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  1. Iraqi Embassy in Abu Dhabi Inaugurated Officially
  2. Oil export through newly built pipeline between Kurdistan and Turkey will begin soon
  3. Iraqi oil export to stay low from southern oilfields in the month of January
  4. Asiacell bags the first prize in ‘Corporate Finance’ category for its massive IPO
  5. To gauge oil exports, Iraq begins operating floating platforms
  6. Kurdistan Regional Government is first government in Middle East to adopt Google Apps
  7. Second food tender has been issued by Syria through Iranian credits
  8. Basrah Crude export to experience a drop as Vitol sold Urals 3-month low
  9. SNC-Lavalin award contract for furnishing engineering services for Iraqi pipeline pro
  10. World’s largest gas field to be developed by Iran and Qatar
  11. Iraq does not require international loans, claimed by economic committee
  12. Erbil to organize the 2nd natural resource conference
  13. Population growth rate in Iraq is around 1 million people by every year
  14. China to increase retirement age of the employees
  15. Yet another dark Christmas for Iraqi Christians
  16. Iraq to adopt smart card methods for elections
  17. Jordanian PM ends his visit to Iraq
  18. Kurdish delegates visited Baghdad
  19. Parliament Commission on oil anticipating rise in oil export in Iraq
  20. Iraq and Jordan keen to strengthen their relationships
  21. Iraqi antiquities handed over to Iraqi Embassy in US
  22. Iraqi minister calls for opening another American University in Iraq
  23. Iraq to purchase weapons from the USA
  24. Anbar tribal chiefs met Iraqi defense minister
  25. 2 million tourists visited Kurdistan in 2013
  26. Iraqi ministry of electricity held Oil Ministry and citizens responsible for power sh
  27. Iraqi MP called for UN support for wiping out terrorism from Iraq
  28. Mohamed al-Hayis demanded security impose in Ramadi by Iraqi government
  29. Baldawi calls for operations against ISIL in Salah il-Din province
  30. ISIL confirmed its responsibility on Salaheddin Satellite Channel attack
  31. Tariff law will be enacted in 2014, said economic committee
  32. Iraqi prime minister and Kurdistan prime minister met for outstanding settlement
  33. Iraq and Vietnam to surpass China, in terms of buying Russian weapons
  34. Babylon and Diwaniya governors held talks for additional allocation in respective Ira
  35. Ramadi, Iraq plunged under curfew followed by the arrest of Sunni lawmaker
  36. Iraqi province Basra has been nominated as Arab Cultural Capital of 2018
  37. Alwani's release depending upon lifting tents on the protest yard in Anbar province
  38. Sunni Iraqi lawmaker arrested amidst violent situation
  39. Iraq raises oil flow to Turkey to block Kurdish oil
  40. Iraq drafted complicated budget for 2014, keeping Kurdistan under pressure
  41. Iraqi prime minister says government will work to prevail security in Anbar province
  42. Brent crude price would get weaker, assessed by most accurate oil forecasters
  43. Spanish government reaffirmed its support to Iraq for combating terrorism
  44. Turning Halabcha district into province has been approved by Iraqi council of ministe
  45. New Year wishes from Mladenov to all Iraqis
  46. Despite of poor security conditions, foreign companies are still interested in Iraq
  47. Iraq fails to attract domestic capitals
  48. Sudan proposes to build oil refinery
  49. Abu Risha calls Iraqis of Anbar not to be easy with Al-Qaeda and ISIL
  50. First shipment of oil from Kurdistan to world markets confirmed by Kurdistan MP
  51. Iraqi Kurdistan started heavy oil export to the world market
  52. Living Standard in Iraq showing positive growth, said British diplomat
  53. Security forces in Ramadi will be reinforced, hinted by Iraqi PM
  54. Iraq oil export averages 2.341 million barrels per day in December
  55. Highest annual death toll in Iraq due to violence, revealed by UN
  56. After Germany, Iraq is now the second largest oil exporter to Turkey
  57. In December, Iraqi oil export to dip around 2 million bpd
  58. Tribes and security forces clashed with ISIS in Ramadi
  59. Banks in iraqi kurdistan out of cash
  60. Iraqi Ministry of Construction builds roads and bridges in Al Anbar
