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  1. Syrian Refugee Teachers Receive Training
  2. Video: Paul Bremer “Wrong”
  3. The Eyes of the World are on Iraq
  4. Security Update 19 June 2014
  5. New KRG Cabinet Announced
  6. Can 300 US Military Advisers save Iraq?
  7. KRG Prime Minister Barzani Outlines Priorities
  8. Security Update 20 June 2014
  9. Video: Investor Peter Schiff on Iraq and World Economy
  10. Video: US Ready for Military Action
  11. Video: UNESCO calls for Saving Iraq Heritage Sites
  12. Kurds Seize Control of Border Crossing
  13. Iraqi Stocks Bounce Back
  14. Iran-Iraq Gas Pipeline Complete by Mar 2015
  15. Iraq Bondholders Eye Default Risk
  16. Video: Will there be a Third Iraq War?
  17. Video: ‘Long Road’ of Mistakes in Iraq
  18. Ex-Saddam Baathists Unite in Ninevah Campaign
  19. KRG Takes Measures to meet Fuel Demand
  20. Iraq Stock Market Report
  21. John Kerry: Mission Impossible?
  22. Lafarge Launches New Cement for Iraq
  23. Oryx Petroleum First Sales from Demir Dagh
  24. Iraqi Unrest “No Significant Impact ” on Petrofac
  25. ISIL “Controls Baiji Refinery”
  26. Kurdistan Region: Business Workshop in London
  27. Turkey “Not Sure” who’s Buying KRG Oil
  28. Video: Kerry backs Iraq Against ‘Existential’ Threat
  29. Video: ISIS takes Key Border Town
  30. Iraq 3rd Last in Good Country Index
  31. Erbil Citadel joins UNESCO World Heritage List
  32. OSI Systems Wins $102m Iraq Contract
  33. Zaha Hadid “Topples Winner” to Design Parliament
  34. Gulf Keystone CEO and Directors Resign
  35. KRG President Barzani welcomes John Kerry
  36. Mosul Exodus: Three Faith Groups, One Story
  37. ‘Sunni’ Rebellion shows Splits between ISIS, Others
  38. Video: Kerry Presses for Unity
  39. Video: Did Kerry’s Visit Help?
  40. Video: Iraq’s ISIL Crisis
  41. Weekly Security Update, 17 – 23 June 2014
  42. Japan to set up Office in Erbil
  43. Baghdad sees Return of Shia Extremist Militias
  44. Video: Iraq Conflict Threatens Neighbours
  45. Defying Daash in Karbala and Baghdad
  46. Has ISIS Killed Its Golden Goose?
  47. Visiting Hawija, a town Controlled by ISIS
  48. War with ISIS ‘AcidTest’ of US-Iraq Ties
  49. Video: Al-Sadr calls for Emergency Govt
  50. Video: Maliki Welcomes Syrian Airstrikes
  51. Kurdish Plan to up Exports, Share Kirkuk Revenue
  52. Nawzad Hadi Elected as Erbil Governor
  53. Video: Life under ISIS Rule
  54. Allawi: US Policy toward Iraq ‘Without a Compass’
  55. Video: Corruption leaves Military Struggling
  56. Iraqi Kurdish City on High Alert
  57. Lukoil to Invest $30bn at West Qurna-2
  58. Turkey Increases Sales of Refined Oil to Iraq
  59. Iraqi Media Fail: Encouraging Division, Causing War
  60. Iraq Receives Russian Fighter Jets
  61. What is a Caliphate?
  62. Iraq Stock Market Report
  63. Electricity Generation needs Urgent Fuel Supply
  64. UNICEF Receives Polio Vaccine
  65. Mosul’s Child Soldiers
  66. Video: Executions, Atrocities on Both Sides
  67. Video Interview: Saad Jawad on Iraq
  68. Video: US will send More Troops to Iraq
  69. Video: Is Maliki Calling the Shots?
  70. Video: Regional Economy feels Iraq Conflict
  71. Video: Ramadan begins in Iraq
  72. Weekly Security Update, 24 – 30 June 2014
  73. Kurds to Keep Kirkuk Oil Fields “Until Referendum”
  74. Saudi Pledges $500m in Aid
  75. SI Retail Opens First Auchan Store in Erbil
  76. KRG Oil & Gas Council discusses Fuel Shortages
  77. Record Casualties in June
  78. New Parliamentary Session Abandoned
  79. Supreme Court Ruling on Kurdish Oil Sales
  80. Pentagon Sends Attack Helicopters
  81. Iraqi Legislators Fail to Agree
  82. The New Iraqi Parliament Opens
  83. Video: Iran “Not Sending Troops to Iraq”
