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  1. Genel Energy Full Year Results
  2. US and Health Ministry to Improve Healthcare
  3. KRG President Approves 2013 Budget
  4. Video: Iraqi Turkmen Demand Own Defence Force
  5. Details of $700m Upgrade to Basra Steel Plant
  6. US Promotes Growth Through Tijara Program
  7. Iraqi Telecoms Infuse Stock Market
  8. Lebanese Entertainment Group to Open in Baghdad
  9. Mid-Euphrates Airport Gets Go-Ahead
  10. Iraq Stock Market Report
  11. Iraq Shuts Syrian Border Post
  12. KRG President Barzani Meets US Ambassador
  13. Indonesia’s Pertamina Eyes Iraq
  14. New 4G Mobile Service to be Launched
  15. Start of Production at Gharraf Delayed
  16. PetroChina Considers Join Exxon at West Qurna-1
  17. Iraq to Cut Basra Crude Exports
  18. New Baghdad-London Flights Massive Boost to UK Business
  19. Grand Ishtar Hotel in Baghdad Reopens
  20. Bloom Signs Huge Housing Deal
  21. US, Iraq Discuss Counter-terrorist Financing
  22. Baghdad, Erbil Trade Accusations on Oil Payments
  23. Video: Is Iraq Heading for its own Arab Spring?
  24. Iraq Wants to Buy $600m Cargo Scanners
  25. Genel Sees Pipeline Exports from Kurdistan Next Year
  26. Cellular Phone Chargers Used as IEDs
  27. UK Trade Mission to Erbil and Duhok
  28. IHEC Publishes Candidate List for Local Elections
  29. Weekly Security Update
  30. Three Years Down, One Year To Go
  31. Iraq to Supply Egypt with Oil
  32. US/Iraq TIFA likely to Enter Into Force This Year
  33. US Announces Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  34. Italy to Upgrade Diplomatic Presence in Erbil
  35. Video: US Wasted Billions in Rebuilding Iraq
  36. Zebari Chairs Follow-Up Meeting on Baghdad Summit
  37. Parliament Passes Budget, KRG Unhappy with Oil Revenues
  38. Filipinos can now Work in Iraq
  39. US, Iraq Inaugurate Trade & Finance JCC
  40. Spain Appoints Honorary Consul to Kurdistan
  41. Foreign Minister Meets Swedish Delegation
  42. KRG Minister Signs Barzan Water Projects
  43. Mosul’s Automotive Alchemist turns Vintage Cars into Gold
  44. US-Sponsored Microscholarship Program Celebrates Grads
  45. Iraq to Pay $60m to Egyptian Workers
  46. $13m Detained Ceylon Tea Arrives In Iraq
  47. Iraq Stock Market Report
  48. Video: Billions of Dollars Wasted in Iraq
  49. US Embassy Commemorates Int’l Women’s Day
  50. De-Baathification in the Iraqi Provincial Elections
  51. Amnesty International: Torture in Iraq
  52. Italy’s Export Credit Agency Signs Deal with KIB
  53. WesternZagros Secures Additional Funding
  54. Ericsson Wins Iraq Network Expansion Deal
  55. Iraqi Politician Attacks “Central Bank Corruption”
  56. Iraq Shortlists 7 for Nasiriya Integrated Project
  57. Iran to gain $1.5-$2m/day from Gas to Iraq
  58. Air Arabia Touches Down in Baghdad
  59. US Introduces Groundbreaking Language Program
  60. Different Voices – Harnessing the Diaspora
  61. ISX Clarifies Custody Situation
  62. Design of Iraq-Aqaba Pipeline in Final Stages
  63. Afren Announces Positive Test Results
  64. Iraq Requests Sri Lankan Trade Attache
  65. 13-Year Jail Term for US Contractor
  66. The New Muqtada al-Sadr Seeks Moderate Image
  67. Video: Saddam Nostalgia Lives On
  68. From Iraq to Libya …
  69. Weekly Security Update
  70. Warka Bank Claims Court Victory
  71. KRG Minister Receives New Polish Consul to Erbil
  72. Romanian Company Wins Iraqi Rail Contract
  73. Video: Kurds Emerge as Victors of post-Saddam Iraq
  74. FastIraq Selects Epsilon for Iraq to Europe Connectivity
  75. Menara Networks Selected for Iraq
  76. Pertamina to Buy Stake in West Qurna?
  77. ShaMaran Full Year Results
  78. US, Iraq Agree to Improve Min. of Oil Transparency
  79. Kirkuk: No solution, Time to Go It Alone?
  80. Video: Al-Sadr Protests Iraqi Sectarianism
  81. Iraq Stock Market Report
  82. Video: Iraq War cost US over $2 Trillion
