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  1. PM receives the Putin’s Special Envoy to MEA
  2. Docomo Digital, Zain launch Mobile Gaming in Iraq
  3. Iran, Iraq “Finalize” Payment Mechanism
  4. PM Urges Rapid Implementation of Iran Banking Deal
  5. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  6. Cabinet agrees Government Programme 2018-2022
  7. Rotana announces Five-Star Hotel in Baghdad
  8. Training Workshops for potential UNDP Bidders
  9. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  10. DNO Reports Record Revenues
  11. Market Review: “Money makes the World go Round”
  12. Iran, Iraq to Use Euro, Dinar in Oil Trade
  13. Iraq Stock Market Report
  14. Iran, Iraq Deal to Boost Cooperation in Electricity
  15. Petrofac Exec admits Bribes Paid to Win Iraq Contracts
  16. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  17. Lukoil Drills New Production Wells at West Qurna-2
  18. Oil Smugglers can count on Corruption in Iraq
  19. IBBC signs MoU with the German Counterpart
  20. Iraq’s 2019 Budget busts IMF Deal
  21. DNO Increases Oil Reserves, Shares Rise
  22. PM welcomes Increased Cooperation with UK
  23. Saudi delegation visits Baghdad to discuss new Football Stadium
  24. GE, Siemens Electricity Deals “in Doubt”
  25. Sweden increases support for De-Mining in Iraq
  26. Taq Taq Oil Reserves Update
  27. Iraq: Bringing Faith Communities Together
  28. Basrah Gas Company to Increase Capacity by 40%
  29. IBBC completes Largest Ever Trade Mission to Baghdad
  30. Iraq’s Improving Economy Boosts Zain’s Results
  31. Asiacell Iraq benefits from Improved Security, Economy
  32. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  33. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  34. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  35. KRG “suspends Oil Exports to Iran”
  36. Air India starts Najaf-Lucknow service
  37. Iraq Britain Business Council Launches Women’s Group
  38. Conflict over Shiite and Sunni Endowments in Mosul
  39. Iran urges Visa-Free Regime with Iraq
  40. Launch of MBC Iraq “sparks Controversy among Iraqis”
  41. Riyadh woos Iraqis with Security Talks, Economic Projects
  42. Iraq Education Cluster Strategy 2019
  43. Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (FTEA)
  44. Rumaila raises funds for Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF)
  45. EU announces additional EUR 50m for Iraq
  46. Iraq-Jordan Trade Deal stirs Iraqi Discontent
  47. GE Provides Turbine for Al Qudus Power Plant
  48. Kalimat Telecom selects Parallel Wireless
  49. Australia increases contribution to De-Mining Iraq
  50. Iraq Stock Market Report
  51. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  52. UK Export Finance supports Siemens in Iraq
  53. Baghdad defends Iraq-Jordan Agreement
  54. Tratos Group joins Iraq Britain Business Council
  55. Euphrates Advisors and AUIS announce new Scholarship
  56. Iraqi Officials “Arrest, Abuse, Harass Aid Workers”
  57. Iran questions Iraq’s Promise to Import Oil
  58. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for January
  59. Riding the Oil Markets, Iraq’s Economy in Transition
  60. Iraq Granted 257 Investment Licenses in 2018
  61. Calls for UNESCO to include Babylon on World Heritage List
  62. Chinese Company “wins Contract” to build NGL Plant
  63. Deloitte Report on Kurdistan Oil and Gas
  64. Investment Opportunity: Al-Nasiriyah International Airport
  65. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  66. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  67. Genel Energy completes Acquisition of Chevron Fields
  68. First IoT Competition for Iraqi University Students
  69. Italy gives another $2.7m for Stabilisation in Iraq
  70. Iran’s President to Visit Iraq in March
  71. Qatar, Iraq discuss Education Cooperation
  72. Iraq Oil Exports Down Slightly in February
  73. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  74. Iraq Stock Market Report
  75. Promoting Tech Literacy for a New Generation of Iraqis
  76. KDP-PUK Deal paves way for New Kurdistan Govt
  77. Japan donates $3.4m for Children in Iraq
  78. Market Review: “An Ugsome Ugly Month”
  79. UK Company keen to build Solar Energy Plants in Iraq
  80. AMAR’s Women Work Wonders
  81. “Draconian” Cybercrimes Law threatens Freedom of Expression
  82. Oil Minister meets Turkish Firm to discuss Projects
  83. Denmark gives additional $4m for Iraq Security Reform
  84. Iraqi Artists keep up Pottery Tradition
  85. $700m Investment in Kurdistan Gas Project
  86. Shell “Still Evaluating” Viability of Nebras Petrochemicals Complex
  87. Intertek opens Iraq’s first Independent Hydrocarbon Lab
  88. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  89. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  90. Kuwait-Iraq Free Zone Plan
  91. Iraq Stock Market Report
  92. Uncovering a Fish Epidemic that stunned Iraq
  93. Women’s Empowerment “Contributes to National Stability”
  94. KRG PM receives Jordanian Delegation, pushes Investment
  95. Govt denies Cutting Internet during Exams
  96. Has Islamic State returned to Iraq?
  97. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  98. Iraqi Kurdistan takes Aim at Gun Control
  99. ISIS Child Suspects “Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured”
  100. Video: Where is the Money for Iraq Reconstruction going?
  101. US Sanctions Radical Militia Group
  102. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  103. Iranian President visits Baghdad
  104. GKP Maintains Production Guidance; Shares Up
  105. Iran-Iraq Banking Problems “Settled”
  106. Iraq hosts Lebanese Business Delegation
  107. Video: Will sanctions affect Iran-Iraq Economic Relations?
  108. Iran, Iraq Ink 5 Agreements
  109. Shire Oak joins Iraq Britain Business Council
  110. Iran Resolved to Boost Exports to Iraq: President
  111. Rouhani in Baghdad seeks Outlets against US Sanctions
  112. New National Data Platform for Reconstruction and Development
  113. Jordan, Iraq start studies to Create New Free-Zone
  114. Iraq Bans Boeing 737 MAX from its Airspace
  115. Iraqi boosting Arab Ties while Balancing Relations with Iran
  116. Iran, Iraq “to Meet $20bn Trade Target in 2 Yrs”
  117. California Firm Awarded $17m Iraq Contract
  118. US gives another $18m in Aid to Iraq
  119. Iraq Stock Market Report
  120. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  121. Baghdad’s Quality of Living Ranking …
  122. Restoration of 15,000 Homes underway in Mosul
  123. Franchise Workshop targets Int’l Commercial Brands in Iraq
  124. Basrah Museum Opens New Galleries
  125. US-Iraq Security Partnership: Avoiding the Pitfalls
  126. Cause of Mystery Spill At Mosul Lake
  127. NIC hosts Workshop on Hotels and Tourism
  128. Iraq gets new Sanctions Waiver to buy Iranian Energy
  129. AnadoluJet starts Flights to Erbil
  130. Iraqi Provinces are “Fertile land for Investment”
  131. QSC announces New Distribution Partner in Iraq
  132. Genel Energy Shares dip following Results
  133. Iraq – Financing a Modern Economy
  134. Court approves Chinese Takeover of Kuwait Energy
  135. At least 93 killed in Ferry Sinking in Mosul
  136. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  137. Qatar-Iraq Trade Jumps 52 Percent
  138. Wood Group sees Increased Activity in Iraq
  139. A Refreshing View of Iraq …
  140. Is Tehran trying to distance Soleimani from Iraq?
  141. The IFSB Organises Workshop on Banking Standards in Iraq
  142. Iraq Stock Market Report
  143. Video: Push to Criminalise Domestic Violence
  144. Has the Islamic State returned to western Anbar?
  145. Chinese company “to build Monorail in Najaf”
  146. Iraqi Airways Launches Munich Service
  147. SSK Recruitment to open Office in Erbil
  148. MP Hails Easing of Visa Restrictions between Iran, Iraq
  149. Mafia-like Groups “key Threat to Iraq’s Future”
  150. Regulator “Blocks calls” to Korek Customers
  151. Uber Acquires Careem to Expand in Middle East
  152. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for February
  153. Another UK-based Recruiter Expands into Iraq
  154. Denmark gives another $11m for Iraq Demining
  155. Iraq Prepares to Evict US Troops
  156. Peace Education in Iraq: Sustainable Development
  157. Ferry Disaster “Highlights Corruption in Mosul”
  158. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  159. Iraq – Financing a Modern Economy
  160. Successful Appraisal Drilling at Eridu Field in Iraq
  161. The humble Book is helping Rebuild Lives in Iraq
  162. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  163. GKP Declares Dividend; Shares Rise
  164. US, Iraq Reaffirm Security Partnership
  165. Iraq Stock Market Report
  166. Lukoil CEO and Iraqi PM discuss Cooperation
  167. Will Iraq lose Shatt al-Arab to Iran?
  168. Japan Increases Funding for De-Mining in Iraq
  169. EU supporting Local Development in Iraq
  170. Iraq to Export 1m bpd Oil through Jordan
  171. Iraqi Parliament rejects change to Nationality Law
  172. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  173. New Iraq-Saudi Border Crossing to be Hi-Tech
  174. Panasonic extends agreement with Al Manzil in Iraq
  175. Iraq Oil Exports Down again in March
  176. Iraq “Needs to Buy Iranian Electricity for 3 Yrs”
  177. $2.2bn Shell payment to Iraq
  178. Iraq “inches closer to Egyptian, Jordanian Axis”
  179. Iraq GDP Growth to Hit 8.1%
  180. Iraq gives Iranians Visas Free of Charge
  181. Real Madrid plans to open Iraqi Soccer Academy
  182. Funding Appeal for Humanitarian Needs in Iraq
  183. Saudi Arabia to give Iraq $1bn to build Sports City
  184. Gazprom Neft expands Oil Production at Sarqala
  185. Japan gives another $5.4m for Iraq Reconstruction
  186. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  187. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  188. Market Review: “Banks, and the Green Shoots of Recovery”
  189. Lebanon calls for Restoration of Iraq Oil Pipeline
  190. Iraq Stock Market Report
  191. Will Iraq close all Inspectors General offices?
  192. Iraqi Investment and Reconstruction Conference in Rome
  193. Iraq offered Saudi 186 Investment Opportunities
  194. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  195. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  196. Uneven Development in the Iraqi Petroleum Sector
  197. Genel Energy names New CEO
  198. Iran “ready to Expand Gas, Power Trade with Iraq”
  199. Commitment to Universal Health Coverage in Iraq
  200. More details of Genel Energy Dividend
  201. AMAR’s Fight against Religious Persecution reaches Baghdad
  202. Gender Equality Seal – Empowering Iraq Women
  203. Iraq “Not Worried” about Safety of Dams
  204. Iran Plan for Air Defense Cooperation with Iraq
  205. Iran, Iraq agree on Development of Joint Oilfields
  206. Karbala University taking steps into E-Transformation
  207. Textron Wins $15m Iraq Contract
  208. IBBC holds 9th Annual Spring Conference
  209. New Oil Well Enters Production at Taq Taq
  210. Dana Gas Boosts Production in Kurdistan
  211. Iraq Stock Market Report
  212. Iran, Iraq forge ahead with Collaboration
  213. ICTSI to Increase Capacity at Umm Qasr Port
  214. BlackRock Increases Holding in GKP
  215. KRG Details 167 Humanitarian Projects
  216. WHO sends Medical Supplies to Missan
  217. Mosul faces Political Crisis after Governor dismissed
  218. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  219. Iraq fears Levees will mean Parched years ahead
  220. Mosul’s Fine Arts College officially Opens
  221. Iran, Iraq to Set Up 5 Joint Industrial Parks
  222. Dana Gas Doubles Sales in Iraqi Kurdistan
  223. Iraq may Ban some Video Games
  224. Iraq Container Terminal (ICT) has handled 2m TEUs
  225. Possible Iraq-Iran-Syria Rail Line
  226. Sonangol Ramping Up Oil Production in Iraq
  227. UK announces £1bn to support Trade with Iraq
  228. US Provides Additional $100m for Iraq Stabilization
  229. Trade Bank of Iraq to open first Saudi Branch
  230. Investment Opportunity: Al-Nasiriyah Int’l Airport
  231. IBBC presents Iraq’s First Tech Conference
  232. Iraq and Saudi sign 13 New Agreements
  233. Zhongman starts Drilling in Diyala Province
  234. HRW: “Torture Persists in Mosul Jail”
  235. Recovery and Stability through Local Development
  236. Iraq Stock Market Report
  237. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  238. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  239. Trial Production starts at Attock Cement
  240. Iraqi Children Foundation, safeguarding Iraq’s Future Generations
  241. From Radical to Rentier Islamism: Iraq’s Dawa Party
  242. MoU to promote Gender Equality, Empowerment of Women
  243. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  244. Iraq Struggles to Distance itself from US-Iran Tensions
  245. Iranian Exports to Iraq Hit Record High
  246. Iraq’s $1bn Used Car Parts Business
  247. Iraq to Expand Karbala Shrine
  248. $64m Stolen from Mosul after Governor Sacked
  249. KRI Airports improve Disaster Preparedness
  250. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan