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  1. Video: Fear of Cholera Outbreak Spreads
  2. Currency Auction Results, 21st Sept
  3. US Dismisses KRG Tanker Case
  4. Lafarge in Negotiations on Karbala Cement Plant
  5. KRG Moves to Outlaw Porn
  6. Iraq sees Exodus of Minorities
  7. Currency Auction Results, 22nd Sept
  8. Total set to announce Giant Petrochemical Project
  9. Iraqi Banks Increase Funding for SMEs
  10. Iraqis Main Buyers of Turksh Property
  11. Abadi Rejects HRW Claims
  12. Iraq tries to Shake Stigma of Orphans
  13. Budget 2016 and the Risk of Slipping into Debt Trap
  14. Iraq Stock Market Report
  15. Major New Business Opportunities in Iran
  16. Interruptions to the Oil Export Pipeline in Turkey
  17. Zaha Hadid Wins 2016 Royal Gold Medal
  18. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  19. Ancient Kish City lies Buried in Sand
  20. Petrel Resources “Incurs no Costs” in Iraq
  21. Iran-Iraq Joint Summit on Border Patrols
  22. Korea Supports newly liberated areas in Iraq
  23. Japan to offer $810m for Refugees
  24. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  25. Video: Anti-Daesh Coordination with Syria, Russia, Iran
  26. PR Firm to support Iraqi Sunni Community
  27. IKCO Iraq “at Full Capacity”
  28. Iraq Deploys Forces at Borders
  29. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  30. Currency Auction Results, 30th Sept
  31. Egypt Finalises Farm-in at Block 9
  32. UNHCR Opens Two New Camps
  33. Lenders Rip Off Small Iraqi Businesses
  34. Iran, Iraq Foreign Ministers Meet
  35. Peshmerga Offensive Clears Area West of Kirkuk
  36. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  37. Currency Auction Results, 1st Oct
  38. September Oil Exports Down
  39. GKP Shaikan Reserves Increase
  40. Jaafari Meets VP of World Bank
  41. Passenger Cars Allowed to Transit Green Zone
  42. Video: Remaining Turkish Hostages in Freed
  43. Basra Gas Company Wins Flaring Reduction Award
  44. US Increases Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq
  45. AT&T Expands Operations in Iraq
  46. Profits from Protest: Street Vendors Flock to Baghdad
  47. Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  48. Currency Auction Results, 5th Oct
  49. KRG Tops 600k bpd Exports in Sept
  50. An Evil Plot? Basra Boycotts New Customs Tax
  51. Baghdad Firm Wins Work at US Consulate in Basra
  52. Coalition Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Targets in Syria, Iraq
  53. More than 700 Iraqis Killed in Sept
  54. UK steps up Support for Victims of ISIL
  55. Iraq to Sign Water Treatment Deal with Iran
  56. Currency Auction Results, 6th Oct
  57. WesternZagros Updates on Kurdistan Ops
  58. IBBC hosts ‘Basrah: Open for Business’ Conference
  59. Appeal to Help Yazidi Women Traumatised by ISIS
  60. Intertek Wins Inspection Contract from South Oil
  61. Global Leadership Required to Help Millions in Iraq
  62. Iraq’s Failing Construction Projects
  63. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  64. Iran Nuclear Deal – Good or Bad for Iraq?
  65. Thales Awarded Contract at Najaf Airport
  66. Private Sector Cash to Pump Iranian Gas to Iraq
  67. IBBC Visits Khor Al Zubair Fuel Depot
  68. UNAMI holds Open Forum with Iraqi Women
  69. Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  70. Currency Auction Results, 8th Oct
