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  1. KRG approves revised Salary Distribution System
  2. Video: Basra Moggies set paw in Iraq’s first Cat Hotel
  3. Power-sharing deal could end dispute over Kirkuk Elections
  4. Japan contributes $4.5m for Explosive Hazard Clearance
  5. Video: Faw Peninsula faces Environmental Catastrophe
  6. AECOM wins $35m Iraq Contract
  7. 235-MW Rumaila Power Station Opened
  8. Oil Exports Fall Slightly in March
  9. Women’s Centre helps Women “knit” Lives Back Together
  10. Expert Blog: How Procurement Influences Production
  11. Baker Hughes to harness Flare Gas at Gharraf & Nassiriya
  12. Al-Nukhba-OFS joins the IBBC
  13. 104 Iraqi Civilians Killed in March
  14. Market Review: Market Consolidates
  15. Abadi visits Japan to Boost Trade
  16. New Gas Treatment Station opened at Bazirgan Field
  17. Economy to Grow 1.5% in 2018, 4.5% in 2019
  18. GE “Helps Najibiya Power Plant Reduce Downtime”
  19. US Central Command Chief discusses Post-IS Iraq
  20. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  21. Video: Iraq seeks to Rebuild its ‘Destroyed’ Heritage
  22. Direct Appeal to Federal Supreme Court against INOC Law
  23. Oil Ministry, Rosneft discuss increasing Cooperation
  24. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  25. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  26. Antonoil, Petrofac to take over Majnoon from Shell
  27. Southern Refineries to Increase Capacity by 33%
  28. 4 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  29. Million+ Households to Benefit from new Financial Programs
  30. GKP Shares Rise on Annual Results
  31. Iran Oil Ministry: Iraq to Blame for Delay in Oil Swap
  32. Iraqi Boat-Makers struggle to keep their Trade Afloat
  33. 5 Firms Shortlisted for Major Water-Injection Project
  34. UNODC Launches Counter-Terrorism Programme
  35. Iraq Postpones Oil and Gas Auction
  36. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  37. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  38. Tikrit turns Saddam’s Palaces into Tourist Attractions
  39. Iraq’s Mosul Dam Lake Shrinking
  40. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  41. Video: Iraq’s Football Fans enjoy First Int’l Match since Ban
  42. Will Iraq’s new “Tribal Court” Undermine Rule of Law?
  43. Iraq: Building a Diversified and Modern Economy
  44. Turkish Firm wins Contract at Garraf
  45. GKP Confirms Payment for January Sales
  46. 4 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  47. Expert Blog: Seeds of Life
  48. Genel Energy receives Payment for January Sales
  49. Video: Crane collides with Tanker at Khor al-Zubair
  50. Canada commits to supporting UNFPA in Iraq
  51. Basra Gateway Terminal joins the Iraq Britain Business Council
  52. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  53. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  54. ISIS Suspects’ Homes Confiscated
  55. Exxon, Baghdad face Setback on Seawater Project
  56. Electronic Vote Counting sparks Controversy
  57. Women, Children with perceived ties to IS Denied Aid
  58. Aiding Iraq in Reconstruction Iran’s Priority
  59. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  60. Siemens to add 700 MW to Rumaila Power Plant
  61. UAE Funds $50m Rebuild of Mosul Minaret
  62. US Mission to build New Compound in Erbil
  63. AMAR Continues Support to Iraqi IDPs
  64. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for March
  65. Iraq Extends Deadline for Qayara Refinery Bids
  66. Positive Indicators at IBBC Conference
  67. Video: Ex-Sports Stars seek to Shake Up Politics
  68. Video: Baghdad hosts 10th Int’l Flower Festival
  69. Iraq could transport 1m bpd via Aqaba
  70. Saudi Arabia eyes Anbar for Potential Investments
  71. DNO Expands and Accelerates Kurdistan Operations
  72. Iraq Awards New Oilfield Licences: FULL LIST
  73. Gazprom Neft commissions Second Well at Sarqala
  74. IBBC Spring Conference a Huge Success
  75. Kuwait Energy starts Producing Gas at Siba
  76. Tracking Down the Iraqis Behind Fake News Epidemic
  77. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  78. New Shipping Sevice between Iraq and Qatar
