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  1. Video: Obama’s Balancing Act over Iraq Crisis
  2. CBI Currency Auction Results, 13th Aug
  3. CNPC: New Maysan Pipeline Complete
  4. France to arm Kurdish Forces
  5. ISIL Oil Riches?
  6. Kurds Call to Recognize Yazidi Genocide
  7. US Deploys More Advisors to Iraq
  8. Germany Pledges “Non-Lethal Aid” to Iraqi Army
  9. TWI and Safar Help Refugees
  10. ISIL Controls Vital Agricultural Resources
  11. Yazidi Evacuation Suspended
  12. Maliki Pledges Peaceful Fight to Retain PM Title
  13. ISIL’s Financial Strength
  14. UN: Northern Iraq a Major Emergency
  15. TAQA Adjusts Iraq Strategy
  16. Maliki Quits as PM in Favour of Abadi
  17. Urgent Appeal to Help Refugees
  18. Video: Col. Tim Collins talks Iraq Strategy
  19. CBI Currency Auction Results, 14th Aug
  20. Video: Maliki gives up PM Job
  21. KRG Requests Heavy Weapons
  22. Maliki Steps Aside for New PM
  23. Turkey Encourages US to Lift Ban on Kurdish Oil
  24. Kurds Announce International Military Support
  25. Shell wants Pier and Petrochemical Factory
  26. How Haider al-Abadi became PM
  27. IS “Profits from Oil Sales”
  28. Video: Will Maliki’s Resignation Save Iraq?
  29. CBI Currency Auction Results, 17th Aug
  30. Biography of New Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi
  31. Iraq Stock Market Report
  32. Peshmerga, US Strikes Capture Mosul Dam
  33. Pro-Government Sunnis Launch Offensive
  34. Britain’s RAF Expands Role
  35. Kurdish Oil Finds Buyer
  36. US Plans New Iraq Strategy
  37. Al-Khatteeb: The Abadi I Know
  38. Weekly Security Update, 12 – 18 August 2014
  39. KOGAS in $4.9 Billion Project
  40. Baghdad Province Accommodates Refugees
  41. US Boosts Iraqi Pilot Training
  42. LUKOIL Recovering Costs From West Qurna-2
  43. Video: On Frontline with the Peshmerga
  44. UNHCR Launches Major Aid Push
  45. CBI Currency Auction Results, 19th Aug
  46. France Calls for International Conference on ISIS
  47. Zebari: Government Formation Underway
  48. Italy Considers Arms Transfers
  49. Troops Secure Haditha Refinery and Dam
  50. Canada Pledges Support for “Brave” Iraqis
  51. US Strikes Cause ISIL Retreat
  52. US Considers Sending More Advisers
  53. Plans Made to Recapture Mosul
  54. Kurdish Oil Export Figures on the Rise
  55. Potential Genocide at Amrili
  56. Iraqi National Museum Heralds Expansion
  57. New Investment Agreement with Belarus
  58. Iraq Stock Market Report
  59. Premier Oil to Drill Block 12 in 2016/17
  60. Talisman to Sell Kurdamir Stake
  61. CBI Currency Auction Results, 24th Aug
  62. Kurdamir Block Declared Commercial
  63. Charity Chairman Visits Front Line
  64. UN Calls for Immediate Action on Amerli
  65. Government Still Holds Baiji Refinery
  66. Jordanian Trade Hit by ISIL Advance
  67. Peshmerga Advance Against ISIL
  68. City Master Planning in Iraq
  69. Iraq Oil Exports Up for July
  70. UK Announces Security Envoy
  71. KRG Announce Security Sector Reform
  72. Abadi: Govt. Formation Talks “Positive”.
  73. NATO Secretary General Makes Iraq Statement
  74. Australia Considers Air Strikes
  75. Weekly Security Update, 19 – 25 August 2014
  76. Can China Do More For Iraq?
  77. Seven European States Now Arming Kurds
  78. Top US General Meets Abadi
  79. Gulf Keystone KRG Operations Update
  80. Currency Auction Results, 28th Aug
  81. Lukman Faily on Haider al-Abadi
  82. North Oil Company: ISIL Burned 2 Wells
  83. Kuwait Energy Optimistic on Iraq Investment
  84. Afren Suspends Associate Directors
  85. Worsening Conditions in Mosul
  86. KRG Oil Exports Hit 8 Million Barrels
  87. Afren Announce Half Yearly Results
  88. Gazprom Starts Oil Deliveries from Badra
  89. New JV Provides Consultancy to Babil Governorate
  90. UK Firm Supplies Security Gates
  91. Iraq Stock Market Report
  92. Casualty Figures for August 2014
  93. Video: US Jets Target IS Positions
  94. Currency Auction Results, 1st Sept
  95. UK Minister Promotes Political Unity
  96. Iraq Invites Airport Investment
  97. Oil Export Figures Fall
  98. Iran to Double Non-Oil Sales to Iraq
  99. Turkey Denies Buying Oil from ISIL
  100. KRG Seeks Mine Clearance Tools
  101. Germany Approves Arms Sale to KRG
  102. Amnesty International Reveals Evidence of Ethnic Cleansing
  103. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Sept
  104. Weekly Security Update, 26 August – 01 September 2014
  105. Kurdish Oil Income Reaches $4bn
  106. ShaMaran Restarts Drilling at Atrush
  107. KRG Reviews Economy, Housing Legislation
  108. Oryx Resumes Kurdistan Operations
  109. Underage and Trapped: Female Iraqi Factory Workers
  110. UN to Dispatch Team to Iraq
  111. Iran-Iraq Cooperation on Border Security
  112. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Sept
  113. Getting the Balance Right
  114. Zain Maintains Plan for IPO
  115. Currency Auction Results, 4th Sept
  116. Iraq Sues Shipping Firm for “Illegal” Kurdish Exports
  117. Kurds Re-start Crude Oil Export to Iran
  118. IBBC Signs MOU with Babylon Investment Commission
  119. Saudis Provide Homes to Displaced Families
  120. Call to End Sectarian Quotas for some Ministries
  121. 200 Laws In Limbo, 6,000 Unfinished Projects
  122. Repairing Baiji Refinery to take more than a Year
  123. Shelter Needs Acute in Northern Iraq
  124. Abadi’s Balance Draws Praise
  125. When Extremists Become Bad Bank Managers
  126. Video: Children face ‘Education Emergency’
  127. Iran, Iraq to Establish Joint Bank
  128. Cleric Wrecking Karbala’s Tourism-Based Economy
  129. UNESCO Condemns Attack on journalist
  130. Iraq Stock Market Report
  131. The New Oil Production Targets
  132. Genel Operations Return to Normal
  133. Threat to Haditha Dam ‘Contained’
  134. Revised Production Target for Rumaila
  135. Halfaya Oil Targets Reduced
  136. Video: President Maps the Road Forward
  137. Fmr US Ambassador Suspected of Money Laundering
  138. Currency Auction Results, 9th Sept
  139. Iraq Forms New Cabinet under Abadi
  140. Mobile Miracles – Educational Vision
  141. First-Ever Survey of FGM in Northern Iraq
  142. Dhi Qar to Invest $430m in Power Projects
  143. Iran-Iraq Gas Pipeline Completed
  144. Audi Halts Exports to Iraq
  145. Saudi Announces 900km Fence on Iraq Border
  146. Weekly Security Update, 02 – 08 September 2014
  147. Parliament Approves the Abbadi Cabinet
  148. Video: Kurdish Ties to Iraq Continue to Thin Out
  149. Video: Interview with Hoshyar Zebari
  150. Video: Iraq’s Govt – United and Inclusive?
  151. Currency Auction Results, 10th Sept
  152. Oil Discovered at Block 9
  153. More Companies Join IBBC
  154. UK Gives Arms to KRG
  155. Moving Beyond Tribalism
  156. BP, CNPC Increase Stakes in Rumaila
  157. Khalilzad Bank Account Unfrozen
  158. UNESCO targets 10,000 Out-of-School Children
  159. ‘Cultural Sinbad’ Spreads Literature across Iraq
  160. Currency Auction Results, 11th Sept
  161. New Oil Minister takes up Post
  162. Listing of New Iraqi Cabinet
  163. Money from Fake Bomb Detectors Repatriated
  164. Unemployment Increases in Kurdistan Region
  165. New French Ambassador to Iraq
  166. Germany Funds Field Kitchens for IDPs
  167. Central Bank gets New Governor
