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  1. Oil export in Iraq to rise in the month of September
  2. Saudi pressurized to defend market share as oil prices continuing decline
  3. Regular activity in Kurdistan to be resumed by foreign companies
  4. Abadi: ISIL shrink on Iraqi ground
  5. Gazprom Neft forced to quit Halabja block of Iraq by protestors
  6. Lawmakers in Canada ratified air strike in Iraq against ISIS
  7. Economy of Iraq to shrink due to security conflicts
  8. Dutch jets carried out first bombing on ISIS in Iraq
  9. World Bank says MENA region to witness 4.2 percent growth in 2015
  10. USD 500m contract awarded by Pertofac to BP in Iraq
  11. Turkish stands scrutinized under questions by Iraqi MP
  12. Contract worth US$620 million won by Petrofac in Iraq
  13. Would forming a committee for reconstruction curb economic woes of Iraq?
  14. Low oil cost leads to energy inflection point
  15. In Asian games Hanwha E&C cheered for Iraq
  16. Entry of three tankers banned by Iraq at its crude oil terminals
  17. Complete sports establishments, Iraqi minister asked Turkish government
  18. U 19 football match between Iraq and Qatar ended in a draw
  19. Crude output of OPEC reached its highest point since 2013
  20. Contract worth $25mn won by Avantha Group in Iraq
  21. As Iraq follows Saudi’s price cut for oil, Brent price reached $88
  22. Iraq confute report of presence of IS militants near Baghdad Airport
  23. Lukoil boss meets Iraqi oil minister
  24. Despite dollar strength oil futures gain, while Iraq cuts the price
  25. Ericsson remains optimistic on Iraq despite of Daesh threat
  26. Transworld Group and NAWAH team up to serve Iraq’s growing cargo demands
  27. To assist Iraq against ISIS, Australian troops have been sent
  28. In Kurdish Iraq, oil companies continue to struggle
  29. Oil production of ISIS reduced by US airstrike
  30. Despite of security challenges, Iraq wants $307 million for 3G Telco spectrum
  31. Oil price fall poses problems for Iraq, Russia and many others
  32. Uninterrupted power supply to Iraq to be provided by GE’s gas turbines
  33. Venezuela, Russia and Iraq are amongst the most vulnerable oil producers
  34. To serve Iraq’s cargo sector, Transworld Group and Nawah signed a deal
  35. Canada vows $8 million financial support to Iraqi children to help UNICEF's program
  36. Hanwha E&C announced receiving US$387.5 for Iraq’s construction project
  37. Lawmakers in Iraq approved interior and defense ministers
  38. $600 million in tank ammunition to Iraq approved by the US
  39. Shewashan light oil discovery in Iraqi Kurdistan has been declared as commercial by G
  40. Major Iraqi projects discussed with Japan
  41. Charges of hindering investments in Karabla
  42. Water supply prices to be increased, Baghdad Mayoralty
  43. $278.5 million drilling deal with Halliburton has been ratified by Iraq
  44. Some areas of Ramadi city of Iraq has been liberated by security forces
  45. Turkey officially invited Iraqi foreign minister
  46. Restoration of regional stability has been demanded by Iraq and Iran
  47. UN Campaign in Baghdad
  48. Many Iraq schools open a month late amid crowding by displaced
  49. USD 2.2 billion appeal for Iraq has been launched by the UN
  50. Crude oil export revenue dropped in Iraq in September
  51. For Nassiriya oil project, Iraq to hold an auction by the end of 2014
  52. Budget Law re-drafting Ministerial Committee meets Monday
  53. Oil Minister, Italian Ambassador to Iraq discuss bilateral relations
  54. Oil, weak German data drag on stocks; Brazil sinks
  55. To aid Iraq to hold its most important oil facility, the US has intervened
  56. Modern stores to be constructed in Iraq by Iran
  57. Despite unrest, oil exports are rising in Iraq
  58. Water desalination project in Iraq awarded to Veolia and Hitachi
  59. Millions of Iraqi students begin a new academic year
  60. Iraqi parliament to host minister of oil soon
  61. Iraqi federal government to give more power to provinces