  83. Video: Kurdistan Among the Success Stories
  84. Video: The Iraq War, 10 Years On
  85. 500 CSOs Unite on Vision for Kurdistan
  86. Iraq to Spend $130bn on Energy Infrastructure
  87. Iran, Kurdistan Start Direct Flights
  88. IBBC Welcomes Private Sector Jobs Initiative
  89. Italy Considers Kurdistan “Gateway to Iraq”
  90. Video: Why Western Oil Firms Struggle in Iraq
  91. Dana/Crescent Invest $1bn in Kurdistan
  92. More Progess at Halfaya
  93. UK Media Group sets up at Kurdish University
  94. Goods Without Cert of Origin Prevented Entering Iraq
  95. Iran’s Role In Iraqi Dinar Devaluation
  96. Postponement of Provincial Elections in Anbar, Nineveh
  97. Maliki Re-Elected as Head of Dawa Party
  98. Ten Years is an Eternity
  99. Investment Opportunity in Nassiriya
  100. 10 Yrs After Invasion, Iraq Still Imports Oil Products
  101. Contractors Get $138bn from Iraq War
  102. Video: Iraqi Marshlands Restored by Nature
  103. LUKoil Continues Social Program in Iraq
  104. Sunni Endowment Official Arrested for Bribery
  105. Weekly Security Update
  106. WesternZagros Announces Final Results
  107. New Iraqi Budget Deepens Housing Crisis
  108. Hotel Chain has Big Plans for Iraq
  109. Egypt Lends 30 Pilots to Iraq
  110. Minister of Communications meets Chinese Telcos
  111. Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel gets Makeover
  112. NIC holds Iraqi-Singapore Investment Forum
  113. Burgan Bank Wins Best Banking Group In MENA
  114. Afren Slips on Full Year Results
  115. Legality of Delay in Elections in Anbar and Nineveh
  116. KRG PM Barzani’s Speech in Reichstag Building
  117. Sulaymaniyah Museum Opens its Renovated Halls
  118. Iraq Stock Market Report
  119. Iraq Reviews Oil Targets
  120. DoubleTree by Hilton Announces Growth In Kurdistan
  121. Pipeline Attack Halts Oil Exports
  122. Video: Kerry Pressures Iraq to Inspect Iran Flights
  123. Standard Chartered Plans Iraq Push
  124. Iraq’s Big Plans for Renewable Energy
  125. US Sec. of State John Kerry’s Speech in Iraq
  126. Zebari Delivers Arab Summit Presidency to Qatar
  127. KNOC Reports Oil Discovery in Kurdistan
  128. French Firm to Open new Dry Port in Baghdad
  129. Iraq Confirms Oil Sales to Egypt
  130. Oil Output Up in February
  131. Patterns of Reinstatement in Local Elections Lists
  132. Iraq Just has to Work Better
  133. Weekly Security Update 20 – 26 March 2013
  134. PPL Starts Exploration Work at Block 8
  135. Agility Wins $80m Majnoon Contract
  136. New Air Route to Georgia
  137. KS Energy Supplies Land Rig to Taq Taq
  138. Iraqi Delegation Meets Arab Leaders
  139. Basra Gas Project On Track
  140. Caliburger to Franchise in Iraq
  141. Iraq Aims to Increase Oil Output
  142. PM Changes Iraqi Political Format Forever
  143. UN’s Kobler visits Basra, Discusses Chapter VII
  144. Iraq Stock Market Report
  145. New Iraqi Dinar to Change World Banking
  146. Iraq to Increase Basra Oil Shipments in April
  147. Iraqi Aviation Industry Takes Off
  148. Canada Opens Diplomatic Mission in Iraq
  149. Louis Berger Group to Help Establish Erbil Stock Exchange
  150. Hotelogix Enters Iraq, Partners with Ejaftech
  151. Attacks on Iraqi Media Unacceptable – UN
  152. Parliament Publishes Full List of Absent Deputies
  153. Video: Authorities Investigate Fake Education Certs
  154. Indonesia Buys June-Dec Basra Light Crude
  155. Iraq Set to Expand Free Trade Zones
  156. US, Iraqi Ministry of Health Sign Agreement
  157. Experts Pressure Govt to Make Marshes a Natural Reserve
  158. Akkas Attack – KOGAS Sticks to Schedule
  159. KRG Clarifies Incident at HKN Energy Block
  160. Over 5m Tons of Food Imported in 2012
  161. Weekly Security Update 26 March – 01 April
  162. Time to Blow our Own Trumpet
  163. Update on Bina Bawi Oilfield
  164. Video: Iraqi Christian Leaders Trying to Restore Hope
  165. “Plans for ‘Kurdish Empire’ Advance”
