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  1. Video: Daily Life in Erbil
  2. Iraq Stock Market Report
  3. Saudi Arabia to Open Consulate in Erbil
  4. Iraqi FM Receives Chinese Ambassador
  5. Iraq to Start Importing Gas from Iran in May
  6. Currency Auction Results, 19th Jan
  7. Turkey, Iraq Agree on Gas Pipeline
  8. Iran Wins $40m Iraq Cable Contract
  9. Dragon Oil to Accelerate Evaluation of Faihaa-1
  10. Germany’s New Consul General visits DFR
  11. Latvian Ambassador Visits Kurdistan
  12. Currency Auction Results, 20th Jan
  13. Weekly Security Update, 13 – 19 January 2015
  14. Kuwaiti Firm to Build Diwaniya Airport
  15. Baroness Nicholson meets with Iraqi PM
  16. Oil Output to Rise to Compensate Low Prices
  17. Iran Khodro Expands After-Sale Services
  18. Decentralization of Powers Weakens IS
  19. Islamic State Fortifies Positions
  20. Kerry on Number of IS Militants Killed
  21. GKP Names New CFO
  22. Afren Shares Crash on Liquidity Fears
  23. Flights Suspended After Airplane Shooting
  24. Nina Iraq: Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015
  25. Video: Yazidis Hunker Down for Winter
  26. Parliament Launches NGO Human Rights Board
  27. New Forum on Peaceful Coexistence and Reconciliation
  28. Currency Auction Results, 27th Jan
  29. Egypt Forgives Iraqi Debt in Exchange for Oil
  30. Shell Signs $11bn Petrochemical Deal
  31. Disputed Kurdish Tanker Leaves US
  32. Investors may be sought for Grand Faw Port
  33. Yazidi Girls Tell of Escape from IS
  34. Currency Auction Results, 28th Jan
  35. Is New National Guard the Key to Unifying Iraq?
  36. Weekly Security Update, 20 – 26 January 2015
  37. Lockheed Martin Wins Iraq Training Contract
  38. Belarus to Export Tractors to Iraq
  39. Iraqi State Education Increasingly Religious
  40. Critical Humanitarian Situation in 3 Southern Provinces
  41. Canadian Amb. Pledges Support to KRG
  42. Currency Auction Results, 29th Jan
  43. World Bank Questions Iraq Currency Peg
  44. Parliament Approves 2015 Budget
  45. EU to Open Office in Kurdistan
  46. US Clarifies Status of Iraqi Jewish Archive
  47. Samarra the Key to Reducing Tensions?
  48. Are Shiite Militias More Powerful than Army?
  49. Mosul Deteriorates Under IS Occupation
  50. Fake Bomb Detectors still Endanger Iraqis
  51. Rising Incomes, Multiple Wives
  52. Hawker Beechcraft Wins $7m Iraq Contract
  53. We Are All Responsible, Says Iraqi Donor
  54. Iran, Iraq to Cooperate on Telecoms
  55. Belarus to Increase Cooperation with Iraq
  56. Yazidis “Take Revenge” Against Collaborators
  57. Kurdish “Land Grabs” Anger Sunni Arabs
  58. Oil Minister Announces 3 New Companies
  59. Iraq Situation Hits Zain Profits
  60. Iraq gets Next Batch of Russian Helicopters
  61. Video: Old Conflict Opens New Wounds in Battling IS
  62. Video: Can Iraq Unite against ISIL?
  63. Iraq Stock Market Report
  64. 1,375 Iraqis Killed in January
  65. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Feb
  66. Iran to Spend $1.5bn on Iraq Gas Pipeline
  67. Dubai Sugar Refinery Resumes Shipping to Iraq
  68. Southern Oil Exports Fall
  69. Kurdistan and Armenia to Strengthen Ties
  70. Khabbaz Oilfield Output Suspended
  71. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Feb
  72. Weekly Security Update, 26 January – 02 February 2015
  73. Iraq buys Thai Rice
  74. Govt Proposes new National Guard
  75. Moderate Islam Pushes Back Extremism
  76. PM Barzani receives Austrian Foreign Minister
  77. Currency Auction Results, 4th Feb
  78. IS Exports 100 Tankers of Oil Daily
  79. Tawke Oil Field Drives DNO Growth
  80. Mladenov to be New UN Mideast Envoy
  81. Baghdad Curfew to be Lifted
  82. Extremists Ransack Mosul Libraries
  83. Budget Deficit Scuppers Gulf Cup Plans