  62. Economy of Iraq to shrink 2.7 percent in 2014
  63. Iraqi economy to face massive contraction, predict IMF
  64. Call to endorse national budget, Minister
  65. Schools opened in Iraq for displaced students
  66. MI28 Russian helicopters reached Iraq
  67. Iraqi Prime Minister met with delegation team from Nineveh province
  68. BLOM searches for new markets in Gulf and Iraq
  69. Belarus is keen to boost tie up with Iraq
  70. As partner wins Iraqi Kurdish oil deal, Gulf Keystone rises in London
  71. Training troops to be sent to Iraq by Norway
  72. The end Baiji refinery siege, Iraqi forces advance with a new bid
  73. Mendali border checkpoint to be reopened between Iran and Iran
  74. Dinar reform in Iraq has been postponed in Iraq for five years
  75. Defense minister of Iraq arrives at Ayn al-Assad base
  76. Exports of Iraqi oil generate revenue worth 6 bln USD in October
  77. Oil companies demanded independent water facilities in Iraq for boosting output
  78. War town has been renamed as ‘Victory Bank’ in Iraq
  79. UNESCO expresses its support for Iraq regarding destruction of its cultural heritage
  80. Trade relationship with Iraq and Egypt will not face difficulties, says Turkey
  81. No SOMO office in Erbil, says Kurdish governing body
  82. Iraq's cellphone operators to pay $307 million for 3G airwaves: regulator
  83. CBI sales of US dollar decrease
  84. MP: differences between Baghdad and Erbil will end soon
  85. OPEC cuts oil price forecast
  86. Iraq’s US ambassador said not to expect curb production by OPEC
  87. Photography ban continues in Iraq
  88. Iraq is in talks with Kurdistan over oil tanker, says Iraqi envoy
  89. Iraq claimed Kurdish oil money from Turkey
  90. Due to the fall in oil price Iraq noted 27% slash in revenue
  91. Jordan wants Iraq to repay business debts
  92. On Iraq’s biggest oil refinery, Iraqi army takes full control
  93. Electricity sector development discussed by Iraq’s electricity minister
  94. Bank of Baghdad has confirmed the appointment of its new managing director
  95. Iraqi army takes full control on Baiji Oil Refinery
  96. Business partners signed franchise agreement in Iraq
  97. Masoum meets Saudi King
  98. NASDAQ’s X-stream trading technology in Iraq Stock Exchange
  99. For Iraq’s oil and gas projects, Petronas calls for tenders
  100. For discounts of its crude oil sales, Iraq tracks Saudi Arabia
  101. 8 new nuclear power units to be built in Iran by Russia
  102. Iraq’s foreign minister met Kuwaiti ambassador
  103. Iraqi high schools hit by grade inflation
  104. Brent crude price dipped below $82 per barrel
  105. More economic woes for Iraq due to budget failure
  106. Aviation summit to be held in Iraq by leading global construction firms
  107. Iraqi troops captured the center of refinery town from IS
  108. SNC-Lavalin signs oil contract deal in Iraq
  109. Iraqi oil minister started negotiations process with Kurdish leaders
  110. Emirate to resume flight services at Erbil, Iraq
  111. Iraq asks for rockets and vehicle spare parts
  112. Iraq's southern oil output averaging about 3M bpd: oil minister
  113. After concluding deal with Baghdad, Kurdistan plans for independent oil company
  114. Islamic State militants loses their ground against the counter strike of Iraqi troops
  115. Southern oil output of Iraq averages on 3 million barrels per day
  116. Oil minister to be hosted in Iraqi parliament
  117. Oil deal between Iraq and Kurdish falls short of solutions
  118. Inauguration of Al Mazra'a police station in Baiji
  119. G20 summit focuses on growth
  120. Faisal Al Haimus appointed as Chief Executive officer to Bank of Baghdad
  121. Agreement with UofA has been signed by University of Karbala
  122. Telecom infrastructure needs complete repair in Iraq after turmoil
  123. Too many holidays for Iraq causing economic woes
  124. Iraq’s Biggest Oil Plant to Reopen After Militants Moved
  125. Iraq, Kurdish region implement deal on oil exports, salaries
