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  1. Iraq impact on Turkish economy to be mitigated by European recovery
  2. Iraqi Kurdish oil nears Texas port for likely offloading
  3. Despite Washington’s concerns, Iraqi Kurdish oil ship heads towards US port
  4. Fuad Masoum has been elected as new Iraqi president
  5. Supported by China’s factory activities, Brent crude raises steep above $108 a barrel
  6. Russia's Gazprom Neft started oil production from Badra oilfield of Iraq
  7. Oil pumping and filling reservoirs started in Iraq’s Badra oilfield
  8. Turkish exports to Iraq fall 35 percent
  9. Iraq approves $600 mln oil depot contract with China's CPP
  10. Iraq's south oil exports rise to near-record, avoid northern conflict
  11. 41st Baghdad International Fair schedule has been announced
  12. Value of commercial business deals will be enhanced by local currency in Iraq
  13. Shipments of Kurdish oil to be resumed soon
  14. Basra – Aqaba oil pipeline is on final stage of completion
  15. Price reduction for electric amps in Iraq after increasing share of kerosene to gener
  16. Iraq Stock Exchange to stop trading on next week on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
  17. Project has been proposed to increase the area Abu Floos port of Iraq
  18. Demand for flight tickets from Baghdad is on a steep rise
  19. 1973 crude oil agreement between Iraq and Turkey still valid, says Turkish Energy Min
