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  1. Proposed Changes to Service Contracts
  2. Will Sistani be able to Control Forces?
  3. Court Dismisses $4.5bn Claim Against Zain
  4. Attock Cement gets Green Light
  5. Iraq Stock Market Report
  6. Poll: Has the Iraqi Stock Market Bottomed Out?
  7. Reforming Iraq’s National Grid
  8. Talks on Developing Joint Oil Fields
  9. Jordan, Iraq discuss Cross-Border Transport
  10. Japan Continues to Assist KRG
  11. Iraq’s Illegal Employment Agencies
  12. IBBC-BUIC Roundtable: Academic Engagement with Iraq
  13. Weekly Security Update: 10 – 16 March 2015
  14. GKP Shares Rally as Shaikan Ramps Up
  15. WesternZagros Year-End Results
  16. Kirkuk Oil Production hits 400,000 bpd
  17. Three Dead in Explosion near Kuwaiti Border
  18. Militia Attacks Destroy Villages, Displace Thousands
  19. Iran Sends Additional Arms to Iraq
  20. IS Again Deploys Chemical Weapons
  21. Health Rights for Women in Iraq
  22. Video: US returns Iraqi Artifacts
  23. Turn a Light On: Electricity Sector Reform in Iraq
  24. Belarus, Iraq to Cooperate on Healthcare, Education
  25. LUKoil Seeks more Compensation Oil
  26. KRG “can be Self-Sufficient in Months”
  27. Video: Revenge and Reprisals in Iraq?
  28. Iran Gathers Power, as US Further Sidelined
  29. Video: IS Genocide Against Yazidis
  30. New Details of Iraq’s Venice Biennale Pavilion
  31. Major Project Announcements ‘Imminent’
  32. Video: Firms on Trial for Breaching Iraq Embargo
  33. Confusion Reigns in Iraq-Kurd Oil Dispute
  34. Iraq to Sell Heavy Basra Crude from May
  35. India Builds Oil Reserves with Basra Crude
  36. Iraq Wants to Attract more Brazilian Companies
  37. Iraqis Struggle to Maintain Architectural Heritage
  38. Kuwait Energy, EGPC Partner on Block 9
  39. France Considers Projects in Wassit
  40. Iraq Stock Market Report
  41. HEESCO Meets Turkish Companies
  42. Armenia to Open Consulate in Erbil
  43. LUKoil Confirms Commitment to Iraq
  44. Gazprom Neft to Conduct Seismic Survey
  45. Germania Suspends Erbil Flights
  46. PM al-Abadi to Visit US
  47. The Many Names of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  48. Will the CBI Try Dinar QE?
  49. Weekly Security Update: 17 – 23 March 2015
  50. Hess, Petroceltic Abandon Dinarta Licence
  51. Beechcraft Wins $27m Iraq Order
  52. NYNEX Extends Broadband Coverage
  53. Iraq Leads World in Porn Websites
  54. FM al-Jaafari Meets Syrian President al-Assad
  55. Genel Completes $230m Bond Issue
  56. €114m Write-Off Expected at Petroceltic
  57. PM Barzani: Shiite Militias should be Regulated
  58. Video: Reconstruction Underway in Salaheddin
  59. Turkey Confirms Iraqi Oil Exports Worth $3bn
  60. Copperchase Wins Hyundai Contract
  61. Iraq Accepts Int’l Support Against IS
  62. Why Army is Stuck on Outskirts of Tikrit
  63. 3G Should Bolster Telco Revenues
  64. Cyprus to Open Office in Erbil
  65. Profile: Qassem Suleimani
  66. EarthLink chooses Level 3
  67. Imported Goods Crowd Out Local Production
  68. Contractor Pleads Guilty in Iraq Bribes Case
  69. Is the Shiite Revival Here?
  70. Iraq Owes Oil Companies $20bn
  71. Textron Wins $52m Drone Contract
  72. OFFTEC Opens First Branch in Iraq
  73. New School for Pilots in Baghdad
  74. Luxemburg Pledges Support to Kurdistan
  75. Iraq Stock Market Report
  76. Weekly Security Update: 24 – 30 March 2015
  77. GKP Slides on Share Placement
  78. Edinburgh International Achieves PSC.1 Accreditation
  79. New Project to Protect Iraqi Cultural Heritage
  80. New Book: How to Make Millions Selling Iraqi Dinars
  81. Zain Iraq Announces Snr Management Changes
  82. Tanker Backlog Builds at Basra Port
  83. Video: Tikrit Liberated after Mth-Long Battle
  84. Nearly 1,000 Iraqis Killed in March
  85. IBBC Spring Conference: “Iraq 2015: Realising Potential”
  86. MHPS to Refurbish Power Station in Basra
  87. BH Defense Wins $21m Deal for Leadership Academy
  88. New Iraq Broadband Route expected This Year
  89. Iraq has World’s 4th Highest Rate of Executions
  90. Lebanese firm Launches $80m Amarah Project
  91. Investors Sought for $6.5bn Port Project
  92. Oil Exports Climb in March
  93. GKP ex-Chairman Claims “Forced Out”
  94. ‘Settlement Agreed’ in Oil Shipping Case
  95. $14.4bn Compensation to IOCs: How Accurate or Possible?