  166. Siemens, Toyota Tsusho Collaborate on Iraqi Electricity
  167. IBBC Opens New Office in Erbil
  168. DPS Global Starts Work at Khurmala Dome Field
  169. Iraq’s Arab League Presidency: Wasted Opportunity?
  170. Rocket Casing Discovered Near the US Consulate
  171. Video: Jihadis in Iraq and Syria Joining Forces
  172. KRG to Build Housing for the Poor
  173. Egypt Considers Trade Office in Kurdistan
  174. Iraq “Lagging in Foreign Investment”
  175. More Progress Required on Landmines
  176. IEITI Future Reports: Expectations and Challenges
  177. Zain Iraq Delays IPO Schedule
  178. KRG Statement on EITI Oil Transparency Report
  179. Iraq Awards Rice Tender To Thailand
  180. Iraq Stock Market Report
  181. Iraq Seeking to Increase Crude Exports to China
  182. The Un-De-Baathification of Iraq
  183. Security Message for US Citizens
  184. Iraq, Jordan Sign Oil $18bn Pipeline Deal
  185. Iraq to Auction Giant Nassiriya Oil Field
  186. Iraqi Kurdistan Sells First Crude via Turkey
  187. Dubai’s Iraq Club Celebrates 1st Anniversary
  188. Spain Welcomes KRG Deputy PM
  189. Undersecretary Receives German Ambassador
  190. UN Releases Civilian Casualty Figures for March
  191. Video: Al-Qaeda Scaring Iraqi Public
  192. Genel Energy Shares Jump on Oil Find
  193. Electricity Ministry “Stops Dealings with Siemens”
  194. Huge Find Throws new Light on Ancient Iraq
  195. Promises of Reliable Electricity Offer Little Reassurance
  196. Capacity Building for Human Rights in Najaf
  197. De-Baathification Remains Centre-Stage
  198. Video: Iraq Marks Decade since Fall of Baghdad
  199. Weekly Security Update
  200. The Prize for the Best Promise of the Week
  201. Italy’s Techint Wins Zubair Deal
  202. Maliki Seeks ‘Majority Government’ In Iraq
  203. Iraq Participates in Chemical Weapons Conference
  204. Video: Baghdad holds Talks with KRG
  205. Iraq Stock Market Report
  206. Iran Increases Iraq Gas Export Plan
  207. Erbil-Baghdad Relations Still Lack Substance
  208. Iraq celebrates World Health Day
  209. Video: A Look Back at a Decade of Conflict
  210. Censored Iranian Artists Find Refuge in Erbil
  211. Iraq: The Parliament That Barely Meets
  212. Video: Saddam’s Ruins Recall Iraq War
  213. Iran Launches New Clinics in Iraq
  214. Lebanese Truckers Re-Route through Iraq
  215. Video: Kurdish Opposition Against Pres Barzani
  216. Video: Iraq on Terror Alert
  217. Video: Iraq to Produce First Action Film
  218. Where Are The Maliki Fans Today?
  219. Oil Ministry Raises Estimated Reserves
  220. “No Plans” for Egypt-Iraq Pipeline
  221. 2,300 Foreign Firm in Kurdistan
  222. Hawrami: Iraq’s Unity Hinges on Flexibility Over Kurd Oil
  223. Iraq-Jordan $18bn Pipeline – Reality or Fantasy?
  224. Iraqi Engineer Wins Goldman Prize
  225. Leighton Looks to Move on from Iraq Scandal
  226. Iraq Ports See Influx of ‘Mediocre Products’
  227. Protests at West Qurna-2
  228. Video: From Baghdad to Stockholm
  229. Video: Iraq Hit by Deadly Bombings
  230. Video: Attacks Kill Dozens Ahead of Polls
  231. «Warkaa» is preparing to merge with Standard Chartered
  232. Indian Company Awarded $60m Electricity Contract
  233. A Third Maliki Govt – What would it Mean?
  234. Weekly Security Update
  235. Iran’s Increases Energy Cooperation with Iraq
  236. Greek Co Wins $1bn Electricity Deal
  237. Turkish Firm Opens New Power Plant
  238. Iraq Pays $300m to Terror Victims
  239. Iraq Stock Market Report
  240. Petroceltic Rises on Preliminary Results
  241. HSBC Reviewing Iraqi Operations
  242. Genel Energy Up following Interim Mgt Statement
  243. Low Turnout in Local Elections
  244. Kobler Welcomes Peaceful Conduct of Elections
  245. US Security Alert: Risk of Terror Attack
  246. Video: Landmark Iraq Provincial Councils Vote
  247. Video: Iraq Votes in Test of Stability
  248. Emaar “in talks” on $3bn Kurdish Resort
  249. $84m from Fake Bomb Detector Scam
  250. Currency Auctions by CBI Called Into Question