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  1. KRG Pres Barzani and Saudi King Salman Meet in Riyadh
  2. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  3. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Dec
  4. Iraqi Trade Minister Dismissed
  5. DNO Confirms Kurdistan Payment
  6. Rise in Unemployment in Iraqi Kurdistan
  7. PAFI Hires US Media Consultants
  8. Video: US to Deploy ‘Specialised’ Troops
  9. KRG Publishes Report on Oil Production
  10. US Delivers Critical Winter Relief Supplies
  11. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  12. Video: US to Intensify War against ISIL
  13. Why Defeating the IS won’t bring Stability to Iraq
  14. US Praises Iraqi Govt, WFP Food Assistance in Anbar
  15. Video: Iraq’s Disabled Struggle to get Treatment
  16. Video: Iraq slums – Poverty rates on the rise
  17. Service Contracts Vs Production Sharing Contracts Revisited
  18. Video: Iraq calls for Turkish Withdrawal from Mosul Area
  19. KRG Airports Closed Again
  20. Sulaimaniyah opens New Border Crossing with Iran
  21. Iraq Stock Market Report
  22. US Issues New Iraq Travel Warning
  23. Military Strikes Strike ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  24. Currency Auction Results, 6th Dec
  25. Gulf Keystone Appoints New Non-Executive Directors
  26. Oil Minister meets with Shell
  27. Sweden gives $4m to help Stabilize Newly Liberated Areas
  28. MSF Extends Activities in Baghdad
  29. Video: Iraq-Turkey Diplomatic Spat seen from Erbil
  30. KRG Oil Exports Top 600,000 bpd
  31. APR Signs Contract Extension
  32. Strikes Continue to Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  33. Video: Debate on Foreign Involvement in Iraq Intensifies
  34. US Offers Helicopter Support in Ramadi
  35. Visited Iraq? US Now Requires Special Visa
  36. Kata’ib Hezbollah Threaten “Turkish Interests”
  37. Yezidis Discover ISIS Supply Route
  38. Iraqi Forces Close to Ramadi Victory
  39. Finland Arrests Speicher Massacre Suspects
  40. Iraq Goes to UN over Turkish Deployment
  41. US Kills ISIS “Finance Chief”
  42. Jordanian Truckers Lament Trebil Closure
  43. Turkish Forces Move from Bashika
  44. 15 Coalition Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq
  45. APR Energy Extends Basra Contract
  46. Third NOC Official Assassinated
  47. Video: Turkish Troops Withdrawn
  48. IMF “to Agree Iraq Monitoring Program”
  49. Progress Made in Degrading ISIL Oil Revenues
  50. UK Committed to Long-Term Partnership with KRG
  51. Oil Minister meets Japanese Delegation
  52. Stirling Group Partners with EUIEC
  53. Oil Minister meets Deputy Head of Eni
  54. Kurdistan’s Great Recession
  55. Saudi Re-Opens Iraq Embassy after 25 Years
  56. KRG, US Business Delegation Discuss Opportunities
  57. Carter, Iraqi Leaders Discuss Ways to Increase Pressure on ISIL
  58. Basra Heavy Crude has ‘Limited Appeal’ for US Buyers
  59. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  60. Iraq to Receive $1.2bn World Bank Loan
  61. Bombardier Welcomes Arab Wings and Iraq Gate
  62. Basra Crude Exports to Rise in January
  63. Basra to get $5/barrel in 2016 Budget
  64. Abdul Mahdi: Iraq to Watch non-OPEC Production
  65. Central Bank Increases Dollar Price at Auctions
  66. Turkish Forces Withdrawing From Iraq
  67. Heavy Coalition Air Strikes in Ramadi
  68. IEITI Annual Report: Progress, but Improvement Still Needed
  69. Iraq Gate Expands Corporate Fleet
  70. China, Iraq, Plan Historic Oil Cooperation
  71. Liberation of Ramadi Imminent
  72. Baghdad Hails First Miss Iraq Since 1972
  73. WesternZagros Review Financing
  74. Foreign Minister Jafaari Visits Kuwait
  75. US General: “Conventional” War Can Defeat ISIS
  76. Iraqi Lab Produces Resilient Date Palms
  77. Baghdad Christmas Celebrations Have Deeper Meaning
  78. Oil, Rail Expansion Dominate China Talks
  79. Kurdish Regional Government Fights Reform Battle
  80. Iraq May Reopen the Yanbu Pipeline
  81. IMF Expects 10.6% Growth in 2016
  82. Iraqi Kurdistan tries to Lure Tourists
  83. Shingal City Rapid Damage Assessment
  84. Italy to send a Military Training Team to Kurdistan
  85. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  86. Video: Hundreds of Civilians Evacuated near Ramadi
  87. Currency Auction Results, 13th Jan
  88. KRG Exported 584k bpd Oil in December
  89. Will New 50,000 Dinar Notes Hurt Low Income Iraqis
  90. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Iraq
  91. Currency Auction Results, 14th Jan
  92. IMF Approves a Staff-Monitored Program for Iraq
  93. Asiacell Expands Mobile Financial Services
  94. NIC Announces New Project Opportunities
  95. Video: Yazidis’ Horrors Refuse to go Away
  96. Al-Abadi Opens New Power Station
  97. 7m Govt Employees Fear for their Jobs
  98. Foreign Reserves to Fall to $43bn
  99. KRG asks US for Support
  100. Video: Winter Wreaks Havoc in Refugee Camps
  101. Kogas to Sell Stake in Akkas Field
  102. Can Exporting Natural Gas Save Iraqi Kurdistan?
  103. Public Debt to Jump to 66% of GDP
  104. Iraq Stock Market Falls Further
  105. Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad
  106. Al-Abadi Congratulates Iran on Lifting of Sanctions
  107. Video: Can Govt Stem Rising Sectarianism?
  108. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  109. Currency Auction Results, 17th Jan
  110. Long Term Service Contracts are Good But Not Perfect
  111. Iran to up Oil Output at Joint Iraq Fields
  112. Directorate Changes at Genel Energy
  113. KRG briefs US on Impact of Economic Slowdown
  114. Staggering Civilian Death Toll in Iraq
  115. Coalition Strikes ISIL Targets in Syria, Iraq
  116. Currency Auction Results, 18th Jan
  117. Genel Energy Shares Slump on Trading Update
  118. Genel Energy Outlines 2016 Plans
  119. Iraq backs Jordanian Prince in FIFA Election
  120. Amnesty claims Kurds Uprooting Arabs
  121. ICRC rushes Aid to People Fleeing Ramadi
  122. Norway Contributes Funding for Rehabilitation
  123. Strikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  124. Gazprom Almost Doubles Processing Capacity at Badra
  125. KRG Ministers Speak at IBBC Business Forum
  126. KRG Discusses Financial Crisis with Governors
  127. Clearing Ramadi Progresses Despite Obstacles
  128. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Iraq
  129. US Approves $1.95bn Iraq Weapons Deal
  130. Iraq proposes Deferred Payment to CNPC
  131. KRG rejects Amnesty International Report
  132. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  133. Can Iraq curb Tribal Disputes?
  134. Currency Auction Results, 21st Jan
  135. What will happen to Iraq’s Mandaeans?
  136. New $100m Edible Oils Plant to Open end-2016
  137. Al-Abadi Meets with World Bank President
  138. The Iraqi Shanty Town Between Two Oil Fields
  139. Sunnis joining Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units
  140. Iraq Oil Exports at Record, and Fully Booked
  141. Antonoil Named Preferred Bidder for $78m Iraq Deal
  142. Schlumberger Iraq Activity continuea to Decline
  143. Video: Dismantling the Social Fabric of Iraq
  144. Southern Iraq Oil Output 4.13m bpd in December
  145. Iraq Stock Market Report
  146. ‘Recommendations Forthcoming’ on US Troop Presence in N. Iraq
  147. Iraq Summons Saudi Envoy
  148. Al-Abadi receives Speaker of the Iranian Parliament
  149. Kurdish Delegation visits UK Uni to create New Partnerships
  150. Operation Inherent Resolve Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  151. Currency Auction Results, 24th Jan
  152. Iraq agrees $328m GE Electricity Deal
  153. KRG and US Delegation discuss Financial Crisis
  154. Coalition Continues Anti-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  155. Drug Smuggling Supported by Maysan’s Tribes