  168. International Community Supports for Baghdad Against IS
  169. More Assistance for Displaced Persons
  170. Iraq-Iran Gas Pipeline Operational by March
  171. German Advisors Arrive in Kurdistan
  172. Oil Pipeline Sabotaged in Diwaniya
  173. Video: Shia Group Accused of Revenge Attacks
  174. Currency Auction Results, 15th Sept
  175. Parliament Rejects Defense, Interior Ministry Candidates
  176. US Expands Airstrikes on IS
  177. $69m Contract for Hellfire Missiles
  178. Iran to Increase Cement Exports to Iraq
  179. World Economic Forum visits KRG
  180. UN calls for more Shelter, Protection
  181. $1.8m Support for Parliament, Civil Society
  182. IS-Controlled Areas Banned from Hajj
  183. Weekly Security Update, 09 – 15 September 2014
  184. Petroceltic Switches Focus to Dinarta
  185. Currency Auction Results, 17th Sept
  186. The Time is Now
  187. Kurdish Oil Exports top $1bn
  188. KRG Thanks US for Supporting Peshmerga
  189. Video: IS Not a Repeat of Gulf, Iraq Wars
  190. Currency Auction Results, 18th Sept
  191. New Awakening in Kirkuk?
  192. Fake Iraqi Dinar found in Maysan
  193. Video: US Welcomes France joining Airstrikes
  194. Women in Islam – a Wider Perspective
  195. Oil Exports Fall in August
  196. KRG signs MoU with Belarus
  197. Bank Earnings Take a Hit
  198. PM calls to end Boycott of Saudi Products
  199. China to open Consulate in Erbil
  200. Iraq Loses Oil-for-Food Lawsuit
  201. Fixing Problems Caused by the Previous Regime
  202. Iraq Energy Sector: Reality & Expectations
  203. $18m Contract to Support Iraqi Navy
  204. UK Trade Mission Visits Kurdistan
  205. Iraq Stock Market Report
  206. Currency Auction Results, 22nd Sept
  207. Erbil, Iraq and the ISIL Offensive
  208. New Oil Minister Praises Kuwait
  209. Syscom 18 “Impacted by Iraq Woes”
  210. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Sept
  211. Record Oil Exports from South
  212. Iraqi Scientist Patents New Chemical
  213. Beechcraft Wins $16m Iraq Order
  214. Weekly Security Update, 16 – 22 September 2014
  215. Basra Oil Wealth to Build Iraq
  216. First Soccer Field in Domiz Refugee Camp
  217. Video: Musicians Play for Unity and Peace
  218. Petrel Resources Updates on Prospects
  219. Currency Auction Results, 24th Sept
  220. CG Awarded $25m Contract
  221. Robt. Stone, NSCC, in JV for Iraq Contracts
  222. Successful Mass Polio Immunization Campaign
  223. Kurds Ship $1.3bn Oil since May
  224. Security Ministries on Hold
  225. PM Barzani Receives new UK Ambassador
  226. “Financial Corruption” in Reconciliation Project
  227. UN Envoy Condemns Execution of Lawyer
  228. Video: France will Continue Airstrikes
  229. Video: UN Resolution on Syria and Iraq
  230. UN Resolution “Particularly Encouraging” for Iraq
  231. KRG Welcomes German Defense Minister
  232. Video: The Fierce Battle for Zumar
  233. Living In The Future
  234. US to Build Military Bases in Kurdistan
  235. Apache Sale Thrown into Doubt
  236. Financial Blockade of Kurdistan “has Desired Effect”
  237. Independent Ninawa After the Islamic State?
  238. Iran to Open Office in Thi Qar
  239. Iran to Build CNG Stations in Iraq
  240. Vizocom Wins $5m Embassy Contract
  241. Iraq Stock Market Report
  242. Fighting Robs Farmers of Harvest
  243. Video: ISIL Exploits Sectarian Divisions
  244. Currency Auction Results, 29th Sept
  245. Weekly Security Update, 23 – 29 September 2014
  246. UK Conducts First Air Strikes
  247. KRG PM Barzani and Turkish PM discuss Security
  248. Video: ISIL losing ground in Iraq
  249. Video: Security Beefed up at French School
  250. Currency Auction Results, 30th Sept