserve of central bank of Iraq reached 88 billion dollars
  164. Oil supply to be unleashed following the Iran sanction deals
  165. Opening of British Bank’s branch in Iraq
  166. Bulgaria, Iraq Seal Economic Cooperation Agreement
  167. Exxon to sell Iraq oil stake to PetroChina
  168. As petrodollars boosting the economy of Iraq, Standard Chartered started its operatio
  169. Oil export from Kurdistan to Turkey may start by this year’s Christmas
  170. Erbil to host a major energy meeting
  171. Iraq warns Turkey for its deals with Kurdistan
  172. West Qurna 1 stakes have been sold to PetroChina by Exxon
  173. Oil export via new pipeline will commence from the end of this year, says KRG ministe
  174. Iraq plans to ramp up its oil production to a steep 9 million barrels per day by 2020
  175. Oil deal between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan proceeds steps further
  176. Iraq is in process of negotiations with French Airbus Company
  177. Southern provinces of Iraq urges for Kurdish investments
  178. International Oil & Gas Conference starts in Erbil
  179. Increase in oil export for November announced by Iraqi oil ministry
  180. November oil output raised in Iraq
  181. For Kurd-Turkey oil deal, Turkey will ask for Baghdad’s consent
  182. Energy deals with Iraqi Kurdistan has not been finalized yet, says Turkey
  183. British business delegates have been welcomed by Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce
  184. Iraqi oil exports require Baghdad’s approval, Turkey agrees
  185. Iraqi oil exports require Baghdad’s approval, Turkey agrees
  186. Azerbaijan and Iraq extends cooperation in education
  187. Oil export rise in Iraq for three consecutive months
  188. Iraq nears to its oil output target through dealing with western oil majors
  189. Schlumberger received 2 pct fourth quarter profit through Iraq showdown
  190. OPEC set to maintain oil output ceiling
  191. Firm orders for Bombardier's CSeries reach 182 after Iraq deal
  192. Iran wary of Iraqi plans to increase oil exports
  193. Daewoo wins $690 million Basra breakwater contract
  194. Mobiles operators choose Mobile-Technologies Co. Ltd. for SIM management in Iraq
  195. Iraq and Saudi factory deals are sealed by Harwal Group
  196. Iraqi central bank governor discussed banking and economic cooperation with Italian a
  197. OPEC welcomes Iran back and kept oil prices firm
  198. Iranian firms showed interests in investing southern Iraq
  199. Iraq remains among the highest corrupted countries
  200. New oilfield discover in Erbil by Oryx Petroleum
  201. Electricity crisis ends in Iraq
  202. New oilfield discovered in Erbil by Oryx Petroleum
  203. Majnoun oilfield exceed 210.000 b/d in production
  204. Sales off dollar by the CBI rise on Monday auction
  205. Shahristani, discuses with President of Lukoil developments in West Qurna 2 Oil Field
  206. UN oil account with Baghdad approved by Kurdistan
  207. Additional oil reserves in Iraq, discovered by KNOC
  208. Iran plans for gas export to Iraq
  209. Alliance Group plans for business expansion in Iraq
  210. Iraq strikes $1.1bn deal for 24 T-50 fighter jets with South Korea
  211. Iraqi business sector is struggling amidst corruption
  212. Iraq reduces the price of Basra light in next month for Asian shipments
  213. Iraqi bank Cihan wants to open offices in UAE
  214. 25-storey building will be constructed in Iraq
  215. Iraq urges to become a free trade center
  216. Crude output of OPEC drops in November
  217. Iraqi politicians focus on buying, not convincing voters
  218. Iraqi Trade Ministry to foster more active trade exhibitions agenda
  219. Thales upgrade received by Iraq’s air traffic system
  220. New contracts to encourage reconstruction in Basrah
  221. Pipeline for ExxonMobil to be built in Iraq within a year by Turkish firm
  222. Iraq oil price may reduce due to raise in production outside OPEC
  223. State-owned companies criticized by the economic expert
  224. Iran seeks gas pipeline building in Iraq
  225. Russian Lukoil blamed for delay in production at the giant southern oilfield of Iraq
  226. Iraq improved its rank in World Bank’s Doing Business report of 2013
  227. Global Iraq Finance Conference to be hosted in Dubai for the first time
  228. Largest industrial hub to be built in Iraqi Al Anbar
  229. Iraq Oil Exports Rose in October as Saudi Sales Eased, JODI Says
  230. Iraq ranked in 45th position in Richest Arabs list
  231. Iraq's Oil Workers Walk Off Drilling Rigs and Take to the Streets
  232. Impact of Increased Iranian oil export to Iraq has been ruled out by expert
  233. Shahristani discussed with Japanese companies for developing electricity in Iraq
  234. Iraq takes measures to make its banking sector robust
  235. Hitachi won a giant water purification project in Iraq
  236. Iraq to boost its traffic management through a transport corridor project
  237. Letter of intent has built for factory building in Iraq by Hanwa Chemicals
  238. Part of gas power plant will be done by PSG
  239. World Bank grants Iraq $ 355 million loan
  240. Iraq oil export plunges in Dec
  241. Saudi oil minister says market fears oil shortages
  242. Oil Minister to visit Kuwait soon over joint oil fields
  243. Deletion of zeros from Iraqi Dinar is Postponed
  244. Iraq looks to expand trade with Iran
  245. Kurdistan started pumping oil for Turkey exports, with fear of new clashes with Baghd
  246. KRG tests pumping of oil from KR to Turkey
  247. Bank of International Settlements accepts additional deposits from Iraq
  248. Leibi: Oil production increases"
  249. Saudi, Kuwait and Iraq said OPEC cut for 2014 is not required
  250. Iraqi Embassy in Abu Dhabi Inaugurated Officially