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  1. Why is Iraq not Profiting from Religious Tourism?
  2. Iraq’s Technocrat Ministers under Threat
  3. Jiyad: Refining Investment Law should be Rejected or Redrafted
  4. Genel Energy receives Payment for July Sales
  5. Building market opportunity and women’s networks in MENA and Africa
  6. Genel Chairman, Tony Hayward, to Step Down next year
  7. New Funding Facility for Economic Reform in Kurdistan
  8. US sends Additional 600 Troops to Iraq
  9. Iraqi Woman Wins Human Rights Award
  10. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  11. Currency Auction Results, 29th Sept
  12. Video: Frustration Mounts with Faulty Bomb-Detectors
  13. UN Food Relief reaches Shirqat
  14. GKP Confirms July Oil Payment from KRG
  15. Iraqi Airways adds New Routes
  16. Bell Pottinger in $540m ‘Covert’ Iraq PR Contract
  17. Pratt and Whitney in Iraq Engine Deal
  18. Iraq Stock Market Report
  19. UNICEF launches Back-to-School Campaign
  20. More than 1000 Iraqis Killed in August
  21. Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  22. KRG Official under Investigation for Leaking Oil Data
  23. Oshkosh Wins more Business in Iraq
  24. 120 tons of Expired Medicine seized at Umm Qasr
  25. Iran, Iraq Discuss Intelligence Collaboration
  26. Counter-ISIL Strikes Hit Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  27. Currency Auction Results, 4th Oct
  28. IOM, Italy Support Stabilization in Diyala
  29. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  30. Currency Auction Results, 5th Oct
  31. South Oil Company takes over Oxy’s stake in Zubair
  32. Iraqi Foreign Reserves Fall to $50bn
  33. Iran Favours Visa-Free Regime with Iraq
  34. Mosul’s Liberation From ISIL ‘Inevitable’
  35. Counter-ISIL Strikes Target Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  36. Iraq Oil Export Rate Up Again in Sept
  37. KRG Announces Increased Oil Production in Sept
  38. New Museum Opens First Gallery in Basra
  39. Results-Based Management in Govt Planning
  40. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  41. Currency Auction Results, 6th Oct
  42. 9 New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  43. 25 New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  44. Interview: Chairman of Oil & Gas Cmte of Basra Council
  45. KRG “Seized, Sold Gulen Schools”
  46. Video: Recreated Treasures of Iraq at Colosseum
  47. Iraq Agrees to Limit Oil Production Target
  48. KRG PM Highlights the Role of Private Sector
  49. Minister Calls for Lukoil to Participate in New Projects
  50. Iraq Stock Market Report
  51. UN Women Iraq engages Civil Society Groups
  52. Yezidi Survivors “Neglected by Int’l Community”
  53. Currency Auction Results, 10th Oct
  54. Supreme Court rules Against Abadi’s Reforms
  55. Lebanon to Increase Economic Cooperation with Kurdistan
  56. Can Iraq, Turkey agree to Protect Marshes?
  57. Oil Minister meets Indonesian Ambassador
  58. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  59. Currency Auction Results, 11th Oct
  60. Iraq to cut Basra Oil Exports in November
  61. IMF Reviews Progress in Iraq
  62. US Approves $65m Sale of Cessna Aircraft to Iraq
  63. New Production Wells at Tawke Oil Field
  64. Need better Data to make Progress for Girls in Iraq
  65. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  66. Turkey’s “Brash Behaviour” Riles Iraq
  67. Glencore seeking to Increase Oil Trading with Iraq
  68. Renovation of Anbar University’s Residential Units in Ramadi
  69. KRG plans to Reform Education to Fight Extremism
  70. Parliament Speaker outlines post-IS plan
  71. Liberating Mosul “Will Be Iraq’s Biggest Fight”
  72. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  73. Currency Auction Results, 13th Oct
  74. GKP Appoints new Directors, Broker
  75. Poduction Commences at Faihaa-2 well in Block 9
  76. ICTSI Opens First Phase of Basra Gateway Terminal
  77. Iraqi Forces Liberate Hit Island from Daesh Terrorists
  78. Hundred Thousand Risk Homelessness during Mosul Ops
  79. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  80. Healthcare Investment Opportunity in Baghdad
  81. Online Fashion Retailer Opens to Iraqi Customers
  82. German Transport Firm Wins Iraq Govt Contract
  83. Iran “warns Iraq over Gas Debts”
  84. US Continues Humanitarian Assistance for Iraqi IDPs
  85. Kurdish and Arab families return to Zummar
  86. EU/UNDP Innovation for Development Initiatives
  87. WesternZagros Receives $5.5m Insurance Claim
  88. Video: Inside Story – Recapturing Mosul
  89. Video: Forces mass near Mosul as Offensive Starts
  90. Iraqi Forces Begin Battle for Mosul
  91. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  92. Currency Auction Results, 18th Oct
  93. WesternZagros Defers Draw Date on Debt Facility
  94. Sales Tax continues to hamper Zain Iraq
  95. Cisco Helps Rebuild Iraqi National Backbone
  96. Mosul Plans Underway – AMAR Foundation
  97. Iraqi Troops Advance Toward Mosul
  98. EU-Iraq high-level Meeting discusses Challenges, Cooperation
  99. Military Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  100. Video: Why does Battle for Mosul matter to Turkey?
  101. IFAD begins Investment in Iraq
  102. Mosul Offensive ‘On Track,’ Centcom Commander Says
  103. Protection of Women and Girls in Mosul
  104. Coalition Targets ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  105. In Mosul, Women and Children face Impossible Choice
  106. Currency Auction Results, 19th Oct
  107. Schlumberger sees Increased Business in Iraq
  108. Iran’s Gas Exports to Iraq to Begin after Opening LC
  109. IFC Investments Help Support Iraq’s Economic Stability
  110. Counter-ISIL Strikes Target Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  111. Iraq’s Turkmens call for Independent Province
  112. Currency Auction Results, 20th Oct
  113. Video: Two-Pronged Offensive for Mosul
  114. US Firm Wins Iraqi Navy Contract
  115. 21 New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  116. 22 New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  117. ”Street Lawyers” – their Clients are Boys and Girls 6, 10, 14 ….
  118. Will Iraq Boycott Turkey?
  119. Religious Minorities find Protection in Southern Iraq
  120. NIC grants $90bn in Investment Licences since 2009
  121. Health Crisis in the making as Doctors flee Iraq
  122. HRW: Displaced People Can’t Move Freely
  123. Union of Iraqi Publishers joins International body
  124. Police Overwhelmed as Drugs from Iran flood Basra
  125. New Oil Development Opportunities in Iraq
  126. Iraq Stock Market Gains 11% on Week
  127. Iraq Resists Joining OPEC Production Cut
  128. Iraq Bans Alcoholic Beverages
  129. Campaign to Immunize 5.8m Iraqi Children against Polio
  130. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
  131. Oil Fires Burn South of Mosul
  132. Carter Meets With Abadi, Addresses Troops in Baghdad
  133. Emerson Expands Support Facility in Iraq
  134. JLT Mobile Computers Supplies BGT
  135. IBBC Autumn Conference Cancelled
  136. New LinkedIn Group to Promote SMEs in Iraq
  137. Iraqis Taking Ground from ISIL Around Mosul
  138. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
  139. Could Kurdish Independence lead to New Iraq War?
  140. Currency Auction Results, 24th Oct
  141. Gulf Keystone Petroleum receives Shaikan Payment
  142. Genel Energy Trading and Operations Update
  143. Oman Air commences flights to Najaf from November
  144. Noose Tightening Around ISIL in Mosul, Carter Says
  145. Counter-ISIL Strikes Target Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
  146. Video: Kurdish Perspective on Turkey’s Iraq Involvement
  147. Iraq to Continue Supporting OPEC Oil Market Stabilization
  148. Can Iraq curb Corruption among Customs Officials?
  149. Momentum in Mosul Push; Raqqa Isolation to Begin ‘Soon’
  150. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
  151. Currency Auction Results, 26th Oct
  152. Jiyad: Min of Oil should Withdraw Plan to Offer 12 New Oilfields
  153. Genel Energy Shares near All-time Low
  154. Egypt’s EGPC gets 20% of Siba Oilfield
  155. ISIL Oil Revenues Slashed
  156. Yazidi Survivors win EU Human Rights Prize
  157. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  158. Video: Civilians from Mosul outskirts seek Refuge
  159. Currency Auction Results, 27th Oct
  160. Special Forces 1 Mile from Mosul; 772 Terrorists Killed
  161. Displaced Women care for their own as Mosul Battle rages
  162. 20 New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  163. 11 New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  164. How oil is bringing Iraq, Egypt closer
  165. Air Force Engineers Repair Runway in Iraq
  166. Euphrates Islands: The Last Stages in the Fight against IS
  167. KRG needs Investors for 2 New Universities
  168. “Dysfunctional Banking System” affects Asiacell Business
  169. Iran, Iraq Sign MoU to Boost Judicial Cooperation
  170. Iraqi American Running for Iraqi Children
  171. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  172. Video: Internally Displaced Struggling in Camps
  173. Video: Slow, Tough Return of Iraq’s Kakai Minority
  174. Currency Auction Results, 31st Oct
  175. Oil Ministry asks IOCs to drop Dubai Offices
