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  1. Nouri al-Maliki is banking on the oil growth for clinching victory in forthcoming Ira
  2. Iraq: Holiday starting from tomorrow till the end of the week for elections
  3. Russia’s Lukoil aiming for new oil deals in Iraq
  4. Oil exports from southern oilfields of Iraq back in track in the month of April
  5. Iraqi banks see increase in financial deposits
  6. Iraqis, living abroad to choose their representatives in 19 countries
  7. Lawsuit filed by Iraqi ministry of oil against al-Nujaifi
  8. Potential growth market across Iraq is magnetizing Lebanese banks
  9. Candidate claims lots of Iraqis abroad restricted from voting
  10. Northern Iraqi oil export pipeline blocked due to insurgent
  11. Fransabank opened a branch in Iraq among other Lebanese banks
  12. Iraqis vote in parliamentary polls in security clampdown
  13. Iraqi banks experiences increase in financial deposits
  14. Stronger security features to be added to Iraq’s new banknotes
  15. Oil still fueling economic hopes for Iraq
  16. Major development project in Iraq’s Karbala will be carried out by Bloom properties
  17. Ex oil minister of Iran visited Iraqi Kurdistan for economic discussions
  18. UNSC hails parliamentary elections in Iraq
  19. Northern iraq's oil to be marketed on may 2
  20. Will cash from kurdish oil be deposited in turkey?
  21. Smooth balloting process carried out in Iraq
  22. Iraqi health ministry reveals its plan for opening new cancer hospital in Baghdad
  23. Rehabilitation of the heritage buildings of Baghdad to be carried out
  24. Bomb explodes in Iraq, lost wonder of the world crumbles
  25. Iran is keen on new oil along with border in Iraq
  26. Ready to facilitate the sales of Kurdish oil, says Turkey
  27. Results of Iraqi elections will be announced after 25th May, 2014
  28. Future of Iraqi governance will be determined by oil
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  30. Oil is the central force for holding autonomy for Iraqi Kurdistan
  31. Rumaila oilfield contracts awarded to Petrofac and China’s CPECC by Iraq
  32. Due to disappointing China PMI, Brent price slipped to $108 a barrel
  33. 3G technology has been authorized by Iraq for its mobile firms
  34. EU is keen to see swift formation of Iraqi government
  35. Oil export raised to 2.512 million bpd in April, says oil ministry of Iraq
  36. Iran’s gas export to Iraq – deal finalized
  37. First oil export from Iraq’s Majnoon oilfield, reported by Royal Dutch Shell
  38. Oil from northern Iraq Kurdistan has not been exported to international market yet, s
  39. A series of real estate investment funds in Iraq have been released by SCAS Capital
  40. Two oil pipelines will soon connect Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran
  41. Chinese and British firms in Iraq received $1 billion projects
  42. Most of its Iraqi oilfield Tawke output exported by DNO
  43. Elections would not be a decisive factor in Iraq
  44. National budget should be endorsed by majority or harmony, says Iraqi MP
  45. Canadian business opportunities to be boosted in Iraqi Kurdistan by Erbil Mission
  46. Despite of rising exports of Iraq, no plans for Saudis to reduce output
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  48. Ongoing violence in the Anbar province of Iraq hampering businesses
  49. Sale of Kurdish oil into global market has been initiated by Turkey
  50. Trade between Iraq and Iran to reach to $20 billion
  51. Iraq exchanges in Dubai will woo the regional investors
  52. $1.3bn Fao port marine work contract tender to be prepared by Iraq
  53. FIRST LOOK: Shatt Al-Arab Hospital
  54. Zain Iraq hires investment bank as it prepares for a public offering
  55. Iraq set to build 7 new universities
  56. Kurdistan oil exports “just around corner” says Deutsche Bank
  57. Survey contract in southern Iraq won by Fugro
  58. Rodd Perot Jr.’s oil company to strike production from the month of May
  59. Living conditions in Iraq need to be improved
  60. Egypt and Iraqi Kurdistan lift Dana gas production
  61. Iraqi healthcare systems are getting worsened, new report claims
  62. Saad: Iraq loses USD25m daily due to repeated sabotage
  63. Dubai Investments unit eyes Iraq, Libya business parks
  64. Amidst budget disputes, economy of Kurdistan region suffers
  65. Johnson Controls’ HVAC Solutions Will Create Healthier Environments in Iraq Hospitals
  66. GCC neighbours could soon take the lead in foreign investment
  67. Maliki’s state of law wins more seats in Iraqi elections
  68. Basra-Aqaba oil pipeline project has been ratified by Iraqi parliament
  69. Cities of Iraq to compete to become more beautiful
  70. FurnitureInFashion launches furniture for Iraqi government employees
  71. Drastic changed ahead for Iraqi stock exchange
  72. Brent oil to rise in 2014 and 2015, forecasted by Citi
  73. Significant development projects to begin in Baghdad
  74. Healthy Environment will be created in Healthcare centers of Iraq by Johnson Controls
  75. ‘Bilateral Trade with Iraq’ session to be held on 27th May
  76. Sri Lanka will have a ‘Bilateral Trade with Iraq’ session on 27th May
  77. VIDEO: Iraqi individuals to meet Eastland County oil and gas officials
  78. Gold purchase of Central Banks hits 122.4 tons
  79. Iraqi Kurdistan started exporting oil to international market
  80. Iraq becomes top gas importer of Iran
  81. In fraud scheme, Dinar experts faced lengthy prison
  82. Iraqi potentials have been discussed in London conference by distinguished speakers
  83. Iraqi Kurdistan begins pipeline oil exports via Turkey
  84. Amidst challenges from rivals, Iraq’s Maliki is seeking new premiership
  85. Cash pile swells as infighting is a boon to Iraq bonds
  86. Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 event to be participated by Jordanian healthcare bodies
