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  1. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  2. KRG 2015 Oil Report; $4bn in Independent Oil Sales
  3. Al-Abadi offers Kurds Salaries for Oil
  4. Nearly 5,700 Buildings in Ramadi need Repair
  5. Iranian Minister in Iraq for Trade Talks
  6. Inherent Resolve Strikes Continue Against ISIL
  7. Can Iraq Separate Religion and State?
  8. Currency Auction Results, 17th Feb
  9. KRG Authorises GKP Shaikan Payment
  10. Weatherford, SGS deny Responsibility for Stolen Radioactive Material
  11. Air Power Vital to Counter-ISIL Success, Commander Says
  12. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  13. Currency Auction Results, 18th Feb
  14. Iran, Iraq MoU on Financial Corruption
  15. UltiSat wins Satcom Contract with SOS Int’l
  16. Everybody is corrupt,
  17. Iran Sets Up Pickup Assembly Line in Iraq
  18. New Import Tariffs Causing Port Chaos
  19. Senior Officials Referred to Court on Corruption Charges
  20. Missing Radioactive Material Located
  21. Video: More Funds needed to Save Mosul Dam
  22. Iraq Stock Market Report
  23. UNOPS Awards Contract for IDP Shelter Units
  24. Coalition Continues Counter-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  25. Amnesty Int’l Condemns ‘Shocking Surge’ in Death Sentences
  26. Currency Auction Results, 22nd Feb
  27. Ministry of Oil Concludes Shaky Refinery Deal with Satarem
  28. More Directorate Changes at Genel Energy
  29. Mobile Money Service goes live in Iraq
  30. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  31. UN Calls for Relocation of Civilians to Safer Areas
  32. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Feb
  33. Petrofac will soon complete Badra Project
  34. Iraq Begins Construction on Baghdad Wall
  35. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  36. Why this Iraqi City is Starving
  37. Currency Auction Results, 24th Feb
  38. Weir Group Iraq Revenues Offset Declines
  39. Iraq Oil Sector Needs $300bn Investment
  40. Total, Vitol Fined in Iraq Oil-For-Food Case
  41. KRG Relaunches Monthly Crude Oil Export Reports
  42. ALE Concludes Badra Transportation Contract
  43. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  44. US Asst Secretary of State Visits Iraq
  45. Currency Auction Results, 25th Feb
  46. US Approves $350m Beechcraft Iraq Deal
  47. Medserv Acquires METS
  48. Asiacell selects Ericsson for Transmission Backbone Contract
  49. New Head of Korean Consulate Begins Mission in Kurdistan
  50. IS Sells Properties Left by Kurds in Mosul
  51. What is Abadi doing to Protect Iraq’s Christians?
  52. Will Govt Employees face more Wage Cuts in 2016?
  53. Archive of Kurdistan Oil Reports Published
  54. Displacement in Iraq Exceeds 3.3 Million
  55. Genel Shares Crash on Taq Taq Reserve Downgrade
  56. Presentation on Iraq’s Oil Service Contracts & Bidding Rounds
  57. Iraq Stock Market Report
  58. Video: ISIL Kills Scores in Attacks Across Iraq
  59. Turkey Thwarts Bomb Attack on KRG’s Oil Pipeline
  60. Iran’s President to Visit Iraq
  61. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  62. Currency Auction Results, 29th Feb
  63. Eni Delaying Investments in Iraq
  64. US warns of “Tsunami” if Mosul Dam Collapses
  65. Oil Exports Slip in February
  66. Oil Pipeline Explosion between Kirkuk and Erbil
  67. RFI for Mobile Number Portability Database
  68. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  69. Carter Highlights Momentum in ISIL Fight
  70. Currency Auction Results, 1st Mar
  71. Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  72. Currency Auction Results, 2nd Mar
  73. Iraq signs Contract with Italian firm to Consolidate Mosul dam
  74. Asiacell Revenues Sharply Down
  75. Shell Iraq Trainees in UK
  76. Contractors Face Prison for Iraq Fraud
  77. GardaWorld First in the World to Certify to New ISO
  78. More than 400 Civilians Killed in February
  79. ABB wins $100m Order Supporting Iraq Power Infrastructure
  80. Oryx Petroleum and Zeg Oil Announce Strategic Investment
  81. PECB Signs Agreement with Citadel Engineering
  82. Video: Major Anti-IS Operation North of Baghdad
  83. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  84. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Mar
  85. World Bank Chief to visit Iraq to discuss economic crisis
  86. KRG Tightens Grip on Oil with Kirkuk Deal
  87. Iraq Stock Market Report
  88. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  89. Video: Sunni Civilians ‘Under Threat’ in Diyala
  90. Currency Auction Results, 7th Mar
  91. Genel Losses Exceed $1bn
  92. Pipeline Outage Almost Halves KRG Oil Exports
  93. Fitch revises Iraq’s Outlook to Negative
  94. Khudairi Appointed as Shell Lubricants Macro Distributor in Iraq
  95. Oil Minister to discuss Oil Pipeline Project with Jordan
  96. GKP Confirms Shaikan Payment
  97. Iraq to pay $2bn in Arrears to Foreign Companies
  98. Iraq Considering Compulsory Military Service
  99. Video: Town Lives in Shadow of World’s ‘Most Dangerous Dam’
  100. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  101. Calls for Greater Women’s Representation in Decision Making