  176. Shell, Vitol increase UAE storage for Iraqi Oil
  177. Pentagon Hails Progress, Momentum in Mosul Fight
  178. Iraq to join UN Human Rights Council
  179. Nearly 1,800 Iraqis Killed in October
  180. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  181. U.S. Citizens Warned of Kidnap Attempts
  182. AI Condemns use of White Phosphorus Munitions
  183. Further Payment Received for Tawke Oil Exports
  184. The Growth of the Iraqi Tech Ecosystem
  185. The Young Iraqi Behind ‘The Better Facebook’
  186. WFP Launches WiFi System In Iraqi Refugee Camp
  187. Toyota, UNDP Launch Training and Jobs Programme for IDPs
  188. Iraq hopeful of more Filipino Investments
  189. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  190. Video: Search for ISIL Fighters in Kirkuk
  191. FLSmidth $200m Contract with Iraq Cement Co
  192. NIC Boss urges UK to relax Visa Rules
  193. Video: Elite Iraq forces push into Mosul
  194. Military Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  195. ‘Steady Progress’ As Some Iraqi Forces Reach Mosul
  196. Iran has ‘No Problem’ Mediating between Iraq, Turkey
  197. Milestone in Refugee Rights in Iraq
  198. How Iraqi Real Estate became Subject of Corrupt Dealings
  199. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  200. 21 New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  201. UK Firm to supply Emergency Medicines to Iraq
  202. Iran Bans Pilgrimage to Samarra after Terrorist Attack
  203. US to Deploy 1,700 Paratroopers to Iraq
  204. Kurdish Authorities “Banish hundreds of Arabs from Kirkuk”
  205. NRC Reports “Dramatic Increase” in Refugees
  206. 22,224 Displaced in Three Weeks of Mosul Operations
  207. Video: Battle for Mosul – Iraqi Forces face Stiff Resistance
  208. ISIL Terrorist Locations Hit in Syria, Iraq
  209. Int’l Firms Needed for Seawater Injection Project
  210. Instability hits Gauloises and Gitanes Sales
  211. Video: Iraq Forces retake key town near Mosul
  212. Video: Thousands of Famillies Flee outskirts of Mosul
  213. Bronze Age City discovered in Northern Iraq
  214. WHO establishes Rapid Response Teams for Mosul IDPs
  215. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  216. Currency Auction Results, 8th Nov
  217. Kurdistan Oil & Gas Leaders to Meet in London
  218. Mott MacDonald to design new Xarajyan Oil Terminal
  219. Lufthansa Consulting Helps Iraq upgrade Airports
  220. KRG Publishes Detailed Oil Production Data
  221. Coalition Targets ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  222. Mosul Humanitarian Crisis, 9th November 2016
  223. Currency Auction Results, 9th Nov
  224. Video: Oud Sales Decline due to Turmoil in Iraq
  225. Video: Iraq’s Devout Food Delivery Army
  226. Trump Victory: “No Change” in Baghdad-Washington Ties
  227. DNO Considers Revised Offer for GKP
  228. First Phase of New Tawke Drilling Campaign Completed
  229. US Airstrikes May Have Killed 64 Civilians
  230. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  231. Currency Auction Results, 10th Nov
  232. IBBC Announces Changes to Leadership Team
  233. New Oil Bidding Round Postponed to Mid-2017
  234. Gas Plus Khalakan (GPK) spuds Shewashan-4 Well
  235. Daesh causes Environmental Crisis in Ninewa
  236. Iraqi Troops Force Defensive Choices for ISIL
  237. Coalition Targets ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  238. Germany ups Reconstruction Assistance to 41m Euros
  239. UNDP Provides Water, Electricity for over 100,000 Refugees
  240. Fleeing IS Forces Fired Toxic Chemicals
  241. Increased Exports of LPG from Iraq
  242. Electro-Voice supplies Sound System for Karbala Stadium
  243. What’s really behind Iraq’s new Alcohol Ban?
  244. KRG Announces Lower Oil Exports in Oct
  245. Startup Weekend in Erbil
  246. Croatia to Increase Economic Activity in Kurdistan
  247. How can a Tech Sector Contribute to Iraq’s Economy?
  248. Iraq Stock Market Report
  249. Conditions for Civilians Worsen as Battle for Mosul mounts
  250. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq