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  1. Unaoil joins Leighton in Denying Iraq Allegations
  2. Canada to Open Embassy Office in Erbil
  3. Ministry of Culture Curtails Performing Arts
  4. Assassins Target Journalists in Mosul
  5. Iraq Stock Market Report
  6. Faruk Group, Acibadem Sign Medical City Deal
  7. Kurd Leader Says there is Fear of Civil War
  8. DNO Sets New Record at Tawke
  9. Basra Export Terminal Fully Reopened
  10. BGR Energy Signs $246m Deal
  11. Amarinth Wins Further Orders at Zubair
  12. Sinopec is Dealt a Setback in Iraq
  13. Oil Exports to Rebound
  14. Cabinet Approves $700m Daewoo Deal
  15. RAK Airways to Open Najaf Route
  16. Maliki to Visit White House
  17. China Seeks 70% More Iraqi Crude
  18. Cabinet Authorises Bombardier Contract
  19. Seismic World Record Set at Shakal Block
  20. Weekly Security Update 09 – 16 October 2013
  21. Smugglers Easily Cross Iraq’s Border
  22. Zagrosjet Commences Operations
  23. Human Rights and Democracy Report
  24. China to Buy More Iraqi Oil
  25. Bulgaria to Export Food, Cigs to Iraq
  26. All Change on Iraqi Kurdish Political Scene
  27. Iraqi Youth Initiative Combats Sectarianism
  28. Blackwater Guards to Face New Charges
  29. New Contract to Import Iranian Gas
  30. UK Firm Works with Univ of Kurdistan Hewler
  31. US Ambassador Hosts Business Roundtable
  32. KRG Delegation Meets Sweden’s Foreign Ministry
  33. Philippines May Send more Workers to Iraq
  34. 112,000 Tourists Visited Kurdistan in Eid
  35. US Embassy Recognized at International Film Festival
  36. Parliament to Resume Debate on Electoral Law
  37. Petrofac Awarded 2nd Phase of Iraq Project
  38. Dana Begins Arbitration Proceedings On Kurdish Contract
  39. Iraq Begins Receiving Russia Arms Shipments
  40. Ukraine Offers Lowest Bid For Iraq Wheat Tender
  41. The Erbil Bombings and Response: A Critical View
  42. FM Receives Turkish Delegation
  43. Tinted Cars and Ghost-like Officials
  44. Weekly Security Update 17 – 24 Oct 2013
  45. New Hope for Job Seekers in Iraq!
  46. Nineveh Takes Steps towards Energy Independence
  47. UK Helps Protect Syrian Children Fleeing to Iraq
  48. Oryx Discovers Oil at Ain Al Safra
  49. Iraq Sees Return to Oil Growth
  50. Iraq’s Film Industry Hits Bottom
  51. New Head of Sweden’s Embassy Section Office
  52. US Ambassador Meets Foreign Minister Zebari
  53. Oil Exports Plunge to 19-mth Low
  54. Iraq Stock Market Report
  55. FM Receives Foreign Dignitaries
  56. Al-Qaeda Sinks Roots in Mosul
  57. Single? Arab? Male? Then Kurdish Borders are Closed
  58. Malaysia Services Exhibition In Iraq
  59. New Head of Romania Consular Office in Erbil
  60. Iraq’s Civil Society Under Siege
  61. Basra Children’s Hospital gets New MRI
  62. Former Marine Jailed for Iraq Bribery
  63. Rotana Names New Karbala Management Team
  64. Why Iraqi Mps Can Never Pass a Law …
  65. Changing World, New Relationships – a Message from the Word Islamic Economic Forum in
  66. Genel Issues Interim Management Statement
  67. GKP Launches Convertible Bonds
  68. Chinese Clothing Imports on the Rise In Iraq
  69. Polish Delegation Visits Erbil
  70. Kurdistani Police and Children: Policing Future (Great) Citizens
  71. New UK Boost for Arab Businesses
  72. Next Iraq Club Event
  73. Iraqi Entrepreneurs: Making Anwar’s Workshop Global
  74. Afren Updates on Iraqi Operations
  75. F-16 Delivery “on Track”
  76. Zebari Receives Belarusian Delegation
  77. Weekly Security Update 24 – 30 October 2013
  78. Downtown Erbil “a Milestone” for Kurdistan
  79. UNESCO, EU Launch Groundwater Project
  80. Opportunities for Study, Travel in US
  81. Bosnia & Herzegovina Looking for Business
  82. Akri Bijeel Oil Block Declared ‘Commercial’
  83. Iraq Beats Kuwait to Chinese Refinery Deal
  84. Iraq Stock Market Report
  85. Nearly 1,000 Iraqis Killed in October
  86. Parliament Seeks Electoral Compromise
  87. US, Iraq Vow to Fight al-Qaeda
  88. Iraq Asks for Obama’s Help
  89. Karbala Boasts Iraq’s Most Expensive Property
  90. New Pipeline Schedule “Under Review”
  91. First Hyatt-Branded Hotel in Iraq
  92. Joint Statement by Maliki, Obama
  93. Kurdamir-3 Tests “Support Field Commerciality”
  94. Drilling to Start at Block 9
  95. Will Tehran’s Iraq Policy Change Under Rouhani?
  96. New Help Desk in Baghdad’s Oldest Court
  97. French Ambassador visits Iraqi Kurdistan
  98. New Report on Drought in Iraq
  99. Experts Discuss SCOP Pipeline Projects
  100. The New Iraq – Discovering Business 2014
  101. The Most Expensive Property in Iraq is …
  102. Weekly Security Update 30 October – 06 November 2013
  103. Video: Majnoon – from Battlefield to Oilfield
  104. Marathon Finds Oil and Gas at Mirawa
  105. Iraq Amends Its Electoral Law
  106. Joint UN, KRG Trust Fund Signed
  107. Video: Former PM on Iraq Violence
  108. Ten Reasons to Invest in Iraq
  109. BP Visits ‘Flashpoint’ Kirkuk Oilfield
  110. Border Smuggling Rises In Iranian Kurdistan
  111. Al-Qaeda Ups Mafia-Style Extortion in Mosul
  112. US Announces 2014 Fulbright Scholarships
  113. Proposed Personal Status Law will Not Help Jaafaris
  114. Big Oil to spend $25bn in Iraq Next Year
  115. 2,500 Homes for Terror Victims
  116. Post Office Opportunities Throughout Iraq
  117. Karbala’s Faith-Funded Businesses Threaten Smaller Firms
  118. 1,200 new School Buildings for Basra
  119. Turkey Unlikely to Upset Iraq in KRG Energy Deal
  120. Baker Hughes Declares Force Majeure in Iraq
  121. Turkey, KRG Clinch Major Pipeline Deals
  122. British Oil Worker Attacked for ‘Shiite Insult’
  123. Video: Footage of Disturbance at Rumaila
  124. Uncertainty about Changes to Electoral System
  125. Shell, Iraq, Near $11bn Petrochemical Deal
  126. Oryx Plots Path to Oil Production
  127. ShaMaran Announces Results
  128. DNO Shares Hit New Record
  129. A Week of Contrasts in Iraq
  130. Weekly Security Update 07 – 13 November 2013
  131. Iraq gets First Shipment of Russian Helicopters
  132. Iraq Offers Longer Credit to India
  133. Schneider to Build Dhi Qar Power Plant
  134. Transas Supports Simulation Project in Basra
  135. Video: Shia Muslims Commemorate Ashura
  136. Video: Violence mars Ashura Celebrations in Iraq
  137. Zaha Hadid to Design Parliament Building
  138. In Karbala, Religious Grief Translates to Big Business
  139. Iraq: Waiting for Salvation Day
  140. Video: Turkey, Iraq Locked in Water Row
  141. Iraq Firm Pays $2.7m in Settlement
  142. Oil Industry Loopholes Threaten Kurdistan’s Environment
  143. Iraqi Rice Planting Below Target
  144. Turkey’s Approach Toward Shiites will Reduce Sectarianism
  145. World Bank Involved in Bank Restructuring
  146. Iraq Stock Market Report
  147. Kurdistan, Hungary Seek to Strengthen Relations
  148. Arab Wings Wins Iraq Gate Contract
  149. Video: Iraqi Kurdistan backs Turkey Peace Efforts
  150. Chinese Firm Wins Badra Contract
  151. SPETCO eyes Iraq Expansion
  152. France’s Orange sees Huge Growth in Iraq
  153. Lebanon Invests $3bn in Kurdish Region
  154. Basra “Threatens Autonomy”
  155. 17k Tons of Iraqi Dates Exported
  156. Iraqi Airways Buys 16 Bombardiers
  157. Rotana Opens Second Hotel in Iraq
  158. Petrojet wins Gas Pipeline Contract
  159. The Iraqi Week in Numbers
  160. KRG President Barzani meets UK Trade Delegation
  161. Weekly Security Update 14 – 20 November
  162. Iraq Finalises Gasoil Term Contract
  163. Gazprom Delays Oilfield Launch
  164. Iraq Stock Market Report
  165. New Dates for Iraq Future Energy Conference
  166. UN Working with Govt to Assist Flood Victims
  167. List of Political Entities for the Elections
  168. UK “Should be Partner of Choice for Kurdistan”
