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  1. Currency Auction Results, 30th Sept
  2. GKP Shares Surge on Shaikan Update
  3. Who Buys Islamic State’s Illegal Oil?
  4. Kurds Seize Iraq/Syria Border Post
  5. Currency Auction Results, 1st Oct
  6. Rising Yields a Plus for Stocks
  7. Afren Resumes Operations at Barda Rash
  8. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Oct
  9. WesternZagros Books First Oil Reserves
  10. New US Airbase ‘No Threat To Iran’
  11. Casualty Figures for Sept 2014
  12. Video: Peshmerga Push to Retake Mosul
  13. Video: Heavy fighting rages in Anbar
  14. Video: Turkish MPs back operations in Syria and Iraq
  15. Enka Wins $4.5bn Power Plant Deal
  16. UN: ‘Staggering Array’ of Gross Human Rights Abuses
  17. Soldiers Pay Money not to Fight
  18. Maersk Oil Back in Iraq
  19. Extremists Ban Evolution, Patriotism And Literature
  20. Petroceltic Shares Surge on Possible Offer
  21. Gazprom ‘Forced to Quit Halabja Block’
  22. Erbil, Baghdad Strengthen Ties in face of IS
  23. Iraq Stock Market Report
  24. Transparency in Iraq’s Extractive Industry at a Crossroads
  25. Baghdad Mayor Encourages French Participation
  26. Yazidi MP Wins Anna Politkovskaya Award
  27. Video: Fmr US Ambassador on ISIS
  28. Video: From Female Teacher to ISIS Member
  29. Weekly Security Update, 30 September – 06 October 2014
  30. Lukoil to Discuss Expansion in Iraq
  31. GDP to Shrink this year, then Recover
  32. New Housing Project starts in Maysan
  33. No Exit for Iraq Without Decentralization
  34. Video: Iraq wants Sunni Factions to Fight IS
  35. Kurdish Oil Tanker may have Unloaded
  36. Video: Booby Traps Leave Town Deserted
  37. Shiite Authority Flexes its Political Muscle
  38. Petrofac Wins $500m Rumaila Contract
  39. Iran to Fully Tap Joint Oilfields
  40. More Detailed Testing planned for Mishrif
  41. IS Now In Real Estate Business
  42. Iraq Bans KRG Tankers
  43. IKCO to Double Vehicle Output
  44. The Cure For Iraq’s Economic Woes?
  45. KRG, UN Finalise Response Plan for IDPs
  46. $Billions Reconstruction Money Stolen
  47. Transworld Group, NAWAH Partner on Ports
  48. UN calls on Kurdish Min’s to Return to Govt
  49. Video: Triple Suicide Attack hits Kurds
  50. Currency Auction Results, 13th Oct
  51. Weekly Security Update, 07 – 13 October 2014
  52. Afren Dismisses CEO, COO and Assoc Dirs
  53. Ericsson Still Bullish on Iraq
  54. “Soaring” Public Spending hits War Financing
  55. Demining Continues at Block 9
  56. UK Foreign Secretary Visits Iraq
  57. Electricity Minister Meets with US Ambassador
  58. Currency Auction Results, 14th Oct
  59. Iraqi Dinar to Devalue?
  60. GE’s to Provide Turbines to Iraq
  61. $307m Bill for 3G Spectrum
  62. DNO Increases Exports to Turkey
  63. UK to Fund Peshmerga Training
  64. Video: Sunni Refugees Caught in Conflict
  65. Currency Auction Results, 15th Oct
  66. Time to Bite the Bullet
  67. ShaMaran Announces Rights Offer
  68. Lukoil discusses Investment in Iraq
  69. Iraqi Book Festival Draws Thousands
  70. Video: Taxi Drivers face ISIL Threat
  71. ISIL’s Dehumanization of Women and Girls
  72. Peshmerga: Iran set Ambushes for us
  73. Currency Auction Results, 16th Oct
  74. Petrofac Unaffected by Iraq Problems
  75. Iraq Stock Market Report
  76. Oil Minister Meets with German Ambassador
  77. Call to help Abducted Yezidi Women
  78. Evidence of War Crimes by Govt-backed Militias
  79. UN: Alarming Rise in Use of Death Penalty
  80. Declaration of Commerciality on Khalakan Block
  81. Additional Cabinet Ministers Approved
  82. US Pledges Continued Support for Kurdistan
  83. Corruption Plagues Iraqi TV, Film Industry
  84. Basra Light Crude may Split into 2 Grades
  85. Hanwha Receives Further Payment for Bismaya
  86. Iraq Seeks to Increase Electricity Imports
  87. Non-Members Welcomed at IBBC Conference
  88. UN sees Improvements in KRI Human Rights
  89. Rains Causes Flooding in Refugee Camps
  90. Video: Minorities join Fight Against ISIL
  91. Refugee Crisis Strikes Anbar
  92. Weekly Security Update, 14 – 20 October 2014
  93. US Approves $600m Ammunition Deal
  94. Iraq Approves $278m Halliburton Deal
  95. Warwick International Opens First Iraq Hotel
  96. Over 1.8 Million Iraqis Displaced
  97. Currency Auction Results, 21st Oct
  98. Innospec Wins Iraq Legal Case
  99. Kurdistan Faces Landmine Challenge
  100. Latvian Lingerie Maker Opens Iraq Store
  101. Video: Schools Open Late amid Crowding by Displaced
  102. Currency Auction Results, 22nd Oct
  103. Business Still Being done in Iraq
  104. $240m Iraq Desalination Contract
  105. UN Launches $2.2bn Appeal for Iraq
  106. Defense Minister Outlines Priorities
  107. Video: The fight against ISIL
  108. Video: Blackwater Guards Convicted
  109. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Oct
  110. Survey Results – State of Iraq 2014
  111. Oil Exports Up Despite Unrest
  112. Karbala, Najaf Plan Rail Link
  113. Lukoil to Increase Output at West Qurna-2
  114. N. Ireland Man Fined for Iraq Scam
  115. Iran Water, Electricity Projects Worth over $1.3bn
  116. More Chinese Trains Delivered
  117. Iraqi Economy to Shrink in 2014
  118. BurgerFuel Suspends Iraq Operations
  119. Currency Auction Results, 27th Oct
  120. Weekly Security Update, 21 – 27 October 2014
  121. Companies Invited to Produce Tractors
  122. Asiacell Revenues Down 10%
  123. China’s First Diplomat Posted to Kurdistan
  124. Video: Christians Seek Refuge in Erbil
  125. Currency Auction Results, 28th Oct
  126. GKP Shares Rally on Announcement
  127. Road Projects Inaugurated in Najaf
  128. Belarus to Boost Cooperation with Iraq
  129. Barzani Meets Head of US Central Command
  130. IS uses Intelligence to Purge Opponents
  131. Currency Auction Results, 29th Oct
  132. Shares in GKP Jump Again on Iraq Update
  133. Afren Falls on Management Statement
  134. Currency Auction Results, 30th Oct
  135. Petrofac Wins New Iraq Business
  136. Oryx Updates on Demir Dagh
  137. Will Iraq’s Shiites Secede?
  138. Video: Syrian Kurds face Uncertain Future
  139. KRG to Boost Oil Pipeline Capacity
  140. Interview: Helping the People of Iraq
  141. No SOMO Office for Erbil
  142. Iraqi Weapons Trade Thrives
  143. Casualty Figures for October 2014
  144. Video: Refugees Replace Students in Classrooms
  145. Video: Kurdish Forces Battle ISIL
  146. Video: Refugees Prepare for Harsh Winter
  147. Weekly Security Update, 28 October – 03 November 2014
  148. IOCs seek Independent Water Facilities
  149. Iraq Develops Industrial Zones
  150. Talisman Energy Updates on Topkhana
  151. World Bank Delegation to visit Iraq
  152. Oil Exports Bring in $6.2bn in Oct
  153. Iraq 128th in Prosperity Index
  154. Education, Culture Key to Iraqi Peace and Stability
  155. Military Intervention Alone Won’t Stop Terrorism
  156. Haider al Abadi: Bringing Strategy to the Table
  157. Iraq — Accentuating the Positive
  158. Telcos Agree to Pay $307m for 3G
  159. Iraq’s First Female Goodwill Ambassador
  160. Lafarge Loses €24m on Iraq
  161. $173m Needed for Winter
  162. UK Calls for Stronger Response to Sexual Violence
  163. Anbar Calls for Support to Fight IS
  164. Currency Auction Results, 6th Nov
  165. FM in Ankara: Only Baghdad can Export Iraqi Oil
  166. Kirkuk Pushes for $3-5bn Refinery
  167. The Real Estate Wreckers of Basra
  168. Oil Minister meets Australian Ambassador
  169. Banks Signal Drop in Iraqi GDP
  170. China to Play Big Role in Iraq Reconstruction
  171. Indian Banks to help Nurses Returning from Iraq
  172. Iraq’s Media Cold War
  173. Zain to Launch 3G by Jan
  174. Jordan Seeks Repayment of Business Debts
  175. Iraq Stock Market Report
  176. Min of Oil Meets South Korea Ambassador
  177. Video: Anti-ISIL Media Gains Ground
  178. Foreign Minister Receives Russian Ambassador
  179. KRG seeks Recognition of ISIS Crimes as Genocide
  180. Currency Auction Results, 10th Nov
  181. Iraq Veterans Sue Banks over Terror Financing
  182. French to Help Develop Electricity Sector
  183. Iraqi Army Closes in on Beiji
  184. Bank of Baghdad gets New MD
  185. UK to Provide Advanced Weaponry to KRG
  186. Iraqi Army Crippled by Flaws
  187. Currency Auction Results, 11th Nov
  188. Weekly Security Update, 04 – 10 November 2014
  189. SNC-Lavalin/Kentz Wins $97m Deal
  190. Descon Plans Expansion in Iraq
  191. PM Barzani “Will Not hand Control to SOMO”
  192. NASDAQ Launches New Tech for ISX
  193. Currency Auction Results, 13th Nov
  194. Genel Energy Strikes New Deals in KRI
  195. GKP Shares Up 70% in Past Month
  196. Genel Trading Update: “Operations Secure”
  197. Currency Auction Results, 13th Nov
  198. Iraq Britain Business Council: Accentuating the Positive
  199. Breakthrough in Kurdistan Oil Talks
  200. Iraq Reviews Oil Prices
  201. DNO Third Quarter Results
  202. Hungary opens Consulate in Erbil
  203. Charity Concert for People of Sinjar
  204. Cargo Village Opened at Suleimani Airport
  205. Minister Boosts Relations with Saudi Arabia
  206. Sistani Welcomes Iraqi Politicians
  207. Iraq’s Shiite Militias in Anbar
  208. India to open Consulate in Kurdistan
  209. Change and the New Way
  210. Rape, Slavery, Hunger Strikes — Kidnapped Yazidi Women
  211. Iranian-made Power Plant Opens
  212. US Approves $600m Defense Deal
  213. Southern Oil Output at 3m bpd
  214. Baiji Refinery Recaptured
  215. Iraq Stock Market Report
  216. Emirates Resumes Services to Erbil
  217. Video: Iraqi Forces Retake Major Dam
  218. UN Convoy Attacked in Baghdad
  219. Currency Auction Results, 17th Nov
  220. Oil Prices – Economic Realities & Geopolitical Motives
  221. BAE’s $97m Weapons Deal Approved
  222. Iraq’s Excessive Holidays “Cost $150bn”
  223. Iraqi Farmers “in Dire Need of Support”
  224. Can IS Keep Control of Mosul?
  225. Weekly Security Update, 11 – 17 November 2014
  226. Currency Auction Results, 18th Nov
  227. KRG to Improve Border Crossings
  228. Video: Tony Hayward on IS, Possible Acquisitions
  229. ‘Ghost’ Soldiers Haunt Iraqi Army
  230. ISIL Aims to Tear Iraq Apart, warns UN
  231. Shake-up Planned for Erbil Stock Exchange
  232. Video: Kuwait Energy CEO on Operating in Iraq
  233. Successful Rights Offering for WesternZagros
  234. Arkansas, Kerbala Unis in Cooperation Agreement
  235. Currency Auction Results, 19th Nov
  236. No Excuse for Excessive Holidays
  237. Turkish Refiner to Buy Kurdish Crude via SOMO
  238. West Qurna-2 Drives Growth at Lukoil
  239. Atrush First Oil on Schedule
  240. Baghdad Transfers $500m to Erbil
  241. Currency Auction Results, 20th Nov
  242. Baiji Refinery to Reopen in 3 Months
  243. UN: Inclusive Political Process is Critical
  244. KRG Ships 25m Barrels of Crude though Turkey
  245. U.S. Ambassador Visits Erbil IDP Camps
  246. Kurdistan’s Battered Women
  247. Turkey, Iraq Renew Cooperation
  248. UNHCR Launches new Airlift to IDPs
  249. Displaced Christians Seek New Identities in Baghdad
  250. Mosul’s Extremist Celebrity: The Man With Two Horns