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  1. Iraqi Banking expert expressed his concerns on price rise of goods in local market
  2. Badr political bloc confesses that one of its MPs voted on the officials' privileges
  3. Iraq cycling championship to be held in Karbala province of the country
  4. KRG delegation and CG committee ended first session of discussions
  5. Iraqi ministry of oil reported the acceleration of initial oil production from Himree
  6. To resolve cash crisis Iraqi Kurdistan region $85m to bank
  7. South Oil Company and Parsons held a workshop in Iraq
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  9. Oil export to Korea to be hiked by Iraq
  10. One year Visa for the foreign investors granted by Iraqi Najaf province
  11. Iraq seeks meeting with Thailand to discuss over rice import ban
  12. Iraqi MP charged CBI for destroying country’s economy
  13. Iraq oil ministry declared no time limit for the Angolan oil company
  14. Construction of oil pipeline discussed between Jordan and Iraq
  15. 'Not even one barrel of oil' exported from northern Iraq to Turkey
  16. Iraq Wants Another Crack at Oil-for-Food Suit
  17. Russia, Iraq squeeze other oil suppliers out of slow-growth China
  18. Powerful cleric Sadr slams Iraq govt, 'tyrant' PM
  19. 6bn USD contract has been won by South Korean Company in Iraq
  20. Kurdistan affirmed that ‘not even a single barrel of oil’ has been exported to Turkey
  21. Lack of plan for stopping inflation assured by Iraqi economic committee
  22. $838m contracts won by US air force in Iraq
  23. Iraq is aiming to become world’s fastest growing economy
  24. Ho Hup Construction company won a major construction project in Iraq
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  27. As a condition for auction participation all banks must deposit money to Central Bank
  28. Iraqi Kurdistan still not agreed to export oil via Iraq’s SOMO
  29. New oil refinery development project inaugurated by Iraqi Prime Minister
  30. Lifting zeros from currency has been postponed, says Iraq economic committee member
  31. Iraq to quench Jordan's thirst for oil with preferential prices, $18 billion pipeline
  32. Iraq projects market worth $519bn
  33. An Astronaut Snapped This Image Of Huge Gas Flares At An Iraq Oil Field
  34. Turkish delegation visits Nineveh PC
  35. Iraq to build refinery in Nineveh
  36. Commercial exchange between Iran and Iraq increased to USD 15 Billion
  37. A rare visit to Iraq made by Chinese foreign ministers
  38. Iraqi MP charged CBI for destroying Iraqi economy
  39. Seven Tadano cranes for Iraq
  40. Higher fees for riskier oilfields have been planned by Iran
  41. A rare visit to Iraq made by Chinese foreign minister
  42. Major oil contract of Eni, approved by Iraq
  43. Mistakes over Iraq investments has been admitted by the US construction firm
  44. Due to low Iraq output, MOL cuts down its production in forecast
  45. South Oil Company of Iraq employees demanded accumulated shared revenues
  46. In the month of February, oil exports of Iraq jumped off significantly
  47. Standard Chartered appoints MD for Iraq branch
  48. Service projects in Iraq to begin, in Baghdad particularly
  49. Own made billet to Iraq SOC to be shipped by TMK
  50. Reconstruction will take place for the southern Iraqi airport
  51. Iraqi road construction projects may be carried out by Azerbaijani companies
  52. Foreign minister of Iraq met with Chinese foreign minister
  53. A museum to be built by Iraq in Samarra
  54. SL-Iraq trade talks begin in Baghdad
  55. South Korean refiners to drive up term crude buying from Iraq
  56. China and Iraq Expand Energy and Defense Ties
  57. More Iraqi term crude to be imported by South Korean refiners
  58. Iraq is ready to buy Ceylon Tea directly from Sri Lanka
  59. Oil output grew positive in the month of February for OPEC
  60. Total is heading forward to build large petroleum unit in Iraq
  61. Grand Millennium Sulaimani Hotel
  62. Iraq made contract with Kuwaiti cleaning company
  63. Death toll due to violence decreased in Iraq in the month of February this year
  64. Public buses to be used for election campaigning in Iraq
  65. Unemployed Iraqis to be trained pioneering programs
  66. Ayad Allawi and Japanese ambassador discussed Iraqi developmental issues
  67. Oil refinery to be built in Sudan by Iraq
  68. New dispute between Baghdad and Kurdistan regarding water crisis
  69. Delay in state budget reflected negative impact over medical sector in Iraq
  70. Expanding ties between Iraq and Iran
  71. Iraq is ready to supply oil to Sudan
  72. SC Bank’s Second branch in Erbil - Iraq
  73. Jordan and Iraq discussed scopes for business ties
  74. Around 5 percent harmful lead in gasoline has been used by Iraq
  75. Ammar al-Hakim warned Iraqi parliament over manipulating the disbursement of the budg
  76. General budget of Wasit province for 2014 has been ratified
  77. Beating China, Iraq qualifies for the Asian Cup finals
  78. Basmaiya housing complex of Iraq to be equipped with Hyundai elevators
  79. Iraq revived its position as the fastest growing oil producer of the world
  80. Genel is expecting heavy upsurge in oil output if Kurds and Baghdad come to some nego