  87. Iraq initiated legal actions against Turkey over Kurdish oil shipment
  88. Repairs to northern oil pipeline to be resumed by Iraqi engineers
  89. Market leading legal research service in Iraq to be launched by Thomson Reuters
  90. Letter: Ending Immunities Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq
  91. Iraqi Kurdistan clearly stated it will continue oil selling through Turkey
  92. Iraq Airports Show to be participated by Azmar Airlines and Erbil International Airpo
  93. Iraq’s bid to thwart oil export via Turkey will prove to be futile, says Kurdistan
  94. Devco attained successful shipments to Iraq
  95. Expro secure oil wells production testing contract in Iraq
  96. Kurdistan oil sales: Kurdish surge for economic independence amid mixed regional and
  97. Brazilian beef import to be resumed by Iraq
  98. Due to conflicts in Anbar province, 65000 families displaced in Iraq
  99. Training programs from Scania to set benchmark for sustainable development
  100. Dubai chamber discussed potential of Iraq’s Islamic finance sector
  101. Violence pinches growth, oil sector revival in Iraq faces troubles again
  102. Iraq is keen to invest in associated gas sector
  103. Iraqi province Dhi Qar added new projects to support its cultural heritage
  104. 1 billion values project has been accomplished by Diwaniya
  105. Formation of next Iraqi government to be decided by INA
  106. INA works to connect different opinions together, says al-Jaafary
  107. Iraq threatened to lodge legal actions against buyers of oil exported by Kurdistan th
  108. Tanker with piped Iraqi Kurdish oil U-turns away from U.S.
  109. Kurdistan oil profit to be divided by Iraqi constitution, says Gull, President of Tur
  110. Gazprom Neft continues its venture with Iraqi oil
  111. Brent and U.S. crude oil to slip on dollar strength
  112. Iraq to take legal measures against smuggled oil buyers
  113. Iraq’s deputy prime minister for energy met executive director of Mitsubishi, Japan
  114. Oil export raised in Iraq in the month of May
  115. Standard Chartered Bank flaunts its Iraqi investments
  116. Turkey claimed it has done a favor to Iraq by exporting Kurdish oil
  117. Potential legal actions from Iraq are foreseen by Rome
  118. DHL Iraq crowned as best employer organization in Iraq
  119. Blast kills 18 people in Kurdish HQ of Iraq
  120. Insurgents in Iraq overrun Mosul provincial government headquarters
  121. Tri-city housing project begun in Iraq
  122. Iran to commence gas export in next spring to Iraq
  123. Addendum to Iraqi oilfield contract signed by Lukoil
  124. IranExpo Exhibition started in Iraq’s northern city Erbil
  125. ADIB Sponsors Trade UAE-Iraq Forum in Erbil
  126. Obama warns of U.S. action as jihadists push on Baghdad
  127. Iraq wants U.N. Security Council to approve more military aid: envoy
  128. Iraq oil min: any state of emergency will not affect oil exports
  129. Iraq's Baiji oil refinery under government control - oil minister
  130. Iraq Crisis Not as Bad as You Think: Bartle Bull
  131. Iraq Oil Production Safe From Unrest: Lewis-Davies
  132. UN backs Iraq government against terrorism
  133. Gov't tells construction firms in Iraq to evacuate from troubled areas
  134. Despite of turmoils, Brent oil futures rose in Iraq
  135. Iraq is determined to retake Mosul
  136. Rising oil price met OPEC expectations nearly, Iraq jittered
  137. Iraq turmoil has one winner: the Kurds
  138. Iraq crisis: US sends aircraft carrier to the Gulf
  139. Amidst Iraq conflicts Dollar rises higher
  140. Oil shock in Iraq may harm recovery of global economy
