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  1. UN Condemns Destruction of Iraqi Heritage
  2. Video: 470 Bodies Exhumed from Mass Graves
  3. How Close Will ISIS get to Baghdad?
  4. AM General Wins $16m Iraq Deal
  5. Iraq Stock Market Report
  6. Japan to Finance Electricity, Sewerage Projects
  7. AMAR Ramadan Food Box Appeal
  8. Karbala Locals Plan Ahead for Serious Drought
  9. Reassessing Consequences of Occupation in Iraq
  10. The Foundations of Thi Qar
  11. GKP Confirms Maersk’s Jon Ferrier as New CEO
  12. Oil Revenues hit $5bn in May
  13. IS Closes Ramadi Dam
  14. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  15. Saudi Arabia Names Ambassador to Iraq
  16. Kuwait’s First Diplomat Posted to Kurdistan
  17. Currency Auction Results, 1st June
  18. Oil Export Data from KRG, May 2015
  19. Restrata wins $1.2m Network Deal
  20. KRG to start Ranking Universities
  21. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL
  22. Video: Raising Sectarian Tensions in Iraq?
  23. Over 1,000 Iraqis Killed in May
  24. Serco Awarded Contract Extension by ICAA
  25. EU gives another €25m Aid to Iraq
  26. UK Seeks Head of Trade in Erbil
  27. Latest Airstrikes Against ISIL
  28. Video: Sunni Leaders Pledge Allegiance to IS
  29. Time for Change in Iraq
  30. Indian Refiners in Talks with SOMO
  31. FM al-Jaafari on Trade Mission to Brazil
  32. Latest Airstrikes Against ISIL
  33. Video: UN Appeals for Urgent Aid
  34. The completion of a plan for 920 investment opportunity in various sectors
  35. KRG, Belarus sign MOU on IT
  36. Basra Heavy Oil to Boost Exports
  37. Family-run UK Firm Wins first Iraq Order
  38. UN Warns on Fraudulent Tender Documents
  39. IS Bans Grain Exports
  40. Estonian IT for Iraqi Courts
  41. Audio: IBBC Interview on Share Radio
  42. How Much is Fight Against IS Costing?
  43. New Army to Defend Oil and Electricity Facilities
  44. More UK Military Trainers for Iraq
  45. Iraq Stock Market Report
  46. Iraq gets $833m IMF Emergency Funding
  47. Latest Airstrikes Against ISIL
  48. KRG Rep to UK begins Mission
  49. Video: Fierce Fighting near Anbar Airbase
  50. President Obama to Discuss ISIS in Meeting With Iraqi Prime Minister at G7 Summit
  51. Framework Governing Extractive Industries in Iraq
  52. Penspen Expands in Iraq
  53. DNO Completes $400m Bond Placement
  54. Minister Orders Cheaper Internet Access
  55. Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Oil Infrastructure
  56. Video: Shiite Milita fights IS in Baiji
  57. KRG Rep to France begins Mission
  58. KRG FM Receives Belgian Deputy PM
  59. New Oil Grade boosts West Qurna II Output
  60. Ergil Completes Zubair Storage Tank Project
  61. Regus Opens in Iraq
  62. Another 500 US Troops for Iraq?
  63. Airstrikes Continue Against IS
  64. Video: Current State of IS in Iraq
  65. DC Run Raises $33k for Iraqi Children
  66. EU: Iraqi People need More Support
  67. Iraq Slashes Oil Output Targets
  68. KRG to Borrow Internationally
  69. US Confirms 450 New Troops for Iraq
  70. Work Starts at new Cristal Hotel in Erbil
  71. Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Infrastructure, Weapons
  72. Video: Divisions as Iraq Struggles against IS
  73. Security for Shiites Causes Controversy
  74. Nina-Iraq Magazine Victim of Cyber Attack
  75. Video: Almost 600 Exhumed at Massacre Site
  76. Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue
  77. Iraq hikes Price of Basra Heavy
  78. Kuwait to invest in Kurdistan Region
  79. US May Open Network of Bases in Iraq
  80. Bar Assoc Launches eyeWitness App
  81. US Man Admits Iraq Scam
  82. Norway to open Office in Kurdistan
  83. Zain Iraq to start Trading soon on ISX
  84. Oil and the ISX: Cause and Effect?
  85. Iraq’s Ambitious Wheat Target
  86. PM Barzani Praises Role of Private Sector
  87. Baghdad Approves 25 Projects so far this year
  88. Iraqi Workers Protest for Wage Payment
