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  1. Video: Iraq Hit by New Wave of Bloodshed
  2. OMV Shifts Focus to Iraq Exploration
  3. Govt Allocates $14bn for Electricity
  4. $21m to Develop Roads and Bridges
  5. Iraqi Power Plants Use 60m L/Day Fuel
  6. Weekly Security Update 07 – 14 August 2013
  7. When Will the Blackouts End?
  8. Iraq Undecided on Basra Port Maintenance
  9. GKP Rises on Takeover Rumours
  10. Reliance Industries Exploring Investment Opportunities in Iraq
  11. Statement from US-Iraq Joint Coordination Cmte
  12. Iraq Rules Out Special Oil Price for India
  13. Erbil is Middle East Capital of Tourism
  14. Fraud Suspected in Swedish Project
  15. Iraqi Women Face Workplace Discrimination
  16. Iraq Finally gets Senate
  17. ERW Removed from Village in Kirkuk
  18. Swedish Ambassador Visits Kurdistan
  19. Rebuilding Bridges to Iraq’s Jewish Heritage
  20. More Firms Pre-Approved for Nassiriya Bid
  21. Blast at Umm Qasr Commodities Port
  22. ShaMaran Petroleum Announces Results
  23. Dialogue on Contentious Oil Issues in Iraq
  24. Video: Syrian Refugees Flood into Iraq
  25. July Crude Oil Revenues Up
  26. Iran to Increase Production from Joint Oilfield with Iraq
  27. Free Legal Aid for Southern Iraq’s Most Vulnerable
  28. KRG “Committed to Free and Fair Elections”
  29. Foreign Minister Discusses Chapter VII with UN
  30. China to Open Consulate in Erbil
  31. Standard Chartered plans Iraq Expansion
  32. After Port Bombing, Basra Gov’r Sees Price to Pay
  33. New Petrol Distribution Regulations for Iraqi Kurdistan
  34. German Consul: Kurdistan is Democratic Model for Iraq
  35. DNO Reports Record Output at Tawke
  36. Bombs Again Shut Ceyhan Pipeline
  37. Weekly Security Update 14 – 21 August 2013
  38. Don’t Choke Iraq’s Revenue
  39. Maliki Heads to India for Investment
  40. Qatar Airways Launches 5th Iraqi Destination
  41. Travelport Opens Erbil Office
  42. Over 1 Million Displaced Iraqis Face Tough Future
  43. Exxon to Sell West Qurna Stake
  44. Afren Updates on Kurdistan Operations
  45. WesternZagros Plunges on Kurdamir Results
  46. Money Laundering Estimated “in the Billions”
  47. Video: Syrian Refugees Arrive in Iraq
  48. UK to Engage in Syrian Refugee Crisis
  49. India-Iraq Friendship to be of “Equity Partners”
  50. Consul General Promotes Opportunities in Iraq*
  51. Voter’s Revolution in Ninawa
  52. Initiative to Improve Business Registration
  53. Second Gazprom Award for Petrofac in Iraq
  54. ShaMaran Confirms Extension Of Field Area
  55. Students Complete Studies at LUKoil Training Center
  56. Court Strikes Down Law on Term Limits
  57. Video: Syrian Refugees Languish in Iraq Camps
  58. Reports of Syria Chemical Attack Split Iraqis
  59. BP “Interested in Kirkuk Oil Field”
  60. Iraq “Blames Shell” for $4.6bn Lost Income
  61. Mitsubishi to Open Office in Basra
  62. Starwood Sheraton Dohuk Hotel
  63. Rollins Opens Franchise in Erbil
  64. 18.9% Live Below Poverty Line
  65. Basra Oil Exports to Hit 20-mth Low
  66. Explosions Shut Down Ceyhan Pipeline
  67. Dinar Exchange Rate Linked to Oil Exports, Federal Reserves
  68. Minister Zebari Meets UAE Ambassador
  69. More Foreign Firms Find Opportunities in Iraq
  70. Weekly Security Update 21 – 29 August 2013
  71. Iraq “in Talks” to Buy Bradley Fighting Vehicles
  72. Basra Oil Workers Demonstrate Again
  73. Sadr Reconsiders Political Role, Mahdi Army
  74. Iraqi Kurdistan Elections Could Be Turning Point
  75. Hotelogix Wins Contract in Erbil
  76. General Dynamics Wins $56m Iraq Order
  77. Iraq Must Accommodate Foreign Workers to Boost Investments
  78. KRG and Northern Ireland to Broaden Cooperation
  79. ‘Baghdad Belt’ Deals With New Sectarian Tensions
  80. Foreign Minister Meets British Ambassador
  81. Jordanian Academy to Train Iraqi Air Force
  82. Strengthening Iraqi Int’l Student Programs
  83. US Contractor Stole Generators in Iraq
  84. Govt’s New Employment Agency: MPs as Career Advisers?
  85. Iran Divides Iraqi Politicians
  86. Assessment of the Nasiriya Integrated Project Contract
  87. Iraq Stock Market Report
  88. CBI “Lifts Custody” over Warka Bank
  89. Petroceltic Spuds Shakrok-1
  90. Genel Announces Declaration of Commerciality for Miran
  91. GKP Appointments Non-Exec Directors
  92. Eni’s Scaroni Meeting with al-Maliki
  93. Praise for Open Border Policy for Syrian Refugees
  94. Japan’s Lesson of Tolerance for Iraq
  95. Supreme Court Annuls Article 23 Re Kirkuk
  96. More than 800 Iraqis Killed in August
  97. British Peer Calls for UK Investment in Iraq
  98. Iraq Awards $348m in Drilling Deals
  99. Iraq Shortlists Candidates for Jordan Pipeline
  100. Gharraf Oil Starts Field Production
  101. Gebr Pfeiffer Wins New Iraq Order
  102. How Many Countries are Interested in Iraq?
  103. Weekly Security Update 29 August – 04 September 2013
  104. ASEC Consortium Wins Cement Plant Deal
  105. Nokia Opens New Office in Erbil
  106. New NGO Cooperation Policy in Kurdistan
  107. Maliki to Run for Third Term
  108. US Issues Iraq Travel Alert
  109. Standard Chartered gets OK to Open Branches
  110. KRG PM Opens Online Jobs Portal
  111. Youths Plan ‘Mini-Iraq’ the Way it Should Be
  112. KRG Welcomes Delegation from German Universities
  113. GKP to Suspend Shares Pending Verdict
  114. Petroceltic Results and Operational Update
  115. Private Sector Development Workshop at Swedish Embassy
  116. Iraq Stock Market Report
  117. Should US go into Syria: What do Ordinary Iraqis Think?
  118. GKP Surges on Court Ruling
  119. Gulf Precast Builds 65 Schools in Iraq
  120. Oryx Updates on Kurdistan Operations
  121. Asiacell Appoints New CEO
  122. Ayatollah Sistani and The Battle of Najaf
  123. US to Build New Erbil Consulate
  124. Iraq’s Identity Crisis in Symbols
  125. A Vote of Confidence for BDSI
  126. BP Signs Deal to Revive Kirkuk Oilfield
  127. Zain Group Bullish on Iraq
  128. Majnoon to Start Test Production Next Week
  129. Iraq Closes Mosul Airport without Explanation
  130. Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens
  131. Iraq Business News goes from Strength to Strength
  132. Weekly Security Update 04 – 11 September 2013
  133. Another New Cement Factory Planned
  134. Young Grads to get Loans to Start Businesses
  135. Malaysian Firms Urged to Tap Iraq Market
  136. Basra Steel Plans “on Hold”
  137. Iraqis Less Happy than Neighbours
  138. Iraq Plans Oilfield Contract Award to Koreans
  139. Iraq to Recruit Doctors from Bangladesh
  140. Maliki Appeals to Dutch Companies
  141. US-Kurdistan Business Council Meets KRG Delegation
  142. LUKOIL Implements Social Projects in Basra
  143. Oil and Gas Companies Pledge Humanitarian Aid
  144. Iraq to Store Crude in Korea
  145. Faw Port Companies Exempted from Taxes
  146. New Iraqi Protest Movement Targets Corrruption
  147. Entering Karbala: Getting a Visa to US would be Easier
  148. Iraqi Women Victimized by Tribal Marriage Customs
  149. UNESCO Hands Over Community Learning Centres
  150. DNO Updates on Tawke Testing
  151. Bloom Signs Contract for “City of the Future”
  152. Iraq Stock Market Report
  153. Video: Car Bomb Explodes in Baghdad
  154. L-3 Link Wins F-16 Training Contract
  155. Record Wheat Crop, but Imports Still Needed
  156. Occidental Offers Stake in Mideast Unit
  157. Oil Output Reduced by Leak
  158. Work Starts on Iraq’s ‘Biggest Industrial City’
  159. Video: Attacks kill Dozens
  160. New $357bn National Development Plan
  161. Reef Subsea Wins Cable Deal
  162. Youth Strike Balance Between Conservatism, Modernity
  163. Scottish Firm Wins West Qurna Contract
  164. Iran Looks to Iraq for Syria Support
  165. Iraqi Youth – Key Statistics And Resources
  166. Driving Risk, Reaping Rewards: Perspectives from the G8 Deauville Partnership Investm
  167. Genel Energy, DNO Deal for Summail Gas
  168. GKP Falls on Spending Concerns
  169. Iraq to Raise Bank Capital to Address Housing Crisis
  170. Italian Companies Join Erbil International Fair
  171. Weekly Security Update 12 – 19 September 2013
  172. Finance Committee: rapid damage of small groups dinar
  173. BP, CNPC get $4.5bn Rumaila Payment
  174. Bulgaria Names Official Air Carrier to Iraq
  175. Foreign Minister Receives Irish Ambassador’s Credentials
  176. Spain Aims to Strengthen Relations with Kurdistan
  177. Oil Output Rises as Leaks Fixed
  178. Nineveh Authorises Governor to Sign Oil Deals
  179. Hill Urges Contractors to Come to Iraq
  180. 50 Water/Sewage Projects Planned
  181. Minister Declares “Housing Crisis”
  182. Iraq Bans White Cement from Iran
  183. Petrel Resources Falls 7% on Interim Statement
  184. Video: Western Shias Urged to Make Iraq Pilgrimage
  185. Under Threat: Baghdad’s ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ Houses
  186. Weak Iranian Economy Hits Religious Tourism
  187. Iraq asks Kurds to Link Pipeline to its Network
  188. Iraqi-Kuwaiti Talks in New York
  189. Serco Continues Services to Baghdad Airport
  190. Ericsson Partners with Tishknet
  191. Video: Iraq Kurds Dream of Independence
  192. Weekly Security Update 19 – 26 September 2013
  193. UK/Kurdistan Relations: A Deepening Commitment
  194. Shahristani Updates on Oil Targets
  195. Iraq Buys New Military Robots
  196. Iran, Iraq Enhance Defense Cooperation
  197. Kurdistan Election Results Delayed
  198. Amnesty International Urges Halt to Executions
  199. Kurdistan to Buy 12 Helicopters
  200. Militias Control Home-Made Oil Refineries
  201. US Pledges Support for Transport Infrastructure
  202. Newly Appointed SRSG Takes Office
  203. 600 New Schools Open this Month
  204. Zaha Hadid Ponders Return to Baghdad
  205. Electricity Shortage “Costs Iraq $40bn a Year”
  206. PUK Falls to Third Place In Iraqi Kurdistan Elections
  207. Rare Violence Targets Erbil
  208. Iraq Stock Market Report
  209. US Ambassador and PM Maliki Open Baghdad Education Fair
  210. Video: Scores killed in Attack on Shia Mosque
  211. KRG Cracks Down on Unauthorized Gas Stations
  212. Australian Bank had Talks with Iraq, Despite UN Sanctions
  213. AUIS Announces New Scholarship Program
  214. FM Zebari Meets Syrian Counterpart
  215. Southern Oil Exports Down
  216. US, Iraq Collaborate on Electricity and Energy
  217. UN Releases Casualty Figures for September
  218. First Suicide Bombing in 6 Yrs Hits Kurdistan
  219. Video: One-on-one with Foreign Minister
  220. Is Iraq “the Next Big One”?
  221. Weekly Security Update 26 Sep – 02 Oct 2013
  222. KRG Oil Export Pipeline “Near Completion”
  223. Lukoil Forecasts Exports from West Qurna-2
  224. Leighton Shares Dive on Iraq Corruption Allegations
  225. Economists Divided Over Deletion Of Zeros
  226. Multi-Nationals Ramp Up Business Protection
  227. Iran, Iraq Sign Oil and Gas Drilling Pact
  228. Sumitomo Invests in Iraqi Car Service Firm
  229. Fake Bomb Detectors ‘Still Used in Iraq’
  230. Foreign Minister Holds Talks in Romania
  231. Debate Renewed Over Oil Revenue Surplus
  232. KRG Election Results
  233. Basra Locals Move Because of Oil Pollution
  234. Shell Opens Majnoon Oil Field
  235. KRG Approves Development of Atrush
  236. Dana Gas “Breached Confidentiality, Owes KRG”
  237. Iraq Stock Market Report
  238. New Schools in Syrian Refugee Camps
  239. KRG Receives Swedish Envoy to Syrian Opposition
  240. Literacy Drive a Response to Extremism
  241. Turkey, US Dep Secretary Meet Iraqi Delegation
  242. Iraq/EU Energy Cooperation: A New Important Milestone
  243. President Barzani Meets UN Envoy to Iraq
  244. Foreign Minister Receives Russian Ambassador
  245. Maliki: Terrorism ‘Directly Related’ to Syria
  246. Weekly Security Update 02 – 09 October 2013
  247. Swiss Firm to Build $6bn Refinery
  248. Denmark to Participate in the Kurdistan Development
  249. UNAMI Urges Iraq to Halt Executions
  250. UK Visa Centre Opened in Erbil