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  1. Mosul’s Extremist Celebrity: The Man With Two Horns
  2. Iraq On Verge Of Economic Collapse?
  3. Video: Kurdistan is the Most Important for MOL
  4. Italy’s Eni to Buy Kirkuk Crude
  5. US Wins Iraq Rice Order
  6. Iraq Stock Market Report
  7. PM Abadi Accused Maliki of Meddling
  8. Video: Debate – Will IS put an End to Iraq?
  9. Ex-MP Sentenced to Death for Murder
  10. Currency Auction Results, 24th Nov
  11. Sulzer, Unaoil in JV Agreement
  12. US Considers Arming Peshmerga
  13. Who Represents Iraqi Sunnis?
  14. Yezidi Kurds in Flood into Kurdistan Region
  15. Currency Auction Results, 25th Nov
  16. Weekly Security Update, 18 – 24 November 2014
  17. Czech Govt Seek Iraq Arms Deals
  18. Freedom Square offers Refuge for Basra Residents
  19. KRG to Collect Info on Abducted Yezidi Women
  20. Generals Who Abandoned Mosul may be Executed
  21. Iraq Ranks 156th in World Bank Report
  22. GPK Declares Commerciality for Shewashan Light Oil
  23. No. of Iraqi Students in US at All-Time High
  24. Future Uncertain for Baghdad-Erbil Oil Deal
  25. Captive Women are Iraq’s Bleeding Wound
  26. KRG President Meets US General
  27. Currency Auction Results, 26th Nov
  28. Iraq Budget Based on $70/barrel
  29. West Qurna Adds $1.25bn to Lukoil Earnings
  30. KRG Welcomes Czech Foreign Minister
  31. Video: Thousands Left Homeless in Diyala
  32. Video: Fierce Fighting Rages in Anbar
  33. US Approves $800m Lockheed Iraq Deal
  34. Iraq Stock Market Report
  35. Influx of Iranian Sex Workers into KRI
  36. IS Cuts off Mobile Network in Mosul
  37. Petroceltic Shares Slump, CEO Increases Stake
  38. Total, Marathon Discovery at Harir Block
  39. GKP Receives Payment for Shaikan Crude
  40. Bulgaria to Open Consulate in Erbil
  41. Casualty Figures for November 2014
  42. Currency Auction Results, 1st Dec
  43. Baghdad, Erbil Reach Deal on Oil Exports
  44. Genel Receives Payment for Kurdish Crude
  45. Plans for 2 Crude Export Grades Shelved
  46. Video: Army, Militias Pushing Against IS
  47. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Dec
  48. Weekly Security Update, 25 November – 01 December 2014
  49. DNO Confirms Payment for Kurdish Oil
  50. Iraq Faces Budget Cuts
  51. Baghdad Gunmen Steal $3.8m Gold
  52. PM ‘Retires’ 24 Interior Ministry Officials
  53. Video: Govt Reaches Oil Deal with Kurds
  54. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Dec
  55. Army ‘had 50,000 Ghost Troops’ on Payroll
  56. Addressing Corruption Just One Part of Security
  57. Shell, FC Barcelona Extend Basra Partnership
  58. Video: Displaced Families Struggling in Baghdad
  59. Currency Auction Results, 4th Dec
  60. Video: US Refugee Aid Lands in Erbil
  61. Video: Peshmerga Accused of War Crime
  62. Oryx Petroleum Updates on Demir Dagh
  63. Why Mosul Extremists have Blocked All Telecoms
  64. Maliki’s Son “Arrested” in Lebanon