  89. Oil Revenues below Budget
  90. Royal Jordanian announces Flights to Najaf
  91. Russian Wheat Cheapest in latest Tender
  92. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Targets
  93. Iraq Stock Market Report
  94. Regulator Drops $100m Zain Fine
  95. Iraq, a Failed State?
  96. Court Rejects ‘Oil-for-Food’ Lawsuit
  97. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  98. Iraq Petroleum Conference 2015 : a New Kind of Dialogue
  99. Renault Trucks Sign Iraq Distributor
  100. Air Energi Wins New Contract with BP Iraq
  101. University of Koya Teams up with US Uni
  102. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Iraq
  103. Currency Auction Results, 16th June
  104. Korean Court Rejects Claim of KRG Bribery
  105. ISIL Tactical Losses Continue
  106. PM Barzani meets Egyptian Ambassador
  107. Iraqis Demand Better Security for Pilgrims
  108. Currency Auction Results, 17th June
  109. Oil Exports on Target for Record High
  110. Coalition Continues Airstrikes Against ISIL
  111. Are US and Iran-Backed Militias Getting Friendlier?
  112. Currency Auction Results, 19th June
  113. Extremists Transform Concept of jihad
  114. SOSi Wins Another Iraq Order
  115. KRG Discusses Oil Exports and Budget Crisis
  116. Kurdistan in 10 Years: The End of Iraqi Borders?
  117. Iraq Second-Last in Global Peace Index
  118. Overhauling Iraq’s Intelligence Services
  119. Syrian Traders Flock to Mosul
  120. EU Supports UNICEF in Iraq
  121. Re-settling refugees: Iraq’s endgame?
  122. New Route for Jordan-Iraq pipeline
  123. KRG to Enter Bond Market
  124. Coalition Air Strikes Expanding?
  125. Akkas Pipeline Cancelled
  126. Kuwait Commit $200 million for IDPs
  127. WHO in Aid Warning
  128. Belgium to Open Erbil Consulate
  129. Unaoil Joins IBBC
  130. The new investment law is ready for vote: raise taxes urgent and vacations for invest
  131. Rif’at al Chadirji Wins Tamayouz Award
  132. NATO to Re-Launch Iraq Mission
  133. Zain Iraq Shares Jump on ISX Debut
  134. Germany to Train Yazidi Fighters
  135. Gazprom: Badra Production Doubled
  136. Ceyhan: Some Oil Cargoes Cancelled
  137. Anti-ISIL Sunnis Lack Support
  138. Sterling Expand HSE Training
  139. Lukoil: Grade Split Helps Exports
  140. Daesh Launch Small Offensive
  141. Iraq’s Road to Counterinsurgency
  142. Iraq’s Road to Counterinsurgency
  143. A Wild Ride for the Dinar
  144. Oil Revenue Distribution Issues in Iraq
  145. GKP Adopts “Diversified Marketing Strategy”
  146. Cutting Edge Iraqi Fashion Designer
  147. Iraq Stock Market Report
  148. US, Coalition Continue Airstrikes Against IS
  149. Austria to Provide Peshmerga with Medical Support
  150. UNDP Helps IDPs Return to Tikrit
  151. Currency Auction Results, 29th June
  152. Antonoil Wins $18m Contract
  153. Possible Pressure to Devalue the Dinar
  154. Airstrikes Continue Against IS
  155. India Lowest Price in Iraq Rice Tender
  156. US Commends Peshmerga Forces
  157. Currency Auction Results, 30th June
  158. Iraq Oil Exports hit New Record
  159. Lockheed Martin Awarded $119m F-16 Contract
  160. Iraq to Issue Bonds in August
  161. Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Target IS
  162. Nearly 1,500 Iraqis Killed in June
  163. Video: French Archbishop Opens School for IDPs
  164. Currency Auction Results, 1st July
  165. Standard Chartered Appoints New Iraq CEO
  166. KRG to set up Foreign Loans Committee
  167. Belarus, Iraq in Talks on Healthcare
  168. Iraq Bans Poultry Imports from US
  169. Coalition Continues to Target ISIL
  170. Iraq “Not Making Sufficient Progress” on Money Laundering
  171. Currency Auction Results, 2nd July
  172. GKP Directors Step Down, Shares Fall Further
  173. More Iraq Business for SOS Int’l
  174. Oil Export Data from KRG, June 2015
  175. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  176. Security Situation Weighs on Iraq’s Economy