  84. Sunni Ministers Oppose Debaathification Bill
  85. GKP Suspends Truck Shipments; Shares Slide
  86. Parsons Wins SOC Seawater Supply Project
  87. Baroness Nicholson leads Meetings with Iraqi Ministers
  88. US Devotes More Resources to Iraq
  89. IS No Longer Reliant on Oil Income
  90. Govt Spends Millions on Medical Treatment Abroad
  91. Czech Govt Postpones Decision on Iraq Jets
  92. Basra Gateway Terminal Up and Running
  93. PM Al-Abadi Receives German Ambassador
  94. CPP, NAWAH Deal on Energy Projects
  95. Iraq Stock Market Report
  96. Investment Opportunity in Babil
  97. IS Destroys Kirkuk Railway
  98. Video: Baghdad Lifts Curfew
  99. CBI Removes Requirement for Currency Auctions
  100. Broker Tips Petroceltic
  101. New Tank Farm to Stabilize Oil Exports
  102. Czech to Send Tanks, APCs to Iraq
  103. Talisman Books Loss on Kurdistan Block
  104. Jordan Deploys Troops to Iraqi Border
  105. Currency Auction Results, 10th Feb
  106. Weekly Security Update, 03 – 09 February 2015
  107. Blessings in Disguise for Iraqi Stock Market
  108. Oryx Updates on Hawler Oilfield
  109. Hayward Predicts Lower Prices and Growth
  110. Unpaid Oil Companies “Reconsider Investments”
  111. Video: Battling ISIL with Comedy and Art
  112. Currency Auction Results, 10th Feb
  113. Iraq Trebles Size of Gold Reserves
  114. Currency Auction Results, 12th Feb
  115. ISIS Targets ExxonMobil Site
  116. Agreement to Support Displaced Iraqis in Kerbala
  117. Anbar Residents take Refuge in Ramadi
  118. Kurdistan Needs $1.4bn to Stabilize Economy
  119. Iraq Oil Exports for January Decline
  120. Security Council Targets ISIL Financing
  121. New Recruiter Opens in Kurdistan
  122. Iraqi Tribes Become ‘State within a State’
  123. Jordan Offers Military Assistance to Iraq
  124. Kurds Reject Proposed Rival Force in Kirkuk
  125. Iraq to Launch Offensive Against IS
  126. Why Salafists see Shiites as their Greatest Enemy
  127. Iraqis Play Politics with Mosul Investigation
  128. Erbil, Baghdad Renew Commitment to Oil Agreement
  129. Iran-Iraq Sign Cooperation Deals
  130. Iraq has Lost Billions from Gas Flaring
  131. Iraq Stock Market Report
  132. KRG Pres Barzani meets with US Commander
  133. Anbar Officials Reject Shiite Forces
  134. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Feb
  135. ShaMaran Announces Successful Testing of Atrush-3
  136. Fugro Wins Contract Extension by BGC
  137. Dragon Oil Updates on Operations
  138. PM Dismisses Mayor of Baghdad
  139. Currency Auction Results, 17th Feb
  140. Weekly Security Update, 10 – 16 February 2015
  141. Lafarge Iraq Cement Sales Rebound
  142. Shares in APR Rise on Basra Contract
  143. NI Firm Wins First Business in Kurdistan
  144. A Brave New Iraq
  145. Foreign Min Receives US Senator Croker
  146. Currency Auction Results, 18th Feb
  147. Concern Grows over Unregulated Shiite Forces
  148. Lukoil Completes Seismic Survey at Block 10
  149. Mladenov: Most Pressing Goal Remains Defeating IS
  150. KRG PM Receives Japanese Ambassador
  151. Video: Western Volunteers rally to Christian Militia
  152. Currency Auction Results, 19th Feb
  153. Iraq to Boost Oil Storage
  154. New Plans to Retake Mosul from IS
  155. Iraq Delays Decision on Wheat Tender
  156. CSI Wins $73m Iraq Defense Deal
  157. Iraqi Airways to fly from Manchester
  158. Ministers Offer Iran Site for new Car Plant
  159. States and Markets in Hydrocarbon Sectors
  160. Studying Abroad – A Wonderful Journey
  161. Iraq Stock Market Report
  162. Defence Minister Criticises US
  163. KRG and Turkey Discuss Latest Developments
  164. FM Receives Armenian Ambassador
  165. Al-Abadi Receives World Bank Director
  166. Weekly Security Update, 17 – 23 February 2015
  167. Iran Exports $6bn Eng. Services to Iraq
  168. Iraq Boosts Lucky Cement Results
  169. British Charity Opens Clinic for Refugees
  170. Rights Violations of “Increasingly Sectarian Nature”
  171. GKP Shares Rocket on Possible Takeover
  172. Slovakian Diplomat to head up UN Iraq Mission
  173. Pentagon Expedites $17.9m Equipment for Iraq
  174. Turkey Agrees Loan for KRG
  175. PM Barzani “Fully Committed to Baghdad Agreement”
  176. The Importance of Sunni Unity in Iraq
  177. Iraq gets First Female Mayor
  178. International Women’s Day Event in Iraq: Present reality, Future Hope
  179. GKP Confirms Latest Shaikan Payment
  180. Abadi “Tried to Block Turkey/KRG Deal”
  181. Iraqi Airways Launches Armenian Route
  182. Video: ISIL Supply Line Cut
  183. Japanese Companies Discuss Iraq Opportunities
  184. UK Hails Courage of Peshmerga
  185. Flurry of IS Attacks Divert Army’s Attention
  186. Iraq’s Corruption Continues Unchecked
  187. Iran to Open Medical Univ. in Iraq
  188. World Bank, KRG Partner to Promote Equity
  189. Kurdish Peshmerga, IS Reach Stalemate
  190. More Lives in Jeopardy as Fighting Expands
  191. Traffic Snarls, Violence Accompany Motorcades
  192. Japan Agrees Loan for Power Plant Refit
  193. Bogus University Grads Clog Job Market
  194. UN Worried about Anbar Refugees
  195. Afren Shares Rally on Deferred Payment
  196. Oil Exports Reach 2.6m bpd in Feb
  197. United Kalavyrta Unloads in Israel
  198. Mott MacDonald, Khudairi to Deliver Iraqi Projects
  199. Video: Iraqi National Museum Reopens
  200. Iraq Stock Market Report
  201. Over 1,100 Iraqis Killed in February
  202. Turkey to Explore for Oil in Qandil
  203. Iraqi Billionaire on Women’s Economic Empowerment
  204. KRG to Import Gas, Electricity from Iran
  205. Erbil Business Conference Highlights Open markets
  206. Remarks on Recent Statements from the Ministry of Oil
  207. Weekly Security Update: 24 February – 03 March 2015
  208. DNO Hits 100m Barrels from Tawke
  209. Companies Sought for Iraq-Jordan Pipeline
  210. Iraq launches first Proficiency Testing Scheme
  211. The New Iraq – Discovering Business 2015
  212. Unemployment Rate Passes 25%
  213. Higher Iraqi Taxes hit Turkish Poultry Exporters
  214. 74 Hotels Close in Iraqi Kurdistan
  215. Genel Shares Bounce on “Significant Growth”
  216. Exxon in Talks Govt on Oil Payments
  217. Gas Import Agreement with Iran
  218. IS Bulldozers ‘Wreck’ Nimrud
  219. Provinces take ex-Baathists to Court
  220. Is the Islamic State “losing?”
  221. Iraq Narrows Oil Discount to Asia
  222. IS ‘demolishes’ Ancient Site of Hatra
  223. Iraq Stock Market Report
  224. Weekly Security Update: 03 – 09 March 2015
  225. Czech Republic Sells Combat Planes to Iraq
  226. Crude Oil Flow to Ceyhan Halted
  227. PM Receives Director of Reconstruction Fund
  228. Video: Refugees Mount as Iraq Challenges IS
  229. Where is GOLD headed now?
  230. Asiacell: Customers Up, Profits Down
  231. Cummins Supplies Generators to Shrine
  232. Saudi FM: Iran is Taking Over Iraq
  233. A Message of Hope on International Women’s Day
  234. Iraq to Export 3m bpd Oil in March
  235. IBBC Spring Conference: “Iraq 2015: Realising Potential”
  236. ShaMaran Updates on Reserves
  237. Iraq to Cut Southern Oil Exports
  238. $100m New Funding for Oryx Petroleum
  239. KRG Rejects Korean Corruption Claims
  240. Poll: Does Iran have too much Influence on Iraq
  241. Quality Health Care for Women in Iraq
  242. IS Continues Assault on Heritage
  243. GCC Disapproves of Iranian Influence
  244. Video: Christian Brigade Formed to Battle IS
  245. Iraqi Forces under Investigation for War Crimes
  246. AM General Wins $32m Humvee Deal
  247. WFP Urgently Needs $45m for Iraq
  248. KRG Reassures Airlines on Safety
  249. Basra Approves $216m Power Projects
  250. Proposed Changes to Service Contracts