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  1. Erbil and Baghdad release a project to improve the education in Iraq with European su
  2. RW starts Iraq housing project work
  3. ABB gets $75M order to reinforce grid in Iraq
  4. Iraq to fine Asiacell, Korek for failing to list
  5. Petrofac Order Backlog Slips as Iraq Engineering Work Slows Down
  6. Cameron wins $100m supply contract in Iraq EBR Staff Writer
  7. Indonesia, Iraq sign agreement on energy
  8. Iraq Agrees on Housing Project Pact With U.A.E.’s IIAJ
  9. Mercedes-Benz Trucks delivers 250 Actros vehicles to Iraq's State Company for Automot
  10. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs visits Singapore
  11. Cameron awarded $100M contract in Iraq
  12. OPEC output steady, Saudi compensates for Iran fall
  13. Reliance Globalcom cable landing station in Iraq
  14. Azerbaijani President receives Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs
  15. Deputy CBI Gov proposes the formation of a joint committee to schedule the implementa
  16. Reuters: Tentative agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to get out of Chapter VII
  17. Banking offices in Iraq .. Absent control and attended the chaos
  18. Iraq welcomes Singapore businesses
  19. Construction begins on commercial road linking Iraq, Jordan and Turkey
  20. Russia's Bashneft wins energy deal in Iraq
  21. Emirates expands into Spain, Japan and Iraq
  22. Merc Benz completes Iraq truck delivery
  23. Iraq Telecoms 2012: Distinguished Key Speakers Confirmed
  24. Baghdad Council approves the distribution of food during Ramadan
  25. Kurdistan Region's electricity networks to be connected with Iran
  26. Shahristani asks Ministry of Finance to deduct damage caused by non-delivery of Kurdi
  27. Two committees formed for solving Iraq and Kurdistan Region's oil disputes
  28. VIDEO:Cross Breeding Helps Revive Iraq's Fish Industry
  29. VIDEO:Olive Oil Industry in Iraq Begins to Ripen
  30. Abdul Hadi al-Hakim: The Governor of the CBI has promised to review pictures of the n
  31. VIDEO: Kurdistan's airports worried about Baghdad's airspace control
  32. Iraq signs gas contract with Pakistan Petroleum
  33. Shabibi announces the selection of British and German companies for the printing of t
  34. Darbankhan water refinery completed
  35. Scania continues to invest in Iraq
  36. Baghdad lacking 750,000 homes: investment chief
  37. Iraq launches electronic control system for trains
  38. Australia keen to implement industrial projects in Iraq
  39. Halliburton Opens Internal Probe on Iraq, Angola Operations
  40. Iraq rehabilitates bombed church in Baghdad
  41. Former mayor wins large tenders in Iraq
  42. Foreign wills prevent European companies in entering Iraqi markets, Governor
  43. Spain hands over Iraq's stolen cuneiform tablets
  44. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank opens its first branch in Iraq
  45. UK experts to help Iraq destroy chemical residues
  46. KBR Donates Computers to Iraqi Ministry of Education
  47. Asiacell confirms belated ISX listing
  48. Chinese, Iraqi Banks Sanctioned
  49. Electricity receives funding from a Japanese Foundation for the establishment of a pr
  50. Iraq begins first step in construction of Faw Port
  51. Iraq's Kurds sign 2 energy deals with Koreans
  52. Al-Mowaten Mass criticizes the mechanism of distribution of supplementary funds going
  53. Iraqi foreign exchange offices implicated in money laundering and smuggling
  54. 16 Companies Bid for Breakwater Port in Iraq
  55. Iraqi Ministry Approves Karbala Municipal Drinking Water Plant
  56. Iraq Signs Deal to Construct First Drilling Fluids Plant
  57. Iraq Signs Accord With U.K.’s Pell Frischmann on Water Project
  58. Assem Jihad: ministries of oil and electricity cannot be merged in one ministry
  59. Iraq urges Turkey to deal with Baghdad, not Kurds
  60. CBI adopted strict measures entangling private banks, expert
  61. German delegation studied the establishment of 6,500 unit flats in Baghdad
  62. Asiacell wins initial approval to list on Iraqi bourse
  63. Ho Hup bags RM267m construction contract in Iraq
  64. Economics Committee: We have a proposal to Al-Maliki to invest rather than pay rent o
  65. Implementation of the "marine taxi"
  66. Iraq Signs With Denmark’s COWI For Design Of Highway To Turkey
  67. Total told to halt Kurdish deals or sell Halfaya stake
  68. Zain Iraq's chief steps down
  69. Petrofac wins $100m Iraq offshore contract
  70. Iraq awards $85m electro-mechanical works contract
  71. Bahrain's Gulf Air to resume Iraq, Iran flights
  72. Bids in for first phase of US$6 billion Iraqi port
  73. General Company for railway acquires 10 Chinese trains
  74. PH makes Top 10 list of 'fastest growing' economies
  75. Asia's fastest data cable links Tokyo to Singapore
  76. Call to expedite endorsement of new Investment Law, MP
  77. We can change all Kurdistan roads to two-way by 2013, says Construction Ministry
  78. Ministry of Electricity warns that Musayyib station may stop working due to lack of f
  79. Amanat Baghdad (Baghdad Municipality) is to increase the cleaning work
  80. DMCC: increasing interest in Iraqi Dinar
  81. Construction of teaching hospital in Baghdad
  82. Construction of Best Western Hotels Started in Erbil, Iraq
  83. Construction begins on 15 amusement parks in Baghdad
  84. Iraqi Ministry of Housing will follow new building system which saves time and money
  85. Babylon, Karbala and Najaf to supervise Mid-Euphrates Airport
  86. SICIM of Italy has signed $358.8 Million Deal on Zubair Oil Field Iraq: Spokesperson
  87. More than 4000 Homes will be Built in Baghdad, Iraq, according to the Contract
  88. Iraq will Build a dozen Strategic Bridges
  89. Shukri Claimed Budget for Iraqi Projects worth $275 Billion
  90. Jordan and Iraq has Decided to Construct New Pipeline
  91. Drake & Scull MD says that Iraq and Asia are Key Targets
  92. Capital Bank of Jordan to Invest in Iraq
  93. Major Oil and Gas Deals approved by Iraqi Cabinet
  94. Iraq declares first construction phase of $6 billion port
  95. Baghdad mentioned the viewpoints of Shell about Kurdish deal
  96. Qatar Airways will Extend Services to Iraq
  97. 3 Oil and Gas Deals have been Approved by the Iraqi Cabinet
  98. Morgan Stanley will not be the Bookrunner for Asiacell
  99. It is the Expectation of the Kurds, the first Oil Payment from Baghdad will happen Ne
  100. Air Arabia will start Service to Erbil in Iraq
  101. Drilling 80 Wells – Iraq’s Missian Oil Plans
  102. Water Contractor Chosen by Iraq
  103. Iraqi Pipeline Tender Goes to Korean Company
  104. Iraqi Oil and Gas Exploration Agreements to Be Signed in November
  105. Iraqi Oil Export on a Hike, Anticipating Double by 2020
  106. IEA Chief Economist Says Iraq Is Setting for India’s Strategic Partner
  107. Power Oilfields Plan In Southern Iraq – Taqa Fired Up
  108. Iraqi Reconstruction Ink Deal – UAE Developers Approached
  109. Iraq Is Prepared to Become the Largest Oil Exporter of the World: IEA
  110. VIDEO: Iraq's oil output to double this decade - IEA
  111. Restrictions on dollar sales are made easy by Iraq's Central Bank
  112. Iraq wastewater plant contract is settled by DSI
  113. Iraq Is Going to Be Exporting 2.9 Million bpd of Oil in 2013
  114. Infrastructure Deal Signed Between UAE Property Companies and Iraqi government
  115. Two Airbus Passenger Planes are Bought by Trade Bank of Iraq for Lease
  116. Insolvent Areas of Iraq Are Investigated by Iraqi Government
  117. Genel Energy to Relinquish Oil Exports to Kurdistan
  118. Iraqi Dinar Is Temporary Dissatisfaction, Long-standing Bet
  119. Iraq to have an Oil Boom
  120. American Company to Renovate Antiquated Iraq Port