  79. Hunting For Troll Farms In Northern Iraq
  80. New Contracts Signed to operate Majnoon Oilfield
  81. Saudi Food Company to enter Iraqi Market
  82. Qatar, Iraq to Cooperate in Air Transport
  83. Iraq Targets Terrorism Financing with Blacklist
  84. Lucky Cement to Invest $109m in Samawah
  85. Iraq at a Crossroads – Restoring Security and Economic Growth
  86. Oilfield Service Contracts Explained
  87. US Closes Ground Ops Command in Iraq
  88. Chinese Companies to build Fao Refinery
  89. Shell plans Major Expansion at BGC
  90. $234m Resort to be built in Basra
  91. Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Opportunities Forum
  92. 4,000 Smuggled Artifacts to be Returned to Iraq
  93. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  94. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  95. 3 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  96. Oil Exports Fall Slightly in April
  97. The Dangers of Iraq’s New Oil Law
  98. Ministry Publishes New Templates for Oil Contracts
  99. 68 Iraqi Civilians Killed in April
  100. China’s ZPEC Wins Contract at Rumaila Oilfield
  101. Japan Supports Development of Water Supply and Irrigation
  102. US returns thousands of Ancient Artifacts to Iraq
  103. NATO strengthening Good Governance in Iraqi Security
  104. ExxonMobil, PetroChina “Agree Terms” on South Integrated Project
  105. KRG PM Barzani receives Minister of Industry and Minerals
  106. Video: Mosul Residents discuss Iraq Elections
  107. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  108. Kuwait’s Bu Khamseen Group to Develop Religious Sites
  109. Kirkuk Women Buck Stereotypes With Streetside Sales
  110. UNHCR & Kuwait follow progress of Kuwait Fund Project in Iraq
  111. US pays IOTC $40m for Iraq War Fuel
  112. Fifth Licensing Round: Some Preliminary Considerations
  113. Milaha Launches Qatar-Iraq Container Service
  114. Qatar Supports WFP’s Food Program in Iraq
  115. Safe Drinking Water for 33,000 in Erbil Governorate
  116. Women in Iraqi Refugee Camps Taught to Sew
  117. Applications Open for Humphrey Fellowship Program
  118. Market Review: Market Consolidates & Banks Correct
  119. BP signs Contract to Develop Kirkuk Oil
  120. Startup Bootcamp: ‘Entrepreneurship for All’ Programme
  121. Video: AMAR’S Clinic for IDPs in Najaf
  122. 3 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  123. Iraq needs to Import 2m Tonnes of Wheat
  124. Video: Corruption Watchdog says $320bn Stolen
  125. Zain Iraq posts Strong Growth in Q1
  126. Launch of Price Monitoring Dashboard
  127. Moscow’s Iraq Strategy: Make Lots of Friends
  128. Coalition Strikes Hit ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
  129. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  130. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  131. Preparations in Place for Iraqi Parliamentary Elections
  132. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  133. Iraq Stock Market Report
  134. Running for the Children of Iraq
  135. New Development Plan for West Qurna-2
  136. Australia Increases Support to Stabilization in Iraq
  137. Application Period opens for Fulbright Program
  138. KBR Confirms Contract to Develop Majnoon
  139. $10m Iraq Demining Contracts Awarded
  140. Iraq Election: Abadi Trails Rivals
  141. Were Duty Free Contracts Illegally Granted?
  142. New Oil Licences: Poor Management, Dubious Contracts, Bad Results
  143. US puts Sanctions on Iraqi Bank
  144. Human Rights Training for NGOs in Dohuk
  145. Genel Energy Shares Up Sharply on AGM Statement
  146. Investors Invited for Diwaniya Refinery
  147. DNO Contemplates New Bond Issue
  148. Running to Support AMAR’s Work in Iraq
  149. Newtechnic wins Contract for new Central Bank of Iraq
  150. Strengthening Women’s Role in Protecting Iraq’s Environment
  151. Medserv: Medium-Term Forecast Remains Positive
  152. German Archaeologists Discover Ancient City of Mardaman
  153. Sadr’s Bloc Wins Iraq Election
  154. DNO Completes $400m Bond Placement
  155. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  156. Australia Supporting De-Mining in Iraq