  84. Video: Iraq Prepares for the Su-25
  85. Zagrosjet Launches New Iraq Routes
  86. Yezidis Captured by ISIS
  87. GE Boss Sees “Huge Potential” in Iraq
  88. Iraq Receives First Russian Attack Helicopters
  89. Tuesday is Next Deadline, but don’t Hold your Breath!
  90. Video: Will Ahmed Chalabi be Next PM?
  91. A Thawing of Relations with Saudi Arabia?
  92. Video: Iraq Reports Gains Against ISIS
  93. Video: Kurds push for Independence Referendum
  94. Video: PM Rejects Kurdish Claims, Offers Rebels Amnesty
  95. Zebari Receives Hungarian Ambassador
  96. Board Changes at Petroceltic
  97. Genel Energy Updates on Trading
  98. KRG to Begin Work on Referendum
  99. Video: Truck Drivers Brave Iraq Dangers
  100. Video: Is Reconciliation in Iraq Possible?
  101. Wolfowitz Sees Chalabi as Viable Leader
  102. Christians Displaced Again by Iraqi Violence
  103. Did Shiite Fatwa save Baghdad from ‘Islamic State’?
  104. Iraq Unrest Costs Jordan $113m/mth
  105. Inside IS’ Mosul
  106. Video: Marginalisation Fuels Sunni Rebellion
  107. False ‘Awakening’ Model to deal with ISIS
  108. Women Face Escalating Risks during Iraq Crisis
  109. Oryx Petroleum “Largely Unaffected” by Unrest
  110. Iraq Stock Market Report
  111. Iran Denies Supply of Sukhoi Fighters to Iraq
  112. Israeli PM backs Kurdish Independence
  113. Video: A Divided Iraq
  114. What Went Wrong in Iraq: The Khedery Version
  115. F-16 Delivery “at Risk of Cancellation”
  116. Video: UK Ambassador on Iraq’s Road Forward
  117. Ninawa Governor: “Getting Rid of Extremists Easy”
  118. More than 370,000 Newly Displaced People in Iraq
  119. Video: Does Video show ISIS Leader?
  120. Dep PM: “I was Mistaken” in Joining Govt
  121. Change The Iraqi PM’s Job Description?
  122. Chinese Hackers Target US Experts on Iraq
  123. Weekly Security Update, 01 – 07 July
  124. KRG Warns SOMO Customers
  125. KRG Welcomes new UK Consul General
  126. Najaf to Boycott Saudi Goods
  127. Canon Focuses on Iraq Expansion
  128. Zebari Meets New Indian Ambassador
  129. Minister: Oil Sector Secure
  130. Interview with Hussein Shahrestani
  131. $10m Donation from Kuwait to Iraq
  132. Sistani Signals Opposition to Renewing Maliki’s Term
  133. Rebels “Seize Nuclear Materials”
  134. Video: Sunni Tribal Leaders Assert Presence
  135. The Oil Will Continue to Flow
  136. Kurds Seize Oilfields, Leave Cabinet
  137. KRG Statement on Kirkuk Oil Fields
  138. Video: Splits Emerge Among Sunni Rebels
  139. KBR Wins Iraq Case, Seeks $45m Compensation
  140. HRW: Mass Murders of Sunni Prisoners
  141. Malaysian Co eyes Helicopter Charter Market
  142. Iraq Stock Market Report
  143. Iraq Blocks Kurdistan Flights
  144. New Delay in Forming Govt
  145. Video: Alsarkhy calls for Unity
  146. Relations between Erbil, Baghdad “Require New Mechanism”
  147. Govt Now “Illegal” – But Does Anybody Care?
  148. Weekly Security Update, 08 – 14 July 2014
  149. Erbil to Haji Omaran Road Slashes Driving Time
  150. Dragon Oil Completes Environmental Assessment
  151. Ergil Completes DNO Summail Contract
  152. TruckZone Appointed Distributor for Renault Trucks
  153. No Official Word on Kurdish Freight Ban
  154. Lebanese Exports hit by Iraq Crisis
  155. Iraqi Minorities Victims of Sectarian Conflict
  156. Iraq, the Full Picture
  157. Zain Iraq Revenues Unfrozen
  158. July Oil Exports to hit 2.6m bpd
  159. UK Academic Sets a new First in Iraq
  160. KRG Delegation visits Ankara
  161. KRG Rejects Dana Gas Statement on Payments
  162. Iraqi Parliament Elects Speaker
  163. Ba’ath Denies Alliance with Islamic State
  164. Weekly Security Update, 22 – 28 July 2014
  165. Kurdistan-Iran Energy Contract