  141. Airlines stock continued falling due to tensions in Iraq and other parts of Middle Ea
  142. Asian stocks went lower due to conflicts in Iraq
  143. Iraq forces regain ground north of Baghdad
  144. Rate hike fears, Iraq weigh
  145. Inflation data, Iraq issue to set tone for markets this week
  146. Iraq crisis: MEA issues travel advisory
  147. Asian shares slip, crude firms as market eyes Iraq
  148. U.S. Stocks Climb After Industrial Data; Yen Strengthens
  149. $A strong despite Iraq crisis
  150. NATO chief to visit Turkey amidst Iraq crisis
  151. Yen Rises Versus Most Majors on Iraq Conflict; Zloty Declines
  152. Gas pipeline project between Iraq and Iran to be concluded by end of the year
  153. UAE finds encouraging opportunity for investing in Iraq
  154. Amidst growing instability in Iraq, Australian dollar standing out as ‘safe haven’ as
  155. Iraq prompts more profit-taking; Arabtec plunges again
  156. IMF's Lagarde: Iraq Oil Shock May Threaten U.S. Economy
  157. Despite of Iraq turmoil, Gulf hasn’t lost investors’ focuses yet
  158. Tala'afar district in Mosul has been re-gained by security forces
  159. ISIL attack on Iraq’s Baquba countered by Dijla OC
  160. Iraq developments will be closely monitored by RBI, says Rajan
  161. To disrupt insurgent communications, Iraq widens internet blocks
  162. Iraq's Oil Picture Gets More Confused
  163. Turkey Exporters to Iraq Hit as Roads Remain Shut for Trucks
  164. Construction workers from Turkey taken hostages in Iraq
  165. Hakim and Sadr discussed security as well as political situations in Iraq
  166. Iraqi official met Russian Ambassador in Iraq
  167. Iraq battles to hold biggest refinery
  168. US steps into Iraq, but no boots on the ground
  169. Iraq lodged public plea to bomb the Isis "terrorists"
  170. Enough wheat and barley collected by Iraq in 2014
  171. Turmoil in Iraq is pushing up US gasoline prices
  172. Iraq oil ministry condemns Kurds for oil exports
  173. Iraq risks rocking Turkey’s economic rebalancing
  174. Oil Price Risks Put Inflation Back in Focus
  175. China prepares for evacuating workers in Iraq
  176. Government forces of Iraq secured Baiji oil refinery
  177. Kerry: Iraqi lawmakers meeting to form new government next week
  178. To protect embassy in Baghdad , Australia sends troop to Iraq
  179. Wall Street ends down as Iraq concerns rise
  180. Inflation ‘may accelerate’ on Iraq-driven oil price shock
  181. Spain is keen to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism
  182. US to help Iraq for confronting terrorism
  183. Petrofac denies significant impact over its business due to Iraq crisis
  184. Iraqi Kurdish president makes first visit to Kirkuk since Kurdish forces took control
  185. British ambassador to Iraq will discuss mutual relations
  186. Kurdistan to participate in next Iraqi government
  187. Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki: We have bought Russian jets
  188. Official: Armed drones guard US interests in Iraq
  189. Iraqi Kurdistan PM and Turkish PM hoping to better relationship after formation of ne
  190. Iraq’s Ammar al-Hakim said government will be formed with harmonious team
  191. US stocks fall due to Iraq concerns
  192. Iraq conflicts have cost $8.5 billion to Turkey
  193. INA reveals being biggest parliamentary bloc
  194. Defense Ministry confirms arrival of Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jets in Iraq
  195. Oil spike is challenging global economy
  196. Ukraine and Iraq tensions are rising concerns for global economy, says Joe Oliver
  197. Iraq's electricity generation needs urgent fuel supply
  198. Iraq lifts ban on social networking sites
  199. Turkey rejects Kurdish independence, wants Iraq unity government, officials say
  200. OPEC oil output slips in June on Iraq
  201. Saleem al-Jobouri nominated as Iraqi parliament speaker by Wataniyah bloc
  202. Baghdad’s billion dollar parliament complex is under so many questions
  203. Iraq can overcome crisis via mutual understanding between political blocs, says al-Ha
  204. Kurdistani Alliance to attend first parliamentary session in Iraq
  205. Russia is helping out Iraq to form robust air force
  206. Despite of militant insurgents, governor of Central Bank of Iraq assured support for
  207. Kurdish Ship with 1 million barrels of oil at Morocco looking for buyers
  208. Unrest in Iraq costs Jordan $113m a month
  209. Gas rationing strikes in Iraq's Kurdish Region
  210. Iraq crisis is credit negative for turkey: Moody's
  211. Kurdistan Region to use oil revenues to pay salaries of KR employees
  212. Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq chaired a meeting to discuss oil and gas shortage
  213. Article 140 has not been accomplished yet, says Nouri al-Maliki
  214. Iraq opens Dhi Qar housing complex
  215. Turkey assesses losses from Iraqi market
  216. Oil futures started falling as Libya declared oil crisis end
  217. Iraq Oil Shock To Lift Safe-Haven Currencies Before Those Of Crude Exporters
  218. Indian exports slumped by 54.30% due to Iraq turmoil
  219. Iraqi flights are operating normally, says Iraqi transport minister
  220. Biggest weekly loss for Brent crude since January
  221. Nijaifi re-nominates for Speaker's post
  222. 3 more nominees compete with Jobouri to get Speaker's post
  223. Iran backs Maliki as Iraq PM but prepared for change
  224. Iraq Crisis Weighs on Turkey's Economy
  225. Caught in crossfire – the oil industry of Iraq
  226. Canon Middle East appoints Creative Force to expand professional video business in Ir
  227. Amidst crisis, western banks being withdrawal from Iraq
  228. Mutual cooperation has been discussed between Iraq’s Premier and Egyptian President
  229. Delivery of F-16 to Iraq may face cancelation as US puts hold on order
  230. Total CEO says, it’s too early to call Kurdistan an oil major
  231. Iraqis suffer from high prices of airlines tickets
  232. Kurds seize Iraq oilfields, ministers pull out of government
  233. Anti forgery features for new and improved Iraqi dinar
  234. As supply fears fade Brent and US crude oil fall
  235. US crude production to set record high while Iraq oil production will remain steady i
  236. Legal actions against Iraq oil buyers has been threatened by Kurdistan
  237. As security deteriorates, Lebanon exports to Iraq declined sharply
  238. Kurdish seek control of Iraq’s Kirkuk oilfield
  239. Visa cards have been issued by CBI
  240. As battles rage, Iraq’s Sunnis picked the parliament speaker
  241. Latest updates in Iraq discussed by Barzani and Biden
  242. Iraq’s Osama al-Nijaifi gets phone call from Biden
  243. Trade bank of Iraq to avail CrediMax card training session
  244. Oil is no longer a ‘uniting force’ in Iraq
  245. Iraqi Kurdistan president heads for a Turkey visit
  246. Big activities spotted in the airports of Baghdad, Najaf and Basra
  247. Rumaila oilfield of Iraq hits 2 billion barrels production
  248. Completion of 70% of the project breakwater for the port of Faw
  249. Iraq’s Abu Gharib Factories Reopen
  250. Iraq impact on Turkish economy to be mitigated by European recovery