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  1. Govt Issues $1bn Sovereign Bond with US Guarantee
  2. US Firm in $210m Deal at Majnoon Field
  3. AMAR increases Mental Health Support for IS Victims
  4. Video: Liberation of East Mosul
  5. Currency Auction Results, 19th Jan
  6. U.S., Coalition Continue Strikes Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  7. Dyncorp in $31m Aviation Deal
  8. Southern Oil Exports Fall following OPEC Cut
  9. IMF Reviews Progress in Iraq
  10. Video: East Mosul Cleared ahead of Push for West Bank
  11. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  12. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  13. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  14. Power Station Attack: Kurdish Protestors Use Violence?
  15. 10,000 Volunteers join “Clean Missan in One Day” Campaign
  16. IOM Business Support Programmes Assist Displaced Iraqis
  17. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  18. Iraq Stock Market Report
  19. In Iraqi Kurdistan, a Security Camera on Every Corner
  20. Iraqi Journalist “Beaten by Party Officials”
  21. Iraqis Offer Turkish Firms $200m Project in Baghdad
  22. Nearly Half of Kurdish Businesses Pay no Tax
  23. Iraq Third from Bottom in “Passport Power”
  24. US will give millions in aid to Iraq in 2017
  25. Making Ends Meet in Iraqi Kurdistan
  26. Iraqi Refining: Reality Check and Policy Thoughts for Consideration
  27. Genel Energy Shares Slide on Lower Production Forecast
  28. Gulf Keystone, Shaikan Payment Update
  29. IBBC Opens New Office on London’s South Bank
  30. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  31. ISIL on Run in Eastern Mosul, Pentagon Spokesman Says
  32. Work Starts at Mid-Euphrates Airport
  33. ShaMaran Arranges new Fundraising
  34. IBBC Welcomes Five New Members
  35. Fears for 750,000 Civilians in Western Mosul
  36. National Immunization Campaigns Launched in Iraq
  37. Iran to Build New Gas Export Pipeline to Iraq
  38. Trump May ‘Suspend Some Immigration’ from Iraq
  39. Iraq Announces Liberation of Eastern Mosul
  40. Amnesty International condemns Execution of 31 Iraqis
  41. TAQA Changes Iraq Leadership
  42. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  43. Iraq to double Oil Export Capacity at Khor al-Amaya
  44. Plan to Decentralize Power still Stuck in Limbo
  45. Video: Hundreds leave Refugee Camps as Army makes gains
  46. Counter-ISIL Strikes Hit Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  47. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  48. Trump Approves “Extreme Vetting” of Iraqis
  49. Iraq Stock Market Report
  50. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  51. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  52. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  53. Will Iraq succeed in bringing Iran, Saudi closer?
  54. US Firm Wins $200m Iraq Defense Contract
  55. New Funding for Economic Reform in Iraq
  56. Iraq Considers Retaliatory Ban on US Visitors
  57. DNO, Tawke receive Payment for Tawke Deliveries
  58. Video: Iraq’s Displaced running out of Aid
  59. L-3 Wins $52m Military Order
  60. Gulf Keystone gains following Trading Statement
  61. Abadi Rejects ‘Reciprocal Measures’ against US Ban
  62. Parliament Approves two Cabinet Posts, Rejects two others
  63. Over 400 Iraqi Civilians Killled in January
  64. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists
  65. IHH Sends 22 Aid Trucks to Northern Iraq
  66. KRG calls for Urgent Help to avert Humanitarian Catastrophe
  67. Lockheed Martin in $7m Iraq Support Contract
  68. GE’s Iraq deals in at Risk over US Tavel Ban
  69. Leighton ex-CEO wins Defamation Settlement
  70. Trump takes Aim at Iranian Influence in Iraq
  71. Iraqi Forces Liberate 60 Percent of Mosul
  72. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  73. Visa Ban Amended to Allow Iraqi Interpreters enter US
  74. Iraqi Airways “not removed” from European Blacklist
  75. Human Rights Lawyer Struck Off over Iraq Misconduct
  76. Iraq welcomes Return of Foreign Archaeological Missions
  77. Counter-ISIL Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  78. US Warns Citizens against all Travel to Iraq
  79. Iraqi Teachers Unsafe in own Classrooms
  80. Iraq Stock Market Report
  81. Families Sell Homes at Half Price, Fuelling Real Estate Boom
  82. US Court Lifts Trump Travel Ban – Full Video of Court Proceedings
  83. Sexual Harassment common even for Iraqi Women Professionals
  84. Why are Kidnappings on the Rise in Baghdad?
  85. AMAR provides vital Textbooks to Iraqi Children
  86. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  87. Iraq seeks Extradition of $800m Fraudster
  88. Security Message: Threat against Hotels in Baghdad
  89. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  90. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  91. Coalition Strikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  92. Iran Mercantile Exchange plans Branch in Iraq
  93. The Truth behind Oil Theft in Basra
  94. Emergency Fertilizer Distributions help Iraqi Farmers
  95. NATO Launches Training Effort in Iraq
  96. Military Strikes Hit IS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  97. Minister of Oil to Attend Iraq Petroleum Conference
  98. ISIL Fighters Trapped in Western Mosul
  99. Basra Oil Terminal stops Loading for 24 hrs
  100. Japan approves $100m Loan to Iraq
  101. Payments Received for Tawke and Taq Taq Oil Exports
  102. Renewed Tensions over Kuwait-Iraq Border
  103. Iraq Shuts Down Internet again to Combat Cheating
  104. PM calls for New Electoral Commission
  105. US, Coalition Continue Strikes Against IS
  106. DNO to Step Up Drilling Campaign in Kurdistan
  107. Genel Energy: Tawke Reserves Update
  108. Oil Export Resumes at Basra Oil Terminal
  109. US, Iraqi Defense Ministers discuss Partnership
  110. Video: al-Sadr Supporters demand Electoral Reform
  111. Core Banking System
  112. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  113. Iraq Stock Market Report
  114. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq
  115. The government has achieved 70% of the plan to increase non-oil revenues
  116. World Bank loans do not threaten salaries
  117. Genel Energy Updates on Miran and Bina Bawi Fields
  118. Iraq to cut Basra Oil Exports again
  119. Iraqi Port Receives Largest Ship to date
  120. Video: Demonstrations turn Violent in Baghdad
  121. Give Iraq’s Children have the Childhoods they Deserve
  122. Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  123. 3 Killed in blast at Bai Hassan Oilfield
  124. Mega-sized Cargoes Arrive at Iraq Port
  125. Latvian Cosmetics Firm Enters Iraq Market
  126. IOM Iraq Publishes Community Stabilization Handbook
  127. Video: Residents fear return to Sinjar
  128. Mosul Demining: $50m Required
  129. Iran chooses Quds Force stalwart as Ambassador to Iraq
  130. PMUs Threaten to Target Americans in Response to Travel Ban
  131. Details of Latest Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  132. Military Strikes Continue Against Terrorists
  133. Iraq signs UN Transparency Convention
  134. Venezuelan VP in Iraq Passport Scandal
  135. Video: Thousands return to Eastern Mosul
  136. Iraq prepares to curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  137. HRW: Looting, Destruction by Forces Fighting ISIS
  138. Dana Gas claims victory in Kurdistan Dispute
  139. Iraq to Acquire “Large Fleet” of Oil Tankers
  140. Etihad Foods seeks long-term Iraq Sugar Deal
  141. Netherlands supports Reforms in Iraqi Kurdistan
  142. WHO delivers Medical Aid to newly retaken areas of Mosul
  143. Officials Provide Details of Latest Counter-ISIS Strikes
  144. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  145. Iran, Iraq to build “Industrial Townships”
  146. ISIL in “Deep Financial Trouble”
  147. Iraq Stock Market Report
  148. Iraq declares Additional 10bn Barrels of Oil
  149. Mattis: “We’re not in Iraq to Seize anybody’s Oil”
  150. Zain Iraq Revenues Fall 11%
  151. 750,000-800,000 Civilians at Risk in West Mosul
  152. Al-Abadi addresses Munich Security Conference
  153. Video: Military Operations Targeting Western Mosul
  154. Operations Begin to Liberate West Mosul
  155. Coalition Continues Strikes Against ISIS
  156. Iran, Iraq Sign MoU to Export Kirkuk Oil
  157. Rosneft Starts Drilling at Block 12
  158. GTH ordered to pay $60m to Atheer
  159. Counter-ISIS Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  160. Mattis Praises Resilient Iraqi Army during Baghdad Visit
  161. NIC Chairman meets Italian Deputy Minister
  162. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  163. Video: The struggle for an independent Sinjar
  164. Rosneft and KRG sign Oil Deal
  165. Video: UK scheme to Preserve Iraq’s Antiquities
  166. Radiation Danger raises Concern, Controversy in Iraq
  167. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  168. Oil Discovered at Block 10
  169. Ministry of Oil announces New Refinery Investment
  170. Asiacell Revenues Fall 14%
  171. Shaikan Crude to be Exported by Truck
  172. “Conditions Have Been Set” for ISIS Defeat in Western Mosul
  173. Video: Iraqi Forces press Assault on IS South of Mosul
  174. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  175. Iraq seeks to Clamp Down on Gun Ownership
  176. Amnesty International’s Annual Report on Iraq
  177. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  178. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  179. Iraq Stock Market Report
  180. U.S., Coalition Continue Strikes Against ISIS
  181. ‘Encouraging Initial Successes’ for Western Mosul
  182. Oil Export, OPEC Cut Effects and Budget Implications
  183. ABB in $500m Iraq Electricity Deal
  184. Meet the Influencers at IBBC Spring Conference
  185. Bombs target Bai Hassan Oil Pipeline
  186. Saudi Foreign Minister in Landmark Visit to Iraq
  187. Video: Iraq Forces in West Mosul aim for key Bridge
  188. Lukoil to Invest $1.5bn in West Qurna-2 this year
  189. Iraq plans Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration
  190. Wikipedia “Data Free” in Iraq
  191. American Corner opened in University of Kurdistan Hewler
  192. Presidents Barzani and Erdogan Meet in Turkey
  193. Details of Latest Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq
  194. Will Iraq ban Unveiled Women from Holy Cities?
  195. Video: Mass Grave Horror in Iraqi Desert
  196. IMMDF, AUIS Announce New Scholarship Program
  197. Iraqi Red Crescent installs Desalination Stations for IDPs
  198. US Unlikely to take on Iranian Forces in Iraq
  199. Skyrocketing Food Prices, Dire Conditions in Western Mosul
  200. Trump’s new Immigration Order “won’t include” Iraq
  201. WesternZagros Announces increased Oil Reserves
  202. Faihaa-3 commences Oil Production
  203. Iraq Petroleum Conference – Agenda Announced
  204. Iraqi Forces Retake Mosul Airport
  205. Nearly 400 Iraqi Civilians Killled in February
  206. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists
  207. S. Korea Eager to Support Iraq
  208. Saudis make surprise trip to Iraq: Why now?
  209. Bank Sepah Expanding Ties with Iraq
  210. Investigation Finds No Evidence of False Intelligence Reporting
  211. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  212. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  213. Video: Iraq Forces meet ‘fierce’ Resistance in SW Mosul
  214. Iraq overcome the financial crisis
  215. British loan worth $ 12 billion for Iraq
  216. $12bn Boost for UK Firms in Iraq
  217. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  218. Iraq, Iran agree to Resolve Dispute on Joint Oil Fields
  219. Iraq Stock Market Report
  220. Video: 10,000 Civilians Flee Mosul Daily
  221. Counter-ISIS Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
  222. Funding Facility for Stabilization: 350 Projects, $300m
  223. HRW: Displacement, Detention of Suspected “ISIS Families”
  224. Shiite Trio Competes for Power in Iraq
  225. UN opens another Support Centre for Women in Kurdistan
  226. Lukoil to Increase Production at West Qurna
  227. US Issues New Travel Ban
  228. Oil Output to hit 5.4m bpd in 2022
  229. EU announces €42.5m in Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
  230. ISIS on Trajectory Toward Lasting Defeat
  231. Details of Latest Counter-ISIS Strikes
  232. Iraqi Entrepreneurship Centre
  233. IS damage to Iraqi Infrastructure totals $35bn
  234. Oil Ministry “Unaware” of Kirkuk Oil Deal
  235. Anton Oilfield Services Completes First Iraq Well
  236. Closing Dates Extended for Kut and Samawa Refineries
  237. Gazprom Commissions three New Wells at Badra
  238. ShaMaran Shares Gain on Results
  239. More Details on New Basra Refinery Project
  240. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  241. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  242. Al-Abadi to visit White House this month
  243. Capacity Increased at Kirkuk Oil Refinery
  244. US Report on Iraqi Human Rights Practices
  245. Improving Women’s Livelihoods in Ninewah
  246. Video: The Human Cost of the Battle for Mosul
  247. Lessons from a year of post-ISIL Stabilization in Iraq
  248. Call to Re-open Border Crossing with Jordan
  249. Beyond Da’esh: An Inconvenient Truth
  250. Efforts to Privatize Electricity face Resistance