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  1. HRW: Thousands Detained in Degrading Conditions
  2. Market Review: “Heatwaves and Budget Surpluses”
  3. GKP announces Share Buyback
  4. Babylon declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  5. Iran Urges Closer Military Ties with Iraq
  6. SOMO Discloses Data on its Spot Sales
  7. Siemens in $310m Iraq Power Plant Deal
  8. World Bank to lend $200m for Electricity Improvement
  9. Iraq throws Turkey curveball in Bilateral Trade
  10. Cabinet Approves Iraq-Jordan Pipeline, Offshore Oil Exporting Facilities
  11. IBBC establishes Health Sector Table
  12. The debate over Iraqi Kurdistan’s share of Budget
  13. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  14. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  15. Iraq “ready to give 190 Investment Projects to Iran”
  16. Iraq, Lebanon, keen to Cooperate in Banking
  17. Jordanian-Iraqi Forum on Digital Transformation in Finance
  18. Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Expanding Abroad
  19. Japan, UNDP to Accelerate Socio-Economic Development in Iraq
  20. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  21. Video: Rebuilding Mosul – Iran Sanctions “Threaten Progress”
  22. Iran grants Additional Visas to Iraqis to Boost Economy
  23. Key sites in Mosul Reopen after damage by ISIL
  24. Malaysian firm wins $73m Iraqi Roadwork Contract
  25. Siemens supports Rehabilitation of Baiji Health Clinic
  26. Joint statement on EU-Iraq Relations
  27. Iraqi Kurdistan Cabinet finally sees daylight
  28. Iraq “an Attractive Environment for Power Sector”
  29. Pompeo “Seeks to Make Baghdad Embassy Pullout Permanent”
  30. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  31. Iraq signs Gas Processing Deal with Honeywell
  32. Boskalis “to build Offshore Oil Export Facility”
  33. Iraq to Import $5bn Gas, Electricity from Iran
  34. Saudi Border Crossing to Officially Reopen in Oct
  35. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  36. British Firm to develop Site near Baghdad Airport
  37. US Sanctions Four Iraqis
  38. Web Development Bootcamp in Baghdad
  39. Iraq Stock Market Report
  40. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  41. SOMO Reveals More Important Data
  42. Former Unaoil Exec pleads Guilty to Iraq Corruption
  43. Iraq plans New Oil Export Pipelines
  44. Nasdaq signs New Agreement with Iraq Stock Exchange
  45. Can Iraq get its Water Wheels on World Heritage List?
  46. Hawrami to be Top Energy Official in new KRG Cabinet
  47. Rehabilitation of Al-Sumoud Refinery in Baiji
  48. Water Crisis in Basra
  49. Iraq to open Embassy in New Zealand
  50. GardaWorld Recapitalized in $4bn Deal
  51. UNCC Pays $270m to Kuwait
  52. Iran Reassures Iraq over Strait of Hormuz
  53. KRG Spokesman to be Foreign Relations Head
  54. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for June
  55. Investment Opportunity: Plastics Factories
  56. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  57. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  58. Iraq “issues Warrants for 26 Top Officials”
  59. Iraq Stock Market Report
  60. $4m Contract to Supply Ambulances
  61. Amid US sanctions, Iranian Kurds seek jobs in Iraq
  62. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  63. Racing to save last of ME’s Forests from Burning
  64. Video: Iraq depends on Iran Imports, fears Sanctions
  65. Dana Gas announces Increased Reserves in Iraq
  66. IMF Concludes Consultation with Iraq
  67. IBBC visits Ramadi and Baghdad
  68. Meeting recommends creation of Iraqi-Jordanian JVs
  69. TBI to lend $843m to Grain Board of Iraq
  70. Iran, Iraq agree on Removal of Trade Barriers
  71. Asiacell Increases Customer Base
  72. Samawah Clinker Plant to Start Production Next Year
  73. Video: Iraq Oil Industry aims to be Energy Independent
  74. Video: Iraq Economy – Positive indicators in the North
  75. Why al-Hikma is Turning its Back on the PM
  76. Wheat Farms Efficiency in Saline Irrigated Areas of Iraq
  77. Jordanian Firms keen to aid Digital Transformation in Iraq
  78. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  79. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  80. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  81. Dana Gas Kurdistan Revenues up 74%
  82. Production at Tawke and Peshkabir up 20%
