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  1. Lake Milh dries up in sign of Worse to come
  2. GKP Receives Further Payment from KRG
  3. Exxon Out of Desalination Project
  4. UKEF Financed 3 Iraqi Projects last year
  5. Russian Airline launches Moscow-Baghdad Service
  6. Genel, DNO, receive KRG Payment for March
  7. Supreme Court Confirms Election Re-Count
  8. GKP Shares Gain following Update
  9. Oryx: Successful Appraisal Well at Banan Field
  10. Petrel Resources takes €4.1m Impairment on Iraq
  11. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  12. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  13. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  14. Iraq to Shut Down Internet to Stop Exam Cheats
  15. An Integrated Approach for Iraq/Iran Border Fields
  16. Video: Farmers Furious at Suspension of Farming Rice, Corn
  17. KRG Barzani, US CENTCOM discuss Security Developments
  18. Lockheed Martin wins $86m Iraq Contract
  19. Will Abadi have a Role in Forming New Govt?
  20. A Roadmap to Drive the Iraqi Economy Forward
  21. Hope Bus for At-Risk Kids in Iraq
  22. IFC arranges $269m Financing for Zain Iraq
  23. GKP may issue $100m Bond
  24. UK Starts Corruption Proceedings against Unaoil
  25. Iraq may soon be Without a Government
  26. Petrofac Wins $110m Iraqi Contracts
  27. Shell hands over Majnoon Oilfield
  28. Video: Iraq’s Largest Indoor Water Park Opens
  29. $8m Project to plant 70,000 Date Palms
  30. Iraq Sets up National Authority to Manage Environment
  31. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  32. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  33. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  34. Oil Exports Rise in June
  35. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for May
  36. Video: Manual Election Recount to begin on Tuesday
  37. 76 Iraqi Civilians Killed in May
  38. Coalition Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq
  39. Floating Oil Island for Iraq’s Expected Spurt in Exports
  40. KRG and Iraqi Customs Duties to be Unified
  41. Investment Opportunity: Bentonite Mill
  42. Reconstruction: Reviving the Spirit of Mosul
  43. Iraq “in Talks” with Turkey, KRG over Kirkuk Exports
  44. Iraq no longer subject to FATF Monitoring
  45. Iraqi Red Crescent provides Assistance in Mosul
  46. EU Supports Conflict-Affected Iraqi Families
  47. Market Review: “Of Banks and Budget Surpluses”
  48. US Lawmakers Visit Baghdad, Erbil, and Mosul
  49. GKP Completes $100m Bond Issue
  50. Kuwait Fund lends $80m for Iraqi Schools
  51. “Steady Increase” in the Iraqi Dinar
  52. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  53. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  54. De-mining Operations Re-Start in Sinjar
  55. Video: Iraq launches Anti-IS Ops after Killings
  56. Women in Conservative Basra Seek – And Find – More Freedoms
  57. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  58. Dana Gas gets $44m from KRG in 1H
  59. Iraq Stock Market Report
  60. Anbar’s Would-Be MPs Still Owe Millions
  61. The Secret History behind Iraq’s Stalled Water Project
  62. Video: Orphan Beggars Flood Mosul Streets
  63. Etihad Food Industries wins Govt Contract
  64. Video: Amber Rice Crop Devastated by Drought
  65. UNDP supports Basic Services in Erbil
  66. Video: Mosul Celebrates, One Year after IS Ousted
  67. NATO sets up new Training Mission in Iraq
  68. IBBC holds annual Cumberland Lodge Conference
  69. Basra Protests: Oil Minister Orders More Jobs
  70. ONEm Partners with Asiacell Iraq
  71. IBBC and Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education sign MoU
  72. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  73. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  74. Video: Tension grips Basra after Protester Killed
  75. GKP Appoints New Director
  76. Iraq Stock Market Report
  77. Deadline Extended for Kut Oil Refinery
  78. ADES Expands into Southern Iraq
  79. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  80. DNO Picks Up Peshkabir Production in Kurdistan
  81. OILSERV joins Iraq Britain Business Council
  82. Running for Modern Education across Iraq
  83. Video: Death Toll Rises in Southern Iraq Protests
  84. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets
  85. Field Energy Services joins Iraq Britain Business Council
  86. Iraq opens Kirkuk Airport for Civil Aviation in Aug
  87. Guilty Plea to Bribery Scheme for Iraq War Contracts
  88. Iraqi, Kurdish Troops Clear ISIS Safe Haven
  89. Seedstars Erbil: Finding the Best Start-Up in Iraq