  71. GE to Provide Turbines for Bismayah Plant
  72. Getting Away With Murder
  73. Why The Russians Won’t Win Against Extremists in Iraq
  74. US Officials ask how IS got so Many Toyota SUVs
  75. Video: Popularity of ‘Putin the Shiite’ sky high in Iraq
  76. Kurdish Region ‘Lagging Behind Baghdad’
  77. Iraq Abandons Govt Bond Issue
  78. Iraq Stock Market Report
  79. RSK, Basra Uni, to Train Iraqi Oil Engineers
  80. Could Saudi-Iraqi ties be Key to Defeating IS?
  81. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
  82. Currency Auction Results, 11th Oct
  83. Video: Iraq Agriculture on Verge of Collapse
  84. Empirical Aspects of the Extractive Industry Governance in Iraq
  85. Petrofac Wins Training Contract at Majnoon
  86. FlyBaghdad has eyes on Dubai, then Europe
  87. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  88. Currency Auction Results, 13th Oct
  89. Sepil Retires from Genel Energy
  90. Kuwait may Import Gas from Iraq
  91. Minister Urges Ukrainian Firms to Provide Vehicles
  92. Diyala and Salahuddin Reconstruction to cost $1.3bn
  93. GKP Rises following New Payment
  94. Modify the investment law will be submitted to parliament next Monday for a vote
  95. South Africa Eyes Crude Oil from Iraq
  96. Iraq claims to have Re-taken Baiji Refinery
  97. Former Minister Charged with Corruption
  98. Video: Political Tensions Rise in Kurdistan Region
  99. U.S., Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  100. Neglect eats away Historical City of Uruk
  101. Veolia Wins Contract at Karbala Refinery
  102. Religious Construction ‘More Efficient’ than Govt Projects
  103. Airstrikes Haven’t Interrupted IS Oil Trade
  104. Genel Energy Lowers Guidance
  105. Parliamentary Finance Cmte: The Need for More Accuracy, Transparency
  106. Block 9 Reaches Production in Record Time
  107. IBBC Autumn Conference: Iraq in the Global Marketplace
  108. IWPR Director found Dead
  109. Airstrikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  110. Currency Auction Results, 20th Oct
  111. Cabinet Approves 2016 Budget of $91bn
  112. Trade Minister Wanted on Corruption Charges
  113. Moody’s Withdraws Credit Rating on Planned Iraqi Bonds
  114. UN Provides Shelter for Refugees in Anbar
  115. IMF may offer Major Loan to Iraq
  116. Khudairi Group adds Hertz Equipment Franchise
  117. KRG meets with New Zealand Business Council
  118. Canada to End Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
  119. IWPR’s Jacky Sutton “Acted Alone”
  120. Airstrikes Continue Against Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  121. October Oil Exports Fall
  122. Lebanese Industry Minister visits Iraq
  123. Iraq Stock Market Report
  124. YOU are the Hope for Vulnerable Iraqi Children
  125. World Leaders Condemn Attack on Refugee Camp
  126. Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Targets in Syria, Iraq
  127. More than 700 Iraqis Killed in Oct
  128. Currency Auction Results, 1st Nov
  129. Iraq Improves in Prosperity Index
  130. Ahmed Chalabi Dies, Aged 71
  131. Parliament Curbs Prime Minister’s Power
  132. Millions of Iraqi Children Denied Access to Education
  133. Military Airstrikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  134. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Nov
  135. Iran Khodro to Increase Production in Iraq
  136. Asian Oilfield Services Completes Shakal Project
  137. British Museum sets up Emergency Heritage Mgt Programme
  138. Child-Friendly Spaces Aid Recovery in Iraq
  139. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  140. Tawke Production Worth $2bn Annually
  141. Former Minister Jailed for Corruption
  142. Mansour Bank Opts for ICSFS Software
  143. Calls to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
  144. Military Forces Strike ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  145. Currency Auction Results, 5th Nov
  146. URGENT: Min. of Industry Announces Investment Opportunities
  147. Video: Iraq shows off New Fighter Jets
  148. 100 Youths Join Workshop on Innovation
  149. Death Hidden in the Dirt: Old Land Mines in Maysan
  150. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  151. Which Form of Govt is Best for Iraqi Kurdistan?