  83. Zain Iraq Revenues up 14%
  84. Al-Burhan Security Acquires ISO Certification
  85. UK Firm to study Iraq/Kuwait Shared Oilfields
  86. Cabinet allocates Funds to Prison Building, Water Project
  87. New Iraq Reconstruction and Recovery Trust Fund
  88. Iraq Stock Market Report
  89. Oil Exports Slightly up in July
  90. Moody’s affirms Iraq’s Caa1 ratings
  91. Iran & Iraq to Set Up Joint Investment Fund
  92. Turkey, Iraq to set up Water Resources Center
  93. Attock Invests in Cement Grinding Unit
  94. Video: Iraq tries to Attract Foreign O&G Investments
  95. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  96. Video: New Iraqi Oil Pipeline via Jordan
  97. Reasserting the role of Civil Society in Iraq
  98. Seedstars Baghdad chooses Top 3 Startups in Iraq
  99. Lockheed Martin in $315m Iraq Deal
  100. Iraq “has No Ties to Oil Tanker Seized by Iran”
  101. Iraq Authorities Acknowledge Horrific Prison Overcrowding
  102. Genel Energy declares maiden Interim Dividend
  103. Palestine considers Importing Fuel from Iraq
  104. Applications for Chevening Scholarships Now Open
  105. Cabinet approves Draft Law on Public-Private Partnership
  106. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  107. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  108. Chinese Company signs $1.4bn Iraq Construction Deal
  109. Iraq turns to BP, Eni for Oil Export Pipeline
  110. Iraq Stock Market Report
  111. IOM Partners with Asiacell to Support Economic Recovery in Iraq
  112. Protection Cluster Service Mapping Tool in Iraq
  113. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  114. Market Review: “IMF Revises Growth Estimates Higher”
  115. Market Review: “IMF Revises Growth Estimates Higher”
  116. Iraq achieves Self-Sufficiency in Strategic Crops
  117. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  118. Local Dried Fruits Difficult to Sell in Kurdistan
  119. Positive Sentiment toward Israel on the Rise in Iraq?
  120. Atrush Block drives Production Gains at TAQA
  121. Iraq “closes Mandali Border Crossing with Iran”
  122. US Firm wins $31m Iraq Training Deal
  123. Iraq Contributes to Strong Results at ICTSI
  124. Al-Sumoud Refinery unaffected by Fire
  125. Scottish Sweet Company booming in Iraq
  126. Iraq Experts “fear Free Economic Zone with Kuwait”
  127. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  128. Oil, Budgets, Kirkuk still nag Baghdad-Erbil Relations
  129. Oil Ministry’s “Odious Contract’ Trap” with ExxonMobil
  130. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  131. Iran, Iraq Agree to Reopen Khosravi Border Crossing
  132. Abadi opens up about PMU, new PM, Iran
  133. Wood Group expects Increased Activity in Iraq
  134. Atrush Production exceeds 1m Barrels in July
  135. WFP Iraq Country Brief, July 2019
  136. DAFI Scholarships Opportunities are Now Open
  137. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  138. Improved Access to Baghdad International Airport
  139. UK and Iraq agree Future Defence Relationship
  140. $60m Reconstruction of Kufa Cement Plant
  141. Corruption Scuppers Projects in Baghdad
  142. Jordan Increases Exports to Iraq
  143. Opportunities with UNAMI in Iraq
  144. Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for July
  145. Shamara to provide Power for Basra Gas Plant
  146. New Investment Opportunity in Iraq
  147. UCL announces Iraq-Focussed Research Grants
  148. Petrofrac Order Intake hit by Iraq Fraud Investigation
  149. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  150. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  151. Contractor Ruling Against Iraq could top $140m
  152. Govt of Iraq contributes $33m for Stabilization
  153. TechnipFMC to Split Company
  154. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  155. Iraq Stock Market Report
  156. UNAMI Urges Inclusion of Women in Decision-Making
  157. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  158. Sulaimani “First in Iraq” to Separate Recycling
  159. HRW: “School Doors Barred to Many Children”
  160. Daewoo Wins $70m Iraq Order
  161. Iran Bolsters Commercial Team in Iraq
  162. Attock Cement Grinding Unit Starts Production
  163. First Shipment of Iraqi Crude Oil to Jordan
  164. Oil Exports Slightly up in August
  165. UK Returns Seized Archeological Tablets to Iraq
  166. Entrepreneurs ready for Hackathon Weekend in Sulaimani