  90. Iraq Fails to convince Iran to Resume Power Supply
  91. Norway Increases Support for Mine Clearance in Iraq
  92. New Tenders for Development of West Qurna-2
  93. Deadlines Extended for 2 More Oil Refineries
  94. Video: Protests Outside Oil Field near Basra
  95. Video: Iraq Struggles as Protests Spread
  96. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  97. Iraq “puts Oil Company Plans on Hold”
  98. Internet Shutdowns Cost Iraq $40m/day
  99. Internet Cut “to Stop Protesters Posting Images”
  100. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  101. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  102. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  103. APL adds new Iraq Port Call
  104. Video: Anger mounts as Protests spread to Baghdad
  105. Intelligence Agency Admits Holding Hundreds
  106. Citizenship and Residency Programs made Simple
  107. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for June
  108. The River Where Sewage and Drinking Water Mix
  109. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS
  110. Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) to open Branch in Saudi Arabia
  111. Ababi boosts Housing Fund by $669m
  112. Kuwait donates Generators to Iraq
  113. Video: Iraq Accused of Abusing ‘Terror Suspects’
  114. Iraq Stock Market Jumps 15% in 1 Week
  115. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  116. Prime Minister Barzani receives Saudi Delegation
  117. Progress Continues in Defeating ISIS
  118. Saipem wins contract at West Qurna
  119. Rosneft to start work in Duhok
  120. KRG Acts against Illegal Refineries
  121. Video: Why Oil-Rich Iraq Needed Kuwait Energy Deal
  122. Online Damage Assessment system in Nineveh
  123. Internet Shuts Down, Fake News Blossoms
  124. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  125. Anbar Builds Border Fence to Keep Extremists Out
  126. Iraq Immediate Stabilisation Programming, FY17-18
  127. France supports Explosive Hazards Management in Iraq
  128. Minister for Electricity Suspended
  129. DNO Passes Peshkabir Production Target
  130. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets
  131. $1.6bn Investment in a New Tourist City
  132. Electricity Ministry Denies Saudi Solar Power Deal
  133. UNAMI publishes Latest Yearbook
  134. Video: Iraq builds fence along Syria Border
  135. Video: Coalition talks “still under way”
  136. EU provides Healthcare for Vulnerable Communities
  137. New Power Plant inaugurated in Sulaymaniyah
  138. Zain Iraq Performs “Exceptionally Well” in 1H-2018
  139. Iraq Invests to Boost Nasiriyah Oil Field
  140. AstraZeneca Investigated for Alleged Corruption in Iraq
  141. Iraq Plans to take over Mansuriyah Gas Field
  142. Understanding Iraq’s Debt
  143. Oil Exports Rise in July
  144. Deloitte Report on Oil and Gas in Kurdistan
  145. Protesters Prevented from Storming West Qurna Oilfield
  146. 79 Iraqi Civilians Killed in July
  147. Market Review: “Frenzies and Market Bottoms”
  148. Cabinet Approves Funding for Infrastructure Projects
  149. Iraq Stock Market Market
  150. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  151. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  152. Capstone Wins 1MW Order for Microturbine in Iraq
  153. Workshop on Tackling Corruption
  154. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  155. Why Iraq’s Anti-Govt Protests may be Doomed to Fail
  156. NATO Stepping Forward on Training Mission to Iraq
  157. $12m Contracts Awarded for Explosive Hazard Mgt
  158. Analysing Growth Trends in Public Sector Employment
  159. Baker Hughes wins Iraq Flare Gas Contract
  160. Negotiations Ongoing for Samawah Clinker Plant
  161. Additional $17m from US for demining efforts
  162. Iraq’s Basra plans Dam on Vital River
  163. Genel Energy Shares Rise on Increased Profits
  164. Video: Iconic Iron Bridge Reopens in Fallujah
  165. Electoral Recount Completed – UN Congratulates IHEC
  166. Coalition Strikes Target ISIS Terrorists
  167. Sicuro Group to partner Benaa Al Basra for Oil Ops Centre
  168. KRG Oil Export Revenues 2017 Assessed
  169. How Iraq Should Respond to the Strait of Hormuz Crisis
  170. UNHCR welcomes New Donation from Finland
  171. KRG PM receives new Consul General of the Netherlands
  172. Election Recount: Sadr Retains Victory
  173. Iraq Stock Market Market
  174. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  175. Iraq Football hit by Age Fraud Scandals
  176. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  177. KRG Cabinet discusses 2019 Budget
