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  1. Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) visits Baghdad
  2. Iraq’s $100bn Reconstruction Drive
  3. MHPS to Upgrade Hartha Power Station
  4. Latest Strikes Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  5. NIDC Eyes Iraqi Drilling Market
  6. Security Forces hang on to Homes they Requisitioned
  7. Two Iraqi Airports to be Developed
  8. Ministry drops Nassiriya Integrated Project
  9. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  10. Road Projects available for Investment
  11. US firm “Suspends” Tank Maintenance in Iraq
  12. Iraq Stock Market Report
  13. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  14. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  15. New Petroleum Round faces Many Serious Problems
  16. 4 Metropolitan Transport Opportunities in Iraq
  17. Iraq to Comply with Opec Supply Cuts
  18. Chinese Companies Win Al-Faw Projects
  19. US contributes $80m for Stabilization in Iraq
  20. BHGE: Growth in Iraq Offsets Decline in other Markets
  21. Sulzer appoints Authorized Repair Partner in Iraq
  22. Drought Threatens 1m Acres in Kurdistan
  23. Iraqi Journalists face Attacks by Politicians’ Bodyguards
  24. $210m UK Support for GE Power Deal
  25. Sallyport wins $400m Iraq Contract
  26. UK brings UNMAS Contribution to $20m
  27. Iraq to start 60,000 bpd Oil Swap with Iran
  28. ACTED takes Lead in Child Protection
  29. Iraqi Govt Ministries to Attend Oil Conference in Berlin
  30. Majnoon Oil Output to Almost Double
  31. Upstream Law and Regulation in Iraq
  32. EU contributes $59m for Iraq Stabilization
  33. IBBC welcomes Guests at House of Lords
  34. 115 Iraqi Civilians Killed in January
  35. Market Review: A Tale of Two Halves & Liquidity
  36. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  37. $6bn Iraqi Port Development available for Investment
  38. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  39. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  40. From Tears to Joy — Run for Children like Noor
  41. Four Special Economic Zones open for Investment
  42. Iraqi Stock Market Jumps 11%
  43. $210m Project to Improve Baghdad Water
  44. Rotork to supply Karbala Refinery Project
  45. Baghdad “Stops” several Kurdish Landline Services
  46. Jordan approves deal with Iraq on Oil, Gas Pipeline
  47. Denmark Contributes $21.4m for Stabilization in Iraq
  48. Coalition Announces Shift in Focus as Iraq Campaign Progresses
  49. Corruption Probes: Iraq takes Custody of Officials
  50. Conserving Iran and Iraq’s Wetlands
  51. New Iraqi Housing Schemes open for Investment
  52. UK Confirms Support for Iraq
  53. Video: Book Culture Returns to Mosul
  54. IFJ warns about Media Freedom Violations in Kurdistan
  55. Coalition Aviation Advisory and Training Team established in Iraq
  56. Saudis see Opportunities in Helping to Rebuild Iraq
  57. Oil Minister meets with the CEO of Lukoil
  58. Investment Policy Statement of the Iraq National Investment Commission
  59. UNICEF needs $17m to Rebuild Health Facilities for Children
  60. Zain returns to Profitability in Iraq
  61. DNO: Revenues and Investment Rise Sharply
  62. ICTSI Invests additional $250m in Iraqi Port
  63. Iraq signs Deal for Kirkuk Refinery
  64. Crescent Petroleum to Increase Investment in Iraqi Gas
  65. Sweden helps Stabilize Newly Liberated Areas in Iraq
  66. Six Industrial Projects Open for Investment
  67. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  68. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  69. Abadi Reluctant to Lift Embargo on Kurdish Airports
  70. “Severe Punishment” for Price Hikes Targeting Tourists
  71. Legal Assistance for Vulnerable Households in Mosul
  72. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  73. US Ambassador, UNDP visit the Ninewa Plains
  74. Video: Iraq seeks $100bn for Post-IS Reconstruction
  75. Oil Exports Fall Slightly in January
  76. Iraqi Stock Market Continues to Climb
  77. Kuwait Energy signs Block 9 Farm-out Agreement
  78. Investments in Health can contribute to Peace Dividends
  79. Asiacell Revenues Up
  80. US Firm wins $45m Iraq Training Deal
  81. Video: Donors pledge more than $300m to Iraq
  82. UXO Clearance leads way to Normal Future
  83. World Bank’s Commitment to Iraq Reaches $4.7bn
  84. Genel Updates on Oil Reserves
  85. UN launches Iraq Recovery and Resilience Programme
  86. Jordanian Ministers push for Truck Entry to Iraq
  87. Progress To Defeat ISIS Continues
  88. Saudi Arabia to re-open Consulate in Basra
  89. Ex-Minister sentenced to 21 years for “Corruption”
  90. Iraq to Increase Oil Capacity by 40%
  91. US EXIM agrees $3bn Iraq Financing
  92. $30bn Pledged to Iraq – Time to Act!
  93. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  94. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  95. Details of Defeat-ISIS Strikes in Syria, Iraq
  96. KRG pays Genel under Receivable Settlement Agreement
  97. Tribal Disputes Flare in over Water Scarcity
  98. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  99. Natural Gas Must Be an Asset for Iraq
  100. Price of Iranian Goods Falls 30% in Iraqi Kurdistan
  101. Stock Market Up 25% since End-October
  102. KRG Opens New Section of Erbil Ring Road
  103. Iraq Receives First Batch of Russian T-90 Tanks
  104. Iraq Delegation to Visit Turkey over Water Dispute
  105. Chevron Resumes Drilling in Kurdistan
  106. Abadi says Laws will Protect Foreign Investors
  107. Baghdad keen to Restart Oil Exports through Turkey
  108. Kirkuk Council reportedly files Oil case against Iraq Govt
  109. CEO Jailed for Fraud
  110. Iran to process Russian Wheat for Iraqi Flour Market
  111. Pentagon Stops Budgeting for Peshmerga Salaries
  112. UNDP Iraq Launches Trilingual App
  113. Iraq Petroleum 2018
  114. Qayara Refinery available for Investment
  115. “It’s Not the Donations, Stupid”: Key Points from Kuwait Conf
  116. Islamic State buying up Businesses in Iraq
  117. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  118. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  119. Iraq exempts 540 Jordanian Goods from Duty
  120. IFC, CBI to Strengthen Corporate Governance in Banking
  121. Iraq’s Lack of Water “is a Foreign Policy Problem”
  122. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  123. US Supports Reopening of Iraqi Air Force Air Academy
  124. Will Great Mosque of Samarra Survive?
  125. Saudis to Open Basra Consulate; Iran Opens Border To Iraqis
  126. New Mosul Housing Units from UNHCR, Japan
  127. Dangerously Dirty Water threatens Iraq
  128. Report: Shaping Iraq’s Oil and Gas Future
  129. Iraq Falls in Transparency Ranking
  130. Iraq Denies Deal to buy Russian S-400 Missiles
  131. Fulbright Foreign Student Program for 2019-2021
  132. Iraqis Continue Security and Clearance Operations
  133. Video: Iraq lures Investors to Boost Oil, Gas Output
  134. Iran-Iraq Oil Swap Delayed over Safety Concerns
  135. New Oil Licensing Round Delayed by Elections
  136. Provincial Elections set for December
  137. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for January
  138. Iraq signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Kuwaiti Company
  139. Baghdad extends Air Blockade over KRG-held Areas
  140. 5 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  141. Oil Exports Fall Slightly in February
  142. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  143. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  144. Market Review: Momentum & High-Quality Leadership
  145. Zain Iraq, Ericsson Offer Boosted Data Services
  146. BOC “Preparing to Tender” for Water Injection Project
  147. “Iranian Interference” in Iraqi Election Angers Iraqis
  148. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  149. Total may Bid for Nassirya Oil Refinery
  150. Saudi’s SABIC “in talks” to join Nebras Petchem Project
  151. In Iraqi Kurdistan, Publishing Business Faces Final Chapter
  152. Parliament Votes to create Iraqi National Oil Company
  153. GTC to Provide Gasoline Complex for ABG
  154. KRG “could Suspend” Erbil Domestic Flights
  155. NATO Secretary General visits Iraq
  156. Latest Strikes Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  157. 91 Iraqi Civilians Killed in February
  158. Saudi Arabia to Fund Iraqi Football Stadium
  159. Al-Kasid Group Wins Ford Dealership
  160. 2018 Humanitarian Plans for Iraq Launched
  161. Iraq to Seize Assets of Saddam Hussein and his Officials
  162. Iraq Increases Taxes amid Public Discontent
  163. Iraq Approves Plan to Improve Relations with GCC
  164. Iran, Iraq Economic Roadmap to be Outlined
  165. Govt-Wide Institutional Performance Management in Erbil
  166. 300 Peugeot Pars on their way to Iraq
  167. Video: Hotel Hunting – Mission Impossible in Anbar
  168. Iraq to launch Tender for Gas Contracts by end-June
  169. KRG PM Barzani and US Ambassador meet
  170. Iraq to establish Gas Pipeline Company by end-March
  171. New Iraqi Budget, New Rules To Anger and Upset
  172. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  173. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  174. Iran Offers $3bn LOC for Iraq Reconstruction
  175. A Distracting Debate on Banning Porn in Kurdistan
  176. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  177. 64,000 New Homes Planned for Al-Rashid City
  178. Mueller witness “Helped Broker” $4.2bn Iraq-Russia Arms Deal
  179. Iraq to continue Importing Electricity from Iran
  180. Locals Criticise Uncoordinated, Propaganda-Happy Reconstruction Efforts
  181. UK Firm wins $350m Iraqi Port Deal
  182. Iraq to Reduce Oil Products Imports by 25%
  183. Iraq Stock Market Report
  184. INOC Law: Dysfunctional, Unconstitutional and Disintegrative
  185. Abadi Lifts Ban on Int’l Flights to Kurdistan
  186. Iraq to launch new “Basrah Medium” Crude Oil Grade
  187. NIC announces New Investment Opportunities
  188. Iraq congratulated on Complete Destruction of Chemical Weapons
  189. Russia to supply more T-90S Tanks to Iraq
  190. “Iraq’s Energy Future Lies to the North”
  191. Qatar, Iraq sign MoU on Security Co-operation
  192. UN Calls on Iraqi Govt to Protect Minorities
  193. Iran says IS Resurgence could Hamper Iraq Oil Deal
  194. ZhenHua expands China’s role in Iraq’s Oil Sector
  195. DNO announces Higher Revenues, Profits, Production, Reserves
  196. WSC Wins $35m Contract in Basra
  197. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  198. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  199. Kirkuk Garbage Collection Contract Revoked
  200. A Debtor’s Crisis In Iraqi Kurdistan
  201. Video: Unexploded Bombs continue to haunt Mosul
  202. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  203. Iraq’s legendary Copper Markets fade away
  204. Creating Alternative Livelihoods for Farming Families
  205. Iraq Stock Market Report
  206. Oil Ministry Offers 3 Refineries for Investment
  207. FIFA Lifts Ban on Iraq Hosting Int’l Matches
  208. Iraq: Advancing Women’s Rights Key to Good Governance
  209. UNAMI Technical Support Training for Civil Society
  210. AMAR Foundation Strenghtens Financial Cmte
  211. USAID Holds Co-Creation Workshop in Baghdad
  212. Training Session for Bidders on UNDP e-Tendering
  213. Coalition Continues Partnership with Iraq Against ISIS
  214. IBN Welcomes New Expert Blogger
  215. KRG, Pearl agreement to boost Electricity Generation
  216. Procurement in Iraq: Cinderella or Superman?
  217. Genel Energy Returns to Profit
  218. Obtaining Second Citizenship: Which Programmes Are Affordable?
  219. Biwater, Wood Partnership to Improve Iraq’s Water Infrastructure
  220. Lukoil reports Less Compensation Oil from West Qurna-2
  221. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  222. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  223. Former PwC Partner joins AMAR Management Team
  224. Rehabilitation of Mosul’s Bridges Improves Livelihoods
  225. Baghdad’s Quality of Living Ranking …
  226. One of Iraq’s Best-Loved Tourist Resorts Slowly Returns to Life
  227. Saudi Arabia looks to Expand its Footprint in Iraq
  228. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  229. Shell Sells West Qurna-1 stake for $406m
  230. Iraq to begin Seizing Assets of Saddam Hussein & Cohorts
  231. Video: Push in Iraq to get Trains back on Track
  232. Major Plans to Boost Iraq Oil-Exporting Capacity
  233. IBBC joins British Chambers of Commerce in boost to UK-Iraq Trade
  234. Minister of Oil meets Head of Jinhua
  235. Basra Gataway Terminal takes delivery of new Dredger
  236. Oil Ministry Conf on Development of 11 Exploration Zones
  237. Iraq buys Wheat from US and Australian
  238. General Highlights Airpower in Fight Against ISIS
  239. Iraq may build Oil Storage in Japan, South Korea
  240. An Urgent Call to Action: Run. Give. Volunteer.
  241. US Man Charged with Illegally Exporting Firearm Parts to Iraq
  242. GKP appoints new Non-Exec Chairman
  243. KBR, Anton Oil to replace Shell at Majnoon?
  244. IOCs scramble to analyze new Contract Model
  245. Marines Facilitating Iraqi Forces’ Success, Commandant Says
  246. AMH Group to build 12,000 Homes in Iraq
  247. New American University to be at Water Palace
  248. Gender Mainstreaming in Iraq’s Elections
  249. Dozens of Iraqi Journalists enter Parliamentary Race
  250. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report