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  1. Local Police Service Road Map Inaugurated
  2. Iraqi Dinar may replace US Dollar in Iran-Iraq Trade
  3. A Review of Iraq’s 2019 Budget Proposal
  4. ShaMaran acquires Larger Stake in Atrush
  5. Iraq Emerges as Iran’s Top Export Destination
  6. Exploring Ways to Assist in Restoration in Kirkuk
  7. Will Iraqi Provincial Councils be Abolished?
  8. Inequality shapes the Lives of Children in Iraq
  9. Convictions in $600m Dinar Fraud
  10. 30% Gas Production Increase at Khor Mor Field
  11. Water Contamination caused Death of Fish in S. Iraq
  12. Please Support Widows and Orphans in the Middle East
  13. Iraq to ease Visa Procedures for Investors
  14. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  15. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  16. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  17. Iraq Stock Market Report
  18. Iran Worries about Losing Ground in Iraq
  19. Video: After Years of Silence, Music fills Streets of Mosul
  20. Can Iraq’s new Leadership Win (and Keep) the Peace?
  21. Iraq to remove Impediments to Infrastructure Investment
  22. Iran-Iraq Relations in light of US Sanctions
  23. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for October
  24. Putting an End to Violence against Women in Iraq
  25. GE, Standard Chartered, TBI close $600m Financing
  26. How Water Scarcity could Destabilise the ME
  27. 7m Sq Meters cleared of IS Explosives
  28. Iran-backed PMU Militias Raising Profile
  29. 260+ attend IBBC Iraq Reconstruction Conference
  30. Giving Tuesday: Choose Iraqi Kids!
  31. EU adopts €56.5m Reconstruction Package for Iraq
  32. Gas Imports from Iran Interrupted
  33. Iraq Falls Again in Prosperity Index
  34. Janus opens Operations Center in Mosul
  35. WHO provides Urgent Support for Victims of Flooding
  36. Iraq to Increase Oil Share to Asia in 2019
  37. Prison for Bribery in Iraq War Contracts
  38. How Saudi and Qatar are Competing over Iraq
  39. IOM Responds to Flooding in Iraq
  40. Sectarianism, Governance, and Iraq’s Future
  41. Former Trade Minister sentenced for Corruption
  42. SOMO “Squeezing Out” Oil Resellers
  43. BGC to Increase Gas Output by 16% by end-Dec
  44. Iraq Stock Market Report
  45. Putin may visit Baghdad amid growing Russian-Iraqi Contacts
  46. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  47. Ahmed Mousa Jiyad: Preview of a Special Issue on Iraq
  48. DynCorp Wins Contract for Aviation Field Maintenance
  49. Oil Exports Revenues Fall in November
  50. UK Delegation meets KRG PM Barzani
  51. NIC identifies Main Issues Hindering Investment in Iraq
  52. Iraq sees Lowest Casualty Rate in 6 Years
  53. Prime Minister names his 8 New Ministers
  54. Iran proceeds with Rail Link to Syria via Iraq
  55. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  56. France gives EUR 500k for Sustainable Livelihood
  57. How the Barzanis are looking to Consolidate Power
  58. Nineveh-Duhok Customs Post Removed
  59. Iraq “Cannot Stop Trading with Iran”
  60. AMAR Christmas Appeal is now LIVE!
  61. Cash-for-Work Project in Halabja
  62. Market Review: Telecoms dial up Recovery
  63. KRG PM Barzani receives Lebanese Delegation
  64. Video: Iraq’s Ancient Pottery Industry Struggling
  65. Iraq Stock Market Report
  66. Iraq’s Democratic Experience – Prospects and Challenges
  67. Ethical Procurement – a Warning from the Field
  68. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  69. Members of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad highlight Iraq’s economic opportunity
  70. US Company Wins Contract for Mine Detection
  71. Iraqi Air Force receives more Korean Fighter Jets
  72. Norway Renews Commitment to Stabilization in Iraq
  73. New Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women in Iraq
  74. Germany gives another EUR 22m for Stabilization in Iraq
  75. Why has Illiteracy Rate gone up in Iraq?
  76. Video: Iraq marks One Year since ‘Victory’ against IS
  77. Latest threat to Displaced Children in Iraq: Winter
  78. EU, World Bank support Iraq Energy Sector Reforms
  79. Germany Enhances Support for Community Policing in Iraq
  80. Video: Improving Healthcare in Iraq
  81. Emirates Steel eyes Expansion into Iraq
  82. Upgrading al-Karamah Border Crossing with Jordan
  83. EUR 57.5m Contracts to Support Mosul Recovery
  84. Iraq’s GDP to Grow 4.1%
  85. Increased Oil Production at Halfaya
  86. Deloitte report on Kurdistan Oil and Gas – Q2, 2018
  87. Joint Operations Command-Iraq Briefing
  88. Dana Gas Increases Production in Iraq
  89. Iraq buys Grain from US, considers Russia
  90. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  91. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  92. Iraq Stock Market Report
  93. Meeting Between UK and Iraqi Chambers of Commerce
  94. US “struggles” to convince Iraq to cut ties with Iran
  95. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  96. Daesh’s Destructive Legacy Decimates Yezidi Farming
  97. UNDP committed to Economic Reforms in Iraq
  98. Baghdad Policewomen’s Roles Expand
  99. EU Supports Iraq Recovery through Local Development
  100. Do Iraqi Social Programs improve Life Satisfaction?
  101. Jiyad: Uneven Development in Iraq Petroleum Sector
  102. Japan and Iraq to form a Joint Rebuilding Fund
  103. Major US Trade Mission to Iraq
  104. New UN Special Representative for Iraq Starts Work
  105. Trade Bank of Iraq “looking to acquire a Turkish lender”
  106. Iran, Iraq in Talks for Trade in Own Currencies
  107. Iraq starts Rebuilding iconic Mosul Mosque
  108. Contracts Awarded for Metal Detectors
  109. UK efforts in Iraq ‘Hindered by Hostile Immigration Policy’
  110. Schlumberger to Drill 40 Wells at Majnoon
  111. Iraq to Extend Pensions to Short-Term Employees
  112. Dutch Minister reopens Fallujah Teaching Hospital
  113. Daesh Inside Iraq: Losing Power or Preserving Strength?
  114. A Sovereign Wealth Fund for Iraq
  115. Sinjar Road Reconnects Yazidis, Kurds with Baghdad
  116. Video: Iran Sanctions threaten Iraq’s Energy Supply
  117. Iraq Scores Poorly on “Best Countries for Business” Index
  118. Iraq Stock Market Report
  119. TBI first Iraqi Bank to get B- from Fitch
  120. Official Hails Growing Trend in Iran’s Exports to Iraq
  121. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  122. Video: Iraq’s Yazidi Projects face Funding Threat
  123. Iraqi Kurdistan struggles to end Violence against Women
  124. Halliburton Wins New Drilling Contract in Iraq
  125. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for November
  126. Kirkuk Oil Exports “to stay Restricted”
  127. Enhancing the Capacities of Newly-Elected Parliamentarians
  128. Kids in Iraq Camps Dream Big, but can’t Enroll in School
  129. Report on “Register of Licenses” – Another Disappointment
  130. Iraq Stock Market closes year 15% Down
  131. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  132. SOS Intl Wins Major Iraq Order
  133. Will PM Fail to Complete his Cabinet?
  134. Video: Trump declares end to US ‘Policeman’ Role
  135. How to get a Loan In Baghdad: 30% Interest, Repaid in 3 Mths
  136. Alliant wins $36m Iraqi Defense Deal
  137. Iraq, Jordan to Ease Trade, Finalise Plans for Oil Pipeline
  138. December Oil Exports: Volume Up, Revenue Down
  139. Hopes that Turkey will Lift Ban Sulaymaniyah Flights
  140. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  141. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  142. Weir $5m Contract in Iraq
  143. Provincial Elections are Cancelled Again
  144. 2019 – (Another) Key Year for Iraq
  145. Poultry Industry “Booming” in Kurdistan
  146. Iraq Bans Import of Oranges
  147. Iraq Stock Market Report
  148. Iraq “Not Obliged” to heed US sanctions on Iran
  149. December Casualty figures Fall
  150. China Wins Contract for $246m Cement Plant
  151. Iraq to Follow OPEC, Reduce Oil Output
  152. Ambassador James Jeffrey takes new Anti-ISIS Role
  153. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  154. Iran pushes Iraq Trade without Dollars
  155. In-Depth look into Displacement and Returns in Iraq
  156. Iraq Falls in Ease of Doing Business Index
  157. UK announces Iraq Explosive Clearance Funds
  158. PM orders Investigation into Appointment at Civil Aviation Authority
  159. UN raises Awareness of Bias against African-Iraqis
  160. Enhancing Access to Psychosocial and Mental Health Services
  161. Video: Women in Iraq Reclaiming Roles in Society
  162. Report: Reviving Mediation on Disputed Internal Boundaries
  163. Market Review: 2018 Review and Outlook 2019
  164. US gives $2.5m for Syrian Refugees in Iraq
  165. Merger of Parliamentary Committees sidelines Women
  166. Moldova: The most Cost-Effective Passport from Europe
  167. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  168. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  169. HRW claims Children Tortured in Kurdistan
  170. Rent and Property Prices Increasing in Kurdistan
  171. $2m to Launch of Mosul Heritage Stabilization Program
  172. NATO to Lead Military Training in Iraq
  173. Navistar Wins $8m Iraq Order
  174. US Trying to get More out of Relationship with Iraq
  175. Lukoil confirms Geological Model for Eridu Field
  176. Iraq Stock Market Report
  177. Increased Oil Production planned for Majnoon
  178. Turkey appoints Special Envoy for Water Affairs with Iraq
  179. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  180. WFP helps Modernise Iraq’s Rationing System
  181. Jordan and Iraq plan to Increase Trade
  182. Jordan’s Contractors see New Opportunities in Iraq
  183. France Pledges 1bn EUR Loan to Rebuild Iraq
  184. Genel Energy posts strong Trading Update
  185. Kurdistan Tourism to “Double” by 2025
  186. 7m Iranians, Iraqis Visit Each Other’s Country Annually
  187. Doubling Iran-Iraq Trade on Horizon: Zarif
  188. GKP to Increase Production; Shares Rise
  189. MAN Energy Solutions Cements Iraqi Deals
  190. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  191. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  192. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  193. Iraq Stock Market Report
  194. Iran FM, Iraqi Tribal Leaders Meet in Karbala
  195. Continued Winter Assistance Needed for IDPs
  196. Erdogan’s plans in Iraqi Kurdistan may Backfire
  197. TBI wins at International Finance Awards
  198. “Discussions Ongoing” between Siemens and Iraq
  199. Al Maseer Insurance joins IBBC
  200. Post-Daesh Iraq: France’s Engagement
  201. Genel shares Rise on Chevron Iraq Partnership
  202. Exploring Tech in Iraq – Digital Innovation
  203. Turkey to Lift Ban on Flights to Sulaymaniyah
  204. Iran “the only Victor” in Iraq War
  205. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  206. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  207. Parliament approves Iraq’s $112bn Budget
  208. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for December
  209. GE Power Substation Inaugurated in Baghdad
  210. WHO delivers Medical Supplies to Diyala
  211. Iraq Stock Market Report
  212. Women’s Advisory Group on Reconciliation and Politics
  213. Jordan moves to Restore Strategic Ties with Iraq
  214. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  215. Turkey names ‘Water Czar’ to Ease Disputes with Iraq
  216. Prioritising the Environmental Aspects of Iraqi Vision 2030
  217. The Challenges Facing the New Government
  218. Iraq “must not be Reliant on Iran”
  219. Conflict erupts over Properties at Samarra Shrine
  220. UK announces $43m Iraq Aid Package
  221. IBBC holds Council Meeting, Reception & Dinner
  222. The innovative Role of NGOs in Deriving Informal Data
  223. $1bn UK Financing for Iraqi Electricity
  224. New Iraqi TV Channel to be Launched
  225. Iraq Ranked Last in Good Country Index
  226. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  227. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  228. Russia want More Projects with Iraq
  229. Jordan wins $40m deal to Furnish Projects in Baghdad
  230. Sallyport wins $375m Iraq Contract
  231. China’s CNOOC to Survey 2 Exploration Blocks
  232. Iraq Stock Market Report
  233. What Iran’s Revolution meant for Iraq
  234. Iraq activates Supreme Anti-Corruption Council
  235. New Contract for Drilling 40 Wells at Majnoon
  236. IEITI: Making Iraq “Compliant” Again
  237. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  238. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  239. Turkey to open Visa Application Office in Kirkuk
  240. Nearly 100 Days in, how is New Govt Performing?
  241. Iraq-Lebanon Oil Pipeline expected back in Service
  242. Wheat Production to rise sharply
  243. Turkey to provide $5bn Loan to Iraq
  244. Genel Energy gives update on Taq Taq Field
  245. January Oil Exports: Volume Down, Revenue Up
  246. US Firm Wins $29m VSAT Contract in Iraq
  247. Iraq Gains one place Transparency Ranking
  248. Video: Govt Misses Deadline for Reforms
  249. Jordan to Buy Discounted Oil From Iraq
  250. PM receives the Putin’s Special Envoy to MEA