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  1. Iraq sends Envoy back to Iran with Little to Show
  2. Deaths Of Journalists Undermine History Of Free Speech
  3. Tech in Iraq
  4. Iraq Stock Market Report
  5. Rosneft in $1bn Kurdistan Pipeline Deal
  6. PIA commences Flights to Najaf
  7. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  8. World Bank gives $200m for Stability in Liberated Areas
  9. GKP Shares Down on Half-Year Results
  10. Iraqi Farmers fight against Imported Goods, Corruption
  11. Video: Abadi warns of Military Force if Kurdish Vote turns Violent
  12. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  13. $49m Iraq Contract for Trace Systems
  14. ShaMaran starts Drilling at Chiya Khere
  15. Iran, Iraq to Synchronize Power Grids within Months
  16. Iran, US align against Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum
  17. Strikes Continue in Effort to Defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  18. Gulf Companies looking to Participate in Iraq Reconstruction
  19. Gazprom’s Largest Ever Maritime Shipment – from Badra
  20. Range Energy gives Shewashan Operations Update
  21. Central Bank runs course on Combating Money Laundering
  22. What Int’l Media are Saying about Kurdish Independence
  23. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  24. Textron Wins $30m Iraq Contract
  25. Crescent Petroleum, Dana Gas support Healthcare Centre for IDPs
  26. Video: Iraqi Kurdistan pushes ahead with Referendum
  27. UN Security Council Concerned over Kurdish Referendum
  28. U.S., Coalition Continue Strikes to Defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  29. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  30. Jordan Exempts Iraqi Trucks from Fines
  31. Liberation From ISIS Underway in Iraqi Towns
  32. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  33. Iraq Stock Market Report
  34. L-3 Wins Another Iraq Order
  35. Iraq is Iran’s 2nd Biggest Non-Oil Customer
  36. In Basra, Fighting Rising Temperatures With Trees
  37. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  38. Norway increases Support for Iraq by $2.6m
  39. Voting Starts in Kurdish Independence Referendum
  40. Which Countries offer a Passport without Migrating?
  41. Iran Closes Airspace to Flights from Iraqi Kurdistan
  42. Kirkuk “teetering on the Brink of War”
  43. Plans for Flights between Erbil and Urmia
  44. Video: Turkey plans Measures in Response to Kurdish Referendum
  45. Turkey Threatens to Invade Iraq, Cut Off Oil Pipeline
  46. Initial Referendum Results – Over 90% Voted Yes
  47. Petrofac Wins Iraq Contract with KOGAS
  48. Talia acquires Northport Teleport in Iraqi Kurdistan
  49. Amnesty International condemns Mass Execution in Iraq
  50. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  51. Baghdad Suspends Int’l Flights to Erbil
  52. Iraq to Invest in Joint Oil Projects with Iran
  53. GovSource Wins $7.6m Iraqi Contract
  54. 93% of Iraqi Kurds Vote for Independence
  55. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  56. US Firm wins Drone Contract in Iraq
  57. IMF Staff Concludes Visit on Iraq
  58. Social and Economic Integration of Iraqi Youth
  59. Iraqi Sentiment may be Softening toward Israel
  60. Military Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  61. Kuwait Energy plans New Wells in Iraq
  62. Iraq Stock Market Report
  63. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  64. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  65. Soccer returns to Mosul after Three-Year Ban
  66. Kirkuk’s Kurdish Governor: If Baghdad Blockades Us, ‘We Will Manage’
  67. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  68. Post-Referendum Threats And Demands