  126. Belgian FM calls for closer economic, political ties with Arab World
  127. Iraq Islamic banks held back by lack of regulation-experts
  128. Iraq's Erbil Hits the Pause Button
  129. Turkish economy caught between Iraq and a hard place
  130. KRG sends Kirkuk oil to Turkey, says Iraqi oil minister
  131. New troops to Iraq to be sent by the US
  132. Iraq and Turkey discussed mutual cooperation
  133. Barzani assures pumping Kurdistan oil to Turkey for benefit of Iraqi government
  134. Minister of Oil urges to develop industrial & agricultural sectors
  135. Davutoglu, Masoum discuss activating cooperation convention between Iraq, Turkey
  136. Turkish PM arrives in Erbil
  137. Iraq and Turkey discussed mutual cooperation
  138. Four killed in suicide bombing in Iraq’s Erbil
  139. First installment of $1 billion to be received by Erbil from Baghdad
  140. Iraqi forces say retake two towns from Islamic State
  141. Governor of Basra denies decline of his health condition
  142. Iraq awards long-grain tender to US Rice Federation
  143. Oil deal between Kurdistan and Baghdad welcomed by the US
  144. Abadi urged for intensifying air support for Iraqi security forces in Anbar province
  145. Turkey and Iraq agree on giving fresh momentum in bilateral relations
  146. To salvage next harvest, Iraq needs wheat planting boost
  147. Jalawla district of Iraq liberated from ISIL militants
  148. Regional instability in Iraq results toll on Jordan’s free zone business
  149. Unaoil and Sulzer formed joint venture in Iraq
  150. Czech government is keen into arm deal with Iraq
  151. Aqeel al-Khazali appointed as General Inspector of the Interior Ministry in Iraq
  152. Settling crisis of cooking gas has been announced by Ministry of oil in Iraq
  153. Delay in state budget showed negative impact on Iraq’s economy
  154. Two towns in Iraq has been retained by Iraqi security forces
  155. As land seized by militants, Iraqi farmers suffers
  156. Distance learning to be introduced in Belarus and Iraq
  157. $800M deal for C-130 plane supply to Iraq ratified by US State Department
  158. Three quarters of Iraqi internet networks are under Kurdish control
  159. Iraq, Iran and Syria may get immunity from oil supply cut
  160. From next week, oil pumping via Kurdish pipelines will begin
  161. Iraqi parliament voted on two agreements
  162. Crude price dive by OPEC no production cut decision followed
  163. Iraqi government reaches deal with Kurds on oil, budget
  164. Iraq says to export oil from Kirkuk and Kurdish region via Turkey
  165. Oil falls below $72 after sharp rally in volatile market
  166. Iraqi parliament speaker arrived Doha
  167. Iraqi MP urged for Ministry of Industry’s financial support for some financial instit
  168. Iraq moves back to 104th rank in FIFA’s ranking
  169. Egypt supports Iraq to flight ISIL, assured by Iraqi PM
  170. Iraq’s government concluded a deal with Kurds regarding oil export
  171. MP Shinkali: Erbil, Baghdad oil agreement to speed up endorsing 2015 budget
  172. PM concludes his visit to Paris, Brussel
  173. On its payroll, 50000 ghost soldiers discovered in Iraq
  174. Oil production in Iraq depends of external mechanisms
  175. Art trafficking from Iraq and Syria to be banned by UNESCO
  176. Budget cuts in Iraq to reduce public employee salaries
  177. Najaf province of Iraq received 67 flights
  178. Oil deal between Baghdad and Erbil – a positive sign for Iraq
  179. Prices of oil tumbled after Iraq’s deal to export more oil
  180. Kurdish oil deal with Baghdad is important for Iraq’s future
  181. Theft of 500 billion Iraqi dinars have been unveil in Central Bank investigation in I
  182. Oil Hits A 5-Year Low
  183. Delegation from Iraqi tribes council received by Foud Masoum
  184. Baghdad-Erbil deal will not replace the Oil and Gas law draft
  185. Crude oil selling price to US and Asia has been cut by Iraq
  186. Middle East growth hampered by Iraq-Syria over flight restrictions