  156. Currency Auction Results, 26th Jan
  157. Czech Govt to send more Arms to Iraq
  158. Appeal for $298m for Syrian Refugees in Iraq
  159. Qatar Winterization Project for Displaced Iraqis
  160. Video: Iran, Iraq discuss Ties and Security
  161. KRG and EU Mission discuss Kurdistan Situation
  162. Could Iraq Mediate Iran, Saudi Strife?
  163. Nechirvan Barzani: One Day we will Own our Independent State
  164. UK Firm Supplies Ballistic Doors to Iraq
  165. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  166. Currency Auction Results, 27th Jan
  167. Currency Auction Results, 28th Jan
  168. Iraq to sell Saddam’s Properties?
  169. Iraq Improves Transparency Ranking (Slightly)
  170. Foreign Minister Receives the Head of JICA
  171. Widespread Iraqi Anger Threatens Saudi Ties
  172. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  173. Video: Coalition Adapts Iraq Training
  174. Renewed Fears of Mosul Dam Collapse
  175. Post ISIL: ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Diyala Province
  176. Video: State Employees Feel Pinch
  177. Kirkuk Oil Flowing, but Locals Never See Any Money
  178. What’s next for Anbar?
  179. Iraq Stock Market Report
  180. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  181. Currency Auction Results, 1st Feb
  182. KRG Clarifies Payments – Oil Shares Up Sharply
  183. China in $18bn Iraq Pipeline Deal
  184. Iraq to Revive National Oil Company (NOC)
  185. Explosion Damages Gas Pipeline Near Kirkuk
  186. Iraq Willing to Cut Oil Production
  187. January Oil Exports Up; Revenues Slump
  188. UN asks for $861m for Humanitarian Aid
  189. Essential Services Reestablished in Tikrit
  190. 849 Iraqis Killed in January
  191. Coalition Continues Anti-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  192. Political Risk Index for Iraq Oil Export: Reality and Predictions
  193. Video: Italian Firm Wins Contract to Fix Mosul Dam
  194. Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  195. Is the KRG heading for Bankruptcy?
  196. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Feb
  197. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  198. Operation Inherent Resolve Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  199. Who’s to Blame for Recent Kidnappings in Iraq?
  200. Currency Auction Results, 5th Feb
  201. Genel Energy Shares Up on KRG Payment
  202. KRG Exported 602k bpd Oil in January
  203. President Barzani: Time for Kurdistan Referendum
  204. KRG to Pay only Partial Salaries
  205. Caravan Stops Crumble Along Abandoned Silk Road
  206. Register Now for 5k to Benefit Iraqi Children
  207. Baghdad Building a Wall Against IS
  208. Salt Industry Evaporating in Iraq
  209. DNO Confirms Payment from KRG
  210. Iraq Stock Market Report
  211. Military Strikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  212. UK Software Firm Wins Contract with TBI
  213. Al-Abadi calls for ‘Fundamental’ Change to Cabinet
  214. UNICEF, Iraqi Govt Renew Promise to Children in Need
  215. Iraq Struggles to Combat Evolving Terrorist Threat
  216. Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  217. Currency Auction Results, 9th Feb
  218. Iraq Raises March Oil Prices
  219. Shell Boss meets Oil Minister
  220. Mosul Dam at ‘Higher Risk’ of Failure
  221. How to Overcome Iraq’s Economic Crisis
  222. Turkey Tightens Visa Regime with Iraq
  223. Currency Auction Results, 10th Feb
  224. AMAR’s Trauma Therapy Training Begins
  225. DNO ‘Laying Foundation for More Investments in KRI’
  226. OIR Spokesman: Counter-ISIL Progress Continues
  227. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  228. Genel to Resume Drilling at Taq Taq
  229. Germany to Lend Iraq $566m
  230. Iraq to Load Less Basra Crude in March
  231. Video: Kurdistan is ‘Part of Iraq’ – Abadi
  232. Currency Auction Results, 11th Feb
  233. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  234. Video: Ramadi Retaken, but Rebuilding is huge Task
  235. Russia ready to Sell Airliners to Iraq
  236. Czechs may send Pilot Trainers to Iraq
  237. Saudi Comments on Popular Mobilization Units Anger Iraqis
  238. Dana Gas Seller Turns Buyer
  239. Coalition to ‘Accelerate and Intensify’ Campaign Against IS
  240. IEITI Annual Report 2013: Again, Modest Progress but More Improvement Still Needed
  241. The Requirements of Economic Reforms in Iraq
  242. Iraq Stock Market Report
  243. Al-Abadi meets German Business Leaders
  244. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  245. Currency Auction Results, 15th Feb
  246. Iraq Approves Plans for Kirkuk Airport
  247. Video: Battle for Iraq continues in Tikrit
  248. Egyptian Investors Consider Building Industrial Cities in Iraq
  249. Video: Trump calls Iraq ‘Harvard of Terrorism’
  250. Currency Auction Results, 16th Feb