  102. Japan gives $15m to UN-Habitat Projects in Iraq
  103. Iran, Iraq Negotiate Joint Oil Projects
  104. Inherent Resolve Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue
  105. Why is Iraq Challenging Human Rights Reports?
  106. KRG calls for Conference on Reconstruction of Shingal
  107. Amec Foster Wheeler Re-affirms Importance of Iraqi Market
  108. Bold Steps Needed to give Hope to Threatened Groups
  109. Currency Auction Results, 9th Mar
  110. Iraq Infrastructure Projects top $358bn
  111. Standard Chartered in talks on $2bn Iraq Bond Sale
  112. Iraq Prepares to Amend Existing Oil Contracts
  113. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  114. Iraq has World’s 3rd Lowest Oil Production Costs
  115. Oil Minister Signs MoU with Egypt
  116. PM Announces Details of Housing Fund Loans
  117. Umm Qasr Port hits 10m TEU Milestone
  118. Iraq Stock Market Report
  119. Russian Ambassador Discusses Ties with KRI
  120. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  121. Currency Auction Results, 14th Mar
  122. Midland Refineries Company Awarded ISO 9001
  123. Iranian University to Offer Services to Southern Iraq
  124. Iraq wins Award for Reduction of Gas Flaring
  125. Opening of the American University of Duhok
  126. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  127. Currency Auction Results, 15th Mar
  128. Proposed INOC Law could Disintegrate Petroleum Sector
  129. Glencore “Pre-Pays $300m” for Kurdish Oil
  130. Pertamina looks to India to Process Iraqi Crude
  131. Global Oil Output Freeze Plan “Acceptable” For Iraq
  132. UNHCR: Refugees’ Freedom of Movement Restricted
  133. Currency Auction Results, 16th Mar
  134. A new generation of Impact Investment, an opportunity for Iraq?
  135. Is it time to Invest in Iraqi Bonds?
  136. GKP hits Seven-Year Low; Bondholder Nego Continues
  137. PM Barzani Laments Lack of International Support
  138. Oryx Petroleum Loses $423m in 2015
  139. Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  140. Video: Families Return Home in Parts of Anbar
  141. Is it time to Invest in Iraqi Bonds?
  142. The Future of Iraq’s Armed Forces
  143. Race to Reach People Fleeing areas West of Ramadi
  144. How ISIS Rigs Mosul’s Money Markets
  145. Iraq’s Dysfunctional Government by Proxy
  146. DNO Increases Oil Output
  147. Genel announces “Dutch Auction” Bond Buy-Back Offer
  148. Baghdad Halts Kirkuk Oil Exports via KRI
  149. ShaMaran Loses $253m in 2015
  150. Iraq Stock Market Report
  151. KRG “wants to Reach Amicable Agreement with Baghdad”
  152. Strikes Hit ISIL in Iraq
  153. Video: Is Muqtada al-Sadr fueling Shia Infighting?
  154. Currency Auction Results, 20th Mar
  155. Iraq Exports First Shipment of Natural Gas
  156. Trump: “I would have kept Iraq’s Oil”
  157. DNO Confirms KRG Tawke Payment
  158. GKP Shaikan Payment Update
  159. Genel Energy Receives Payment for Taq Taq
  160. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  161. Ministry of Oil Confirms February Export Figures
  162. Iran, Iraq sign Banking MoU
  163. Currency Auction Results, 23rd Mar
  164. Genel Bondholders Accept Haircut
  165. The central bank reduced the money that allows the traveler to carry $ 3000 3-24-16
  166. Iraq Launches Operation to Retake Mosul
  167. Iran, Iraq Discuss Cooperation in Oil Sector
  168. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  169. Islamic Reporting Initiative expands Board of Directors
