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  1. Banks Refuse to Ante Up amid Liquidity Shortage
  2. Displaced Iraqis Create Boom for Used Goods
  3. Propaganda Wars in Mosul
  4. Kurdistan Imports Less Gold
  5. Emirates to Resume Flights to Erbil
  6. Managing Volatility of Oil Export Revenues
  7. Honghua Signs $26m Drilling Contract
  8. Car Bomb Kills 120
  9. Fallujah Liberation Key to Securing Anbar
  10. Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Hit ISIL
  11. Croatia to send Military Trainers to Kurdistan
  12. Antonoil Wins $140m Iraq Contract
  13. Funding Shortage Closes UN Water, Sanitation
  14. Airstrikes Continue in Iraq, Syria
  15. New Australian Ambassador to Iraq
  16. Video: Iraq shows off New F-16s
  17. Cabinet Gives Itself a Pay Cut
  18. Iraq Displacement Passes 3.1 Million
  19. Airstrikes Continue Against Terrorists
  20. Video: Iraq Bomb Kills at Least 19
  21. Currency Auction Results, 22nd July
  22. Iraq still needs Massive Int’l Support
  23. Turkish Airlines Adds Erbil Flights
  24. Nina meets Nadje
  25. Video: Twin Blasts in Anbar Kill Dozens
  26. Catching up with Baghdad’s Irrational Optimists
  27. What Iraq needs to Survive
  28. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  29. Iraqis Weigh In On Iran Nuclear Deal
  30. Karbala Authorities Obsess About the Terrorists Next Door
  31. MPs Criticised for Self-Interested Performance
  32. Haditha ‘Next Target’ for IS
  33. Popular Mobilization Units – Heroes or Villains?
  34. Basra has Money to Spend on Infrastructure
  35. Catholic University to Open in Erbil
  36. Solar Energy to Meet Electricity Needs?
  37. $1.5m Support for Humanitarian Coordination
  38. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  39. Iraq Stock Market Report
  40. Pipeline Attacks “Cost KRG $250m”
  41. Iraq Stock Market Report
  42. More than 1,300 Iraqis Killed in July
  43. Iraqi Kurds Desire PKK and Turkey Ceasefire
  44. Coalition Continues Airstrikes Against ISIL
  45. Video: Turkey Denies Targeting Iraqi Civilians
  46. IMF Approves $1.24bn Financial Support for Iraq
  47. NATO Agrees Defence Capacity Building Package for Iraq
  48. KRG to Start Oil Payments to IOCs
  49. Assessing Government Spending
  50. WesternZagros Updates on Garmian, Kurdamir
  51. UK Extends Tornado Strikes in Iraq
  52. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  53. Currency Auction Results, 4th Aug
  54. Kuwait Agrees to Reschedule Iraqi Debt
  55. New US Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
  56. North Oil Company boss Assassinated
  57. Anti-ISIL Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  58. Iraqi Govt Raids Nightclubs
  59. Currency Auction Results, 5th Aug
  60. Another New Service from Iraq Business News
  61. Genel Energy Shares Fall on Results
  62. Kurdistan gets new .KRD Domain Names
  63. US Military Hosts Vendor Day in Erbil
  64. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Positions, Equipment
  65. UNDP, Japan Stimulate Recovery in Iraq
  66. Archaeological Digs Continue despite Security Chaos
  67. Funding Shortfall ‘Cripples Humanitarian Operations’
  68. Empowering Women to Counter Terrorism
  69. Squire Patton Boggs no longer acting for KRG
  70. Al-Abadi’s wide-ranging Plan to Slash Spending
  71. Oil Export Data from KRG, July 2015
  72. DynCorp Wins $46m Iraq Contract
  73. Coalition Continues Anti-ISIL Airstrikes
  74. Video: Discontent Soars with the Heat
  75. Video: Iraq’s Plan for Political Reform
  76. Currency Auction Results, 5th Aug
  77. Iraq Stock Market Report
  78. Parliament backs al-Abadi’s Reform Plan
  79. New Hope for Iraq’s Oil and Gas Industry?
  80. Fitch Rates Iraqi Debt as ‘Junk’
  81. Deputy PM Resigns, Faces Corruption Investigation
  82. Iraq to Resume Chicken Imports from Iran
  83. Military Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL
  84. Currency Auction Results, 11th Aug
  85. WFP to Cut Critical Food Aid to Iraq
  86. Iraq Increases Oil Prices
  87. Iraq Oil Output Hits Record
  88. Name Change for North Oil Company
  89. $4.3bn in new Central Bank Loans
  90. Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Infrastructure
  91. Video: Hundreds Demonstrate in Support of Reforms
  92. Int’l Support for Abadi’s Reforms
  93. PM Fires Senior Staff
  94. EU to Open Representation Office in Erbil
  95. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  96. Currency Auction Results, 12th Aug
  97. Abadi’s Reforms Welcome, but Vigilance Needed
  98. Iraqi Airways Banned from EU, Aerovista Provides Support
  99. Airstrikes Against ISIL Forces Continue
  100. WesternZagros Falls on Q2 Results
  101. One year later, Struggle Continues for Yazidis
  102. Anbar Governor Sacks all Aides
  103. Peshmerga ‘Ready’ to Advance on IS
  104. Kandil Airstrikes: Amnesty Calls for Investigation
  105. Iraqi Dates Shrivel Awaiting Processing
  106. Russian Landmarks Disappearing in Kurdistan
  107. Moving to the Cloud
  108. Iraq Stock Market Report
  109. KRG Presidential Term Extended
  110. Refugee Numbers Climb Past 3.1 Million
  111. Coalition Continues Strikes Against ISIL
  112. Currency Auction Results, 17th Aug
  113. Abadi Slashes Cabinet Positions
  114. FDI and Legal Compliance in Iraq’s Oil Industry
  115. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Forces
  116. Video: Lack of Funding Affects Students
  117. Currency Auction Results, 18th Aug
  118. Russian Firm to Drill at West Qurna
  119. Emirates to Resume Flights to Baghdad
  120. Int’l Banks hired for $6bn Bond Sale
  121. PM Reassures Lukoil amid Protests
  122. KRG Loses $501m due to Oil Attacks
  123. Heatwave to Peak on Thursday
  124. Imperial Tobacco Hit by Iraq Slump
  125. NGOs in Kurdistan to Consolidate Cooperation
  126. Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Infrastructure in Syria, Iraq
  127. PM Cuts Security for Top Officials; 20,000 Redeployed
  128. DNO: Need Ongoing Revenues to Sustain Operations
  129. Japan Considers Water Projects in Basra
  130. MEOSAT Iraq Service is Live
  131. Will Abadi’s Reforms work?
  132. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  133. Video: Iraq’s Summer of Protest
  134. The Kurdish Presidency Problem
  135. KRG “Sets the Record Straight” on Oil Exports
  136. Iraq, Iran to Resume Banking Ties
  137. Ministers ‘to be Tried for Corruption’
  138. Iraq’s Child Soldiers
  139. The Long, Troubled History of KRI’s Presidency
  140. Austrian Firm Wins Water Pump Order
  141. IS Extorted $11m per month in Nineveh
  142. Lawmakers Focus on Eradicating Internet Porn
  143. Baghdad’s Booming Business in Military Clothing
  144. UK MP joins GKP Management
  145. Iraq Stock Market Report
  146. Iran, Iraq Discuss Azadegan Oilfield
  147. Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  148. Iraqi Christians take up Arms
  149. Video: Departure Terminal for Iraq’s Exodus
  150. Workshop on Gender Equality in Budgeting
  151. Kurdish Fighters Struggle to Pay Bills
  152. AtlasGlobal Expands Iraq Service
  153. Video: Israel Imports 77% of its Oil from Kurdistan
  154. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  155. Currency Auction Results, 18th Aug
  156. KOGAS to Invest $4.9bn in Zubair
  157. $9bn in Arrears Paid to Oil Firms
  158. UN Denounces Iraq Executions
  159. Video: Badr Militia Leader Criticises US
  160. Currency Auction Results, 26th Aug
  161. Time Running Out for the Dinar Peg
  162. GKP Shares Rally
  163. Investment Opportunity in New Baghdad Power Plant
  164. New Call Centre for Displaced Communities
  165. RSK Hiring Iraqi Staff
  166. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists
  167. Corruption Inside Out: Misjudgment of the Iraqi People
  168. Airstrikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  169. Currency Auction Results, 27th Aug
  170. KRG Approves Payment to IOCs
  171. Abadi to Open Green Zone to Public
  172. LukOil gets $1.5bn from West Qurna in 1H
  173. Bomber Targets Kirkuk Oil Company
  174. Democratic Process More Secure Than Ever?
  175. To Veil or not to Veil: Iraqi Women Face Scrutiny
  176. FBI Warns on Iraq Antiquities Trafficking
  177. NIOC Opens Office in Iraq
  178. Australian Wheat Lowest in Iraq Tender
  179. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  180. Video: Thousands Stranded in Frontline Town
  181. Video: Anti-ISIL Protesters ‘Arrested’ in Anbar
  182. Currency Auction Results, 31st Aug
  183. More than 1,300 Iraqis Killed in August
  184. Currency Auction Results, 31st Aug
  185. Oil Exports Down in August
  186. ShaMaran Announces Atrush Results
  187. Turkish Workers Kidnapped in Baghdad
  188. Airstrikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  189. Gas Plus Khalakan to Start drilling at Shewashan
  190. AWI Wins Baghdad Waste Removal Contract
  191. Concern for Safety of Journalists in Nineveh
  192. Video: Lack of Changes, amid Corruption Blame Game
  193. Iraq Ready to Market Bonds
  194. Iraq Stock Market Report
  195. Iraqi F-16s Debut Against ISIS
  196. Radisson Blu Hotel Announced for Erbil
  197. Baghdad Devolves Powers to Thi Qar Province
  198. Low Oil Price Threat to Iraq’s Eurobond Bid
  199. ISIS Chemical Attack Confirmed
  200. Eleven US Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq
  201. Iraqi Kurdistan Pays $75 Million to IOCs
  202. Justice Ministry Official Kidnapped in Baghdad
  203. Turkish Forces Raid Iraqi Kurdistan
  204. ISIS Hit 300 Times by British Aircraft
  205. MOL Reduces Akri Bijell Investment
  206. Iraq Plans Security Sector Reform
  207. KRG Continues Direct Oil Export Despite Sabotage
  208. Iran, Iraq to Boost Trade
  209. Video: Protecting Religious Minorities in Iraq
  210. Video: Residents of Haditha Battle to Survive
  211. Video: Iraq Migrants leave Greece for Macedonia
  212. Seminar On Devolution gets Support
  213. IBBC Announce Iraq Business Clinics
  214. ISIS Attack Army-Tribe Alliance
  215. Report Buyer Release Health Sector Overview
  216. Abadi to Dismiss 123 Senior Officials
  217. 18 Coalition Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq
  218. G4S Win $187 Million Basra Contract
  219. Iraq Seeks $500 million from Islamic Development Bank
  220. Terrorists Release Video of Turkish Hostages
  221. Iran to Supply Extra Gas to Iraq
  222. Qatar Announce Historic Iraq Embassy Opening
  223. Iraq: $4bn Needed For Refugees
  224. Peshmerga Defeat ISIS Near Kirkuk
  225. High Export Target for Basra Crude This October
  226. Iraq to IOCs: Low Spending Plans for 2016
  227. Moqtada al Sadr Demands Release of Turkish Hostages
  228. 15 Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq
  229. US Combat Troops in Iraq?
  230. Gulf Keystone Announce Shaikan Milestone
  231. Iraq Still Seeking CSSF Contractor
  232. Two Turkish Hostages Released
  233. Kentz Awarded Contract at West Qurna 1
  234. New Help Desk to Streamline Tendering Process
  235. Genel Energy Confirms Bina Bawi Acquisition
  236. Iraq Struggles with Widespread Bribery
  237. Central Bank: “Limited Risk of Devaluation”
  238. Ergil Complete Gharraf Maintainance
  239. Baghdad to Protect Turkish Companies
  240. 23 Killed in Baghdad Checkpoint Blasts
  241. 1000 Attend Baghdad Classical Concert
  242. Iraqi Government Delegation Visits UK for Talks
  243. Abadi’s Decentralisation Initiative
  244. LC Waikiki Open New Basra Outlet
  245. ShaMaran, TAQA, in Dispute over Atrush
  246. France’s Total meets with Oil Minister
  247. Moody’s Rates Iraqi Govt Bonds
  248. Iraq Stock Market Report
  249. Militia Abuses Mar Fight Against ISIS
  250. Video: Fear of Cholera Outbreak Spreads