  81. Turkish Minister claims Kurdistan crude at Ceyhan reaches 1 million barrels
  82. Mughal Emperors is eyeing over medical tourists from Iraq to India
  83. Badra field to main Iraqi pipeline system has been connected by Gazprom NEFT
  84. Iraqi MEA plane ceased to provide facilities to official’s son
  85. U.S.-Iraq Business Week Strengthens Economic Ties
  86. Second phase of Gharaf oilfield launched
  87. Dhi-Qar contracts with British medical delegation
  88. Progress of Iraqi Integrated National Energy Strategy to be analysed at Iraq Petroleu
  89. Iraq is trying to work on polio outbreak in Anbar province
  90. Economic ties between Iraq and Sri Lanka
  91. Art and cultural nourishment in the historic al-Qushla garden of Baghdad
  92. Washington refuses to reset Iraqi dinars – US companies are losing for that, says Ira
  93. Iraq minister offers to pay for diverted MEA flight
  94. Morgan Stanley lowers gold price forecast for 2014, 2015
  95. Iraqi officials: Al-Qaeda is behind the rise in poverty in Anbar
  96. Oman, UAE and Iraq lead in Middle East oil and gas transactions in 2013
  97. Iraq to invest in the oil refinery building project in Indonesia
  98. Iraq is ready to double its crude export to Jordan
  99. Disputes continue between Baghdad and Kurdistan – Turkey is trying to resolve conditi
  100. Central Bank of Iraq received formal letter for disbursing February salaries to the K
  101. Economic chaos at Iraq's Anbar border crossings
  102. Turkey in the Iraq quagmire
  103. OPEC Boosts 2014 Demand Estimate as Iraq Pumps Most Since 1980
  104. Brent rises by more than $1 ahead of Crimea referendum
  105. IEA Raises 2014 Oil Demand Estimate as World Economy Recovers
  106. Russian firm plans Iraq-Syria oil pipeline after peace
  107. OPEC boosts oil demand estimate as Iraq pumps most since 1980
  108. KNOC discovers additional oil reserve in Iraq
  109. Parliament concludes 1st reading of Budget Law
  110. Barzani signs decision of turning Halabcha into new province in Kurdistan
  111. Gazprom Neft Completes Tests on 2nd Well at Iraq's Badra Field
  112. Kurdistan regional government announced its continuation of oil export to Turkey
  113. Oil export through Ceyhan Turkish oil pipeline stopped since a week
  114. Basra governor met Japanese Mitsubishi company delegates
  115. Flight services between Iraq and Kuwait begins after more than two decades
  116. Iraq is trying to make its internet access robust
  117. Iraqi politician Rafie al-Issawi excluded from the next general election of Iraq
  118. Iraq holds second position in importing Turkish jewelries
  119. Hussein al-Shihristani expect Iraqi budget session in parliament without Kurdish part
  120. Reading budget in parliament without compatibility will create further crisis in Iraq
  121. Khor al-Zubair port rehabilitation works begin in Iraq
  122. Terrorism research center to be built in Iraq
  123. Korean Natural Oil Corporation drills oil from Iraqi Kurdistan yet again for the four
  124. DNO made most in a month, thanks to record breaking output from Tawke field of Iraqi
  125. Iraq expenses 40 billion USD for the monthly salary of the public sector employees
  126. Expert: IMF selected a difficult option for Iraq to overcome its budget deficit
  127. Stuffing money in the mattress: why Iraqis refuse to use Iraqi banks
  128. Iraq-Turkey oil exports via Kirkuk halted for three weeks
  129. Shell Awards Contracts for Iraq’s Giant Manjoon Oil Field
  130. U.S. VP Joe Biden welcomes advances between Erbil and Baghdad
  131. Iraq to be visited soon by Jordanian economic delegation
  132. Iraq and Sri Lanka discussed over direct air links
  133. Deputy prime minister of Iraq for energy affairs to visit Kurdistan
  134. Withdrawal of international oil companies from Iraq denied by official
  135. Ancient Sumerian sites in southern Iraq to be mapped by Italian drone
  136. The US welcomes the decision of Kurds to export oil via Iraqi government’s vigilance
  137. Huge Fire in Iraqi province Basra have been managed to control successfully
  138. Baghdad has been pointed out to be the world’s worst city
  139. Installing counters has not been finished yet in Iraq, says the oil ministry
  140. ‘Goodwill gesture’ has been offered by Iraqi Kurdistan region for solving oil dispute
  141. Design of 1500 housing units has been complete in Iraq
  142. Large diameter pipes to be supplied to Iraq by Metinvest group
  143. Iraq's central bank bought 36 T of gold in March
  144. Iraq should make full use of Iraq and Turkey pipeline, says Turkish energy minister
  145. Petronas is seeking a global success, depending a lot on its 3 Iraqi blocks
  146. Housing minister of Iraq welcomed UAE based investors to invest in the housing sector
  147. Experts are foreseeing further dispute between Baghdad and Kurdistan after Iraqi gene
  148. Governor of Nineveh province of Iraq announced next Wednesday as an official holiday
  149. After visiting Iraq, IMF mission has unleashed a statement
  150. Rawa bridge of Iraqi Anbar province has reopened
  151. Oil export to drop in Iraq for the month of March due to violence outburst
  152. Gold and the revaluation of Iraqi dinars
  153. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Thursday auction.
  154. Kurdistan banking activity down 25% on budget delay
  155. Oil export revenue of Iraq to jump at the record high position
  156. Iraqi parliament reached an agreement over dismissed candidates
  157. Iraqi government should not interfere in CBI’s performance, says international bank
  158. Common Iraqi people do not use banks for keeping money due to instability in banking
  159. Rising oil output will strengthen Iraqi economy, despite of security challenges
  160. Lukoil to start pumping crude from new Iraqi oilfield
  161. IQD 500 billion allocated for building housing project in Iraq
  162. South Iraq oil exports 2.48m bpd in March, new field to open
  163. Samsung Engineering secures US$840 mln Iraq plant order
  164. Brent holds above $107 as Europe tensions offset Iraq output
  165. Top five emerging economies of the world
  166. Three and half million barrels was the rate of oil production for Iraq in last month
  167. Output from giant Iraqi oilfield begun by Lukoil
  168. On Monday auction, sales of dollars rose for the Central Bank of Iraq
  169. Oil production started at the west qurna-2 oilfield of Iraq
  170. John Carne Group to supply oil products in an Iraqi oilfield
  171. In 2017 Iraq to enter in severe financial crisis, says Chalabi
  172. African outages and setback from Iraq, OPEC’s oil output falls short
  173. $550mn Iraqi power plant contract concluded by Alstom
  174. Iraq takes deliver of its money from US, after months of lifting of Chapter 7
  175. Iraq to participate in the meeting of thirteenth session of the Iraq - Romania Commit
  176. Large oil find in Iraq secured by Korea National Oil Corporation
  177. Iraq Seeks $2 Billion Loan for Boeing Jets With Citi as Adviser
  178. Halal expansion: Zain Telecom secures $250 million islamic loan
  179. Hanwha E&C paid additional 540 billion won in advance for Iraq project
  180. Central Bank announces the increase of its reserves of pure gold
  181. Iraq is attractive to foreign investors says UK security glazing firm
  182. Economic security adviser in the Kurdistan warns from continuing decline of southern
  183. Is Iraq’s Central Bank Buying Gold?
  184. Oil boom in Iraq luring the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank for Iraqi expansion
  185. Sonoro Energy of Canada is looking for opportunities on Iraqi oil sands
  186. Iraqi MP Othman expects passing Iraqi budget without the Kurdistan alliance
  187. Delivering 100,000 oil bpd to Baghdad has been postponed by KRG
  188. Regarding accession of Iraq, 31st meeting held between Iraq National Committee and WT
  189. Till further notice, parliament of Iraq adjourned its Sunday session
  190. Water going in middle and south of Iraq held by ISIS
  191. 15 Arab and foreign banks opened in Iraq
  192. Alleged bribery in Iraq to be investigated by Drugmaker GSK
  193. Solar powered irrigation pump has been installed in Karbala of Iraq
  194. Erbil Stock Exchange Launch this Year, as Economy Surges Ahead
  195. Minister said Central bank of Iraq may buy more gold in upcoming days
  196. First oil has been exported by Shell from Majnoon oilfield of Iraq
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  198. To serve Iraqi oil and gas market, US firms form consortium
  199. Shihristani, Kocks Korean Company discuss latest updates of performing Akaz Gas Field
  200. Alstom clinched $549 million Zubair gas-fired power plant project in Iraq
  201. Iraq to get its first ever Pizza Hut store by Yum! Brands in Kurdistan region
  202. Zibari, King Abdullah II discuss bilateral relations
  203. First oil well in Iraq drilled by Dragon Oil
  204. Water, health and education projects begun in Diyala province of Iraq
  205. For Iraqi NGL train, contract have been forwarded to Technip
  206. Sales of dollars increased for Central Bank of Iraq on end of week’s auction
  207. Quality issues are coming up as Iraq is selling more oil to Asia
  208. Power Pinoy wants Iraq to beat Mongolia
  209. Podesta’s $1M PR job has been renewed by Iraq
  210. Airline traffics drop for Middle East due to Syrian turmoil
  211. Loans to unemployed persons granted by Iraq
  212. Iraq and Jordan to be linked through international highway
  213. In the second half of 2014, OPEC to pump more crude – says IAE
  214. New banknotes in Iraq to be printed
  215. Relation between Oman and Iraq continuing to be flourished
  216. Iran technology show should be hosted in Iraq
  217. Mosul, northern Iraq to refine oil in disputed areas
  218. Travelport renews long-term distributor agreement in Iraq
  219. Joint venture with private sector to be launched in Erbil by Black Diamond Oil
  220. Iraqi foreign minister discussed with EU representatives on upcoming election
  221. Iraqi finance minister discussed with IMF head of Middle East
  222. Low oil export from Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia will not affect OPEC, says oil exper
  223. Long term distributor agreement of Travelport has been renewed in Iraq
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  225. In al-Sulaimaniya of Iraq, medical city to be opened
  226. South Korea's Daewoo wins contract in Iraq’s Zubair oilfield
  227. Cloud servers are gaining popularity in data storage in Kurdistan, Iraq
  228. Due to Iraqi bank failures, Army may lose millions
  229. Belarus is keen to take part in Iraq’s rebuild
  230. New power plant contract awarded to Alstom in Iraq
  231. Refinery of Iraqi Kurdistan will be led by US and Iraqi operators jointly
  232. After Polish bribery charges, Glaxo disciplines employee
  233. Iraqi gas and oil pipeline sets on large fire
  234. Shopping malls are mushrooming in Iraqi Kurdistan, though without having internationa
  235. Kurdistan region of Iraq denies selling oil contract to Black Diamond
  236. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Monday auction
  237. Central Bank allows opening accounts for money transfer companies in the bank
  238. Iraq’s desperate quest for resolving its energy crisis
  239. Persistent attacks on Iraq-Turkey pipeline
  240. Hanwha E&C held completion ceremony of concrete plant in Iraq
  241. Kuwait’s Zain is being sued for $4.5 billion over its Iraqi deal
  242. Adoption of budget before end of April described as miracle by Iraqi MP
  243. New bridge in Baghdad will tie al-Karkh and al-Resafa
  244. 100 women artists were celebrated in Baghdad exhibit
  245. Sales of dollars decline in Iraq during Tuesday auction
  246. Oil Search updated on Taza 2 well drilling in Kurdistan, Iraq
  247. Mushrooming women power in forthcoming Iraqi election
  248. Iraq's southern oil exports on track for record in April
  249. Arab banks step in as Western rivals cut operations in region
  250. S. Korean builders ink US$6 bln Iraq oil refinery contract