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  1. Candidates’ Posters the Butt of Jokes
  2. Sistani Calls on Voters to ‘Choose Wisely’
  3. An Interview with Saif al-Jaibeji of Iraq Health
  4. Weekly Security Update 15 – 21 Apr 2014
  5. Zain Profits Up on Gains in Iraq, Kuwait
  6. Genel Energy Interim Management Statement
  7. KRG Min. of Natural Resources Publishes Annual Report
  8. Lessons Learned on Water Management
  9. Slovakian Ambassador visits Kurdistan
  10. Russia to Deliver more Military Helicopters
  11. Zain Sued for $4.5bn over Iraq Deal
  12. Kurdistan Criticised On Press Freedom
  13. US Ambassador Praises IHEC’s Election Efforts
  14. Calling all Election Pundits
  15. Southern Oil Exports “on Track for Record”
  16. Women Prominent in Coming Elections
  17. Hexagon Ragasco Wins Iraq Order
  18. Work Starts on New Tigris Suspension Bridge
  19. New Report on MENA Women in Private Sector
  20. Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens
  21. LUKoil, Zarubezhneft consider Iraq Oil JV
  22. Drilling Continues at Taza-2 Well
  23. Syrian Refugees Cling to Stability in Iraq
  24. Lebanese Banks Eye Iraq
  25. Police Struggle to Protect Oil Pipelines
  26. Another $990m Compensation Paid to Kuwait
  27. Armed Forces, Diaspora Go To Polls
  28. KRG, Iran Sign Oil Refining Deal
  29. US Medical Firm Wins Balad Contract
  30. Baghdad Key in Electoral Battle
  31. Maliki Goes on Offence as Elections Approach
  32. Weekly Security Update 22 – 28 April 2014
  33. Iraqis Brave Violence To Vote
  34. DNO Announce MENA Fellowship Fund
  35. Iranian Influence in the Parliamentary Elections
  36. Rebuilding Iraq’s Universities
  37. Northern Export Pipeline Still Closed
  38. UNSC Commend Iraq on Successful Election
  39. New Dinars Have Improved Anti-Forgery Features
  40. Onwards and Upwards for Iraq
  41. Nina-iraq.com, nation building for Iraqi women launches this week
  42. Turkey: Oil at Ceyhan Ready for Market
  43. KRG Begins Government Formation
  44. Bloom Properties Win Major Karbala Development
  45. Syria to Sell Excess Wheat to Iraq
  46. Iran Announce Work at Azar-Badra Field
  47. Lukoil’s West Qurna 2 Ambition
  48. Endurance in Baghdad
  49. Official Election Results Announced 25th of May
  50. Iraq Authorises 3G Licenses
  51. Iraq Oil Exports Up for April
  52. Oil Companies Pledge $15m to Refugees
  53. ICF Charity Event: Lukman Faily Runs Again!
  54. Weekly Security Update 29 Apr – 05 May 2014
  55. CPECC, Petrofac Win Rumaila Contracts
  56. US-Iraq Security Cooperation Continues
  57. Housing Project Completed in Najaf
  58. Shell: Majnoon Exports Commence
  59. Bayshore Announce Heavy Oil Project
  60. Petroceltic Operations Update
  61. DNO Announce First Quarter Results
  62. Iranian Gas to Supply Basra
  63. Yildiz: Oil Still in Storage at Ceyhan
  64. US Firm Wins Dredging Contract
  65. Dinar Fraud Trial Begins
  66. Baghdad Launches Infrastructure Projects
  67. A “Win-Win Solution” for the KRG Oil Dispute?
  68. First Iraqi F-16 Completes First Flight
  69. Asiacell Profits Fall
  70. Zambia Still Owes Iraq
  71. Iraq Stock Market Report
  72. Iraq ‘uses Barrel Bombs’ in Fallujah
  73. Weekly Security Update 06 – 12 May 2014
  74. Planned Refinery moves Ninawa even Further from Baghdad
  75. NES Global Talent Opens Erbil Office
  76. Iran Khodro Ups Production
  77. Iraqi Elections “Will Not be Decisive”
  78. Tunisia to Open Office in Kurdistan
  79. GKP Falls on Payment Delays
  80. Rupee at 10-month high; up 22 paise against US dollar in early trade
  81. US Approves $790m Aircraft Contract
  82. LSIS Inks $52m Smart Metering Deal
  83. UN Concerned at ‘Deliberate Flooding’ in Abu Ghraib
  84. UNDP Considers Development Plan
  85. Korean Consul General bids Farewell