  96. Iraq Stock Market Report
  97. Weekly Security Update: 31 March – 06 April 2015
  98. Hanwha Wins $2bn Iraq Order
  99. Bashneft Completes Surveys at Block 12
  100. Iraq Blocks Jordanian Trucks
  101. Iraq in Discussions with IMF
  102. MNR Welcomes Oil & Gas Revenue Fund Law
  103. The Mystery of Kurdistan’s Border Taxes
  104. The Third Option
  105. France to give KRG Advanced Weapons
  106. Lockheed Awarded $8m Defense Deal
  107. Karbala to Build Industrial City
  108. Army sets Sights on Fallujah, Mosul
  109. Iraq: One-Year Polio Free
  110. Iraqi Cinema finds New Direction
  111. Interview with Iraqi MP: ‘This is Iraq’s Last Chance’
  112. What Iraqis Believe About the USA
  113. Gulf Keystone Losses Widen
  114. UNESCO Opens New School for IDPs
  115. Foreign Minister Arrives to Belarus
  116. Iraqi Returnees from Syria Following the 2011 Crisis
  117. Genel Energy Secures Additional Funding
  118. Gazprom Neft gets First Batch of Iraq Oil
  119. Who Takes Over After IS?
  120. Forced Vaccinations are Rights Violation
  121. Video: IS Frees over 200 Yazidis
  122. IS “Controls Just One Oil Field in Iraq”
  123. Iraq, UK Firms Start Dhi Qar Housing Project
  124. Iraq Lags Behind in Social Progress Index
  125. Govt Promised Shiite Militias Won’t Fight in Mosul
  126. Splitting Basra Crude “Makes Sense”
  127. IS Sells Oil at Under $30/barrel
  128. Basra “Takes Further Steps Toward Independence”
  129. Freeing Mosul “a Job for the People of Mosul”
  130. Funding Approved for Karbala Airport
  131. IS Attacks Baiji Refinery
  132. Iraq Stock Market Report
  133. Abadi Fires over 300 Army Officers
  134. Reuters Bureau Chief Flees Iraq
  135. Ministerial Crisis Unit Meets
  136. IOM Iraq Signs MoU with Charity
  137. New Prices for Iraqi Oil, but Basra Heavy ‘Delayed’
  138. NIC Invites Bids for Renewable Energy Plants
  139. Blackwater Guards Jailed for Iraq Deaths
  140. UNESCO Condemns Destruction of Nimrud
  141. Shell Staff Raise Money for AMAR
  142. Video: Diyala Residents fear Shia Militias
  143. Call to Investigate Threats Against Reuters Chief
  144. Video: PM to ask US for more Arms, Strikes
  145. Iran could Supply Gas to Kuwait via Iraq
  146. $7.4bn Investment Offer for Grand Faw Port
  147. New Immunization Campaign Targets 5.8m Children
  148. Yazidis Wary amid Stalled Sinjar Offensive
  149. New Communications Service for Oil Cos
  150. Iraq to Issue $5bn in Bonds
  151. PM al-Abadi Meets US CEOs
  152. Iran Signs Deal on Clearing Waterway
  153. Italy may Build Hospital For Peshmerga
  154. New Privately-Owned Iraqi Airline
  155. Lukoil “was asked to Reduce Iraq Output”
  156. Obama: An additional $200m for Iraq
  157. PM al-Abadi Meets Oil Bosses
  158. Oilfield Torched near Erbil
  159. ZagrosJet Launches Domestic Flights
  160. Iraqis on Social Media Fight Extremists Online
  161. Foreign Minister Receives Japanese Ambassador
  162. Video: Tikrit still Deserted after Liberation
  163. IS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape
  164. Extremists, Oil or Kirkuk? Kurdistan’s Next Big Crisis
  165. Tishknet Expands Alepo Partnership
  166. NIC Calls for Grand Faw Port Investment
  167. Iraq Blocks Turkish Poultry Imports
  168. Iraq Attempts to Refinance Boeing Deal
  169. “Too Much Competition” for Karbala’s Biggest Business
  170. Yemen War Fuels Iraqi Sectarianism
  171. After Tikrit, what Next for Iraqi Forces?
  172. average investment law will read today in Parliament will address all problems
  173. Iraq Stock Market Report
  174. Humanitarian Agencies Assist IDPs in Anbar