  167. IBBC hosts Iraqi Minister of Transport
  168. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  169. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  170. Sanctioned Russian Firm may Develop Iraq’s Block 17
  171. Oilserv Wins Contract at Sarta Oilfield
  172. New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  173. Iraq’s Rehabilitation Continues: Basra Megaprojects Conference
  174. Iraq Suspends US-Funded Broadcaster
  175. Zubair Oil Production hits 500k bpd
  176. Iraq Negotiates Debt Exemption
  177. Ambitious Plans after Babylon listed by UNESCO
  178. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  179. Video: Iraq Protests – Graduates Demand Jobs
  180. Two More New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  181. Market Review: “Life returns to the Banks”
  182. TBI Launches $100m Iraq Fund
  183. New Drilling Contracts Awarded at Majnoon
  184. Two More New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  185. Iran, Iraq Reopen Border Crossing after 6 Years
  186. Officers Referred to Military Courts on Corruption Charges
  187. Promoting Gender-Responsive Electoral Processes
  188. Iraq to Reduce Oil Production from October
  189. Financing agreed for Siemens Transformer Deal
  190. GKP: “Significant, Phased, Production Uplift”
  191. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  192. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  193. Iraq Targets Increased Investment from Russia
  194. Iraq looking to Finance $3bn Upgrade to Power Grid
  195. Gazprom Neft starts shipping Sulphur from Badra
  196. IDC to Drill Oil Wells at Nasiriya
  197. Iraq could introduce Basrah Super Light oil grade
  198. Jordan’s Exports to Iraq Fall by almost 11%
  199. Iraq Stock Market Report
  200. Two More New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  201. Will Russia reinforce Iraq’s air defenses?
  202. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  203. Al Nuwaira to supply UNOPS
  204. Saudi-Iraq Border Crossing to reopen in weeks
  205. Strong Sales of Animal Feed Additives in Iraq
  206. Siemens and Orascom to rebuild Baiji Power Plant
  207. Mass Global, GE to add up to 1.5 GW at Besmaya Power Plant
  208. Iraq signs deal to Import Electricity from Gulf States
  209. Boskalis to build Oil Export Island in Gulf
  210. GKP Report on Payments to Govts for 2018
  211. ASEC to run Qarachog Cement Plant
  212. UK announces New Ambassador to Iraq
  213. New Career Opportunities in Iraq
  214. New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan
  215. New Pipeline to Transport Iraqi Oil to Turkey
  216. PM Rejects Resignation of Health Minister
  217. New Swedish Ambassador to Iraq
  218. PM visits China as Business Relationship Strengthens
  219. KRG to Improve Protection for Intellectual Property
  220. Iraq Purchase of Russian S-400 ‘not on the table yet’
  221. New Dutch Ambassador to Iraq
  222. Brick Makers seek Financial Support from KRG
  223. Commission of Integrity returns $135m to Oil Ministry
  224. Iraq works to distance itself from US-Iran Tension
  225. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  226. $20m Order for US Trucks in Iraq
  227. Iraq, Kuwait? ?”at? ?loggerheads?” ?over? Maritime Border
  228. KRG to Repay Farmers’ Debts
  229. Monetization Strategies for Development of Border Oil Fields
  230. Iraq to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  231. Iraq “Expels Taiwanese Business Delegation”
  232. Petrel Resources eyes Opportunities in Iraq
  233. Iraq steps up Search for Advanced Air Defense System
  234. China Railway Company considers Karbala-Najaf Railway
  235. The Impact of GDPR in Iraq
  236. TechnipFMC settles Iraq Bribery Case
  237. Blue Hackle awarded Quality Certifications
  238. IBN Welcomes New Expert Bloggers
  239. Some Positive Indicators for Iraq
  240. The 5 Challenges to Tech Entrepreneurship in Iraq
  241. More New Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  242. CMEC to Expand in Iraqi Electricity Sector?
  243. IBBC hosts Iraq Business Forum
  244. ACWA Power Signs MoU with Iraq Energy Institute
  245. Lockheed to support Iraqi M1A1 Tank Fleet
  246. China’s CITIC may Finance Iraqi Projects
  247. Iraq Stock Market Report
  248. GardaWorld Weekly Security Report
  249. How the US Could Lose Iraq
  250. Oil Exports Slightly up in August