  86. Fugro wins Contract from Basra Gas Company
  87. Zain Hires Team to Lead IPO
  88. US Approves $90m Raytheon Iraq Deal
  89. MP Fined for Offering Land for Votes
  90. AM General Wins $101m Deal for Armoured Vehicles
  91. Genel, ShaMaran Issue Bonds
  92. Petroceltic Gives Update on Operations
  93. Uncertain Prospects for Iraqi ‘Sunni Alliance’
  94. Erbil Mission to Boost Canadian Business Opportunities
  95. The Governance of the Iraq Energy Sector
  96. UAE Firm “in Negotiations” on Business Park
  97. Iraq Stock Market Report
  98. Weekly Security Update 13 – 19 May 2014
  99. Maliki’s State of Law ‘Wins Most Seats’
  100. Elections Result: Maliki’s Complicated Win
  101. Iraqi Kurdistan Boosts Dana Gas Production
  102. Johnson Controls Wins Major Iraq Order
  103. Afren Shares Fall on Interims
  104. WesternZagros Up on Possible “Eye-Popping” Increase
  105. Iraq parliament Supports Basra-Aqaba Pipeline
  106. KRG PM Barzani meets UK ministers
  107. Zebari Meets Chinese Ambassador
  108. ERGIL Receives Approval from KRG
  109. Barzani, Talabani Tasked to Form KRG Cabinet
  110. Can Maliki Win a Third Term?
  111. Iraq to Tender $1.3bn Fao Port
  112. Big Changes Planned for Iraqi Stock Markets
  113. Foreign Minister Receives Russian Ambassador
  114. Swara Tika Discovery Declared Commercial
  115. KRG’s First Oil Sales through Pipeline
  116. Oil Exports Up nearly 6 percent in April
  117. EAME Wins Zubair Terminal Contract
  118. The Badr Organization and the New State of Law
  119. US Warns re Travel in Basra
  120. $32k Raised for Iraqi Orphans
  121. Prospects of Shiite ‘National Alliance’ Hinge on Maliki
  122. Jordan, Iraq to Build Refinery
  123. Let the Post Election Horse Trading Begin
  124. Foreign Minister Meets Iranian Ambassador
  125. Living Conditions in Iraq “Must Improve”
  126. West Qurna-2 hits 200,000 bpd
  127. Iraq could Take Lead in FDI
  128. Stolen Museum Artifacts Repatriated
  129. Iraq’s First Women-Only Council
  130. Safar Launches New Hose Business
  131. Sri Lanka Trade Session, May 27
  132. Kurdistan’s New Freedom of Information Law ‘Toothless’
  133. Iraqi Air Force to Buy Pakistani Aircraft
  134. FurnitureInFashion to Supply Iraqi Govt
  135. Weekly Security Update 20 – 26 May 2014
  136. Southern Oil Exports could Hit Record
  137. Expro Wins Multi-Year Testing Contract
  138. First Natural Gas Arrives at Duhok Power Station
  139. Foreign Minister Arrives Algeria
  140. Two Convicted in Dinar Scheme
  141. KNOC Raises Stake in Sangaw Block
  142. Interview: Subhi Khudairi, EVP of Khudairi Group
  143. Iraq to Invest in Associated Gas
  144. Devco Ships $53m Kit to Sulfur Mine
  145. AMAR Fights Polio Outbreak in Iraq
  146. KRG Statement on Violence Against Women
  147. A Power Struggle of a Different Kind
  148. PM Barzani on KRG Oil Exports
  149. Opportunities in Islamic Finance Sector
  150. Petroceltic Updates Operation, Shares Fall
  151. Video: National Youth Orchestra Seeks Funding
  152. Post-Election Attacks Kill Dozens
  153. North Bank “in Good Position for Growth”
  154. UNDP Inaugurates Basra Sub-Office
  155. Will Iraqi Elections be Decided in Iraq?
  156. Non-Aligned Movement Adopts Iraq Resolutions
  157. Iraq may Resume Imports of Brazilian Beef
  158. DHL Iraq “Best Employer in the Region”
  159. Almasa, Technocare Partner for Iraq
  160. Gazprom Neft Begins Production at Badra
  161. Dubai Proposes Twinning with Erbil
  162. KRG Risks Isolation by Exporting Oil
  163. Iraq Stock Market Report
  164. The Intra-List Struggle in the State of Law
  165. 799 Iraqis Killed in May
  166. FM Holds Talks with Algerian Counterpart
  167. Weekly Security Update 27 May – 02 June 2014
  168. Iraq to Launch Satellite this Month
