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  1. Budget Surplus Soars, but Markets continue to Bottom
  2. IDPs below Two Million for First Time since 2014
  3. UNDP Improves the Effectiveness of Local Police
  4. Iraq Stock Market Report
  5. French Company to provide GPS devices UNOPS Iraq
  6. Iraqi Kurds help Iranian Kurds as Sanctions begin to bite
  7. SNC-Lavalin awarded West Qurna 2 Contract
  8. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  9. Video: Situation in Basra, day after Iran Consulate Torched
  10. Production Restarted at Baiji Refinery
  11. Record Profits at Gulf Keystone
  12. Video: Iran claims Missile Attack on Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
  13. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  14. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  15. Ouzo Gains Popularity in Iraq
  16. Former Defense Ministry Official Jailed for Corruption
  17. Saudia Airlines to fly to Erbil
  18. Eni CEO meets Iraqi Oil Minister
  19. Umm Qasr Port receives its Largest Container Ship to date
  20. Coalition Strikes Target ISIS Terrorists
  21. SOSi Wins $5m Contract at US Embassy
  22. GKP Receives Payment for June Sales
  23. Erbil Stadium to be Sold to Private Investor
  24. Iraq Stock Market Report
  25. Iraq to Increase Wheat Imports
  26. Iraqi Planes return to Damascus after 7 years
  27. New Commander for Operation Inherent Resolve
  28. £9m from UK for Iraqis Refugees
  29. New Satellite Broadband Service for Iraq
  30. Monitoring of Conflict-caused Wildfires in Iraq
  31. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  32. $5m to support Vaccination of 5 million Children
  33. Religious Tourism Suffers from Sanctions on Iran
  34. Video: Iraq post-ISIL: Anger over ‘Unfair’ compensation
  35. Minister to Brief Parliament on Duty-Free Contracts
  36. Iraqi Parliament appoints new Speaker
  37. Cyprus: A Powerful Investment brings a European passport
  38. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  39. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  40. Video: Are Pro-Iran Parties on the rise in Iraq?
  41. Empowering Women to build Sustainable Peace in Iraq
  42. Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets
  43. IOCs discuss Basra’s Oil and Gas Megaprojects
  44. Iraq to create new Comms and Informatics Company
  45. Siemens to Boost Power Output at Al-Sadder
  46. Ericsson, Zain bring Education Initiative to Iraq
  47. Al-Amiri Withdraws Candidacy for PM
  48. Abadi under fire from Pro-Iran Political Factions
  49. Coalition Effort Aims at Stability in Iraq, Syria
  50. IBBC member Uni of Northampton signs MoC with Uni of Babylon
  51. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  52. Iraqi Airways carries 9,200 Passengers between Iraq, Russia
  53. Video: Iraq close to Running Out of Water
  54. Iraq Stock Market Report
  55. S Korea supports UNHCR Humanitarian Activities
  56. New Demographic Survey of the Kurdistan Region
  57. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  58. Corruption now “Biggest Threat to Iraq”
  59. Integrity Commission to investigate Delays in Infrastructure Projects
  60. Siemens Pushes for Major New Iraq Electricity Deal
  61. Video: Sanctions Prevent Iranians marking Ashoura in Iraq
  62. Video: Calls to Protect Iraq’s Archaeological Treasures
  63. World Bank, EU support Public Financial Management Systems
  64. Human Rights Training for Police Officers in Garmiyan
  65. Comtech wins $9m Contract with Iraqi Navy
  66. Iraq seeks Sanctions Waiver on Iran Energy Trade
  67. German-Owned Security Printing Plant opens in Baghdad
  68. Aggreko signs Contract with North Refineries Company
  69. Petrel Resources “Re-Establishing its Baghdad Operations”
  70. GKP appoints new Non-Executive Director
  71. SOMO may buy Oil Storage in Asia
  72. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  73. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  74. Barzani opens Zakho Tunnel, promises more Infrastructure Projects
  75. Iraq signs Air Transport MoU with UAE
  76. Oil Production Resumes at Qayara
  77. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  78. US Evacuates Consulate in Basra
  79. Iran-Iraq Ferry Service Resumes
  80. Iraq Stock Market Report
  81. UK leads effort to boost Int’l Support for Iraq
  82. New Zealand supports Explosive Hazard Mgt in Iraq
  83. Ground-breaking Ceremony for Erbil Ring Road
  84. Lawsuit Imperils Formation of Iraq National Oil Company
  85. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  86. Video: Who can solve Iraq’s Electricity Crisis?
  87. 75 Iraqi Civilians Killed in September
  88. New Helpline for GBV Survivors
  89. Torino Power explores Opportunities in Iraq
  90. 2019 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Programs (IYLEP)
  91. Adel Abdul Mahdi named as Prime Minister
  92. Video: Parliament elects Barham Salih as New President
  93. Trade Bank in talks to Buy a Gulf Lender
  94. Oil Exports Revenues Rise in September
  95. Iraq Stock Market Report
  96. Iraq: Secret Detention, No Recourse
  97. EY Iraq collaborates with Morgan International
  98. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  99. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  100. Nadia Murad wins Nobel Peace Prize
  101. Video: Conflict and Drought ravage Date Palms
  102. Persistent Gender Inequality in Iraq
  103. US Approves Helicopter Sales to Iraq
  104. Navistar wins $54m Iraq Trucks Contract
  105. Iraq launches Social Fund to Fight Poverty
  106. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  107. Baghdad Firm wins UNOPS Order
  108. Iraq offers to Mediate between Trump, Iran
  109. Petrofac secures $50m Contract Extension in Iraq
  110. America’s Opportunity in Iraq
  111. How will Basra be Affected by Closure of US Consulate?
  112. Market Review: “Feast or Famine”
  113. GCC “could Export Electricity to Iraq”
  114. Peshkabir Production Pushes 50,000 bpd
  115. Want to be an Iraqi Govt Minister?
  116. Genel Energy Shares Gain on Trading Update
  117. Iraq targets major Basra Gulf Expansion
  118. Iraq’s Promising New Leadership
  119. Luiebi named Head of new National Oil Company
  120. Turkish FM meets New Iraqi Leadership, Discusses Oil
  121. Outgoing Abadi signs blow to Turkish Imports
  122. Wildfires Ravage Marshlands on Iran-Iraq Border
  123. Iraq Plans Big Increase in Oil Production
  124. Oil Production to Start at Block 10 in 2021
  125. Iraq issues new Banknote Designs
  126. Iraq Stock Market Report
  127. Towards Women’s Economic Empowerment in Iraq
  128. Iran “ready to establish Joint Bank with Iraq”
  129. 12 Projects to Improve Essential Services in Iraq
  130. Turkey to supply more Water to Iraq
  131. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  132. Electricity Generation in Iraq — Problems and Solutions
  133. A New Chapter in Iraq?
  134. Tourism in Kurdistan Region hits Record High
  135. Population Growth in Iraq raises Concerns
  136. Air Arabia launches fourth Iraqi Destination
  137. Iraq to buy 90,000 tons of US Rice
  138. Urgent AMAR Appeal for Widows and Orphans
  139. IBBC in Productive Trade Mission to Baghdad
  140. Spanish Firm to supply Atomic Energy Agency in Iraq
  141. Will Nadia Murad’s Nobel Prize help Iraqi Minorities?
  142. Iran masses Troops on Iraq Border
  143. Siemens may have to share $15bn Power Deal with GE
  144. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  145. INOC takes over 9 State Oil Companies
  146. US Treasury Sanctions Iraq-based Money Services Business
  147. Iraq Stock Market Report
  148. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  149. Amarinth secures order for Pumps at Rumaila
  150. Arak Distillery promotes ambitious New Brand
  151. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  152. Turkish Company wins UNOPS Order
  153. US Assistance to Minorities in Iraq
  154. Siemens, GE must share Iraq Electricity Deal
  155. Petroleum Policy Proposal for the New Govt
  156. GE Wins 14GW Iraq Power Contract
  157. Siemens Wins 11GW Iraq Power Contract
  158. Oil Ministry Pauses Transfer of Oil Cos to INOC
  159. Schlumberger Wins 30-Well Deal in Iraq
  160. UNMAS supports UK visit with Mine Action in Mosul
  161. Iraqi Students look Abroad for Post-Grad Studies
  162. Video: Controversial Plan to “Help” Iraq’s War Widows
  163. US firm Wins $40m Deal so supply Toyotas in Iraq
  164. Iraq committed to Mitigating Climate Change
  165. UNFPA Focuses on Iraqi Women and Youth
  166. Iraq’s Foreign Reserves top $60bn
  167. New Iraqi Cabinet Named
  168. Canadian Firm Wins Nassiriya Refinery Contract
  169. Video: Basra Water Pollution Risks Triggering Disease
  170. Iraq Stock Market Report
  171. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  172. A Thriving Entrepreneurial Culture takes root in Iraq
  173. Asiacell Iraq Grows Revenues
  174. Iraq’s 2019 Draft Budget Analysis
  175. Aligning Development Plans with Sustainable Development Goals
  176. S Korea wins $500m Deal for Electricity in Iraq
  177. PM faces Pressure in Forming his Cabinet
  178. New Funds from US for UNHCR Iraq
  179. Iraq receives new South Korean Fighter Jets
  180. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  181. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  182. “Peshkabir is on Steroids” – DNO Boss
  183. Oil Exports Revenues Rise in October
  184. New Prime Minister Inherits a Better Country
  185. New Iraqi Govt announces Main Priorities
  186. Can US Aid Help Iraq’s Minorities?
  187. Iraq Stock Market Report
  188. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  189. DynCorp to provide Aviation Field Maintenance Services
  190. Korean Support helps Stabilize Newly Liberated Areas
  191. Women Wrestlers take on Tradition in South Iraq
  192. ABB to complete Iraq Projects by 2024
  193. Understanding the Drivers of Conflict in Iraq
  194. Iraqi Border City eyes IS Advance amid Dust Storms
  195. KRG Update on Oil Production and Ops
  196. Designing Public Financial Management Reform in Iraq
  197. US “to Grant Iraq Waiver over Iran Sanctions”
  198. Contracts Awarded for Demining Equipment
  199. US Trade Mission to Baghdad in December
  200. New NATO Mission in Iraq
  201. Rebuilding & Reconstruction – Iraq – Delivering the Vision
  202. ISIL’s Legacy of Terror: at least 200 Mass Graves
  203. Market Review: Volumes and Reversion to the Mean
  204. Turkey: The Most Desired Citizenship Program among GCC Expats
  205. AMAR, Coca-Cola Foundation Replenish Water in the Marshes
  206. UNDP Supporting Women Survivors of Trauma
  207. Traders Arrested for selling Counterfeit Iraqi Dinars
  208. Iraq Exemption from US Sanctions on Iran Energy
  209. Iraq, Syria lay plans to Reopen Border
  210. UNDP, Germany support the Criminal Reform Process
  211. Will new Iraqi Govt Resolve Baghdad-KRG Issues?
  212. US Advises Against attending Baghdad Int’l Fair
  213. KRG “starts paying its Debts to Contractors”
  214. Sanctions Halt Iraqi Oil Exports to Iran
  215. Iraq Stock Market Report
  216. Increased Cooperation between Iraq and Qatar
  217. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  218. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  219. Iraq Working to make Money, not Burn it up in Gas Flares
  220. Iraq Initiative to Empower Women Candidates
  221. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  222. The Economic Perils of Youth Nostalgia for Authoritarianism
  223. Christian School re-opens in Mosul
  224. Contract Awarded for Trucks
  225. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  226. Versar wins $25m Iraq Order
  227. Agents of Change: the Opportunity for Tech in Iraq
  228. US Sanctions Key Hizballah, IRGC-QF Networks in Iraq
  229. Iraq Considers Importing Wheat from Russia
  230. Kurdish Women pedal, dunk, spike as Iraq’s Top Athletes
  231. Can PM make Iraq’s Grand Plans a Reality?
  232. Kurdish Companies “moving South” to Avoid Tax
  233. Adel Abdul-Mahdi – Hostage to All?
  234. UNDP, Denmark Support Police Training in Iraq
  235. Iraq to boost Reconstruction efforts by Recycling Debris
  236. Iraq’s Governorates Reject 2019 Draft Budget
  237. Northern Iraq May Be Free, but the South Is Seething
  238. As Protests Continue, Basra Residents call for Autonomy
  239. New Mission to Develop Iraq’s Defense Institutions
  240. Iraq Stock Market Report
  241. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  242. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  243. SOMO Restarts Export of Kirkuk Oil via Turkey
  244. Iraq Recovers Property “Unlawfully Sold” to Politician’s Wife
  245. Will Iraqis get Green Light to enter Green Zone?
  246. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  247. UNAMI Welcomes Repatriation of Kuwaiti Property
  248. US Music Fellowship Opportunity for Young Musicians
  249. Basra’s Poisonous Water Demands Int’l Action
  250. Local Police Service Road Map Inaugurated