  61. Iraqi Airways lowers its airfares
  62. Iraqi Parliament session lifted till Tuesday
  63. Kerry: US to support Iraqis in their fight against terrorism
  64. Due to pipeline blast oil pumping from Iraq to Turkey discontinued
  65. Dozens of gunman to participate ongoing clashes in Anbar province
  66. In Iraq around 75 Al-Qaeda militants killed
  67. Explosive diffused in Wasit, Iraq by security forces
  68. USA supports Iraq on its anti-terrorist stand, says John Kerry
  69. Explosive diffused in Wasit, Iraq by security forces
  70. Free courses for women for attaining driving licenses in southern province of Iraq
  71. Brent crude rises for the first time in last five day
  72. Ambitious Iraqi oil goals are threatened by spilling violence throughout the nation
  73. Iraqi PM ordered not to strike at the residential areas of Fallujah
  74. 50,000 tons of fuel to be offered by SOMO in February
  75. December output for OPEC hits the record low since May, 2011
  76. US to provide weapons to Iraq through shipments
  77. Missiles and drone deliveries will be speed up to Iraq by the US
  78. Oil production growth in Iraq, threatened by Anbar violence
  79. An aquarium to be built in Baghdad at Al-Zawraa Park
  80. New office in Iraqi Kurdistan to be opened by Dubai Chamber in 2014
  81. 6bn USD refinery deal award to Hyundai by Iraq
  82. Russian oil major Gazprom Neft gets its first oil at Iraqi oilfield
  83. International oil export via Kurdish-Turkey pipeline to start from the end of Jan
  84. Construction of major refinery in Karbala province is underway
  85. Kurdish-Turkey oil flow through new pipeline turned out to be boon for the investors
  86. Basra housing project launched by Iraq
  87. Spilling violence in Iraq will not harm oil production, though will surely raise conc
  88. Tuz Khurmato gets support of 7 million USD from Kurdistan
  89. Iraq to change the provincial map to be 30 provinces
  90. Terrorist attacks in Iraq condemn by UNSC
  91. Maliki threatens to reduce financial allocations of KRG
  92. Maliki: Problems with KRG delay submitting 2014 budget
  93. Iraq to get support from Arab League in its war against ‘Daash’
  94. Russian canons and armors are received by Iraq through southern Iraqi ports
  95. Kurdish MP says Baghdad position is ‘wrong’ over oil export of Kurdistan
  96. Ban Ki-Moon arrives to Baghdad to discuss turmoil situation
  97. Setting Iraqi budget and oil income have been discussed between INA and Shihristani
  98. Health centre inaugurated in Najaf province of Iraq
  99. 9 ships to be docked at the Iraqi ports
  100. Kurdistan is the gateway of business investments in Iraq for UAE companies
  101. Visa application center in Iraq opened by Austria
  102. Residential lands distributed in Mosul, Iraq, among the families of martyrs
  103. Oil project auction delayed in Iraq till June 19th
  104. Iran’s participation in Geneva II talks has been supported by Iraq
  105. 2014 budget law draft of Iraq has been ratified by Iraqi council of ministers
  106. Reuters: Iraqi budget draft for 2014 created further disputes between Baghdad and Kur
  107. Bombings in Iraq strike markets, funeral kill 41
  108. Imagine Iraq without oil
  109. 13 million dollars to Syria offered by Iraq
  110. Turkey is the only stable route for Iraqi oil export, says Turkish minister
  111. Iraq's southern oil exports rise, buyers still see delays
  112. 40% stake in concession areas of Kurdistan acquired by Maersk Oil
  113. Increase in discount of oil and gas sales to Jordan backed by parliament
  114. Due to fights in Iraqi Anbar province, more than 200,000 residents flee
  115. Maliki congratulates Egyptians on success of referendum on constitution
  116. US to send more ammunition to Iraq
  117. Kurdish lawmaker: exporting oil from the Kurdistan region to Turkey is constitutional
  118. Maliki, Biden discuss US support for Iraq in fighting ISIL
  119. Oil minister of Iraq said Turkey and Kurdistan would be punished
  120. Iraqi budget will provide oil revenue sharing to the citizens
  121. Oil rich Basra province of Iraq lodged its protests against oil revenue reduction
  122. Central Bank of Iraq is not formatted to replace currency at this time
  123. 100 million USD contract in Iraq has been secured by STX Heavy Industries
