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  1. Video: “Foreign-Backed Elements Ignite Tensions”
  2. Iraq Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with S. Korea
  3. Foreign Minister Meets Chinese Ambassador
  4. A Barrel Full of Silver Balls, and the Elections
  5. Iraq Stock Market Report
  6. “Rocky Road Ahead” for Asiacell IPO
  7. WesternZagros Awards Contract for 2 High-Spec Rigs
  8. CBI Expects 9% Growth, Reserves of $105-$110bn
  9. AnaeCo, Repindo, sign MOU for Basra Waste Project
  10. Foreign Minister Receives United Nation’s Kobler
  11. Video: US “Divided Iraqis on Sectarian Lines”
  12. WHO Attaining Universal Coverage
  13. Try Iraq for a True Frontier Market
  14. Over 2.5m Tourists Visited Iraq in 2012
  15. New Italian Ambassador to Iraq
  16. Housing Ministry Signs Deals for 18,000 New Units
  17. US “Holds 80,000 Iraqi Antiquities”
  18. Suicide Bomber Assassinates Sunni MP
  19. Deadline Postponed for Nasiriya Integrated Project
  20. Joint Effort Delivers 3 Helicopters to Iraq
  21. Dewan to Design Nakheel City in Basra
  22. Iraqi Parliament Moving Against Maliki on Several Fronts
  23. Weekly Security Update
  24. Samsung Wins $879m Badra Deal
  25. Dubai Private Sector Trade with Iraq Soars
  26. Cabinet Issued 472 Decisions in 2012
  27. 13,000 and Counting
  28. EU-Iraq Agreement: New Opportunities to Boost Democracy
  29. DPM Discusses Investment with Australian Ambassador
  30. Iraq’s Political Rights Rating Falls
  31. anti-Maliki Demos Show no Sign of Slowing
  32. Education for All – Cultural Empowerment, Political Imperative
  33. Iraq On Track for Big Wheat Crop
  34. Tensions Rise Over BP Kirkuk Deal
  35. KRG Hits Out at Baghdad over Oil Policy
  36. Video: Tensions Flare over Kirkuk
  37. Video: Funeral of Sunni MP Killed in Suicide Bombing
  38. Video: “US, Saudis Unleash al-Qaeda on Iraq”
  39. US Top Priority: Expand Investment and Commercial Ties with Iraq
  40. Genel Updates on Trading and Operations
  41. Iraq Buys Australian and Canadian Wheat
  42. American University of Iraq Seeks New President
  43. Total CEO in Court for Oil-for-Food Trial
  44. Iraq Allocates $86m for Return of Expats
  45. The American Film Showcase in Iraq
  46. Foreign Minister Meets Swedish Ambassador
  47. Iraq Stock Market Report
  48. S. Korea’s LS Industrial wins $67m Deal
  49. Video: British Energy Minister visits Baghdad
  50. Shimadzu Sells X-ray Equipment to Iraq
  51. New Dorm Facilities for AUIS Students
  52. Afren Shares Up on Trading Statement
  53. Questions About Practices of Private Iraqi Banks
  54. US, Iraq to Improve Iraqi Agriculture
  55. Pres Barzani Hosts Annual Diplomatic Corps Mtg
  56. Iraq Discovers Another Billion Barrels of Oil
  57. Maliki Holds Talks with Exxon Boss
  58. China May Build New $650m Iraq Oil Pipeline
  59. Deputy Governor of CBI Released
  60. West Quran 2 Contract Terms Revised
  61. New Report: Drilling & Oilfield Services Market
  62. Weekly Security Update
  63. Outlook for the MENA Region 2013
  64. Genel Completes Acquisition of Miran Block
  65. Kuwait ratifies $500m Settlement with Iraqi Airways
  66. US to Assist Iraq with Elections
  67. Record Growth at Erbil International Airport
  68. Iraqi Ministers Attend Arab Development Summit
  69. UN Agencies in Iraq Help Syrian Refugees
  70. Maliki Makes Concessions on De-Baathification
  71. Lord Green Visits IBBC’s Basra Office
  72. Harvesting the Iraqi Diaspora
  73. Shell Awards WorleyParsons 3-Yr Gas Contract
  74. Iraq Completes Submarine Cable Project
  75. Asiacell IPO “to be a Sell-Out”
  76. Iraq Addresses Crude Oil Price/Quality Concerns
  77. Indian Company to Build Pipe Factory in Basra
  78. Funding for SIGIR to Expire in March
  79. US Contractor gets 30 Mths in Prison for Fraud
  80. Foreign Minister Meets Kuwaiti Counterpart
  81. Iraq to Achieve Electricity Self-Sufficiency
  82. Iran-Iraq Trade Could Hit $12bn
  83. Bulgaria Opens Embassy in Iraq
  84. Sistani Calls for ‘Civil State’ in Iraq
  85. Iraq Stock Market Report
  86. WesternZagros Announces Four-Fold Increase at Kurdamir
  87. EPGI Awarded 11m Sq. Metre Oil and Gas Project
  88. Chevron Awarded Stake in Qara Dagh
  89. Baghdad Free Zone Approved
  90. Deputy PM al-Mutlaq “Submits Resignation”
  91. Iraq Cuts Gold Holdings by a Quarter
  92. UN Helps Iraqis Gain Advanced Uni Degrees
  93. Roundtable Discussion on Violence against Women
  94. New Term Limits for Prime Minister
  95. Weekly Security Update
  96. Exxon Must Choose: Southern Iraq or Kurdistan
  97. Asiacell IPO “Fully Booked”
  98. UK Open New Visa Centre in Baghdad
  99. New Background Paper on Iraqi Budget
  100. GE Opens New Facility to Help Boost Oil Production
  101. Missan Emerges as Major Oil Producer
  102. FM Zebari Meets EU Head of Mission
  103. Block-9 Contracts Signed
  104. Progress on Visas
  105. Iraq Warns KRG Over Oil Exports to Turkey
  106. Qatar Airways Expands Network In Iraq
  107. New Sri Lankan Ambassador to Iraq
  108. Erbil International Airport Wins Int’l Award
  109. Sterling Energy to Pull Out of Kurdistan
  110. Iraq to Harness Solar, Wind Power
  111. Missan to Get New Power Station
  112. Atlasjet Plans Iraq Subsidiary
  113. Iraqi Kurdistan Considers Lebanese Trade Ties
  114. Asiacell Starts Trading on Stock Market
  115. ShaMaran: Increased Contingent Resources at Atrush
  116. Iraq to Build Medical City in Baghdad
  117. Frameworks Governing Upstream Petroleum in Iraq
  118. Iraq Stock Market Report
  119. Iraq’s Problems Go Beyond Maliki
  120. Iraq Stock Sale Sign of Investor Confidence
  121. US-Sponsored Training Strengthens Financial Sector in Iraq
  122. Iraqi Dinar Could Rise as Much as 15%
  123. Restoration of Border Villages Allegedly Tied to Elections
  124. Video: Iraq Sunnis Rally Against Shia-led Govt
  125. US Embassy Commemorates World Wetlands Day
  126. Iraq Improves Press Freedom Rating
  127. Iraq Participates in Conference on Syria
  128. Report on USAID Tijara Growth Program
  129. A Nobel Prize Winning IPO
  130. Weekly Security Update
  131. Iraq’s Ports Record Highest-Ever Returns
  132. Is Sima a Front for Trafigura in Iraq?
  133. Iraqi Oil-for-Food Lawsuit Collapses
  134. Cotecna Appointed for Pre-Importation Inspection
  135. More Details of Missan Oil Find
  136. Anbar Postpones Investment Conference
  137. A Big Week For the Iraqi Stock Market
  138. Diyala Needs 33,000 New Homes to Replace Slums
  139. Turkey Encourages Investment in Iraqi Kurdistan
  140. Iraq Rehabilitates Nassiriyah Power Plant
  141. US Embassy Commemorates Int’l Human Rights
  142. Galfar Plans Expansion into Iraq
  143. First Germany-Kurdistan Economic Forum
  144. Iraqi Housing Initiative “Fails to Deliver”
  145. Iraq: “A Broken Justice System”
  146. Video: Rocket Attack Kills Iranian Exiles in Iraq
  147. Iraq Stock Market Report
  148. Cooperation Between Kurdistan and Northern Ireland
  149. WesternZagros Revises Resource Estimates
  150. Exxon Hires Former US Ambassador to Iraq
  151. Standard Chartered Expanding in Iraq
  152. KRG’s Hawrami Welcomes UK Energy Delegation
  153. Kirkuk Shines Spotlight on Turkey’s Iraq Policy
  154. Announcement: Ownership of Knowledge, Transfer in Progress….
  155. Turkish Firm to Invest $700m in Steel Plant
  156. Investment Opportunities in Iraqi Fiber Networks
  157. Weatherford Completes New Well at Bazargan
  158. Sonoro Energy Updates on Iraqi Operations
  159. US Ambassador’s Fund Grant
  160. DNO Reports Record Profits
  161. Iraq “has Little Interest in Oil Law”
  162. Training on Management of Investment Zones
  163. US Contractor Fined for Late Reporting of Casualties
  164. Iraqi Parliament Rejects Draft Cybercrime Bill