  121. $115 billion is Iraq’s Expected Budget for 2013
  122. Iraq to Pay $500M Airline Settlement by June of 2013
  123. Foreign Investment in Iraq likely to Drop
  124. Rising Interests of Dutch Businessmen in Iraq
  125. Iraq Infrastructure Expected to Grow Up
  126. Iraq awards $125m contract for Najaf airport
  127. Iraq, South Korea's KOGAS ink deal on pipelines
  128. Iraq Basrah Light Crude Exports Stable at 46 Cargoes in November
  129. Army Corps Can’t Show Delivery of $1 Billion in Iraq Fuel
  130. Iraq seeks tenders for oil field development and refinery construction
  131. Kurdistan begins oil exports, challenging Baghdad control
  132. Southern Iraqi Oil Export Halted
  133. Iraqi Oil - IEA's Opinion
  134. Central Bank Crisis – Deputy Warn of Shaking the Dinar Exchange Rate
  135. Iraq south oil exports still halted, may resume Monday: sources
  136. Iraqi Record Oil Export in October since US Evasion
  137. Exxon to Quite Iraqi Oil Project
  138. Paris Galley poised for its venture in Iraq
  139. Iraqi Bank Governor abruptly removed owing to Bank Corruption
  140. Iraq Cabinet announces name of Interim Governor of Central Bank
  141. Spurt in Iraq oil exports buoys government bonds
  142. EFG Hermes Are Looking for Qatari Joint Venture
  143. VIDEO: Iraq's signature dish "masgoof" back on the tables
  144. Iraq energy situation is precarious
  145. Progress in Iraq
  146. Iraq Opens International Trade Fair
  147. State Company for Oil Projects in Iraq
  148. New Luxury Shop in Iraq
  149. Iraq Must Extract Usable resources of Natural Gas
  150. Another Free Zone Developed In Iraq
  151. Iraq Oil Exports Rise
  152. ExxonMobil Gives another Boost for Kurdish Autonomy
  153. US report says Iraqi auditors believe up to $800M is sent out of Iraq illegally each
  154. A Much Needed Win for Iraq against Jordan
  155. Exxon Selling its Kurdistan Oilfield
  156. Investments Are Uncertain in Iraq, Even after Grand Trade Fair
  157. IAE Said US and IRAQ Will Be the Next Energy Giants
  158. Exxon in deliberation with potential buyers for Iraq’s West Qurna -1 oilfield
  159. TAQA wants Kurdistan oil stake
  160. Total S.A.'s future is unknown
  161. USD 1 trillion (784 million euro) needed for reconstruction of Iraq
  162. Shibibi refuses charges against him
  163. Iraq - Pritzker's next destination
  164. Baghdad needs $1 trillion for reconstruction
  165. Iraq warns Russian Energy giant Gazprom
  166. Iraq Urges Iran to Invest More
  167. Iraq Signs Oil Agreement with Russian-led Team
  168. Exxon reported to decamp oilfield, Iraq ends TPAO deal
  169. Iraq Voted to Remove Food Distribution System
  170. Azerbaijani airlines to set up representative office in Iraq
  171. DNO International to Tap More Oil in Kurdistan
  172. Iraq to Remove Largest Social Welfare program
  173. Iraq says Exxon to quit oilfield, ends Turkey TPAO deal
  174. Iraq’s oil exports rises up 1.1% in October
  175. Iraq October oil exports and profits higher
  176. Formation begins on Iraq-Iran-Syria Gas Pipeline
  177. Participation Bank Launches Branch in Northern Iraq
  178. Investment License Granted By KIC
  179. Foreign Minister Undersecretary Met Japanese Ambassador
  180. Financial Committee claims the cancellation of Presidencies social allocations
  181. MP claims to grant $ 5 to Basra province for each Oil barrel
  182. “Basra needs 100 contractors”
  183. UN Ambassador’s report on Iraq continued pledge to be removed from CH VII
  184. Iraqi Farmers Demanded Their Lands to Be Included into Irrigation Plans
  185. Old Currencies to Be Replaced with New Ones, Say Iraqi Central Bank
  186. Iraqi Industrial investment to become double
  187. Commercial Ships Reached Iraqi Province Barsa
  188. Time to remove Iraq from chapter VII - Kuwait's Human Rights Minister
  189. Experts Warn Iraq against World Financial Crisis
  190. Sinan Al Shabibi Tells Government Wants Reserves
  191. Economists: The investment process in Iraq needs better legal environment
  192. Water Supply Ruining Agricultural Crops, Says Elewi
  193. Iraq Industrial sector alluring foreign Investors
  194. Lukoil may wade deeper in Iraq
  195. Iraq seals 2013 gasoil contract with Vitol, BP
  196. Harvard lights up ‘richest archaeological landscape in the Middle East’
  197. China’s Oil Quest is heading to Iraq
  198. Babel’s 2012 budget insufficient, says former Governor
  199. Change in Iraqi Currencies
  200. Najaf Investment Commission looks for ending housing crisis
  201. OptaSense provides pipeline security technology to Iraq
  202. Lukoil considers Iraq’s West Qurna-1 2012 as Exxon may exit
  203. Iraq’s oil production slouches by 200,000 b/d in October
  204. Iraqi Kurdish oil exports reduced ‘significantly’
  205. Kurds accede to ease tension, Says Iraqi Force
  206. Iraq to help out Jordan with free natural oil
  207. Iraq’s Participating in Arab Banking Conference
  208. Lebanese banks aim Iraq and Libya as home market stalls
  209. UN intrusion in the crisis between the Peshmerga forces and Al-Maliki
  210. Oil Production Makes Iraq Fastest Growing Economy
  211. Iraq imports 70% of its needs
  212. An aim to keep a low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar
  213. House of Representatives liable for Downfall of Iraqi national economy
  214. Iraq needs 640 bank for economic improvement, said Specialists
  215. Iraq opens bank account to deposit KAC recompense
  216. Sri Lanka to purchase Iraqi oil after US sanctions on Iran
  217. Iraq requires 640 banks and experts in banking sector
  218. Iraq telecom operative to go public in early 2013
  219. Kurdistan PM – US Ambassador Discussion on Erbil – Baghdad Tensions, Oil Deals
  220. The oil revenue of Iraq has Reduced in November
  221. Romanian company signs contract with Iraq worth EUR 3 million
  222. The Iraqi Government permits to re-export corrupted goods abroad stored in Basrah
  223. Iraq’s Oil exportation decreases in November
  224. Um Qaser and Ma’aqel port receive 17 ships
  225. China captures Mideast oil as US power dips
  226. FAA terminates ban on US flights to Iraq
  227. Iraq’s Oil Production will be Increasing Rapidly
  228. Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni met up with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
  229. Oil frontier in Iraq drops its charm
  230. Iraq oil exports 2.62 million bpd in November, Oil Ministry
  231. Iraq federal court rejects to reverse its decision on oil money for citizens
  232. CBI approves its control over the Iraqi dinar and foreign currency dealing
  233. Baghdad Communicates the US, Regarding International Obligations
  234. Iraq Seeks to Boost Oil Output to Match 1979 Record
  235. Iraq launches national education strategy
  236. Oil trader Vitol amends to Iraq for trespassing
  237. Shopping through Global Smart Card coming to Iraq early 2013
  238. VIDEO: Iraq Oil Minister Says Keeping El-Badri Good Result
  239. To increase the value of IQD, CBI Governor to decrease the sale price of the USD
  240. Kuwait will receive $500 million from Iraq in few days
  241. 151 votes for offers over distribution of federal budget’s funds
  242. BP proposes cuts to Iraq’s Rumaila target-sources
  243. Bank security in Iraq enhanced in anticipation of invasions
  244. Iraq, Saudi on OPEC clash course over next oil curb
  245. Iraq’s Central Bank launches mechanism for supporting local banks
  246. 1000 housing units to be founded in Maysan
  247. Iraq Boom Hands Naimi 2013 Oil-Source Challenge
  248. MP criticizes producers of Iraqi Government for launching investment projects
  249. Call from Economy Committee to regenerate free zones sector’s activities
  250. Kurdistani Council of Ministers endorses 2013 budget of the region