  177. Will Iraqi Kurdistan Ever Get New Constitution?
  178. World Bank to Lend Iraq $1.7bn
  179. KRG Slashes Oil Transfers to SOMO
  180. Hatra Added to List of World Heritage in Danger
  181. Iraq’s Defunct Military Industry
  182. Arson Being Used to De-Stabilize Farms?
  183. Lockheed Awarded $8m C-130 Contract
  184. New Units Step Toward Reforming Peshmerga
  185. Kidneys For Sale in Refugee Camps
  186. Video: Iraq Christians train to Recapture Homes
  187. Al-Darraji Takes Over as Industry Minster
  188. Dana Gas, KRG in Spat over Court Ruling
  189. Extended Partnership to Improve Electricity in Kurdistan
  190. Iraq Seeks Helicopters from UK
  191. Airstrikes Target Terrorists
  192. Kurdish Independence “would Help Defeat IS”
  193. Currency Auction Results, 6th July
  194. New Political System would Open Door to Maliki
  195. Midyear Review of Budget and Oil Revenues
  196. Ceyhan Tanker Cancellations Increase
  197. Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  198. Video: Iraq Jet Accidentally Bombs Baghdad
  199. Yazidi Divided, but Want Own Region
  200. Baghdad/Erbil Oil Agreement of Brink of Collapse
  201. Currency Auction Results, 7th July
  202. Unaoil Awarded West Qurna Gas Contract
  203. BIC Welcomes Meosat
  204. Kuwait Donates $200m for Refugees
  205. World Bank approves $350m Iraq Aid
  206. GKP Shares Rise on New Payments
  207. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Targets
  208. Sunnis, Shiites show Unity in Najaf
  209. Currency Auction Results, 8th July
  210. New Basra Heavy Crude Short-Changes IOCs
  211. Dragon Oil Updates on Block 9
  212. Indian Firm Bags Power Cable Order
  213. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Targets in Syria, Iraq
  214. Currency Auction Results, 9th July
  215. Al-Jadiryia Water Reservoir is Opened
  216. Video: Looted Artefacts Return to Iraq
  217. Is Maliki Making a Comeback?
  218. Is Oil Industry Killing the Poor in Wasit?
  219. Local Media and the Iraq-Saudi Wikileaks Scandal
  220. $2.5m for Economic Development of Rural Women
  221. Jordan Increases Fruit & Veg Exports to Iraq
  222. US Contactor Jailed for Iraq Bribery
  223. IBBC Members Enjoy Annual Retreat
  224. Genel Energy: Hayward Takes Chair; Özgül CEO
  225. Iraq Stock Market Report
  226. Airstrikes Continue in Iraq
  227. Currency Auction Results, 12th July
  228. Genel gives Update on Trading and Ops
  229. Iran Starts $2.3bn Gas Pipeline to Iraq
  230. Baghdad Cancels Ceyhan Oil Schedule
  231. Video: Escaped Yazidi Girls Tell their Stories
  232. Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Iraq, Syria
  233. 15,000 Killed Since January – UN report
  234. Currency Auction Results, 14th July
  235. Bell Textron Wins $56m Iraq Contract
  236. Oil Export Stats for 2014
  237. Iran Deal “a Catalyst for Regional Stability”
  238. Iraq Declares Thursday a Holiday
  239. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  240. Electricity Crisis means Lights Out for Iraqis, Again
  241. Without Curfew, Baghdad’s a New City during Ramadan
  242. Iraqi Oil Sales to South Korea Soar
  243. Iraq Closes Border Crossings with Jordan
  244. Bribery Alleged in Czech Plane Deal
  245. Coalition Airstrikes Destroy Bomb Factory
  246. Currency Auction Results, 15th July
  247. Schlumberger Updates on Iraqi Operations
  248. Iraq Stock Market Report
  249. Coalition Aircraft Continue Airstrikes Against ISIL
  250. One Team, One Dream, for Iraqi Children