  169. Baker Hughes to Resume Operations
  170. Tender for Polling Kits for Elections 2014
  171. Video: Sunni Groups Protest Lack of Security
  172. Security Council Statement on Iraq Violence
  173. New 50,000 IQD Notes and Coins
  174. $600m Oil Tech University In Basra
  175. GEA Wins Major Contract from ENKA
  176. Call for Change in Mindsets that Allow Violence
  177. UN Tender for Standardization Services
  178. Conference paves way for Erbil Tourism
  179. WFP Uses Smart Cards to Provide Cash
  180. Agricultural Opportunities for US Businesses
  181. Iraqi Officials Offer Excuses, not Apologies
  182. Standard Chartered Opens Branch in Iraq
  183. Weekly Security Update 21 – 26 November 2013
  184. ExxonMobil Sells Stakes in West Qurna I
  185. Iraq-Azerbaijan Meeting in Baku
  186. Iraq Negotiates with Airbus
  187. Additional Political Entities Approved for Elections
  188. Kirkuk Extremists Vie for Power, Money
  189. US, Iranian Influence Evolves in Iraq
  190. Efforts to Impose Sharia Law Spark Controversy
  191. Iraq Stock Market Report
  192. Romanian Ambassador meets with KRG
  193. Constitution So Divisive, There are Calls for a New One
  194. Youth Conference for Social Peace
  195. KRG Updates Diplomats
  196. UN Casualty Figures for November 2013
  197. China Consolidates Position in Iraqi Petroleum Sector
  198. Barzani Addresses Erbil/Ankara Oil Deal
  199. Iraq Falls in Corruption Perceptions Index
  200. Video: Zebari talks Security with Afghan Diplomat
  201. Video: Winter Misery for Iraq’s Syrian Refugees
  202. Oryx Petroleum Strikes Oil at Zey Gawra
  203. Iraq, Kurds “Close to Deal on Oil”
  204. Video: Turkey, Iraq in New Oil Pipeline Deal
  205. Belarus Seeks Closer Ties with Iraq
  206. UN Seeks Bids for Web Security
  207. From Reconstruction to Building the Future
  208. Schlumberger Takes Hit from Iraq Shutdown
  209. Iraqi Airways Signs Bombardier Deal
  210. Iraq Launches 3 New Housing Projects
  211. Progress in Iraq, and at IBN
  212. Weekly Security Update 27 Nov – 02 Dec 2013
  213. Credit Suisse Upgrades Genel Energy
  214. Hill International Wins Samawah Stadium Contract
  215. Turkey Resolves Energy Crisis with Baghdad
  216. Video: Intelligence Building Attacked in Kirkuk
  217. Video: Deadly Car Bomb Rocks Kirkuk
  218. Britteach Launches in Iraqi Kurdistan
  219. Oil Exports Recover, Targets Remain Problematic
  220. Harwal Seals Iraq Housing Deal
  221. Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence
  222. Kurdistan Moves from Oil Exploration to Production
  223. Oil Dispute: Agreeing to Disagree, for now
  224. Politicians Fail to Convince Voters Change is Possibe
  225. Zagrosjet links Erbil with Amman
  226. Workers Pay for Boom Town with Their Lives
  227. A Tool to Improve Human Rights in Iraq
  228. Teacher Violence Against Students Increases
  229. GKP Shares Up on Excalibur Statement
  230. Turkey Proposes More Border Crossings
  231. Hill International Wins $54m Basra Deal
  232. Iraq Stock Market Report
  233. Iran Wary of Iraqi Oil Export Plans
  234. Iraq “Wants to Import Food from Azerbaijan”
  235. Kuwait to Open Consulate in Kurdistan
  236. Majnoon Exceeds 210,000 bpd
  237. NZ Meat Processor Exports to Iraq
  238. Housing Initiative Part of Election Strategy?
  239. UN Welcomes Humanitarian Corridor
  240. USAID Heads Visit Iraq
  241. Weekly Security Update 05 – 12 Dec 2013
  242. South Korea Wins $1.1bn Jet Fighter Deal
  243. Thales Modernises Iraq’s Air Traffic Mgt
  244. Iraq Seeks to Become Regional Trade Hub
  245. Video: 10Yrs on, Saddam Legacy Looms over Iraq
  246. Hitachi Wins $240m Desalination Contract
  247. Iraq Rejects all Rice Offers
  248. Human Rights Recommendations from Iraqi Youth
  249. Maliki Meets Croatian Deputy PM
  250. Govt Rejects Plans for Women’s Shelters