  124. At least 30 killed and several injured in Iraq due to clashes and bombings
  125. To discuss the disputes, Kurdish delegation met Baghdad delegation
  126. Turkey is behind the delay of Iraqi budget approval of 2014, says economist
  127. EUR 75 million development support to Iraq announced by EU
  128. Zebari meets with NATO Secretery General in Brussels
  129. 2 National Oil Companies to be established in Iraq
  130. Iraq says it intends to make 3 new provinces
  131. Iraqi Cabinet cancels Saturday holidays for education institutions
  132. High grade oil in its border found by Turkey
  133. Iraq is a big market, described by Kuwait
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  135. Deletion of zeros suggested by economic experts of Iraq instead issuing large banknot
  136. As an official document in Najaf electronic election card has been adopted
  137. Hadi Al-Amiri met US ambassador to discuss cooperation in transport sector
  138. IEA says Iraq is the only OPEC member to observe decline in production last month
  139. Australian wheat offered lowest in Iraq tender
  140. Oil exports and revenues to dip in 2013 in Iraq
  141. Thi Qar governor threat to cease oil production if petrodollar allocation cut off
  142. Acting finance minister of Iraq met Japanese ambassador
  143. Sidewalk vendors are running successful business in Iraq, in spite of being illegal
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  146. Gas and oil export from Kurdistan to Turkey is a matter of time
  147. 98 million USD maintenance contract on Iraqi oilfield won by Weir Group
  148. Dispute with Kurdistan region government and Baghdad is a major threat to Iraqi econo
  149. Barzani: KRG supports the acts of Exxon Mobil and Chevron in Kurdistan
  150. StanChart sponsors Iraq banking summit
  151. The emergency conference of oil-producing provinces start in Basra
  152. Parliament's Rapporteur: The next Tuesday's session includes discussion of the budget
  153. 3 New projects to be built in Najaf
  154. Rafidain bloc urges to consider 5 Petro-dollar allocations within 2014 Budget
  155. Officials say Al Muthana Budget reduced 15%
  156. Iraqi National Football Team won Asia Cup U22
  157. IMF warns Iraq budget increasingly vulnerable to oil price
  158. Iraq c.bank chief says expects to withdraw licences of five banks
  159. 'No delay' in payment for Turkish firms in Iraq
  160. Iraq to welcome two foreign banks
  161. Iraq's 2014 budget hanging on a cliff- and Kurdistan is the only one that can save it
  162. Iraq plans state investment bank to push projects
  163. Zain Iraq still months off from a market listing - bourse chief
  164. Kurdish oil flow raises the stakes for Maliki
  165. Arabtec Expands Into Iraq With Baghdad Office
  166. Kurdish oil flow raises the stakes for Maliki
  167. Iraq requests Apache helos
  168. Iraq hires law firm to target buyers of "illegal" Kurdish oil
  169. Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Thursday auction.
  170. Kurdish MP predicts month for discussing before approving the Budget
  171. OPEC to Trim Shipments as Demand Declines, Oil Movements Says
  172. Non-oil exports of Iran to Iraq exceeds 4bln USD
  173. ISIL Chief’s photo has been released by Iraqi ministry
  174. Iraq is aiming to return to the quota system of OPEC
  175. For forthcoming seismic shift, oil sector is looking into wrong places
  176. Iran and Iraq are getting poised to flood oil market, giving tough challenges to Saud
  177. Licenses of five commercial banks may be withdrawn by Central Bank of Iraq
  178. VIDEO : Iraqi Airways
  179. Iraq calls China to join its developmental projects
  180. Kurdish oil export started beginning and Baghdad imposed its threat on KRG
  181. Emerging economy worries as oil slips to $107 a barrel
  182. Veolia nets $115mn deal to build Iraq desal plant
  183. Yale Grad Trusts in Bank of Baghdad to Help Deliver Returns
  184. Biden urges Iraqi Kurdish leader to work with Iraq to resolve oil exports conflict
  185. Iraqi oil flow to Turkey declines by 37 percent
  186. Oil products import volumes from Iraq to Armenia tend to increase
  187. Iraq stops oil supplies to Jordan
  188. CBI Governor: Iraqi Banking System Restructuring to be Complete by end of 2014
