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  1. Iran to Build Cement Plant in Iraq
  2. Egyptian Free Zone for Kurdistan
  3. Emaar “in talks” on $3bn Kurdish Resort
  4. $84m from Fake Bomb Detector Scam
  5. Iraqi Kurdistan Open To Arab Investment
  6. Iraqi Contingency Plans for Syrian Dam Collapse
  7. Missan Oil Company Builds New Runway
  8. Minister: Rehabilitating Industry will take Years
  9. Russian Firm in Talks on Power Station
  10. Contracts at Khor al-Zubair Free Zone
  11. Rosneft Sets Sights on Iraq
  12. Genel Converting Gas Pipeline to Carry Oil
  13. Lukoil Expects 150,000 bpd from West Qurna-2
  14. Video: Iraq to Investigate Killing of Protestors
  15. Video: Kurdish Journalists Protest
  16. Weekly Security Update 16 – 24 April 2013
  17. Zero Tolerance for Corruption
  18. Building the Educational Pipeline in Kurdistan
  19. Genel Announces Successful Chia Surkh Test
  20. Hawrami: US Can Help Make Fair Energy Deal
  21. Partial Results from Provincial Elections
  22. UN Envoy Disappointment at Election Delays
  23. Hawija: Wider Ramifications in Iraqi Politics
  24. 11 New Power Projects in Babel
  25. Graduation Ceremony for Kurdistan MPs
  26. US Mission in Iraq Celebrates Environment Month
  27. Video: Sectarian Tensions or Wider Discontent?
  28. Iraq Stock Market Report
  29. Video: Debate – Iraqi Kurdistan Presidency
  30. DNO Announces Increased Reserves
  31. New Alliance Inaugurates Leading Healthcare Conference
  32. Ministers to Attend UK Iraq Conference
  33. US Hosts Humanitarian Demining Roundtable
  34. Iraqi Kurdistan a Dictatorship?
  35. Hill International Wins Project Mgt Contract
  36. Iraq Closes Trebil Border Crossing
  37. UN Welcomes Outcome of Ramadi Meeting
  38. UN Urges Iraq to Reconsider TV Stations’ Ban
  39. Video: Funeral for Slain Soldiers
  40. Video: Maliki Calls for Talks to End Violence
  41. Iraq Suspends Licences of 10 TV Stations
  42. Iraq Offers Credit in Egypt Oil Deal
  43. Video: Media Regulator Muzzles TV Networks
  44. Iraq Launches World’s Largest Flare Reduction Project
  45. $830m Lockheed Martin F-16 Order
  46. BP to Build New Port Terminal at Khor al-Zubair
  47. DNO Releases Annual Report
  48. Iraq’s Growing Healthcare Business
  49. Weekly Security Update 24 April – 01 May 2013
  50. Syrian Conflict Casts Long Shadow Over Iraq
  51. Kuwait “Still Owed $11bn from Iraq War”
  52. Iraq to Launch Satellite to Deal with Water Crisis
  53. Kartet Re-Applies for Iraq Power Exports
  54. Increased Mental Health Care Needed in Iraq
  55. KRG Representation in Sweden Inaugurated
  56. GKP set for Growth
  57. UN/UNESCO Message for World Press Freedom Day
  58. Video: May Day Rallies Draw Hundreds in Iraq
  59. UN Welcomes Return of Kurdistan Ministers
  60. Casualty Figures Highest since June 2008
  61. Iraq Stock Market Report
  62. Iraq may Invest in Indonesian Oil Refineries
  63. Final Results of Iraqi Provincial Elections
  64. Ninawa Election Postponed “Based on False Info”
  65. Conman Jailed for Selling Fake Bomb Detectors
  66. Head of Italy’s Iraqi Task Force visits Kurdistan
  67. Could Sistani Be Iraq’s Last Hope?
  68. Video: Iraq – ‘Disciplining’ the media
  69. Security Remains Top Risk for Iraqi Journalists
  70. Iraq’s Housing Crisis Worsens
  71. Intra-List Structure of State of Law Alliance
  72. The UN in Iraq Goes Green
  73. Video: KSA, Qatar “Need Sectarian War in Iraq”
  74. Video: Turkey “Influencing Protests in Iraq”
  75. Iraq Contract Win for Wood Group-CCC
  76. Iraq Allows Entry to Jordanian Trucks
  77. DNO Falls on 1Q Results
  78. Biggest Ever British Trade Mission to Iraq
  79. Major New Report on the Iraqi Banking Sector
  80. Dana Gas Rules Out Iraq Asset Sale
  81. Mondi Opens Industrial Bags Plant
  82. Iraq’s Petroleum: Challenges of Managing the Plenty
  83. Iran, Iraq to Develop Joint Fields
  84. Video: PKK Fighters in Turkey to Withdraw to Iraq