  165. US-Sponsored Legal Training Helps the Vulnerable
  166. Weekly Security Update
  167. Air Arabia Launches Sharjah-Baghdad Service
  168. Banque Libano-Française Opens Iraqi Branch
  169. Iraq, Britain Form Joint Business Council
  170. Alstom Signs $1.5bn Monorail Contract
  171. The PM’s Amazing Disappearing Website
  172. Kuwait Energy’s Plans in Iraq
  173. Iraqi Airways’ First Kuwait Flights since 1990
  174. Iraq Tackles Health Care Reform
  175. Lufthansa Consulting Builds Business in Iraq
  176. Versar gets $4.4m Iraq Contract Extension
  177. Zebari, Beecroft, Discuss Iraq-US Relations
  178. Iraqi Kurdistan Shifts Investment Approach
  179. IIER Budget Seminar
  180. KRG Allocates Land for Permanent UK Consulate
  181. Red Double-Decker Buses Back on Baghdad Streets
  182. Political Dynamics Behind the Downfall Court Chief
  183. Iraq Stock Market Report
  184. GKP Rises on Litigation Update
  185. Bomb Disrupts Baiji Pipeline
  186. Wheat Harvest Exceeds 3m Tons
  187. Is Barzani Assuming Talabani’s Role As Mediator in Iraq?
  188. Video: UK Minister on Iraq Visit
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  190. KRG President Barzani Begins Visit to Russia
  191. Swiss Ambassador Presents Credentials
  192. Zain Iraq Plans IPO by July
  193. L-3 Wins F-16 Simulator Contract
  194. Iraq Restores Historic Ottoman Site
  195. New Oil Find in Iraqi Kurdistan
  196. Cabinet OKs Iran-Syria Pipelines
  197. German IT Firm to Expand Iraq Operations
  198. Most Iraqis Unaware Of Insurance Rights
  199. 40,000 Houses to be Build in Karbala
  200. US, Iraqi Govts Work for Business-Friendly Environment
  201. Weekly Security Update
  202. Second Attack on Baiji-Nineveh Pipeline
  203. What’s Your Advice to Iraq?
  204. Iraq Urges Australian Firms to Invest in Iraq
  205. Rift Deepens Between Maliki and Nujaifi
  206. PM Barzani calls for Int’l Engagement
  207. Foreign Minister Meets Dutch Delegation
  208. Jan Crude Exports Slightly Up
  209. Iraq Opens $219m Power Plant
  210. IBBC Signs Pact with Basra
  211. KRG President Barzani meets Russia’s Putin
  212. Nujaifi: Negotiations on Budget “Failed”
  213. NBK Makes Custody Breakthrough
  214. Iraqi Kurdistan ‘Will to Achieve’ Key to Success
  215. Cheap Imports may “Destroy” Cement Industry
  216. Refinery Plans Raise Arab-Kurdish Tensions
  217. Iraqi Billboard Co Expands into Jordan
  218. Zebari Participates in Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum
  219. Employees Win Concessions at South Oil
  220. Netherlands Opens Embassy Liaison Office in Erbil
  221. Barzani to Host Summit as Political Crisis Worsens
  222. UN’s Kobler on Sand- and Dust-Storms
  223. KRG Pres Barzani meets Russian FM Lavrov
  224. Iraq Stock Market Report
  225. Exxon Begins Exploration in Kurdistan Region
  226. Iraq Oil Payment Talks ‘Hit Impasse’
  227. RMD Kwikform Returns to Iraq
  228. Czech/Iraq Aircraft Deal “Fails”
  229. British Films Come to Erbil
  230. Video: Iraq to Mali, The Changing Calculus of War
  231. Video: Turkey’s Role in Iraqi Unrest
  232. WesternZagros Spuds Kurdamir-3
  233. KRG Signs New Agreements with Gazprom
  234. Iraq Club Dubai Celebrates 1st Anniversary
  235. Metito Wins Kufa Water Project
  236. Iraq “Losing $27m/day” Due to Budget Delay
  237. UN Envoy Supports Greenbelts in Iraq
  238. US-Sponsored Projects Assist Vulnerable Communities
  239. British Trade Mission to Kurdistan
  240. Updated US Travel Warning for Iraq
  241. Iraq/UK Energy Cooperation Growing Stronger
  242. Petrofac Updates on Iraqi Operations
  243. First Flight to Kuwait since 1990
  244. German Company Wins $2m Order for Valves
  245. BBC Special on Iraq
  246. Fuel Pipeline Attacked for 3rd Time
  247. Weekly Security Update
  248. UK Minister: “The Opportunities are Fantastic …”
  249. Iraqi Finance Minister Resigns
  250. $4bn Russian Arms Deal to Go Ahead