  152. Why Christians Oppose Own Autonomous Region
  153. Iraqi PM Under Attack
  154. Grain Board Boss Sacked in Corruption Probe
  155. Iraq Stock Market Report
  156. The New Iraq: 2015/2016 Discovering Business
  157. Iraqis Visit US to Study Gas-Capturing Technologies
  158. Kurds Will Return to Baghdad to Negotiate Oil Exports
  159. Iraq may Export Sugar
  160. FlyBaghdad leases Jordanian 737
  161. Much-Awaited Future Energy Forum Opens for Membership
  162. Iraq Agrees Monitoring Program for IMF Loan
  163. Oil Export Data from KRG, Oct 2015
  164. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  165. New Resilience Agenda gives Options to IDPs
  166. Currency Auction Results, 10th Nov
  167. Occidental to sell Zubair stake to Iraq’s South Oil
  168. Cabinet Approves New Hotel at Basra Airport
  169. Energy Cmte Discusses New Projects
  170. Year-End Foreign Reserves Estimated at $60bn
  171. Currency Auction Results, 11th Nov
  172. Iraq Seeks Fourth Mobile Telecom Provider
  173. Iraq in the Global Marketplace
  174. UK University offers Postgrad Scholarship for Iraqi Students
  175. Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  176. Why Iraqi Women are Turning to the Internet to Buy Books
  177. Iran, Iraq Sign 6-Year Gas Deal
  178. Oryx Petroleum 3Q Results and 2016 Capital Budget
  179. Oil Pipeline with Jordan ‘a Priority’ for Iraq
  180. Dhi Qar Signs MoU with Korean Firms for Infrastructure
  181. Video: N. Iraq faces Bankruptcy amid Falling Oil Prices
  182. KRG to Export Oil through Iran
  183. Honeywell Wins Contract at Karbala Refinery
  184. Iraq Stock Market Report
  185. Iraqi Forces Advance into Ramadi
  186. Mass Grave Discovered in Sinjar
  187. Iran to Add Rigs at Shared Oilfield
  188. Iraq and Egypt Announce Energy Cooperation
  189. Canada Changes Iraq Mission
  190. Abadi Removes Grain Board Officials
  191. UK Hits IS in Multiple Air Strikes
  192. US Strike Destroys 100 ISIS Fuel Tankers
  193. Jump in Iraqi Crude Exports to US
  194. Basra Plans World’s Tallest Tower
  195. The Iraq Club, 9th December, Dubai: Speakers Announced
  196. Iraqi Oil Selling for $30 Per Barrel
  197. Bloom Delays Housing Project
  198. Kurds Discover ISIS Tunnel Complex
  199. PM Abadi: Maysan is a Model Province
  200. Ashti Hawrami: KRG Disguises Oil Shipments
  201. Row Over Paramilitary Salaries
  202. Rare Attack Hits Yusifiyah
  203. Concern Grows Over Cholera Outbreak
  204. Japan Loans Funding for Water Treatment
  205. Baghdad-KRI Flights Suspended
  206. Iraq Signs Convention on Settlement of Investment Disputes
  207. PM Barzani Opens Deralok Hydropower Project
  208. Court Orders KRG Pay Dana Gas $100m
  209. Coalition Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  210. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Nov
  211. IBBC and the Southern Governorates
  212. Iraq to Privatise Govt’s Two Largest Banks
  213. KRG to Begin Natural Gas Exports to Turkey
  214. How to Resolve Iraq’s Economic Crisis
  215. Video: Museum tries to Recover Lost Treasures
  216. Anti-ISIL Forces Make Gains in Iraq, Syria
  217. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  218. Iraq Oil Output to hit 6m bpd by 2020
  219. Wood Group wins $90m Contract in Iraq
  220. Applications Open for MEPI Student Leaders Program
  221. UN Concerned about Proposed National Identity Law
  222. Campaign to Eliminate Gender-Based Violence
  223. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  224. Terex Wins Port Crane Order
  225. US Announces $38.7m in New Econ Assistance to Iraq
  226. Video: MSF helps treat Iraq’s Poorest
  227. Canada to assist KRG to Develop Governance
  228. US Man gets 27 mths Jail for Iraq Fraud
  229. How Renewed Turkey-PKK Conflict Threatens KRG
  230. Jaafari asks Japan to set up Tech Institute in Basra
  231. Norway Boosts Iraq Stabilization Efforts
  232. How Iraq just Legalized Discrimination against Minorities
  233. Video: Iraq Faces Orphan Crisis
  234. Dana Gas Share Rise on $2bn Iraq Judgement
  235. UN Report Addresses Yazidi Property Rights
  236. US Congress Not Planning Vote to Partition Iraq
  237. Iraq Stock Market Report
  238. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  239. Currency Auction Results, 30th Nov
  240. Oil Exports hit Record in November
  241. Dana Gas Reaches Settlement With RWE
  242. Lukoil Updates on West Qurna 2
  243. Iran “Drying Out the Kurdistan Region”
  244. FM Meets Head of Iraq-Japan Friendship Assoc
  245. Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  246. Nearly 900 Iraqis Killed in November
  247. Currency Auction Results, 1st Dec
  248. Sweden Bans Flights from Northern Iraq
  249. Korea Offers Extra $1m for Iraqi Refugees
  250. KRG Pres Barzani and Saudi King Salman Meet in Riyadh