  189. Baroness Nicholson Appointed New Trade Envoy in Iraq
  190. Iraq's oil export decline in January
  191. Shawis welcomes nominating new UK Trade Envoy to Iraq
  192. U.S. oil falls $1, manufacturing data weighs; cold supports Brent
  193. OPEC Oil Output Rises on Libyan Recovery
  194. Corruption and poor planning led a road construction in Iraq unfinished till next 6 y
  195. Two more national oil companies have been formed by oil ministry
  196. Limits for retirement salaries to be decided by Iraq state presidency
  197. Iraq and Kuwait ambassadors discussed bilateral relationships
  198. Iraqis divided over new national anthem
  199. Iraqi strategy seeks to cultivate teacher strengths
  200. Kurdish MP said Kurdistan is keen to pass the budget law
  201. Iraq beats China in Handball match
  202. US assured Iraq with all technical supports for oil exploration
  203. Nation museum of Iraq may reopen since 2003 for the first time
  204. Central Baghdad hit by four bombs, killing 23 people
  205. Russia's Gazprom Neft all set to start producing oil from Iraq in spring
  206. Versar. Inc has announced its Iraqi contract extension
  207. 3G licenses to be auction in Iraq with minimum of $307 million each
  208. Hike in share price – Standard Chartered opens its first branch in Iraq
  209. Iraq and Iran planning to unite in the oil market
  210. Canadian businesses find ‘huge’ opportunities for investments in Middle East
  211. Iraqi parliament speaker urged for ‘joint Iraq decision’ for oil export to Turkey
  212. US to advise Iraq on securing oil infrastructure
  213. Tensions rise as Iraqi Kurds' oil flows to Turkey
  214. CNN Video - Nicholson: Iraq has massive potential
  215. Iraq launches $95m snow sports resort in Kurdistan
  216. A member of Agriculture and Water Committee warns of disaster if Turkey completed a l
  217. New Iraqi retirement law full of loopholes
  218. The opening of the first office of the World Stock Exchange in Baghdad, the first of
  219. Advisors claim, Iran to offer better terms to oil investors than Iraq
  220. Iraq is planning for ramping up its oil production
  221. In Diyala province of Iraq – 30% live below poverty line
  222. Exhibition of electric power technology opened in Baghdad international fair
  223. Deputy prime minister for energy of Iraq met Japanese company CEO
  224. Q-Card to be adopted by social welfare network
  225. Basra tribes council threatens to boycott elections
  226. Avanti Communications: Hermes Datacomms extends satellite broadband coverage in Iraq
  227. Iraq to install meteorological surveillance network
  228. Europe gas pipeline access has been offered to Iraq by Azerbaijan
  229. Iraqi minister discussed with Canadian counterpart for the visas of common Iraqi peop
  230. Contract with Karbala to be signed by Hyundai next week
  231. Capital Banking Solutions ready to take a leading position in Iraq, by joining with S
  232. Iraq seeks US traffic control system as Iraqi air force develops
  233. By second quarter, Oryx to produce oil from Kurdish Iraq
  234. In Kurdistan region of Iraq, Hungary to inaugurate consulate
  235. Iraq to face budget deficit due to petro (5) dollars and pensions
  236. India’s HPCL to raise Iraqi oil imports
  237. Promotion of trade and financial cooperation discussed by joint Iraq-Thai committee
  238. Developing oil and energy sector of Iraq – Iraqi minister talked with Japanese compan
  239. In 25 years, for the first time Canada opens its trade mission in Iraq
  240. Kurdish prime minister of Iraq met with Hungarian ambassador
  241. First batch of F16 warplanes reached Iraq from USA
  242. Economic expert says Iraqi industrial sector lacks attractiveness for foreign investo
  243. Iraq PM announces training, funds in battlefield city
  244. Sadr is gone...
  245. Soft loans for unemployed Iraqis… Curse or blessing
  246. Iraq plans direct flight between Baghdad and Moscow
  247. Developing oil and energy sector of Iraq – Iraqi minister talked with Japanese compan
  248. Jordan to arrange its border with Iraq, says Jordanian Prime Minister
  249. Iraqi minister of foreign affairs met his Armenian counterpart at Baghdad internation
  250. Despite of financial mishap Jordan – Iraq stress over oil pipeline still on track