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  1. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  2. KCA Deutag Wins New Iraq Drilling Contracts
  3. Video: IS has cost Iraq “more than $100bn”
  4. Changes To Marriage Law Erode Women’s Rights
  5. Russia begins Deliveries of T-90 Tanks
  6. Pope auctions Lamborghini to help Iraqi Christians
  7. WHO Assistance for Earthquake Patients
  8. Coalition Airstrikes Kill 4 Senior ISIS Leaders
  9. Defeat-ISIS Campaign Deprives Enemy of Safe Havens
  10. Video: Earthquake Damages Diyala River Dam
  11. SOMO Awards Diesel Tenders
  12. ShaMaran Petroleum Announces Results
  13. Border Crossings deepen Baghdad-Erbil conflict
  14. Who will Govern Kirkuk?
  15. Two charged in UK’s Unaoil Investigation
  16. Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  17. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  18. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  19. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  20. Iraq Stock Market ends week 6.3% Up
  21. Iraq’s Southern Oil Exports “Close to Record High”
  22. Baghdad Increases Pressure on KRG with Budget Cut
  23. Germany continues Support for Iraqi Children
  24. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS
  25. Jordan to Spearhead Syria, Iraq Reconstruction
  26. Human Rights Training for Teachers in Kurdistan
  27. Authorities Clamp Down on Sectarian Hate Speech
  28. BP, Eni “interested in Majnoon Oilfield”
  29. BHGE to supply Generators for Halfaya Oilfield
  30. AISSOT first Crude Oil Shipment from Iraq
  31. Statement from IMF Mission on Iraq
  32. Last IS-held Iraqi Town Retaken
  33. GE signs $400m Contract for 14 Electric Substations
  34. Abadi Promises War on Corruption
  35. Iraq Britain Business Council welcomes 3 New Members
  36. KRG PM Barzani holds Talks with Kurdistan Political Parties
  37. UN: Daesh “Down but Not Out” in Iraq
  38. Iraq Resumes Bid for Full WTO Membership
  39. UNFPA scales up Response after Iraq Earthquake
  40. Video: Iraq launches final sweep to flush out IS
  41. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  42. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  43. Fear of Extinction pushes Basra’s Christians to Isolation
  44. New Oil & Gas Blocks to be offered
  45. Iraq plans New Bond Issue in 2018
  46. Trade Bank of Iraq to establish Saudi branch
  47. New Pipeline to Export Kirkuk Oil via Ceyhan
  48. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  49. Iraq steps up efforts to Stop Smuggling of Rare Species
  50. Japanese Company considers Gas Pipeline and Petchem Plant
  51. Evaluating Darbandikhan and Dokan Dams following Earthquake
  52. Restrata awarded Licence for GPS Tracking Systems in Iraq
  53. Investment Opportunity: State Company for Steel Industries
  54. #GivingTuesday: Help Iraq’s Street Children
  55. Jereh Enters Iraqi Oil Market with Integrated Solutions
  56. Gulf Keystone appoints New Non-Executive Director
  57. Saudi Bottler to Open New Plant in Iraq
  58. “Unprecedented Upsurge” in Iraqis seeking Second Citizenship
  59. New Helipad at Al-Rasheed Hotel
  60. Mobile Health Teams reach People in Newly Liberated Areas
  61. November Market Review: Tentative Recovery
  62. Iraq Falls Again in Prosperity Index
  63. UK to Invest $13m in Iraqi Counter-Terrorism
  64. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  65. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  66. Lukoil to submit West Qurna-2 Plan by end-Dec
  67. Alliant Techsystems in $28m Iraqi Defense Deal
  68. Two more charged in UK’s Unaoil Investigation
  69. Military Strikes Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  70. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  71. Oil Exports Rise Again in October
  72. Former Iraqi Subcontractor Guilty in Kickbacks Conspiracy
  73. More than 100 Iraqi Civilians Killled in November
  74. Video: Peace Marathon draws Thousands in Mosul
  75. “Good Quality” Oil Bearing Reservoirs found at Taq Taq
  76. Fly Baghdad plans European flights, IPO
  77. US emphasises Importance of Sound Banking System
  78. Gazprom Neft commissions New Gas Plant at Badra
  79. Genel Energy attempts to Refinance Bonds
  80. In Anbar, Liquor Shops are an Unlikely New Sign of Hope
  81. US Sanctions on PMUs puts Iraq in Tough Spot
  82. Alstom to Develop Rail Projects in Baghdad, Basra
  83. US, Iraq discuss Coalition Support for Iraqi Forces
  84. Iran to Boost Gas Exports to Iraq
  85. What next for PMU in Anbar Province?
  86. Baghdad denies Russian Claims regarding KRG Oil Deals
  87. Saudi, Iraq sign 18 Major Energy Deals
  88. How Likely is a New Government really in Iraqi Kurdistan?
  89. Funding Facility for Stabilization Q3 Report
  90. Delay looks likely for Iraqi Elections
  91. No Winners In Iraq’s New ‘War On Corruption’
  92. KRG efforts to Simplify Access to Govt Services
  93. Nightclubs, Cafes still Risky Business for Iraqi Women
  94. The Child Labourers of Baghdad
  95. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  96. DNO Steps Up Production at Peshkabir Field
  97. Iraqi Airspace Flight Restrictions Relaxed
  98. Tehran-Baghdad sign One-Year Oil Swap Deal
  99. PM announces Defeat of Daesh
  100. Iraq “Fully Implements” Chapter VII, Oil-for-Food Program
  101. Video: Has ISIL been Defeated in Iraq?
  102. KOGAS Recoups Investment in Zubair
  103. Iraqi Encourages French Companies to Invest
  104. New Report: Iraqi Security Forces, Popular Mobilization Forces
  105. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  106. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  107. Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  108. Modernization of Public Administration “is KRG priority”
  109. Reforming and Transforming SOMO
  110. Iraqi, Turkish Investors eye Iranian Petrol Stations
  111. Iraq Falls in Ease of Doing Business Index
  112. Generous German Funding helps Vulnerable People in Iraq
  113. KRG, Kurdistan Parliament discuss Financial Situation
  114. The Islamic State Group Lives On – in Iraq’s Deserts
  115. Petrofac wins $160m Iraq Contract
  116. Prince Charles: AMAR gives us Reason to have Faith in Humanity
  117. Opportunity to Supply Salahuddin Refineries
  118. Petrel Resources Shares Slump following Iraq Settlement
  119. Investment Opportunity: Ur Aluminum Factory
  120. USAID helping Vulnerable Communities in Iraq
  121. 12th Forum of the Iraqi-French Business Council
  122. Details of Latest Strikes Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  123. IOM Assessment on Displacement and Returns in Iraq
  124. Investment Opportunities: Steam Iron Factory, Fan Factory
  125. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  126. Germany is Top Contributor to Stabilization in Iraq
  127. Young Iraqis learn Innovative Development Tools
  128. After Decades of Suppression, Baha’is Celebrate Publicly in Baghdad
  129. Lukoil signs Contract for Exploration at Block 10
  130. Hanwha briefs PM on Progress at Bismaya Housing Complex
  131. Netherlands increases Support to Newly Liberated Areas
  132. Germany ties Aid to Peace Efforts
  133. UNAMI “Deeply Concerned” about Violence in Kurdistan
  134. Iraq’s Fifth Licensing Round
  135. Genel Shares Rise on Debt Reduction Plan
  136. IBN Welcomes New Expert Blogger
  137. Genel Energy confirms Payments for KRI Oil Exports
  138. Oil Ministry starts taking over Majnoon Ops
  139. Kurdistan quickly Descending into Chaos
  140. Shaikan Payment Update
  141. Albilal Group joins IBBC
  142. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists
  143. Baghdad seeks Concessions before Negotiating with Kurds
  144. Pipeline Network to cover all of Iraq
  145. Mosul University — a Symbol of Hope
  146. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  147. Iraq to use Drones to Protect Pipelines
  148. NATO trains Iraqi Security Forces on Demining
  149. Iraq Stock Market Report
  150. Mosul Locals take Reconstruction into their Own Hands
  151. Germany supports WFP Assistance to Conflict-Affected Iraqis
  152. Video: River Cruise Weddings return to Basra
  153. Majnoon Development Plan — Important Move in the Right Direction
  154. Engaging NGOs in the Fight Against Corruption
  155. Int’l Companies Invited to Invest in New Pipeline
  156. Iraq once again Controls own Economy, Free of UN Sanctions
  157. KRG approves Reforms in Public Sector Employment
  158. Oil Ministry Declares its Final Exports for November
  159. Iran exports Steel Rebar to Iraq
  160. China’s Zhenhua Oil to develop East Baghdad Oilfield
  161. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  162. Rafidain Bank set the price of housing units
  163. Border Crossings with Iraqi Kurdistan Reopen
  164. Oil Exports Rise Again in December
  165. Iraq Stock Market ends Year Down 15%
  166. Coalition Trains, Equips Iraqi Border Guard Force
  167. 69 Iraqi Civilians Killled in December
  168. Iraq in 2018 … What lies ahead?
  169. Iraqi Stock Market: Review of 2017 & Outlook for 2018
  170. Qatar to Invest in Iraqi Oil
  171. Jacobs signs MOU with Iraq Oil Company
  172. Investment Opportunities: Imam Sadiq Hospital and Najaf Hospital
  173. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  174. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  175. Is Islamic State back in Kirkuk?
  176. Campaign Against Celebratory Gunfire Gains Traction
  177. Investment Opportunity: Steel Industry
  178. Plastic Surgery in Iraq “Dangerously Unregulated”
  179. Basra’s Barrier Against Poisoned Iranian Water Crumbling
  180. Investment Opportunity: Sugar Production
  181. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  182. Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists
  183. Can Baghdad contain Diseases in Liberated Areas?
  184. Scandalous Satarem Refinery Contract gets Final Notice
  185. Iraq Stock Market Report
  186. Investment Opportunity: Pharmaceutical Bottles Plant
  187. Baghdad bans Kar Group from Kirkuk Oilfields
  188. New EU Strategy to Increase Support to Iraq
  189. Kuwait Gas-Supply Pact — Iraq “has Much to Gain”
  190. Pentagon Details Progress in Defeating ISIS
  191. Mövenpick Signs Basra Hotel Deal
  192. “Lucrative Investment Opportunities” to be announced at Conference
  193. US Firm to Harvest Flare Gas at Nahr Bin Umar
  194. Algeria’s Sonatrach to Invest in Iraq
  195. New Firms Qualified for next Oil Licensing Round
  196. Petronas confirms Exit from Majnoon Oilfield
  197. Japanese Firm Buys Shell’s Stake in West Qurna 1
  198. KBR to help Develop Majnoon Oilfield
  199. Atrush Production Update
  200. AMAR Completes work at Bazwaya Health Centre
  201. US gives Additional $75m for Iraq Stabilization
  202. Iraq to ask IOCs to Build Housing, Provide Services
  203. Investment Opportunity: Borders Crossing Points
  204. Gazprom Neft Halves Badra Production Target
  205. Shewashan Output Significantly Below Target
  206. Coalition Aims to Defeat ISIS’ Brand
  207. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  208. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  209. Lawyers get Death Threats but Won’t go to Police
  210. Preventing Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Iraq
  211. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  212. Germany now UNMAS’ Largest Contributor in Iraq
  213. Iraq Cracks Down on Online Gun Sales
  214. Increase in Internet Scams Entraps Naďve Baghdad Locals
  215. More Details on Iraqi Reconstruction Conference
  216. Ride-Hailing Service is Launched in Baghdad
  217. Investment Opportunity: Electronic Energy Meters
  218. US Helps Meet the Needs of Minorities in Iraq
  219. Shaikan Crude Oil Sales Agreement Signed
  220. Free Satellite Internet “Soon”
  221. Number of Returns Exceeds Number of Displaced Iraqis
  222. Anbar eyes Political Battle as Displaced Return
  223. IBN Expert Blogger Co-Authors New Book
  224. DoD reports Spike in Contractors in Iraq
  225. Deloitte Report on Oil and Gas in Kurdistan
  226. Iran Eyes Closer Banking Ties with Iraq
  227. Genel receives Payment for Taq Taq Exports
  228. Turkey’s Optimistic Plans in Iraq seem to be Faltering
  229. BP to Boost Oil Production at Kirkuk Oilfields
  230. Chevron to Resume Drilling in Kurdistan
  231. Kurdish Investors put their Money Elsewhere
  232. US Supports Iraqi National Elections on May 12
  233. Bina Bawi and Miran West gas resource update
  234. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  235. NIC Announces 157 Major Strategic Projects in Iraq
  236. GKP to Invest Further in Shaikan
  237. DNO Reports Payment for Tawke Deliveries
  238. Iraq Stock Market Report
  239. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  240. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  241. Iraq to Supply Egypt with another 12m Barrels
  242. Children in Iraq Impacted by Conflict and Poverty
  243. Rivals may Team Up to Defeat Abadi
  244. Five Oil Storage Facilities available for Investment
  245. Genel Energy gets more time for Gas Project
  246. New EU Strategy on Iraq
  247. Dyncorp Wins Contract for Aviation Maintenance
  248. Genel Energy Updates on Operations in Kurdistan
  249. Iraq-Saudi Links Enhanced
  250. Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) visits Baghdad