  65. UK Consul Visits GKP’s Shaikan Facility
  66. Iraq Improves Transparency Ranking (Slightly)
  67. Mosul Extremists Raid Homes, Arrest Journalists
  68. MP Death Verdict: Is Govt Genuine about Reconciliation?
  69. UNDP Supports Govt Development Prog
  70. KRG to Export Natural Gas Soon
  71. Private Banks Investigated for Money Laundering
  72. Petrojet Wins Major New Iraq Contracts
  73. Iraq Stock Market Report
  74. PM Abadi Meets CEO of BP
  75. Oil Deal a Sign of Hope between Baghdad, Erbil
  76. FM Praises French Assistance against IS
  77. KRI “has Preserved its Economic Position”
  78. Video: Yazidis Face Harsh Winter
  79. Weekly Security Update, 02 – 08 December 2014
  80. The Balance Sheet of the Recent IFG-KRG Oil Deal
  81. Abdul-Mahdi: Now the Real Work Begins
  82. Hana Sadeq: An Iraqi Success Story
  83. KRG Appoints New Representative to the US
  84. US Charities Team Up to Help Iraqi Children
  85. Currency Auction Results, 10th Dec
  86. Iraq Economy to Shrink by Less than Expected
  87. PM Abadi: Corruption as Dangerous as Terrorism
  88. Baghdad-Erbil Deal Silent on KRG’s Surplus Oil
  89. AM General Wins $10m Iraq Contract
  90. Breaking the Corruption Chain
  91. Kurdistan “a Refuge from Iraq’s Violence”
  92. $10m Deal for Alliant Techsystems
  93. Bigger Discount for Heavy Basra Crude
  94. $3bn Power Plant for Bismaya
  95. Video: Zebari says “Mosul is Key”
  96. Defenders of Baghdad Turn to Crime
  97. Video: Battle Rages for Balad City
  98. SOMO Denies OPEC Price War
  99. Petronas “Can make it Work” in Iraq
  100. Iraq Seeks to Delay Kuwait Reparations
  101. Video: Pilgrims Flock to Karbala
  102. Iraq Stock Market Report
  103. Article 140: The Elephant at the Negotiating Table
  104. Roadside Bankers Profit from Extremists
  105. British Business Group Kurdistan (BBGK) Launched
  106. Mawada – a promise of hope from a new generation of women in Iraq
  107. PM Al-Abadi Arrives in UAE
  108. KRG to US: ‘This is Iraq’s Last Chance’
  109. Video: IS Gains Ground in Anbar
  110. Currency Auction Results, 15th Dec
  111. GKP Shares Jump on Kurdistan Oil Update
  112. Ghost Contractors sink Baghdad after Rains
  113. FM al-Jaafari Meets Iranian President
  114. Mobile Medical Clinics Arrive in Erbil
  115. Currency Auction Results, 16th Dec
  116. Weekly Security Update, 09 – 15 December 2014
  117. Shiites, Sunnis Unite to Denounce Extremists
  118. PM al-Abadi meets Iraqi Businessmen in UAE
  119. CEO Guilty in Iraq USAID Fraud
  120. Dana Remains Committed to Iraq, Despite Claim
  121. Germany Continues to Encourage Investment in KRI
  122. PM Drops Lawsuits Against Journalists
  123. Economic Activity Up Following Agreement
  124. China to Stop Increasing Iraq Oil Orders
  125. Kuwait Agrees to Delay Reparations
  126. Currency Auction Results, 18th Dec
  127. War Reparations Reprieve Confirmed
  128. $434m in Damages and Fines for ‘War Profiteering’