  178. Iraq to Easy Entry Visas for Investors
  179. Siemens to Upgrade Shatt Al Basra Power Plant
  180. Possibly New Border Crossing between Iraq and Turkey
  181. SOMO Does Not Work This Way
  182. Will Riyadh-Tehran Rivalry kill Kurdistan Investment Drive?
  183. Petrofac awarded Basra Oil Company EPC Contract
  184. Iraq, Jordan consider Joint Industrial Zone
  185. German Companies Encouraged to Invest in Kurdistan
  186. Deloitte report on Kurdistan Oil and Gas – New Data
  187. Defeat-IS Forces Make Progress, Require Continued Support
  188. Video: PM Abadi Visits Turkey
  189. Iraqi Compliance with Iran Sanctions will “Damage Iraq’s Economy”
  190. Iraq to Reduce Visa Charges for Iranian Pilgrims
  191. Germany supports Training to Respond to Explosive Hazards
  192. As Iraq Sanctions Iran Trade, Saudi Arabia Boosts Border Crossing
  193. DNO Presses Foot on Accelerator in Kurdistan
  194. Iraq Stock Market Market
  195. Video: Religious Tourism Squeezed by Iran Sanctions
  196. Iraq and Jordan sign Security Agreement
  197. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  198. TBI puts Bank Acquisition Plans on Hold
  199. Iran, Sanctions and Iraq: The Bigger Picture
  200. Chevron to Develop Oil Fields in Basra
  201. Supreme Court Ratifies Election Results
  202. Iraq: “Chilling Accounts of Torture, Deaths”
  203. DNO Reports Payment for Tawke Deliveries
  204. GKP confirms Shaikan Payment
  205. Operation Roundup Continues to Target ISIS Remnants
  206. Iraq Stock Market Market
  207. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  208. Private Sector Development Strategy in Karbala
  209. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  210. Caparol Paints signs Strategic Agreements in Iraq
  211. Sulayminyah Tobacco Factory to be turned into Arts Centre
  212. Weir signs $50m Contracts in Iraq
  213. Ericsson wins New Contract with Zain Iraq
  214. Altun Kupri Bridge Re-Opens
  215. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  216. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  217. Talks continuing on Iraq-Kuwait Electricity Link
  218. Prince Charles continues his Patronage of AMAR
  219. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  220. FLS to Transport Oil Pipes and Equipment to Iraq
  221. Basra Protests spark Govt Scramble to Create Jobs
  222. Agreement Expected with Kuwait on Joint Oil Fields, Gas Exports
  223. US Sanctions cause Big Losses for Iraqi Investors in Iran
  224. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets
  225. SOMO “Close to JV” with China’s Zhenhua
  226. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  227. EU Supports Reproductive Health Services in Iraq
  228. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for July
  229. Netherlands Substantially Increases Support to Iraq
  230. IRCS distributes Food Parcels in Tikrit
  231. Cabinet to Improve Services in Basra; Approves Kirkuk Refinery License
  232. Rotana Hotels appoints new General Manager
  233. Video: Iraq’s ‘Special’ Athletes go for Gold
  234. Applications Open for Start-Up Incubator
  235. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  236. Oil Exports Rise in August
  237. Former Netherlands Defence Minister to head UNAMI
  238. Protests at Nahr Bin Omar Oilfield
  239. Crescent Petroleum, Dana Gas support AMAR IDP Clinics
  240. 90 Iraqi Civilians Killed in August
  241. IBBC hosts Members’ Dinner in Baghdad
  242. Basra Reeling from Contaminated Drinking Water
  243. 216 New National Companies Formed
  244. Finland to Reopen Embassy in Baghdad
  245. UNDP supports Commission of Integrity to Fight Corruption
  246. UN Urges Speedy Formation of Govt to Tackle Iraq’s Problems
  247. Pharma Firm pays $25m to Resolve Corrupt Payments
  248. Iraqi Jews organizing to Regain Citizenship
  249. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets
  250. “Dangerous Cars” being Imported into Kurdistan