  69. Iraq Accused of “Shake Downs” to Force Tax Payments
  70. Anbar Op aims to Restore Iraqi-Syrian Border
  71. UN Migration Agency Assists Newly Displaced from Hawija
  72. Iraq seeks to collect KRG’s Oil Revenues
  73. Oil Exports Up Slightly in September
  74. Iran, Iraq to Stage Joint Military Drills in Coming Days
  75. More than 200 Iraqi Civilians Killled in September
  76. Reserve 5 mins For Iraqi Children on October 5th!
  77. September Market Review: Implications of the Kurdish Referendum
  78. Iran Bans Oil Products Shipment to Iraqi Kurdistan
  79. Putin boxed in by Iran, Turkey on Iraqi Kurdish referendum
  80. Officials Provide Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  81. Will the Jewish Archive Return to Iraq?
  82. CBI Stops Dollar Sales, Foreign Currency Transfers to Kurdistan
  83. Former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Dies
  84. IOM assists Thousands Displaced from West Anbar
  85. Strikes Continue in Effort to Defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  86. Video: Rashad Residents react to Recapture of IS-held Areas
  87. Iraq Recaptures Hawija from IS
  88. KRG Protests Int’l Air Traffic Embargo
  89. Air Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  90. Abadi meets French Business Leaders
  91. Taq Taq September Production Below Average
  92. Kurdish Political Heavyweight Announces Plan to Shake Up Voters
  93. What Talabani’s Death means for the Future of Iraq
  94. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  95. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  96. Iraq to send Gas to Kuwait for Gulf War Compensation
  97. Al-Abadi meets French President Emmanuel Macron
  98. Video: Civilian Cost of Takeover of Last IS-held Towns
  99. Iraq Stock Market Report
  100. Anbar Locals Warn Against Re-Opening Border Crossing
  101. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  102. The Geopolitics of Energy, and Impacts on Iraq’s Petroleum Sector
  103. Petrofac in Kurdistan Deal with Gazprom Neft
  104. Chevron, Total interested in Majnoon oilfield
  105. Iraq asks Turkey and Iran to Close Borders with Kurdistan
  106. Stabilization in Mosul: 300 Projects Underway
  107. PM Pushes for Budget Cuts
  108. Govt demands Asiacell & Korek Relocate to Baghdad
  109. Iran sees Challenge of Kurdish Referendum as Opportunity
  110. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  111. IBBC Autumn Conference 2017: ‘Together We Build Iraq’
  112. KRG Makes Payments for July Oil Exports
  113. Kurdish Referendum may see Iraqi Elections Postponed
  114. US stops paying Peshmerga amid Kurdish Independence Backlash
  115. Video: Iran “Reduces Water Supply” over Iraqi Kurd Vote
  116. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists
  117. Agility Center of Excellence Opens in Iraq
  118. Petronas may Exit Majnoon Oil Field
  119. First Saudi-Iraq Air Route in 27 years
  120. Nokia to Improve Zain Iraq’s Network
  121. Airstrikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  122. OMV Pockets $107m from KRG Settlement
  123. Genel Energy gets New COO
  124. EU Steps Up Assistance for Stabilisation of Iraq
  125. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists
  126. Iraq Stock Market Report
  127. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  128. Iraqi Forces Capture North Oil Company
  129. DNO: First Payment under Kurdistan Receivables Settlement
  130. Federal Forces Advance on Kirkuk City
  131. IBBC Delegation meets Basrah Governor
  132. Iran Reported to have Shut Crossing with Kurdish Region
  133. Baghdad warns Erbil not to Shut Down Kirkuk Oil
  134. Federal Forces in Control of Large Areas of Kirkuk City
  135. Coalition Monitors Military Movements Near Kirkuk
  136. Video: Residents Flee Kirkuk as Army Takes Control
  137. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  138. Strikes Continue in Effort to Defeat ISIS
  139. Investment Opportunity at State Glass Company
  140. Triple Canopy Pays $2.6m to Settle False Claims Suit
  141. Iran “Playing No Role in Iraq’s Kirkuk Operation”
  142. Iranian Universities enter Iraq
  143. Turkmens unite against Kurdish Designs on Kirkuk
  144. Assessing the Impact of Shifting Iran-KRG Relations
  145. Petrofac Awarded Iraq PMC from PetroChina
  146. Rosneft, KRG Agree on Oil Cooperation
  147. How Turkey’s Nuclear Plant could curb KRG Ambitions
  148. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  149. Luaibi asks BP to Return to Kirkuk Oilfields
  150. Genel Energy Updates on Kurdistan Operations
  151. Baghdad hits back at Rosneft/KRG Deal
  152. Rosneft to Build New Kurdistan Oil Pipeline
  153. Kurdish Elections to be Suspended
  154. GKP Confirms Shaikan Operating Securely
  155. KRG welcomes Iraqi PM’s call for Dialogue
  156. UN Concerned about Violence in Tuz Khurmatu & Kirkuk
  157. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  158. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  159. Gazprom Neft not to Cut Production at Badra