  157. Turkish Police Bust Iraq Car-Smuggling Gang
  158. Iraq Duty Free Responds to Allegations
  159. Colombo Dockyard to Build Two Vessels for Iraq
  160. Video: Al-Abadi will have to Negotiate his Future
  161. Ducorr completes Corrosion Protection work at Majnoon
  162. HEESCO signs Contracts with 3 Int’l Firms
  163. Kuwait Energy may sell Block 9
  164. Election leaves Iran Scrambling to Preserve Influence
  165. Rosneft Discovers Oil at Block 12
  166. New Charges in Unaoil Investigation re $733m Contract
  167. GKP receives New Payment from KRG
  168. Market Review: Elections, the Economy and the Stock Market
  169. Mosul Dam Engineer may be Rescued
  170. Can Sadr swing Nonsectarian Government?
  171. Coalition Trainers in Iraq Helping ‘Make a Good Force Better’
  172. Rosneft, KRG sign Gas Development Agreement
  173. ZhenHua signs East Baghdad Deal
  174. US in ‘Wait and See’ Position After Iraq Election
  175. Legislators call for Canceling Election Results
  176. Kuwaiti Investor plans $58m Project in Basra
  177. IBBC, RUSI brief on Iraqi Election Results
  178. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  179. Genel Energy Confirms KRG Payment
  180. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for April
  181. Mosul’s Great Mosque to be Restored to Former Glory
  182. Hanwha receives $230m Payment for Bismaya
  183. Cabinet endorses Institutional Performance Management System
  184. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  185. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  186. Saddam’s Superyacht to become Sailors’ Hotel
  187. Al-Kask Refinery re-starts Production
  188. 6 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  189. Mitsubishi awarded $110m Iraq Port Contract
  190. $66m for Tharthar Lake Water Management Project
  191. Video: Vote Fraud Allegations Trigger Recount
  192. War Correspondents form Committee to fight for Rights
  193. UN Iraq Representative Urges Calm
  194. US Congress Targets Iraq Election Winners
  195. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  196. ABB Wins Orders from Iraq’s Min of Electricity
  197. Iran Starts Oil Swap with Iraq’s Kirkuk
  198. Crescent signs Initial Contracts to Develop 3 Blocks
  199. Oil Exports Rise in May
  200. Turkish Dam causes Water Shortage in Iraq
  201. 95 Iraqi Civilians Killed in May
  202. Disputed Election Results Threaten Conflict in Kirkuk
  203. Video: Will Iran-US Tensions threaten Iraq’s Stability?
  204. US and Iran “Face Off” in Former Extremist-Held Town
  205. New Investment at Umm Qasr Port
  206. Iraq Humanitarian Fund helps WFP Logistics
  207. Iraq’s Pro-Iran Factions shrug off US Sanctions Push
  208. Election Recount Ordered; Electoral Commission bosses Sacked
  209. IBBC completes Productive Mission to Baghdad
  210. 6 New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  211. Confusion over Iran-Iraq Oil Swap
  212. Oil Ministry makes first Direct Shipment of Crude
  213. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  214. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  215. Video: Iraq’s Heritage Buildings Deteriorating from Neglect
  216. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  217. Chevron signs Contracts with Iraqi Oil Companies
  218. KBRwyle Wins New Iraqi Contract
  219. UK appoints New Trade Commissioner for Middle East
  220. Video: Fire hits Iraq’s biggest Ballot Warehouse
  221. Turkey “Postpones” filling of Ilisu Dam
  222. Iraqi Depositors ‘Trapped’ In Iranian Banking System
  223. Aqaba offers “New Gateway” to Iraq
  224. We are Committed to Reforms – KRG’s Barzani
  225. National Bank of Iraq joins IBBC
  226. Sadr, Amiri announce Political Alliance
  227. Disputes over Election Results flare after Baghdad Ballot Fire
  228. Operation Roundup Targets ISIS Remnants in Iraq, Syria
  229. Kirkuk-Baiji-Baghdad Pipeline Opens
  230. Video: Iraq needs $90bn to Rebuild
  231. Sadr welcomes Return of Iraqi Jews
  232. “Forget the Donations, Stupid”: New Dynamics in Funding Reconstruction
  233. Investment Opportunity: Pharmaceutical Plant in Samarra
  234. Iraq Stock Market Report
  235. UN Security Council extends UNAMI Mandate
  236. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  237. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  238. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  239. Covering Corruption “Exposes Journalists to Arrest”
  240. Syria, Iraq Consider Re-Opening Border
  241. In Iraqi Kurdistan, Exam Questions Sold for $100
  242. Iraq Wheat Purchases “Below Target”
  243. Water Shortages: Iraq Bans planting of Rice, Corn
  244. Angelina Jolie visits Domiz Refugee Camp
  245. Multi-Billion Dollars Needed to Keep Water Flowing
  246. Recycling: Kurdistan Exports Plastic and Cardboard Waste
  247. Video: Angelina Jolie visits Devastated Mosul
  248. Baghdad Entrepreneurs get Communal Space and Resources
  249. New Airline Launched in Iraqi Kurdistan
  250. Operation Roundup Hits ISIS Remnants in Iraq, Syria