  20. Due to full reservoir, oil pumping from Kurdistan is on a halt
  21. Oil pumping from Kirkuk started by Iraqi autonomous Kurdistan
  22. High natural gas production announced by Maysan Oil Company
  23. July exports of crude oil to hit 2.6 million barrels per day in Iraq
  24. As oil demand wanes, OPEC revenue to go down
  25. Iraq filed lawsuit in Texas court against Kurdish crude oil cargo
  26. As violence rises, Dubai’s Emirates airline to avoid Iraq’s airspace
  27. Iraq lodged its claim for Kurdish oil cargo in Texas
  28. $100 million of Kurdish oil in Texas to be sued to seize by Iraq
  29. Iraq to survey ISIL conflict zones for harmful chemicals, pollutants
  30. U.S. approves $700 million sale of Hellfire missiles to Iraq
  31. Dubai, European airlines divert flights over Iraq
  32. Exclusive: LyondellBasell seen as mystery U.S. buyer of Kurdish oil in May
  33. Iraq wins lawsuit in US court regarding seizure of Kurdish oil
  34. 5000 hellfire missiles to be supplied by US to Iraq to counter terrorism
  35. More than 449 million oil barrels exported by Iraq in 2014, says SOMO
  36. Kurdistan government to sue Iraq federal government on oil issue in US court
  37. LyondellBasell stops future purchases of disputed Iraqi crude oil
  38. Oil pipeline at Kirkuk sets on fire
  39. Axeon received Kurdish Shaikan crude for Paulsboro refinery
  40. Oil production from Iraqi west qurna oilfield reached 280, 000 barrel a day, says Luk
  41. Oil-by-rail facility to be built at Ohio refinery by PBF Energy
  42. UNAMI urges urgent cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad
  43. Flights to Iraq resumed by Jordanian Airways
  44. Fadhila bloc calls for budget law inclusion for Tuesday session
  45. Following Malaysian flight MH17 crash, Airlines are divided on flying Iraq
  46. 9 commercial ships have been received by Basra ports
  47. Baghdad wants to reconcile Kurdish oil dispute in Iraqi courts
  48. Amidst the rising global supply disruption fears, oil prices rebound
  49. Results of currency auction by Central bank of Iraq, on 4th August 2014 session
  50. In the month of July, Iraqi oil export reached 2.442 million bpd
  51. As militants seized oilfields, Iraqi Kurdish oil exporters fall
  52. Iraq received its first flight from Georgia
  53. 430 primary and secondary schools to be built in Iraq
  54. Temporary power firm Aggreko says Iraq to be their fastest growing business
  55. Kirkuk’s oil - How big loss is it going to be for Iraq?
  56. Oil prices rebound after US airstrike in Iraq
  57. Due to security concerns all flights to Arbil have been cancelled by Turkish Airlines
  58. Oil Company Afren has stopped output at Iraqi Kurdish oilfield
  59. Iraq’s dollar bond is contained by rising oil revenue through exports
  60. Genel evacuated ‘non-essential staffs’ from its Iraqi Kurdish oilfields
  61. Iraqi National Alliance to nominate Ebadi for PM post
  62. Air strike of USA in Iraq has impacted European stock markets
  63. Oil production is unharmed in spite of Islamic State incursion, says Iraqi Kurdistan
  64. TAQA oil company suspends performance in Iraq Kurdistan
  65. Iraq flights to be re-routed by Etihad and Gulf airlines
  66. Amidst sluggish trade, US crude creeps higher while Brent falls
  67. Iraqi president asked Al Abadi to form government
  68. Iraq has been drafted in 2nd group of Khaliji 22 Championship
  69. King of Saudi congratulated Iraqi president
  70. Iran conveys its support for the democratic process in Iraq
  71. From his exile in Britain Haider al-Abadi is likely to be Iraq’s next Prime Minister
  72. US and Australia to join forces to combat foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria
  73. Northern Iraq oil operations halted by international oil producers
  74. As Ukraine and Iraq conflicts eased up, Asian stock markets climbed upward
  75. USD sales decreased according to Saturday's auction
  76. U.N. Security Council blacklists Islamist militants in Iraq, Syria
  77. Changing political winds bringing in new hopes for Iraq
  78. Nuri al-Maliki bid end to his endeavor to continue as Prime Minister of Iraq
  79. Rise of IS would strip Iraq from being global oil industry savior
  80. After tensions ease down in Iraq and Ukraine, gold futures climbed
  81. Korean Construction Company finds limited impact of Iraq’s unrest
  82. Lebanese Foreign Minister urged to expedite forming new government in Iraq
  83. Negotiating committee of Iraqi National Alliance will start negotiations on forming g
  84. After tensions ease down in Iraq and Ukraine, gold futures climbed
  85. Taq taq oilfield of Iraqi Kurdistan to hit 140,000 bpd by the end of August 2014
  86. Militants and Iraqi troops indulged in clash in Tikrit region of Iraq
  87. Iraqi Kurdistan received its first oil revenue from Federal Government
  88. 17 banks participated in Central Bank of Iraq’s 19th August auction
  89. Weapons to be supplied by Germany to aid Iraqi troops
  90. Due to rising tensions, Turkey suspends oil drilling in Iraq
  91. Ankara eases loan repayment terms for the businesses suffered losses in Iraq
  92. Monday Parliament session to discuss forming parliamentary committees
  93. The UN Strikes Back at ISIL's Black Economy
  94. Talisman to proceed with Kurdistan sale despite big oil find
  95. Iranian envoy vows solidarity during Iraq visit
  96. Middle East crisis is economic
  97. Iraq's security forces repulse militants' attack on Baiji oil refinery
  98. Iran denies military involvement in Iraq
  99. Iraq Signs New Investment Agreement with Belarus
  100. Iraq needs regional approach to defeat the ISIS militants, says Dempsey
  101. Iraqi Kurdistan makes $170 million revenue by oil sales via Turkey
  102. To protect oil pipeline attacks, Iraq is eyeing for Bulgarian inventions
  103. In council of representations, Iraqi Kurds to chair oil and energy committee
  104. Iraqi parliament session has been put on a halt till 2nd September
  105. Despite of oil companies’ brave face, rising security problems causing threats for oi
  106. Despite of oil companies’ brave face, rising security problems causing threats for oi
  107. Hydrocarbon law approval is key for the future of Iraq
  108. Unrest in Iraq caused its anguishing trade relations with Jordan
  109. Mutual relations have been discussed between Iraqi and Norwegian ministers
  110. The Yorkshire Dales family who are designing entire cities in Iraq
  111. Kuwait Energy may consider more Iraq investments
  112. China may repent on ‘free riding in Iraq’
  113. Erbil and Baghdad united upon arming the Peshmerga forces
  114. Ebadi, supported by INA will form government on time in Iraq
  115. Iraqi appraisal well has been suspended by oil search
  116. Southern oil export in Iraq drops by 140,000 bpd in August
  117. Mutual cooperation has been discussed between international bank and Basra governor
  118. Military aid to be decided in Iraq by German government on this Sunday
  119. Australia to assist Iraq with Super Hornets to counter terrorism
  120. US fighter planes conducted airstrikes in northern Iraq
  121. Absence Acting Defense Minister in Iraqi parliament session ignites criticisms
  122. Iraqi & Kurdish forces controlled oilfields in northern Iraq
  123. Mutual relations between US and Iraq to be discussed by Hoshyar Zebari
  124. Oil shipments of Iraqi Kurdistan reached 8.8 million barrels
  125. Iraq will appeal in US court on disputed Kurdish oil case
  126. Iraq started restoration of electricity network, damaged by ISIL
  127. Electoral programs to be discussed by Iraqi National Alliance before government forma
  128. Chalabi says IS would reap between $150 million from Iraq’s oil
  129. Gazprom starts commercial oil supplies from Iraq’s Badra field
  130. Iraqi district Amerli liberated, citizens celebrating
  131. With $100 million cargo, oil tanker vanishes
  132. Rafidain Bank plans to reopen its branch in London
  133. Iraq urges for foreign investments on Al Diwaniyah airport
  134. Parliament session adjourned to next Saturday
  135. FM, French delegation discuss holding international conference over Iraqi crisis
  136. Iraq and Iran to finalize MoU on Joint Bank
  137. Oil export in Iraq averages at 2.375 million bpd in the month of August
  138. Despite of conflicts, Zain Iraq still considering listing in ISX
  139. Iran is planning to double its non-oil exports to Iraq
  140. Baghdad claims US is not open for Kurdish oil
  141. Australia and Germany confirmed their plans for arming Iraqi Kurdish forces
  142. Lifting anchor, disputed Iraqi Kurdish oil tanker sets for sailing near Texas
  143. Iraq refiles case in U.S. court over disputed Kurdish crude
  144. Iraq cuts output targets in revised oil deals with BP, CNPC
  145. Instability in Iraq Hurts Turkish Contractors’ Businesses
  146. Bangladesh lifted ban from sending laborers to Iraq
  147. Oil production in Iraq’s Badra oilfield kicks off with 15 thousand barrels per day
  148. Mladenov urges for quick government formation in Iraq
  149. Global auto majors are reconsidering their Iraqi action plans
  150. BP to revise its Iraqi oil deal, shrugging off IS fears
  151. Iraqi parliament approves Abadi’s Cabinet
  152. BP and CNPC raised their shares in Rumaila oilfield of Iraq
  153. Parliament session in Iraq on voting government formation scheduled on Monday
  154. Iraq's parliament approves new government
  155. Warning leaflets on Beiji citizens thrown by Iraqi air force
  156. First session of new Council of Ministers in Iraq chaired by Haider al-Abadi today
  157. Obama phones to congratulate and discuss strategies with new Iraqi PM
  158. Kurdish President congratulates new Iraqi prime minister
  159. Iraq renews its attempt to Kurdish oil tanker in US court
  160. Turkey shows concern over arms sent to Iraq
  161. Central Bank of Iraq issues new banknote of 10,000 Dinars
  162. Former US ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad suspected in money laundering
  163. Iraqi security crisis delays gas exports to Iran
  164. Iraq commences legal actions against Greek shipper over disputed Kurdish oil issue
  165. Military advisors to Iraq may be deployed by Australia
  166. Kuwait Energy discovers oil in Basra province of Iraq
  167. Bank account freeze lifted by Australian court for ex-US diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad
  168. ISIS grip on Iraqi oil infrastructure could be slipping
  169. New oil minister of Iraq visited Baiji refinery
  170. Compensation of Mid-Euphrates province with 3 petro-dollars demanded
  171. Iraq restores 5 billion Iraqi dinars from Lebanon, Integrity Commission
  172. Oil pipeline detonated in Diwaniya province
  173. Council of Representatives calls on government to send draft 2014 budget to ratify it
  174. Kurdish dispute and security conditions are the two challenges for Iraq’s new oil min
  175. Iraq defeats Nepal in a football match of Asian Games tournament
  176. Iraq PM order creasing shelling in civilian areas of Iraq
  177. Oil pipeline detonated in Diwaniya province
  178. Liberating Mosul is Iraq’s top priority
  179. Housing complex in Missan province
  180. Iraq joined Paris conference to get unified against ISIL gangs
  181. French President extends arm of support to air displaced Iraqi citizens
  182. $400 million a year would be the cost of Iraq mission for Australia
  183. Iraqi PM calls for ceasing boycott on Saudi products
  184. UN Security Council meeting on Iraq to be chaired by Kerry this week
  185. Norway is planning to contribute in anti-IS coalition
  186. Nomination of Iraqi security ministers rejected by two messages, says al-Mashhadani
  187. Interior and defense nominees are rejected in Iraqi parliament
  188. Call for Serbian companies to reconstruct Baghdad
  189. More Iraqi-Turkish flights needed, ambassador
  190. German Defense Minister to visit Iraq next week
  191. Petroceltic continues its operations in Iraqi Kurdistan
  192. Militants threaten ancient sites in Iraq, Syria
  193. Iraq intends to strengthen ties with Russia, Kurdistan with China
  194. Displaced students burden on Iraqi schools
  195. MP: the new government will resolve all disputes on oil policy between center and the
  196. Iraq loses US appeal of oil-for-food lawsuit in UN
  197. On improved security conditions, Genel Energy returns its worker to Iraqi Kurdistan
  198. A gang specialized with counterfeiting currency arrested in Iraq
  199. Voting for federal budget 2014 will start soon, says Iraqi MP
  200. Turkey to play key role for stopping Iraqi oil smuggling by IS
  201. Humanitarian aids to Kurdistan sent by France
  202. Approving oil law will resolve dispute between different provinces in Iraq, says MP
  203. Iraqi oil minister welcome Kuwaiti ambassador and discussed join cooperation
  204. Iraqi oil minister received Japanese ambassador
  205. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on today's auction.
  206. PM Abadi arrives in New York
  207. President of Iraq reached the USA
  208. US general called Arab nations to help Iraq
  209. Iraqi prime minister superannuated Qanbar and Ali Ghaydan
  210. Iraq is relying on oil wealth from its Basra province
  211. Iraq and Kuwait deepens their oil ties
  212. To target Iraq construction sector, new joint venture launched
  213. US President Obama praised new Iraqi prime minister
  214. Crompton Greaves wins $25 mn contract in Iraq
  215. Trade fair in Thi Qar province
  216. Iraqi and Turkish trade chambers met for boosting commercial ties
  217. Mobile substations to Iraq will be supplied by CG
  218. Iraq’s purchase deal for AH-64E Apache helicopters may face cancellation
  219. Fighter jets to be sent by Dutch to strike IS militants in Iraq
  220. US President Obama said, Iraq is an honest power broker
  221. On levy of ‘safe passage fee’, import costs rise for Iraq Petchem
  222. Kurdistan exported more than 13.7 million barrels oil since last May
  223. Seven F-16 fighter jets to be sent by Denmark to Iraq
  224. Russia expresses its support to Iraq for its fight against ISIS
  225. 1 week holiday for Eid al-Adhha announced by Kurdistan Regional Government
  226. PM Abadi congratulates Iraqi football team for qualifying semifinals of 17th Asian Ga
  227. Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Posts swapped Kurdistani Democratic Party
  228. Iraq to lift ban on Facebook soon
  229. Iraq to lift ban on Facebook soon
  230. Iraqi oil minister met French ambassador to discuss mutual cooperation
  231. Iraqi transport minister to transfer the location of the General Company of Sea Trans
  232. Lawsuit in Texas’ court has been filed by Iraq to reacquire Kurdish oil shipment
  233. President of Iraq returned to Baghdad
  234. South Korea to offer humanitarian assistances to Iraq
  235. Iraqi 800m runner gets golden medal at Asian Games
  236. Finance Committee: CoM discussed Budget Law during meeting
  237. Ministry of Agriculture Undersecretary discusses with the Australian Ambassador in Ir
  238. Economic Information Center: improving relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia will r
  239. Iraqi –Iranian roads discussed, statement
  240. Number of bridges, roads maintained in Muthanna province
  241. French President Francois Hollande to reinforce its military operations in Iraq
  242. Two power plants in Iraq to be built by Turkish company, Enka
  243. Iraqi Deputy Speaker called ministers to ratify budget law
  244. Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture Undersecretary met Australian ambassador to discuss jo
  245. Stuffing level in north Iraq gets normal again, says Gulf Keystone Petroleum
  246. Iraqi Kurdistan to ramp up its oil output by three times in coming days
  247. Turkish exports affected by Iraqi turmoil
  248. Corner stone for housing complex in Iraq’s Missan laid down
  249. Mayor of Baghdad welcomed French companies to invest in the local reconstruction proj
  250. Oil export in Iraq to rise in the month of September