  169. Tunisair Launches Direct Flights
  170. Standard Chartered Iraq Encourages Korean Investors
  171. NPM Approved for Food Imports
  172. Saudis Traveling to Iraq to be Penalised
  173. UN Discussions with Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani
  174. Maliki forced to bid farewell to "the throne of the state of Iraq!"
  175. Hakim Chalabi attend coalition to replace Maliki!
  176. After the rejection of al-Hakim and al-Sadr confinement .. National Coalition rejects
  177. Maliki .. give up the third term on condition of following me legally (read details)
  178. $7.8bn Allocated for Oil Development
  179. Iraq to Benefit from Aqaba Expansion
  180. Zagrosjet Starts Flights Between Iraq and Cyprus
  181. Kurdish Businessmen to Visit Tunisia
  182. US, Iraq meet on Cooperation
  183. Iraq is Accelerating – Don’t fall Behind!
  184. DNO: Tawke Production Hits 120,000 bpd
  185. Iraq Buys 120,000 Tons of Rice
  186. Iraqi Clerics Challenge Sectarianism
  187. Iraqi F-16
  188. Lukoil: New Contract Helps Iraq, Investors
  189. Kurdish Oil Ship in Search of a Port
  190. Italy Enters KRG Oil Controversy
  191. Iraq’s Remarkable Stock Exchange
  192. Oil Exports Continue to Rebound
  193. Iraqi Entrepreneurs Strike it Rich
  194. Majnoon Firefighters Train in Malta
  195. Safar Announces Partnership with UTS
  196. Iraq Stock Market Report
  197. Video: Shattered Heritage
  198. Weekly Security Update, 03 – 09 June 2014
  199. The Fall of Mosul: Is it Time Washington Woke Up?
  200. Oryx Petroleum Hits Oil at Banan-2
  201. Maliki calls Emergency as Mosul Seized
  202. Nina Launches in Iraq
  203. Kurdistan’s Economy Discussed at MEED Event
  204. LUKOIL Qualifies for Iraq Payment
  205. Can Al-Maliki save Iraq?
  206. Video Profile: Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
  207. BASF, Lafarge in Iraq Chemicals JV
  208. Opportunity for Professionals to Study in US
  209. Expert Bloggers for Informed Readers
  210. Southern Oil Facilities “Very, Very Safe”
  211. Iraq *How to Get Top Notch Personal Security
  212. Risky Business in Iraq
  213. Keeping the Lights on in Baghdad: An Interview with Harry Istepanian
  214. UAE Assures Project Implementation in Kurdistan
  215. Worst Week in Year for Iraqi Bonds
  216. Women Make Gains in Elections
  217. The Wrong Time to Panic
  218. And the Winners are? The Kurds
  219. Water and Wheat: ISIS Weapons?
  220. Gulf Keystone Up on Shaikan Update
  221. Iraq Stock Market Report
  222. Dijila Operations Command “Retreats from Kirkuk”
  223. UN Responds to Urgent Food Needs
  224. UK to Provide Humanitarian Support
  225. Video: Iran Offers Help to US
  226. Video: Kirkuk Military Base Wrecked
  227. Video: Iraq Calls For Volunteers
  228. Video: Maliki Behind Sectarian Divide?
  229. Oil Price Surges amid Iraq Turmoil
  230. Despite Uprising, Kurdish Oil Exports Rise
  231. KRG Renews Ties with Lower Saxony
  232. Security Update 16 June 2014
  233. ISIS Fights Virtual War in Cyber Horror Show
  234. Paul Bremer: Obama to Blame for Iraq
  235. Foreign Minister Meets British Trade Envoy
  236. Sistani Stresses Unity over Sectarianism
  237. Supreme Court Certifies Election Result
  238. Video: Washington’s Options in Iraq?
  239. Video: US Holds Talks with Iran over Iraq
  240. Weekly Security Update, 10 – 16 June 2014
  241. Security Update 18 June 2014
  242. “Business as Usual” at Baghdad’s Embassies
  243. Baiji Refinery Under Attack
  244. Iraq: Reconciliation or Partition?
  245. Video: What’s Next in Iraq?
  246. Video: Biden says Iraq Needs Urgent Assistance
  247. US Consul General attends Khudairi Open Day
  248. Hawrami: New Iraq Needs Power-Sharing
  249. Syrian Refugee Teachers Receive Training
  250. Video: Paul Bremer “Wrong”