  166. Kurdish Oil Shipment Seized
  167. UN Warns on Terrorist Oil Trade
  168. ISIS Urges Turkish Business back to Iraq
  169. US Contractor Extradition from Iraq
  170. Does President hold any Real Power?
  171. Tanker Cleared to Offload Kurdish Oil
  172. LUKOIL Starts Returning Investment on West Qurna-2
  173. KRG Challenges Texas Court
  174. Federal Judge Rules On Kurdish Oil
  175. Talisman Energy Updates in Kurdistan Operations
  176. US Approves $700m Lockheed Missile Deal
  177. Online Survey: State of Iraq 2014
  178. Mystery Buyer of Kurdish Oil Revealed
  179. $500m Bell Helicopter Order
  180. Afren Shares Slump, “Unauthorised Payments” Investigated
  181. Kurdish Oil Tanks Full in Turkey
  182. Teeling Updates on Petrel Resources
  183. Another Kurdish Tanker En Route to USA
  184. FAA Flight Restriction Announced
  185. Security Council Extends UNAMI Mandate
  186. Why Islamic State has No Sympathy for Hamas
  187. US Man Charged with Iraq Investment Fraud
  188. Casualty Figures for July 2014
  189. Video: ISIS claims Mosul Dam
  190. CBI Currency Auction Results, 4th Aug
  191. Oil Exports Figures for July
  192. Royal Jordanian Resumes Flights to Iraq
  193. Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Erbil
  194. ISIL Mounts Major Offensive
  195. Genel Shares Down on Half Yearly Report
  196. British Airways Defends Flight Plans
  197. Dragon Oil Updates on Iraq Operations
  198. Southern Oil Production Figures and Forecasts
  199. Axeon Bought Kurdish Crude
  200. Kurds to Receive Military Support
  201. CBI Currency Auction Results, 5th Aug
  202. Weekly Security Update, 29 July – 04 August 2014
  203. Iraq our “Fastest Growing New Business”
  204. Chevening Awards in Iraq
  205. Turkey fears $3bn Exports Loss
  206. Volunteers Ill-Prepared to Fight IS
  207. Gazprom to Explore for Oil in Kurdistan
  208. METKA Wins Shatt Al Basra Contract
  209. Your Opinions Matter!
  210. US Sanctions 3 Terrorist Financiers
  211. Kurdish Offensive Continues
  212. Charities Push for US Assistance
  213. CBI Currency Auction Results, 7th Aug
  214. Video: US Considers Air Strikes in Iraq
  215. Video: Christians Forced to Flee ISIS
  216. Video: ISIS Consolidating Power in Northern Iraq
  217. GKP Confirms Operations Safe
  218. New Non-Execs at GKP
  219. US Orders Airstrikes Against ISIS
  220. Afren Operations Suspends Operations at Barda Rash
  221. Genel Energy says Tawke, Taq Taq are Safe
  222. Vital Infrastructure Falls to Militants
  223. Turkish Jets Scramble to Assist Kurds
  224. Mass Exodus from Iraqi Towns and Cities
  225. Turkish Vows Support for KRG
  226. Etihad Reroutes Flights and Modifies Schedule
  227. Oryx and Others Remove Staff from Iraq
  228. FAA Bans American Flights from Iraqi Airspace
  229. Video: Political Situation Fragile in Iraq
  230. KRG Calls for Increased Oil Production
  231. Iraq Stock Market Report
  232. Maliki Warns Sistani on Third Term
  233. US Airstrikes Alone will not Defeat IS
  234. KRG Forces Push Back ISIS
  235. Situation complex as Maliki digs in
  236. Petroceltic: KRG Operations Update
  237. Maliki contests Abadi Nomination
  238. New PM Named to End Maliki’s Rule
  239. US Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Sinjar
  240. Haydar al-Abbadi Is New Iraq PM Candidate
  241. CBI Currency Auction Results, 11th Aug
  242. Axeon to Refuse Kurdish Crude
  243. Oil Prices in Flux During Crisis
  244. US arming Kurdish forces
  245. Weekly Security Update, 05 – 11 August 2014
  246. CBI Currency Auction Results, 12th Aug
  247. Mass Polio Vaccination Campaign
  248. Obama: A Opportunity Squandered
  249. Analyst: Political Moves in Iraq
  250. Video: Obama’s Balancing Act over Iraq Crisis