  170. UN Visits Ramadi to Launch Stabilization Activities
  171. Qaiwan secures $105m Loans for Iraq Power Plant
  172. Genel Boss Eyeing a New Oil Venture
  173. Massoud Barzani vows to Fight Corruption
  174. S. Korea offers $7m in Aid to Iraq
  175. Water Loss could lead to Security Risks
  176. Antigua & Barbuda offers Citizenship to Iraqis
  177. China-Jordan JV Bids for Iraq-Jordan Oil Pipeline
  178. Will Iraq pass Amnesty Law that could Pardon Terrorists?
  179. Oil Minister “Suspends Participation” in Cabinet Meetings
  180. France’s Total to Develop Shared Oilfield in Iran
  181. Siemens signs ‘Landmark Agreement’ with Iraq
  182. Parliament Sets Deadline for Abadi’s New Cabinet
  183. Iraq Stock Market Report
  184. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  185. Currency Auction Results, 28th Mar
  186. Video: Iraqi Army Secures Villages South of Mosul
  187. Prime Minister Announces New ‘Technocrat’ Cabinet
  188. Architect Dame Zaha Hadid Dies
  189. Unemployed Iraqis join in Looting of Antiquities
  190. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  191. Currency Auction Results, 31st Mar
  192. New Allegations of Massive Corruption in Iraq Oil Industy
  193. ALE wins business at Karbala Refinery Project
  194. Oil Ministry Clarifies Gas Export Policy
  195. Court finds against Zain in $187m Tax Ruling
  196. Has US found a New Friend in Iraq’s Shiite Militias?
  197. Gas Condensate Exports – a New Beginning for Hydrocarbon Industry?
  198. Czechs To Send Pilot Trainers to Iraq
  199. Expert Blogger Ahmed Mousa Jiyad on Unaoil Corruption Scandal
  200. Bribery Scandal: PM Calls for Investigation
  201. PM’s Oil Minister Nominee Withdraws Candidacy
  202. KRG Oil Exports Average 327k bpd for March
  203. Iraq Stock Market Report
  204. Latest Counter-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  205. Currency Auction Results, 3rd Apr
  206. Fmr Oil Minister offers Full Cooperation to Unaoil Investigations
  207. Iran cuts Electricity to Iraqi Kurdistan
  208. More than 1,100 Iraqis Killed in March
  209. Coalition Continues Counter-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  210. Currency Auction Results, 5th Apr
  211. Textron to Supply APCs to Iraq
  212. Najaf International Airport buys AS&E X-ray Detection Solutions
  213. Iraqis to buy Antiguan Citizenship to Access Europe?
  214. Kurdistan Opens .KRD Domain
  215. Fire Breaks Out at Kirkuk Gas Well
  216. Netherlands Funds Stabilization in Newly Liberated Areas
  217. What will it Cost to Rebuild Iraq?
  218. Navistar Wins $8m Iraq Defense Contract
  219. Airstrike Destroys ISIL HQ Compound in Mosul
  220. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL
  221. Currency Auction Results, 6th Apr
  222. US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Iraq
  223. Another Cabinet Nominee Withdraws
  224. Secret plan for Kurdish Oil Pipeline Through Iran
  225. Career Opportunities with UNAMI
  226. US Announces New Assistance for Mine-Clearance in Ramadi
  227. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  228. Volunteers Re-Open Historic Baghdad Theatre
  229. Oil Exports ahead of Plan
  230. China Reaches $20bn Trade with Iraq
  231. UN Advertises Jobs in Iraq
  232. Kurdish Poor turn to Scavenging at Local Dumps
  233. Daesh Oil Revenue Falls
  234. UAE to Build Two New Hospitals in Iraqi Kurdistan
  235. Why Iraqi-Saudi ties are Backsliding yet Again
  236. Genel Energy confirms Taq Taq Payment
  237. Iran Ready to Start Gas Delivery to Iraq
  238. US Commits Another $155m Humanitarian Aid
  239. Iraq Stock Market Report
  240. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  241. Germany Donates EUR 4m to Boost Community Policing
  242. Fast And Furious: Amateur Motorheads in Iraq
  243. Video: Kerry vows to up pressure on IS during visit to Iraq
  244. Iraq calls for Oil Production Freeze
  245. Kuwait Energy signs Export Agreement for Block 9
  246. Parliament Delays Vote on ‘Technocrat’ Cabinet
  247. DNO Reports Payment for Tawke Deliveries
  248. IBBC Women’s Group Holds First Roundtable
  249. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  250. Currency Auction Results, 12th Apr