  85. Video: Iraqi Kurdistan hosts Syrian refugees
  86. Weekly Security Update 01 – 08 April 2013
  87. Being Bullish on Iraqi Banking
  88. Zebari Discusses Chapter VII with Kobler
  89. Delegation from Erbil visits Romania
  90. Doing Business in Iraq: Tread Carefully
  91. Iraq’s Sunni-Shiite Divide About Governance
  92. Interest-Free Business Loans for the Unemployed
  93. Wheat Harvest Threatened by Heavy Rains
  94. Ceyhan Pipeline Still Closed
  95. Patterns of Electoral Behaviour in Iraq
  96. Post-Election Battles will be Fiercer than the Campaigns
  97. Media to Empower Women in Iraq
  98. Iraq Rejects Entry of PKK
  99. Video: Suicide Bombers Target Kurds
  100. Iraq to Rebuild Rail System
  101. TAQA Appoints New MD for Iraq
  102. Iraq Stock Market Report
  103. Iran “Expands All-Out Strategic Cooperation” with Iraq
  104. First Journalism Contest for Iraqi Women
  105. After Hawija: Iraqi and Kurdish Forces Face Off
  106. Iraqi Stocks Unfazed by ‘Civil War’
  107. Kurdistan Real Estate Market Makes Comeback
  108. Iraq Reopens Trebil Border Crossing
  109. Iraq’s Future: Post-2015 Development Agenda
  110. Allawi: Demonstrations Won’t Stop Unless Maliki Resigns
  111. Foreign Minister Meets Iranian Ambassador
  112. Video: Iraq Rejects PKK Transfer to Kurdistan
  113. Standard Chartered to open branch in Iraq seeing loan growth
  114. Fast Food: Video Report
  115. Turkey Joins Exxon in Kurdistan Oil Deal
  116. ShaMaran Falls on Results
  117. Speculation Mounts Over Maliki’s Health
  118. Calls to Address Dinar Rate Fluctuation
  119. Video: First Kurdish Fighters Arrive in Iraq
  120. Video: PKK Fighters Arrive in Iraq
  121. Weekly Security Update 08 – 15 May 2013
  122. North Bank Under the Spotlight
  123. Why I Still Like North Bank
  124. Afren Shares Up on Interim Mgt Statement
  125. PhotoSat Completes Satellite Mapping of Garmian Block
  126. Foreign Minister Attends Europe Day Ceremony
  127. Prosecutor General Calls for Replacement of President
  128. Shell to Start Majnoon Oil Output
  129. Iraq Stock Market Report
  130. Foreign Minister Receives Kuwaiti Ambassador
  131. Camp Liberty Residents Relocated to Albania
  132. Video: Attacks on Sunni Mosques
  133. Iraqi Judiciary Opens Hawija Investigation
  134. Dana Gas Reports Strong Profit Growth
  135. Iran to Boost Diesel Exports to Iraq
  136. Discussions Continue on Reducing Oil Targets
  137. Foreign Minister Receives Japanese Ambassador
  138. Iraqi Politics Needs Roadmap For the Future
  139. News Flash – 20 May 2013
  140. Nespak Wins Irrigation Project in East Gharaf
  141. Baghdad Struggles to Halt Devaluation of Iraqi Dinar
  142. Date Set for Anbar, Ninewa Elections
  143. Video: Border Crossing Offers Syrians a Lifeline
  144. Video: Iraq Sees Worst Violence in Years
  145. WesternZagros Starts Garmian Drilling
  146. Hotel Opportunities in Erbil
  147. Damac Begins Work on Princess Tower
  148. Maliki Insists some Fake Bomb Detectors Work
  149. Video: Federal System Won’t Work in Iraq
  150. Car Bombings Continue, Evidence Remains Scarce
  151. BP to invest $2.85bn in Rumaila
  152. Biggest Ever UK Trade Mission to Iraq
  153. US Removes Sanctions on Iraqi Bank
  154. UN Calls for Iraqis to Embrace Diversity
  155. Video: New Spate of Violence Kills at Least Eight
  156. Weekly Security Update 15 – 22 May 2013
  157. There’s More to Iraq than the Headlines
  158. DNO Hits 100,000 bpd Milestone at Tawke
  159. WesternZagros Q1 Results and Updates
  160. Former Vice President Slams Iraq’s Economic Policy
  161. Bin Shabib Reception with French Business Council
  162. Video: Iraq Killing Surge Fuels Sectarian Fears
  163. Video: Attacks Highlight Rising Terror in Iraq
  164. US Removes Sanctions on Iraqi Bank
  165. Alstom Starts Work on $450m Power Plant
  166. Tenders Expected for 150 Wells at Rumaila
  167. Piers, Dredging Opportunity at Umm Qasr
  168. Basra Becomes Battleground For Iraqi Politics
  169. Iraq to Assemble Iranian Cars
  170. Iraq Stock Market Report
  171. Basra Execs Visit Texas
  172. Iraq’s Yazidis in Crossfire In Baghdad
  173. Private Generators get Fuel During Ramadan
  174. Simplified Visa Procedures for Foreign Oil Workers
  175. KRG Representative to Spain visits Portugal
  176. Video: “Sunni, Shia must Unite Against Enemy”
  177. Video: Sunnis Want Sovereign Federal Region
  178. Attock Cement to Invest $25m in Basra
  179. Maliki Prioritises Health Care
  180. Anti-Corruption Drive in Schools
  181. Syrian Foreign Minister Visits Baghdad
  182. Video: Maliki Reshuffles Security Chiefs
  183. Education – the most powerful weapon of all.
  184. GKP Seeks New Chairman
  185. Iraq and Kuwait Discuss Chapter VII
  186. Contractors Invited to Build New Airport
  187. Turkey Puzzled by US Stance on Exxon-KRG Oil Deal
  188. German Delegation Visits Iraqi Kurdistan
  189. Sadr Gives Maliki ‘Final Warning’
  190. Video: Iraq Needs Counterterrorism Strategy
  191. Basra Increases Influence on Oil & Gas Market
  192. IBN Welcomes Good News on Iraqi Visas
  193. Weekly Security Update 22 – 28 May
  194. Iraq’s economy starts to hum, but projects need to ramp up
  195. Shares in GKP, Genel, Up on Oil Find
  196. Iraq to Buy 150,000t of Thai rice
  197. Iraq to Ban Cement Imports
  198. Iraq Stock Market Report
  199. Dodgy Dinar: Fake Passports in Bogus Banking, Currency Crisis
  200. More than 1,000 Iraqis Killed in May
  201. Video: Maliki Vows Action Against Extremists
  202. Video: Attacks Kill Dozens as Violence Spirals
  203. Eni to Cut Zubair Output Target
  204. US Man Pleads Guilty to Illegal Dinar Sales
  205. My Voice Counts: Iraq, the Cradle of Civilisation
  206. Video: Learning from Iraq – a New Model for Reconstruction
  207. Black Skies over Qayara: Oil Fire Poisons Locals
  208. Russia Starts Fulfilling $4.2bn Iraqi Arms Order
  209. Iraq Buys 250,000t of Wheat from Russia
  210. Fears of Civil War Cripple Baghdad Commerce
  211. Video: Iraq Foils Chemical Weapons Plot
  212. Kurdistan Lawyers Speak Out Against New Law
  213. Video: PKK Fighters Set up Camp in Northern Iraq
  214. Technip Wins Contract for Karbala Refinery
  215. Zain Takes Step towards IPO
  216. WesternZagros Appoints New VP
  217. Clyde & Co Launches Middle East Deal Study
  218. New UK Trade Mission to Erbil
  219. Video: Iraq to Lower Oil Targets
  220. Video: US soldier on Trial Over WikiLeaks
  221. Weekly Security Update 29 May – 06 June
  222. Who’s Winning the Battle for Iraq’s Oil?
  223. Genel Donates $20m to University in Kurdistan
  224. More Progress on “Chapter VII” Issues
  225. Qatar Airways Launches 4th Destination in Iraq
  226. 130,000 Tourists Enter Iraq in May
  227. Iraq Looks to Foreign Investment To Boost Oil Capacity
  228. New Iraqi Passport Office in Dubai
  229. Iraq Stock Market Report
  230. 6 Million Iraqis Vulnerable to Food Insecurity
  231. Shaping Good Health for Iraq
  232. Oil Discovery at Tawke Licence
  233. Afren Chairman Updates on Operations
  234. Video: Maliki Makes Rare Visit to Kurdistan
  235. Video: Civil War Fears Rising
  236. Northrop Grumman Wins $115m Contract
  237. BIOGH Masterplan Receives Planning Approval
  238. Conserving the Priceless Manuscripts of Najaf
  239. Al Qaeda 2013: Community Outreach and Chemical Weapons
  240. Parties Agree On Controversial Information Law
  241. Weekly Security Update 06 – 12 June 2013
  242. Designs Unveiled for New Baghdad Library
  243. Turkish Firms to Sell Electricity to Iraq
  244. Japan to Lend $1.2bn to Iraq for Port, Refinery
  245. New Electronic Food Voucher System
  246. Iraq-Kuwait Relations Take a Step Forward
  247. Iraq’s New $6-trillion Energy Strategy
  248. Emaar, Faruk to Build $2bn Resort at Dukan
  249. Hotel Construction Explodes In Erbil
  250. Basra’s Miracle Flower Show