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  1. 1 Million bpd Oil by 2015 – and More Earthquakes?
  2. Iraq Closes Anbar Border Crossing
  3. Iraq Stock Market Report
  4. Kelly Clements Visits Iraq
  5. Iraqi Government Takes On Illiteracy
  6. Self-Immolation Among Iraqi Kurdish Women
  7. Capital Increase Déjà Vu
  8. Chevron Signs 3rd KRG Oil Deal
  9. Indian Minister Visits Iraq to Secure Oil Supply
  10. Volvo Trucks Inaugurates Iraqi Service Centres
  11. First Batch of New Iraqi Provincial Govts
  12. New Rigs Arrive at Halfaya
  13. Philippine Firms Eye Iraqi Opportunities
  14. Iraqi EITI Report – The Need to Act
  15. Zebari Discusses Issues with Kerry
  16. Barzani, McGurk Discuss Iraq, Syria
  17. Providing Health Care to Syrian Refugees
  18. Paulson Buys WesternZagros Convertible Notes
  19. Gulf Keystone Starts Drilling at Shaikan-7
  20. Launch of First Environment Strategy for Iraq
  21. KRG Struggles to Cope with Syrian Refugees
  22. KRG to Export Oil by New Pipeline ‘Very Soon’
  23. Beechcraft Extends Deal with Iraq Air Force
  24. Iraq Increases Gas Reserves
  25. Foreign Min meets Member of UK House of Lords
  26. Video: Interview with Former PM Ayad Allawi
  27. Video: Victory for UK Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq
  28. Weekly Security Update 12 – 19 June 2013
  29. A New Iranian President
  30. Iraq, Kuwait Chart a New Path
  31. Erbil Energised
  32. Zebari Meets UN Security Council
  33. EU High Rep. Ashton visits Kurdistan Region
  34. Educational Support Programme for Refugees
  35. Minister Hawrami’s Speech in London
  36. Iraq Stock Market Report
  37. Iraq Moves Troops To Syrian Border
  38. Zebari Receives Tunisian Chargé D’affaires
  39. New Governors; Anbar and Nineveh Elections
  40. Video: As Iraq Grapples with Bombs, Erbil Booms
  41. Iraq’s Oil Exports Fall In June
  42. FLIR Supports Surveillance in Iraq
  43. Political Alliances Shift in Baghdad
  44. Iraqi Kurds Join Pro-Erdogan Protests
  45. Oil Cos in Basra Caught in Political Crossfire
  46. Hungary to Establish Diplomatic Presence in Erbil
  47. Zebari Receives Turkish Ambassador
  48. Khanaqin Mystery: Who is Torching Orchards?
  49. HSBC Considers Quitting Iraq
  50. List of Downstream Oil Companies in Kurdistan
  51. List of Oil Distribution, Service Companies in Kurdistan
  52. List of Oil Companies in Kurdistan
  53. New US Visa Office for Erbil
  54. UN to Decide on Ending Chapter VII Sanctions
  55. Gazprom Considers More Work in Iraq
  56. Italian NGO Promotes National Park Initiative
  57. Citi Opens New Office in Baghdad
  58. KRG Approves GKP’s Shaikan Development Plan
  59. Iraq to Cut Basra Crude Exports
  60. Iraq to Receive Russian Military Helicopters
  61. UNESCO Runs Education Reform Workshop
  62. Iraq’s International Standing to get Boost
  63. Weekly Security Update 19 – 26 June 2013
  64. Chapter VII: Iraq to Restore Arms Industry?
  65. First Deputy Speaker Resigns Amid Queries
  66. Is Iraq Headed for Complete Disintegration?
  67. Black Iraqis Struggle To Shake Legacy of Racism
  68. Iraq Exits Chapter VII … Partially
  69. Dinar Boosted by Iranian Election
  70. AMAR Ramadan Box Appeal
  71. USAID Supports Iraq’s Young Entrepreneurs
  72. Iraqis Question Parliamentary Pensions
  73. Video: Iraq Thankful to UN for Easing Sanctions
  74. John Kerry Comments on Chapter VII
  75. Maliki Discusses Projects with LUKoil
  76. Iraq: Iran’s Economic Gateway To the World
  77. US Deputy Secretary Visits Iraq
  78. UN Releases Casualty Figures for June
  79. KRG Pres. Barzani meets French President
  80. Iraqi Dust Contaminated with Uranium?
  81. Minister Denies Iraq Sliding Towards Civil War
  82. Tribal Leaders Sign Peace Charter in Diyala
  83. METKA Signs $1bn Iraqi Power Deal
  84. China Shares $317m Pipeline Contract
  85. Kurdistan Seeks Cinema Revival