  160. US Providing Essential Support for Iraq’s Children
  161. Video: Concern over Alleged Abuse of Kurds in Kirkuk
  162. Iranian Official Urges Enhanced Economic Ties with Iraq
  163. How Iran helped Baghdad seize back Kirkuk
  164. Video: Balance of Power shifts in Kirkuk
  165. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  166. Iraq Stock Market Report
  167. CBI Governor meets with the UN Security Council
  168. Korea’s Support is Helping Iraqi Returnees
  169. Creating a New Entrepreneur Generation in Iraq
  170. Harlow International achieves ISO 9001 Accreditation
  171. KRG offers to “Freeze” Results of Independence Referendum
  172. Baghdad seeks broader Economic Cooperation with Russia
  173. Iraqi PM Abadi Due in Tehran Wednesday
  174. May 2018 suggested for Parliamentary Election
  175. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  176. “Indiscriminate Attacks, Lootings and Arson” in Tuz Khurmatu
  177. UNAMI urges De-Escalation of Baghdad-Erbil Crisis
  178. $100m Investment Doubles ICTSI Port Capacity
  179. Investment Opportunity: Factory to Produce Electrical Cables
  180. Data Portfolios Available for Basra Refinery
  181. National Contingency Plan to Tackle Oil Spills
  182. Female Booksellers turn the page on Gender Roles
  183. Congress Threatens to Withhold Arms from Baghdad
  184. CBI directs Banks to implement SWIFT Standards
  185. Italy contributes $2.7m to Stabilization in Iraq
  186. Reconstruction of Mosul Discussed with Key Partners
  187. October Market Review: Changed Oil Dynamics & Liquidity
  188. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  189. Japan Lends $502m to Iraq for Development
  190. 16% Growth in Zain Iraq Customer Base
  191. Asiacell Revenues Up 11%
  192. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  193. Interview with Ahmed Tabaqchali, CIO of AFC Iraq Fund
  194. Iraq Stock Market Report
  195. Opportunity for UAE Business: Key Iraqi Ministers come to Conference
  196. Restrictions on Border with Iraqi Kurdistan to Be Removed
  197. Iran Cancels Arbaeen Flights to Iraq Due to Dust Storms
  198. Strikes Continue in Effort to Defeat ISIS
  199. Video: Families Flee Fighting in Anbar
  200. IBBC completes Successful Trade Mission to Baghdad
  201. More than 200 Iraqi Civilians Killled in October
  202. Latest Strikes Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  203. Weir wins Maintenance Contract at Zubair Oilfield
  204. Saudia Resumes Flights to Baghdad after 27 years
  205. Oil Ministry Declares its Final Exports for September
  206. Iraq Increases Oil Export Capacity
  207. Three-year Strategic Plan for Basra Oil and Gas
  208. Saudi Arabia, Iraq to Reopen Border Crossing
  209. Cabinet sets date for Parliamentary Elections
  210. $400m for Reconstruction of Mosul and Newly Liberated Areas
  211. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  212. Security Message: Threat Against Baghdad Mall
  213. Flights from Greece to Iraq to Resume
  214. Video: Hundreds Flee as Army Advances on Al-Qaim
  215. New Zealand gives another $1m for Iraq Stabilization
  216. “Alarming Violence” against Journalists in Northern Iraq
  217. Iraq buys U.S. Wheat
  218. Int’l Flight Ban Causing Million-a-Day Losses for Kurdistan
  219. Video: Iraq’s Kurds on Post-Barzani Future
  220. The Human Mules Of Iraq, Circumventing Sanctions On Iran
  221. 60 New Projects to be Announced at IBBC Dubai Conference
  222. Iran, Iraq Assess Drilling Cooperation in Oil Projects
  223. Baghdad “Looks to Take Control of KRG Oil”
  224. US General Cites Iraqi Forces’ Ability in Liberating Al-Qaim
  225. Genel Energy confirms Payment from KRG
  226. Iran Resolved to Establish Railroad Link with Iraq
  227. Outgoing UK Ambassador discusses his Hopes for Iraq
  228. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  229. Kurdistan Oil Conference in London Postponed
  230. Calls for Men to Champion Women’s Participation in Decision-Making
  231. Germany Supports the Clearance of Explosive Hazards
  232. DNO Flows Peshkabir-3 Well
  233. Central Bank orders Banks to Halt Operations in Kurdistan
  234. Video: Millions of Shiite Pilgrims head to Karbala
  235. US Govt, Basrah Launch Takamul Project
  236. Kurdistan’s Tourism Suffering following Referendum
  237. Iraq-Turkey Border Confusion: Who’s In Charge Here?
  238. South Korea Provides Food for Syrian Refugees in Iraq
  239. Video: Kurdistan Secession Bid takes a toll on Economy
  240. ISIL Members should face “International Crimes” Charges
  241. IBBC holds Successful Autumn Conference in Dubai
  242. Video: Tremor hits Iraq-Iran Border, Hundreds Killed
  243. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  244. Iraq Stock Market Report
  245. Key Town Retaken amid Regional Power Plays
  246. No Dams Damaged in Yesterday’s Earthquake
  247. KRG “Respects” Court Decision on Independence
  248. Video: Quake leaves Trail of Destruction in Iraq
  249. Dust Storms sweep across Iraq as Govt Solutions Falter
  250. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS