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  1. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  2. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  3. Startups in Iraq “to Multiply Rapidly”
  4. Immediate Actions to tackle Iraq’s Electricity Problems
  5. Iraq, Russia sign New Agreements
  6. West Qurna-2 hits 400,000 bpd
  7. Iraq Stock Market Report
  8. 6 Questions you Must Ask about Second Citizenship
  9. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  10. Petrofac Contract to deliver Training Solutions Renewed
  11. Conservatives in Najaf want to legislate Religiosity
  12. Finnish Firm wins Repeat Order in Iraq
  13. TAQA Acquires Schlumberger’s Iraq Business
  14. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for March
  15. Sandoog wins Iraq Start-up Championship
  16. Kuwaiti Company granted Iraqi Telecom Licence
  17. Avis Budget wins Iraq Award
  18. Iraq call on Turkish Companies to assist Reconstruction
  19. Iraq’s First Tech Conference highlights Huge Potential
  20. Siemens agrees EUR 700m Contracts in Iraq
  21. Iraq earns $7bn in Oil Revenues in April
  22. Genel Pauses Bina Bawi Plans; Numis Upgrades
  23. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  24. Zain Iraq sees 77% Growth in Net Income
  25. Iraq Stock Market Report
  26. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  27. Energy tops agenda of Turkish FM’s meetings in Iraq
  28. US launches $5m Airport Security Program
  29. Chartered flights to Netherlands to Kurdistan
  30. Market Review: “Economy continues to Recover”
  31. Yarmouk Park Rehabilitation Project Launched
  32. Iraq hopes for Dilemma-less Summer
  33. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  34. Iran Eyes Closer Military Cooperation with Iraq
  35. Explosive Hazards in Mosul remain a Major Threat
  36. IMF: Non-Oil Growth to Increase to 5.4%
  37. Pearl Petroleum to Raise Funding for Kurdistan Investment
  38. $200m to Improve Iraq’s Electricity Supply
  39. Iran Oil Co to Open Office in Iraq
  40. Peshkabir has generated $1bn, 4x Total Spend
  41. DNO to spend $250m in Kurdistan this year
  42. IBBC holds Iraq’s First Int’l Tech Conference in Baghdad
  43. Pompeo makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
  44. Al-Burhan Group – Your Route to Iraq
  45. Investment Opportunities: 7 Solar Energy Projects
  46. Iraq “close to signing” $53bn deal with Exxon, PetroChina
  47. President voices Support for Private Sector
  48. Iraq Stock Market Report
  49. StanChart “Expanding in Iraq as Safety Improves”
  50. Oil Production to Increase at Gharaf
  51. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  52. Restarting Businesses in Fallujah, Kirkuk and Mosul
  53. Chinese Firm to recover Gas at Halfaya
  54. Iraq’s Energy Sector: Roadmap to a Brighter Future
  55. Iraq “becomes Energy Investment Hotspot”
  56. The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Iraq’s Civil Movement
  57. US issues New Iraq Security Alert
  58. Kuwait to Fund Reconstruction of Border Crossing
  59. A whistle-stop Tour of Iraq
  60. Iraqis Diaspora Returning Home with New Skills
  61. Video: Can Iraq Rebuild its Economy?
  62. Iran Boosting Gas Exports to Iraq
  63. UK Firm to Train Technicians from Kurdistan
  64. Iranian National Oil Company opens Office in Iraq
  65. Oman to Reopen Embassy Baghdad
  66. Cabinet approves Development Scheme near Baghdad Airport
  67. Entrepreneurship Program – Applications now Open!
  68. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  69. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  70. US Embassy Staff to Leave Iraq
  71. Iraq Stock Market Report
  72. Stephen Whyte to step down at Genel Energy
  73. General Dynamics Wins $92m Iraq Contract
  74. DNO Completes $400m Bond Placement
  75. Iraq “has Contingency Plans” for Iranian Gas
  76. Iraqi Airways to resume Flights to Syria
  77. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  78. Video: Rocket attack hits Baghdad’s Green Zone
  79. Resumption of Flights between Iraq and Syria Postponed
  80. Oil Minister slams Exxon decision to Evacuate Staff
  81. Al-Khateeb: Don’t Politicise Electricity
  82. FAO inaugurates its new offices in Sulaymaniya
  83. US Senate confirms Tueller as Ambassador to Iraq
  84. Interview: Martin Aggar, GM of Al-Burhan Security
  85. Netherlands Resumes Training Mission in Iraq
  86. Iraqi Factions a Wild Card in US-Iran Blame Game
  87. Rumaila hit 30-yr High in Oil Production
  88. Iraq Britain Business Council welcomes 4 New Members
  89. Iraq “Not an Iranian Vassal State”
  90. Will Trump Abort Iran’s Land-Bridge to the Med?
  91. Hyundai wins $2.4bn Desalination Contract
  92. Iraq to Increase Production at West Qurna 1
  93. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  94. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  95. Iraq Stock Market Report
  96. Tribalco Wins $14m Iraq Contract
  97. How US-Iran Tensions could Disrupt Iraq’s Peace
  98. Iraq has “Strategic Alternatives” for Exporting Oil
  99. Video: Iraq’s Marshes Thrive Again
  100. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  101. US “Grants Iraq Waiver to Buy Iranian Energy”
  102. Has Russia begun to Play a Role in Iraq?
  103. Iraq “to Stand by Iran in Sanctions Era”
  104. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for April
  105. UN Security Council extends UNAMI Mandate
  106. Video: Could Iraq be pulled into a US-Iran Conflict?
  107. Investment Opportunity: Bismayah Connecting Road
  108. Iraq gets Reprieve to continue Buying Iranian Gas
  109. PMU Undermining Fragile Stability in Mosul
  110. Iraq faces Tough Challenge in Developing Potential
  111. Nechirvan Barzani elected President of KRI, amid Boycott
  112. Successful Scheme for Security of Pilgrims in Najaf
  113. Israel “Lifts Ban on Trade with Iraq”
  114. GE Commissions Gas Turbine at Al Qudus Power Plant
  115. Doubts over US Waiver for Iraq to buy Iranian Power
  116. Run 5k for Iraqi Children
  117. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  118. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  119. Deloitte Report on Kurdistan Oil and Gas (Q4 2018)
  120. $122m BP payment to Iraq in 2018
  121. Shaping Iraq’s Role in the Global Energy Scene
  122. Iraq Stock Market Report
  123. Exxon Ex-Pats “to return to West Qurna 1”
  124. Zain Iraq introduces Purchase Solution via Facebook
  125. Kurds not coming together over New president
  126. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  127. Oil dispute reignites Baghdad-Erbil Tensions
  128. Who is really behind the Torching of Iraqi Grain Fields?
  129. Oil Exports Up Again in May
  130. GKP CFO Steps Down
  131. Amnesty challenges Coalition Casualty Claims
  132. USAID Launches New Partnerships Initiative in Iraq
  133. ShaMaran Completes Acquisition of Atrush Stake
  134. Production to Increase at Al Faihaa Oilfield
  135. Iraq’s Oil Sector caught in crossfire between US, Iran
  136. Video: Ramadan Ring Game returns to Mosul
  137. Iran, Iraq ready to Dredge the Shatt al-Arab
  138. Capstone Wins Order to Microturbines in Basra
  139. Baghdad Green Zone to Open around the Clock
  140. Rosneft plans Geological Survey in Kurdistan in 2019
  141. US “will continue Exemptions” for Iranian Power Imports
  142. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  143. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  144. Iraqi Stock Market wakes up from its Slumber
  145. Genel Energy changes Organisational Structure
  146. Stability in Iraq: On a Knife’s Edge
  147. Continuing Iraq’s Positive Human Rights Trajectory
  148. “Invaluable Steps” to Cement Ties with Iraq
  149. Lukoil, Oil Minister, discuss prospects for Cooperation
  150. Reshuffling Iraqi Generals: Who Benefits?
  151. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  152. New US Ambassador takes up Post
  153. PM meets with German Foreign Minister
  154. Education for E-commerce and Digital Literacy
  155. Turkey sets up Expert Group on Iraq Water Projects
  156. UK supporting Explosive Hazard Management in Iraq
  157. Running to support AMAR Foundation
  158. Exclusive Tee for 5K to Benefit Iraqi Children
  159. The Plight of Displaced Female-headed Families
  160. Decision on Russian Wheat Imports “Months Away”
  161. Iraqi Firm harnesses Fintech to open New Markets
  162. Careem extends service to Basra
  163. Small Projects bring life back to Mosul
  164. US imposes Sanctions on Iraq-based affiliate of IRGC
  165. Nechirvan Barzani tasks Masrour Barzani to form new KRG Cabinet
  166. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  167. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  168. Oman to open Embassy in Baghdad
  169. Iraq Stock Market Report
  170. Petrel Resources “Renewing Connections” in Iraq
  171. Re:Coded, ConsenSys bring Blockchain to the Middle East
  172. IDPs Graduate in Automotive Mastery
  173. Rosneft and the Future of Iraqi Kurdistan Gas
  174. MSF Reports on Iraq Operations
  175. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  176. Is Abadi looking to return as PM?
  177. KNM Wins Contract at Khor Al Zubair
  178. 2019 Budget: Appeasement, Non-Compliance and Extortion
  179. $1bn Japanese Financing for Basrah Refinery
  180. Stabilisation of Mosul Dam “Successfully Completed”
  181. US Grants Iraq Waiver to Buy Iranian Electricity
  182. Iraq keen to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  183. GE “Poised for Significant Orders in Iraq”
  184. Exxon Increases Production at West Qurna 1
  185. Russia’s Gazprom Neft interested in Expanding in Iraq
  186. Indian Firm Wins $37m Seismic Contract in Iraq
  187. Iraq Britain Business Council welcomes 2 New Members
  188. Rocket attack on Oil Workers’ Camp
  189. Video: Years of Conflict hit Health Services in Basra
  190. Petrel: “Interest is Reviving in Iraq”
  191. EU provides €15m for vulnerable Iraqi Farmers
  192. TBI partners with Indian Firm for Fintech Development
  193. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  194. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  195. Iraq Stock Market Report
  196. EU Provides Additional EUR2m to IOM Iraq
  197. GKP Shares Gain following Update
  198. IBBC to host Iraqi President & Ministers during UK visit
  199. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  200. Exxon’s $53bn Iraq deal “in Difficulty”
  201. Iran Offers to Fulfill Iraq’s Air Defense Needs
  202. Iran “turning Iraq into Battleground against US”
  203. Parliament Approves 3 Key Ministers
  204. Iran, Iraq to Expand Tourism Ties
  205. Gulf Tensions: Iraq worried about Economy
  206. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for May
  207. TechnipFMC Fined for Iraq Bribes
  208. Run Media City – Changing Lives in Iraq
  209. Profits Up at Wood Group due to Iraq
  210. Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) unveils new HQ
  211. Iraqi President visits UK Prime Minister
  212. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  213. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  214. Prepaway – ACT Test and Why You Need It for College Admission
  215. Nechirvan Barzani in Baghdad to discuss Oil
  216. Iraq Stock Market Report
  217. Iraq Fund named “Best Performing Emerging Mkt Hedge Fund”
  218. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  219. Arrest Warrant for Acting Kirkuk Governor
  220. UNICEF Petition: Invest more in Iraqi Children
  221. IBBC hosts Members’ Retreat at Cumberland Lodge
  222. Careem Iraq testing ride-booking via WhatsApp
  223. Netherlands, Iraq sign Double Taxation Agreement
  224. UN Security Council makes First-ever Visit to Iraq
  225. Iraq commits to further Advancing the Digital Economy
  226. Basra Protests Build as Sub-standard Services Persist
  227. Cancer hits Iraqi oil city of Basra
  228. Exploring Weaknesses in Iraq’s Policy Planning and Investment
  229. Hackathon Weekend Planned in Sulaimani
  230. Iraq Bans Import of more Foodstuffs from Turkey
  231. Euro-Med highlights Kidnapping of Iraqi Academic
  232. UK Ambassador: “An Extremely Good Time to be Working in Iraq”
  233. Details of Reconstruction Projects in Liberated Areas
  234. Iraq orders Militias to Integrate into Security Forces
  235. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  236. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  237. Iraq Stock Market Report
  238. Govt reports on Implementation of 2018-22 Programme
  239. Oil Exports Down Slightly in June
  240. Govt to support Iraq’s Cement Industry
  241. Security in Iraq: Location, Location, Location
  242. Iraq “has a Role to Play” in Reducing Middle-East Tensions
  243. Iran, Iraq Coordinate Plans to Dredge Border River
  244. Norway Increases Contribution to Stabilizing Iraq
  245. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  246. Iraq, Oman to Cooperate on Oil and Gas
  247. Egypt keen on joining Reconstruction of Iraq
  248. Iran, Iraq, Syria to Create Transport Corridor
  249. IDPs in Iraq to benefit from EUR 100m Assistance Package
  250. HRW: Thousands Detained in Degrading Conditions