  86. Iraq Participates in International Nuclear Conference
  87. Iraq Gets 1,026 US Armored Personnel Carriers
  88. Interpipe Wins Preferred Supplier Status
  89. Stock Exchange Upgrades to NASDAQ Technology
  90. UN Condemns Continuing Bloodshed across Iraq
  91. What will Chapter VII Mean for You?
  92. Weekly Security Update 26 June – 04 July 2013
  93. Ex-Glencore, Sino-Forest Director to Chair GKP
  94. Qatari Firm Wins $65m Housing Contract
  95. FIFA Bans Iraq from Hosting Friendlies
  96. Drug Use Spreads Among Iraqi Youth
  97. ABB Wins Iraqi Smart Grid Contract
  98. Provinces to Manage More of Own Oil Wealth?
  99. Citigroup May Fund Iraq-Jordan Pipeline
  100. Min. Falah Mustafa receives new US Consul
  101. Total Cleared of Iraqi Corruption
  102. Wyndham Opens First Hotel in Iraq
  103. India “Interested in Importing LNG from Iraq”
  104. JPMorgan Expands Iraqi Business
  105. Iraq Free of Chapter 7: The Good and Bad
  106. Iraq Stock Market Report
  107. Kent State to Host Iraq, Libya Programs
  108. KRG Minister Visits London
  109. The Fragmentation of the Political Landscape
  110. Currency Class War: Damaged Dinar Notes
  111. India Interested in Iraqi Refineries
  112. Spudding of Shaikan-10 Development Well
  113. Failed Banking System Prompts Iraqis to Hoard Gold
  114. Italy to Upgrade Diplomatic Presence
  115. Dutch Delegation Visits Kurdistan
  116. What are Egypt’s Lessons for Iraq?
  117. Weekly Security Update 04 – 09 July 2013
  118. Video: New Electricity, Gas Deals with Iran
  119. Canada to Establish Diplomatic Presence in Erbil
  120. Barzani’s Goodwill Baghdad Tour
  121. Parliament Manages to Agree… On Own Membership
  122. Oryx Petroleum Reveals Kurdistan Plans
  123. Central Bank Governor Promises Bright Future
  124. Sonoro Terminates Iraqi Agreement
  125. Construction Booming in Baghdad
  126. Iraq Stock Market Report
  127. Iraq Offers India Three Oilfields
  128. BIOGH Issues First Construction Licence
  129. Russia, Iraq to Resume Direct Flights
  130. AS&E Wins Cargo Inspection Contract
  131. New $35m Shopping Mall Opens in Baghdad
  132. Zubair Oil Contract Revised
  133. Iraq ‘Fails to Resume Kirkuk-Ceyhan flows’
  134. Law to Reform Political Financing is Blocked
  135. Carlyle Group to Consider Investments in Iraq
  136. Oil & Gas Law Key to Resolving Issues
  137. Turkey’s Do
  138. Zebari meets Iraq Britain Business Council
  139. Ahmadinejad to Visit Iraq
  140. Mass Global Selects GE Turbines for Erbil
  141. Erbil Governor Reviews Road Projects
  142. Dhi Qar Begins Infrastructure Projects
  143. New Turkish Consul General in Erbil
  144. Iraqi Politicians Push for More Power to Provinces
  145. Video: Iraq sees Biggest Wave of Violence in Years
  146. Public Holiday Declared due to Heatwave
  147. Iraq at a Crossroads
  148. Weekly Security Update 09 – 16 July 2013
  149. Maliki, Barzani “Close to Solving Oil Dispute”
  150. ABB Wins $30 Power Grid Order
  151. Iraq Requests UNAMI Extension
  152. Korek Upgrades Network in Southern Iraq
  153. Crude Exports Fall for Second Month
  154. Talisman Testing Kurdamir-3 Well
  155. Officials Divided Over Dinar ‘Reset’
  156. KRG Receives New US Consul General
  157. Diyala to Build 8 Bridges
  158. Security Update 23 July 2013
  159. Nation Building : Empowering Women in Business and Employment
  160. Iraq to Import Natural Gas from Iran
  161. Alkitan Plans Basra Cement Plant
  162. Behind Iraq’s Upsurge in Violence
  163. UN Condemns Assassination of Sheikh
  164. Greek Company wins $26.8m Hospital Deal
  165. Dana Gas Facility Repaired
  166. Iraq to Receive Two Chinese Trains
  167. Video: Syrian Shia Pilgrims Stay on in Iraq
  168. UNAMI to Stay for Another Year
  169. China’s CPECC Wins $548m Halfaya Contract
  170. Volvo Expects Biggest Growth in Iraq
  171. Iraq Rebuilds Ties to Saudi Arabia
  172. Britain in Danger of Missing Out on Basra Boom
  173. Video: Security tight for Imam Ali’s Anniversay
  174. Weekly Security Brief 17 – 24 July 2013
  175. Next week .. Boeing delivers first aircraft
  176. Minister of Municipalities and Public Works calls to encourage investment in Iraq Re
  177. Greek Company wins $26.8m Hospital Deal
  178. Iraq to Receive Two Chinese Trains
  179. Volvo Expects Biggest Growth in Iraq
  180. International smart card
  181. Petrel Resources Rockets on Iraq Announcement
  182. Conservatives Try to Close ‘Immoral’ Coffee Shops
  183. Anti-Maliki Forces Reach Another Milestone
  184. Ahmadinejad Tepidly Received On Final Iraq Visit
  185. Iraq Stock Market Report
  186. Next Pres of Iraq: Barzani Secretly Bound for Baghdad?
  187. US Warns of Increased Risk of Terrorist Attacks
  188. Video: Iraq “can Combat Terrorism with Extra Effort”
  189. Eversheds Advises Citi on Iraq Venture
  190. Iraq to Cut Oil Exports in September
  191. AUIS Announces Partnerships with US Unis
  192. Video: Wave of Car Bombs Strikes Iraq
  193. Iraq Seeks $2bn in US Military Equipment
  194. Sony has Big Plans for Iraq
  195. Ukraine Targets Iraqi Market
  196. Daewoo Wins $709m Gas Contract
  197. Genel Energy Closes Day on High
  198. OPEC Again Excludes Iraq from Oil Quotas
  199. Calik to Supply 1/8 of Iraq’s Power
  200. Frontier Travel Insurance – Opportunities for Affiliates
  201. OPEC Output Falls on Libya, Iraq Turmoil
  202. UN Sec-General Concerned About Iraq Security
  203. How Much Can Iraq Afford to Lose?
  204. Weekly Security Update 24 – 31 July 2013
  205. Apology of Loss of Service
  206. Iraq Stock Market Report
  207. Iraq Suffers Power Crisis As Temperatures Soar
  208. Oil Production Fall Could Create Budget Deficit
  209. Emergency Messages for U.S. Citizens
  210. More than 1,000 Killed in July – UNAMI
  211. HSBC hits Regulatory Issues over Iraq Exit
  212. In Iraq, UN Envoy Urges Aid for Syrian Children
  213. Video: Iraq Promotes Tourism Despite Violence
  214. KRG PM Barzani in Talks with Turkey’s Erdogan
  215. Ribbon Cut on new Bazurgan-Halfaya-Fao Pipeline
  216. Philippines Lifts Iraqi Work Ban
  217. Iraq Targets 3x Rise in Tourism
  218. Video: Roadtrip Iraq
  219. MP Demands MoT Distribute Extra Rice
  220. (Done) Iraqi Politician Calls On Maliki to Step Down
  221. (Done) Anbar & Nineveh Form New Provincial Governments
  222. Pentagon Proposes $2.7B In Iraq Arms Contracts
  223. Basra Free Zone Still Tricky for Foreign Investors
  224. Armenia Seeks To Develop Relations With Kurdistan
  225. Pipeline From Kirkuk To Ceyhan Port Reopened
  226. CBI US Dollar Sales Increase After Monday’s Auction
  227. 11 Killed, 28 Wounded in Separate Attacks in Iraq
  228. Oil, Sustainable Development, and the Transformation of Iraq
  229. Weekly Security Update 31 July – 06 August 2013
  230. Iraq Oil Exports Stagnate Due To Port Work
  231. Wheat Falls As Iraq Shuns US Grain
  232. UN Releases Study On Corruption In Iraq
  233. Security Remains Top Risk for Iraqi Journalists
  234. Marathon Expects Kurdish Oil Production by 2015
  235. PetroChina to Join Exxon on West Qurna Oilfield
  236. Kurdistan Opens Oil Trade Route Via Iran
  237. Iraq, Libya Outages Could Cut OPEC Output
  238. Bomb Shuts Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline
  239. Anbar Completes Highway to Saudi Arabia
  240. Video: Scores Dead in Ramadan Bombings
  241. Video: Fresh Violence Claims More Lives
  242. Mosul Property Racket Targets Overseas Owners
  243. UN Calls on Govt to Empower Youth
  244. Iraqi Parties Circle Around Election Bill
  245. Sri Lanka Aims to Develop Ties with Kurdistan
  246. Iraq’s Dysfunctional Elite
  247. Zebari to Discuss Helicopter Deal in US
  248. Production to Start at Gharraf this Month
  249. Iraq Receives First New Boeing 737
  250. Video: Iraq Hit by New Wave of Bloodshed