  175. Basra Lab achieves ISO/IEC Accreditation
  176. Qatar Airways Increases Flights to Iraq
  177. All You Need is …
  178. Video: Fighting in Ramadi Displaces Thousands
  179. Oil Exports via Ceyhan hit 420,000 bpd
  180. BP Takes More Oil as Payment
  181. Dragon Oil Updates on Block 9 Progress
  182. Iran starts Testing Iraq Gas Pipeline
  183. PM’s Spox Resigns over pro-Saddam Song
  184. Teachers Resort to Abuse of Students
  185. BP’s Kirkuk Contact Extended
  186. IFC Invests in Al Safi Danone Iraq
  187. The Future is Coming – Oil and Gas in Iraq
  188. Iraq’s Brain Drain Continues
  189. Video: No Foreign Military in Iraq – Jaafari
  190. Zain Iraq Applies for Share Listing
  191. Genel’s Hayward may Step Down
  192. Weatherford sees Cash-Neutral end to Zubair Project
  193. PM Al-Abadi Welcomes UN Representative
  194. Bloom to Build 40,000 Villas in Karbala
  195. Egypt’s Petrojet wins $185m Gas Contract
  196. Agility Iraq receives ISO Certification
  197. KRG looks to Enhance Protection of Women, Children
  198. General Dynamics wins $51m Contract
  199. Oil Insiders Sceptical on Increased Prodn
  200. KRG Agricultural Output Rises
  201. Technip wins Basra Refinery Contract
  202. PM to Welcome Int’l Business to Baghdad
  203. The Pollution Solution – Mapping Iraq’s Environmental Needs
  204. FM Opens New Consulate Building in LA
  205. Currency Auction Results, 27th Apr
  206. Basra Heavy Crude Delayed Further
  207. The Turkish-Kurdish ‘Secret Agreement’
  208. Severn Valve Solutions hits Landmark Achievements
  209. IHEC Rejects Basra Autonomy Bid
  210. ICRC Delivers Urgent Aid in Anbar
  211. the role of central markets will contribute to the advancement of economic reality
  212. WesternZagros Operational and Corporate Update
  213. Move to Private Sector Vital For Progress
  214. Dana Gas Production Up
  215. IWPR Iraq Director Killed in Baghdad
  216. Iraqis need to Build State, Not just Defeat IS
  217. Video: Iraq blames IS for Baghdad Blasts
  218. Ancient Market at Heart of Modern Baghdad
  219. Iran Nuclear Deal: Migrants Plan to Leave Iraq
  220. Important amendments to the investment law 5/6/2015
  221. The’ Next Billion’ and the power of Inclusive Prosperity
  222. State Dept Approves $395m Arms Sale to Iraq
  223. Oil Export Data from KRG
  224. Women in Islam – A Fair Share of Inheritance
  225. Central Bank Rejects Redenomination of Dinar
  226. Video: The Current State of ISIL
  227. Video: Fighting for Control of Baiji Refinery
  228. Currency Auction Results, 7th May
  229. Insitu in $11m Iraq Deal
  230. IOM Aids Construction IDP Camp
  231. Revitalizing Ports, Airports in the Shadow of IS
  232. US Draft Law Causes Upset in Baghdad
  233. Results of Survey on Water Usage
  234. Alabama Firm Wins $10m Contract
  235. FIFA Lifts Ban on Friendlies
  236. Flagship Partnership to Revive Southern Iraq
  237. Italian Dredgers for Iraq
  238. Babylon Awaits Tourists’ Return
  239. Japan, UNESCO help Educate Refugee Children
  240. Korean Firm wins $146m Contract at Bismaya
  241. IBBC Welcomes 2 New Members
  242. Lebanon to Open Consulate in Erbil
  243. How IS Uses Water as Weapon of War
  244. Oryx Announces Quarterly Results
  245. G7 agree ‘in principle’ to add Chinese currency to IMF basket – German Finance Minist
  246. Bremer: We did a Good Job in Iraq
  247. Video: Iraq Enlists more Sunni Fighters
  248. Anti-ISIS Musicians give Cause for Hope
  249. Thanks to Extremism, Iraqis Revive Ancient Religion
  250. UN Condemns Destruction of Iraqi Heritage