  129. PM Al-Abadi Meets Jordanian Counterpart
  130. Kurds, Shiites Facing Off on New Frontline
  131. Shell, OPITO Launch Iraq Training Centre
  132. CERF Releases $14.9m to Support Displaced Iraqis
  133. Low Supplies, Political Disputes in Anbar
  134. Minister: “Women Should Wear What They Want”
  135. Iraqis Wage New Battle for Freedoms
  136. Abdel Mehdi: Historic Deal in Final Stage
  137. BP Plans to Double Rumaila Production
  138. Basra joins Revenue Sharing Talks
  139. US Gear from Afghan War Awaits Iraq Role
  140. Weekly Security Update, 16 – 22 December 2014
  141. Al Kindi Society Announce January Forum
  142. Jordan to Train Iraqi Troops
  143. Zebari Presents “Real” 2015 Budget
  144. US Tackles ISIL Oil Trade
  145. DNO in Kurdistan: “We’ve Only Just Begun”
  146. A Year of Iraq’s Best Bloggers
  147. New Oil Discovery at Block 9
  148. US Approves $2.4bn Iraq Tank Deal
  149. Emirates Airline, Boeing Deliver Aid to Iraq
  150. CWC’s 4th Kurdistan-Iraq Oil and Gas Conference
  151. Hawrami Calls for Private Oil Exports
  152. Open Letter on the Latest Oil Agreement with KRG
  153. December Crude Exports may Hit Record
  154. Karbala Airport Project Approved
  155. Iraq Stock Market Report
  156. Iraq Buys 200,000 Tonnes of Wheat
  157. Currency Auction Results, 29th Dec
  158. Kuwait, Iraq Strengthen Ties
  159. Budget 2015 “Needs Serious Revision”
  160. Iraq Reduces Tolls on Jordanian Trucks
  161. 12 Companies Bid for Nasiriyah Airport
  162. Weekly Security Update, 23 – 29 December 2014
  163. China Opens Consulate General in Kurdistan
  164. Basra “Moving Towards Independence”
  165. Displaced Iraqis seek Safety as Winter Falls
  166. Video: Battles Rage for Control of Kirkuk
  167. Currency Auction Results, 31st Dec
  168. Iraq in 2015 …
  169. ISIL Hit by 100 Air Strikes Since Christmas
  170. ISIL Hit by 100 Air Strikes Since Christmas
  171. Iraqi and Russia Maintain Oil Glut
  172. Government of Iraq Releases 2014 Casualty Data
  173. ISIL Kidnap 170 Men Near Kirkuk
  174. A Basra Lunch, with Locally Sourced Truffles?
  175. Dragon Oil Make Second Basra Discovery
  176. Iraqi Cabinet Approves Budget Reforms
  177. Maysan ratify the 2015 draft plan
  178. Iraqi Oil Exports Soar
  179. GKP Reaches Production Target at Shaikan
  180. Asiacell Launches 3G Service
  181. Iran, Iraq to Link Railroads
  182. Saudi Arabia to Reopen Diplomatic Facilities
  183. Al-Abadi Calls for Australian Support
  184. Video: On Frontline of Fight against IS
  185. Iraq Stock Market Report
  186. IEITI 4th Annual Report – Pros and Cons
  187. Iran, Iraq to Cooperate on Healthcare
  188. US Considers Upgrades for Iraqi Tanks
  189. New KRG Representative to United States
  190. Atlasjet Cancels Flights to Iraq
  191. Iraq Doubles Duty on Rice Imports
  192. US Delays Additional Troop Deployments
  193. Video: Iraq Unwilling to Arm Sunnis to Fight IS
  194. Weekly Security Update, 30 December 2014 – 05 January 2015
  195. Noor: Managing an All-Male Team for GE
  196. IS Book Burnings Target Minorities
  197. Currency Auction Results, 7th Jan
  198. Poll: End of the Road for the Dinar Scam?
  199. Wood Group Completes Kurdistan Oil Project
  200. US Donates 250 Armoured Vehicles
  201. Iraq Ebola Rumours Unfounded
  202. New Hopes for Iraq-Saudi Pipeline
  203. Iran to Increase Production from Joint Oilfield
  204. Sinjar Refugees Move to New UN-Habitat Camp
  205. Zain Iraq Launches “3.9G” Services
  206. Currency Auction Results, 8th Jan
  207. Baghdad Allowed to Sue over KRG Oil Tanker
  208. Technical Problems Halt Kirkuk Oil Exports
  209. Iraq’s Female Nurses Struggle for Equality
  210. Kurdish Bond Plan: Financial Folly?
  211. The Kharijites and IS
  212. Bridgestone Appoints Zantrak as Iraq Distributor
  213. American Weapons Given to Militias
  214. Afren Slumps on Barda Rash Downgrade
  215. Iraq Duty Free Posts Strong Growth
  216. Iraq Reviews Oil Prices
  217. UNICEF Iraq Distributes Winter Clothing
  218. Currency Auction Results, 12th Jan
  219. USA stock and options
  220. Egypt Requests 130,000 bpd Iraqi Oil
  221. Short Term Investment Essential for Long Term Benefit
  222. ICRC: Greater Support Needed for IDPs
  223. Germany Continues Support to KRI
  224. Sweden to Strengthen Ties with Kurdistan
  225. Currency Auction Results, 13th Jan
  226. Weekly Security Update, 06 – 12 January 2015
  227. Dragon Oil Updates on Iraq Operations
  228. ARCHS Joins Iraq Britain Business Council
  229. KRG Discusses War Crimes with Amnesty Int’l
  230. Peshmerga Divisions “Hamper War Effort”
  231. KRG PM meets Pres Obama’s Representative
  232. Currency Auction Results, 14th Jan
  233. Iraq to Double Exports of Kirkuk Crude
  234. Petroceltic, Hess Reviewing Options at Shireen
  235. Civilised World Must Cooperate Against Extremism
  236. Iraq Contributes $28m to Palestinian Authority
  237. PM Barzani Receives UK Security Envoy
  238. Currency Auction Results, 15th Jan
  239. GDP Forecasters See 2015 Rebound
  240. U.S. Markets Tanking? R.I.P.
  241. Iraq Plans Record Oil Exports
  242. Ties with Turkey “Key to Stability”
  243. Saudis Building Iraq Border Wall
  244. Video: Shia Militias Gaining Strength in Iraq
  245. Video: Sunni Fighters Trained to Counter ISIL
  246. Iranian Oil Passed Off as Iraqi
  247. Basra Officials Dine with IBBC Members
  248. KRG PM Meets ICRC President
  249. UAE Offers Mirage Fighters to Iraq
  250. Video: Daily Life in Erbil