  187. Almost 60% of al-Mutasim district liberated by Iraqi security forces
  188. Jordan to support Iraqi security forces
  189. In 2014, Iraq’s economy to shrink by 0.5 percent, says IMF
  190. Iraq site has been visited by Hanwha Group Chairman
  191. Cooperative branch in Iran to be established by Iranian bank
  192. Iraq’s deputy PM and USAID chief discussed mutual partnership
  193. Abadi visits MoD headquarters
  194. Services restored in the liberated cities of Iraq
  195. Iraqi army gains significant success against ISIL in Heet, Anbar province
  196. Without involving Kurds, Baghdad will not export Kirkuk oil
  197. Iraq to start off some educational programs
  198. Cooperative bank branch in Iraq to be established by Iranian bank
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  200. Transport agreement signed by Iraq with World Bank
  201. Iraq wants Kuwait reparation delay
  202. Displaced students in Iraq will receive grants
  203. Baghdad to be visited soon by Jordanian PM
  204. Anbar governor to be replaced by Anbar PC
  205. For displaced Iraqis, Baghdad to build four new housing complexes
  206. OPEC chief defends organization’s policy
  207. Crude discount offer is not based on price war of crude, says Iraq
  208. Russia confirms its support for Iraq to counter terrorism
  209. Iraq's Ambassador in Islamabad met Minister of Food Security
  210. Iraq plans for taxing mobile phone sales
  211. To defeat ISIS, China offers military support to Iraq
  212. Iraq requests from Kuwait to delay reparation
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  214. Oil export from northern Iraq projected between 300,000 to 400,000 bpd in 2015
  215. Turkey resumes buying oil from Iraqi Kurdistan
  216. A MoU signed between Iraq and South Korea regarding military cooperation
  217. Low cost housing units to be built in Iraq’s Diwaniya province
  218. Challenge for Iraqi government to fight against ‘ghost soldier’ corruption
  219. Iraq increases amount of exported oil, says Abdul-Mahdi
  220. Dr. Haider Al-Abadi continues striving for uniting a fractured Iraqi nation
  221. Brent price falls under $60 per barrel
  222. Kuwait confirms its acceptance of Iraq’s request on Gulf war reparation
  223. After oilfield upgrades, increase in Kurdish oil production has been expected
  224. VIDEO: 2.1M barrels per day to be reached by Iraq’s Rumaila oilfield by 2020
  225. Oil companies expressed to continue their support for Iraqi Kurdistan
  226. As price collapse deepens, Iraq may review its oil production plans
  227. HSE training program to be started in Iraq
  228. The impact of Low oil prices
  229. In an impact of Syrian war and ISIS spread, $35bn loss faced by Middle East countries
  230. Baghdad’s new shopping mall – a sign of growing economy
  231. Iraq can potentially become 2nd largest producer of OPEC, says Kurdistan oil minister
  232. Export from Basra oilfield of Iraq to reach 2.6 million bpd in December, says Iraq’s
  233. With Middle East construction boom, Volvo sales on high
  234. Iraq unrest costs Jordanian trade $600m
  235. Iraq’s oil exports rise in December toward record
  236. Iraq Oil production will be 4 million bpd
  237. No need for OPEC emergency meeting now, says Iraq’s oil minister
  238. Independence ambition for Iraqi Kurds hurt by plunging oil prices
  239. More private contractors to be sent to Iraq by the US
  240. 23 trillion dinars deficit estimated for Iraqi draft budget 2015
  241. Next year’s budget has been approved by Iraqi cabinet
  242. Significant oil discovery has been reported Basra southern Iraq
  243. In Wednesday auction sales of dollars by CBI increased
  244. Iraq and Turkish delegations start with bilateral talks
  245. Turkish energy minister says Iraq’s oil is key for Turkey
  246. Iraq wants OPEC to take measure if oil further falls $70 - $80 a barrel
  247. Oil at $60 – Financial shocker of 2014
  248. Turkey to help Iraq to combat ISIL
  249. President returns his British passport to UK
  250. Iraq approves airport project in Karbala