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  1. Govt Rejects Plans for Women’s Shelters
  2. Development Work to Begin in Kut
  3. Cihan Bank Plans $100m Fund
  4. Doubt Surrounds Satarem-Missan Refinery Deal
  5. Iran Ups Electricity Exports to Iraq
  6. New 25-Storey Hotel for Basra
  7. Video: Day of Deadly Bombings
  8. New $472m Industrial City for Anbar
  9. Kurdish Oil Exports “Only with Iraq Approval”
  10. Trade Delegation Visits Karbala
  11. US Man Jailed for Iraq Generator Theft
  12. Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) Fundraising Video
  13. Are we really moving toward something soon?
  14. MAG Boosts Iraq Shipping Capacity by 60%
  15. JICA Updates KRG on Latest Activities
  16. Turkish Firm to Build Exxon Pipeline
  17. Astra Upgraded due to Iraq Steel Mill
  18. Min. of Oil Statement on Maysan Refinery
  19. World Bank Approves $335m Road Fund
  20. More Iraq Business for Bell Helicopters
  21. Iraq Stock Market Report
  22. US Congratulates Iraq on Social Safety Net
  23. Video: Overview of Iraq’s Social Safety Net
  24. Govt OKs Kuipers $256m Ship Order
  25. Korean Firm to build Petrochem Plant
  26. Iraq Bond Issue Shelved Again
  27. Lebanese Firm Wins Water Treatment Contract
  28. John Crane Wins Zubair Contract
  29. Possible Turkey-Iraq-Kurdistan Oil Deal This Week
  30. Oil Exports Down in December
  31. Australian Oil-for-Food Case Dropped
  32. KRG Outlines Oil Resources at Energy Forum
  33. SNC-Lavalin Awarded Pipeline Project
  34. Iran to Supply Petrochemical Services to Iraq
  35. Iraqi Embassy in Abu Dhabi Opens
  36. Canada Hopes for Strong Ties with Kurdistan
  37. KRG Welcomes new Dutch Ambassador
  38. Iraq To Become Third Largest Russian Arms Purchaser
  39. Iraq Closes Border With Syria
  40. BIS To Accept Additional Deposits From Iraq
  41. Iraq’s Cihan Bank To Open UAE Branch
  42. Journalists Killed In Militant Attack On TV Station
  43. Call to Open Another American University in Iraq
  44. Sri Lanka Develops Relations with Kurdistan
  45. Iraqi-Jordanian Talks in Baghdad
  46. Iraq Looks to Expand Trade with Iran
  47. Weapons Market Surges During Syria Conflict
  48. Security Checkpoints Bringing Baghdad to Halt
  49. Poor Fight for Wealthy Neighbours’ Garbage
  50. Sectarian Militias Assume Larger Role
  51. Tomato Farmers v. Iraq’s Biggest Airport
  52. PwC’s Iraq Business Up 30%
  53. Iraq Fails to Attract Domestic Capital
  54. Al Qaeda “Plans to Annex One-Third of Iraq”
  55. Video: Iraq Arrests – a Crackdown on Opponents?
  56. Army Fights for Control of Anbar
  57. K&M Tipped to Build Pipeline
  58. Iraq May Use Azerspace Services
  59. Iran to Share Drilling Expertise with Iraq
  60. Three Indicted for $23m Dinar Fraud
  61. Iraq in 2014 …
  62. Kurdistan Begins Oil Exports via Turkey
  63. Video: Professor says PM needs to do More
  64. Civilian Casualties Highest since 2008
  65. Korean Deal to Build Healthcare Info System
  66. Chinese Firm Suspected of Fraud
  67. Basra Governor Speaks on Corruption, Security
  68. 44 Iraqi MPs Resign
  69. Iraq Discusses Transport with Egypt, Jordan
  70. Banks In Iraqi Kurdistan “Out Of Cash”
  71. Vacation Gridlock in Karbala City
  72. Mosul’s Ancient Arcades Endangered
  73. STX Wins $449m Pipeline Order
  74. Iraq EITI Report – Initial Assessment
  75. Resolution of Anbar Crisis Requires Coordination
  76. New Report from Extractive Ind. Transparency Initiative
  77. Video: Govt Loses Control of Fallujah
  78. Video: “Iraq Must be Solved Politically” – Gerges
  79. 13 Russian Choppers Arrive in Iraq
  80. $6b Refinery Deal to be Investigated
  81. 2014 MEPI Student Leaders Program
  82. Video: Iraq and the ISIL Explained
  83. Nina: The Heart of Enterprise, the Spirit of Iraq – the IBN at the Heart of a Ground-
  84. Basra’s Next Battle: Defeating Corruption and Bureaucracy
  85. Petroceltic Update and Guidance
  86. Aegis to Support Basra Security
  87. Weekly Security Update
  88. Erbil Trade Delegation to Visit London
  89. Hyundai Wins $6bn Kerbala Refinery Deal
  90. KRG Confirms Oil Export through Ceyhan
  91. UN Assists Population of Anbar
  92. Video: US Dismisses Criticism on Insurgency
  93. GKP Shares Up Following Update
  94. IBN Bloggers Excel!
  95. Video: Fallujah Locked in Stand-Off
  96. Gazprom Neft Produces First Oil at Badra
  97. NESPAK Reopens Office in Iraq
  98. Anbar Council calls for End to Siege
  99. Iraqi Soldiers mark Army Day
  100. Secret Deal sees Al Qaeda Leave Fallujah
  101. Jordan, Iraq Agree on Oil Pipeline
  102. Iraq to open New Aquarium
  103. Foreign Minister Meets Iranian Ambassador
  104. Dubai Chamber to Open Office in Kurdistan
  105. Uni Wins $300k Grant for Partnerships in Iraq
  106. Austria to Open Visa Centre in Erbil
  107. Nassiriya Oil Project Auction Postponed
  108. Ban Ki-moon Holds Talks in Baghdad
  109. Video: UN Urges Suspension of Death Penalty
  110. Video: Are Things Getting Worse in Iraq?
  111. Gaziantep Chamber to Open Erbil Office
  112. McGurk Completes 3-Day Visit to Iraq
  113. Barzani Hosts Annual Diplomatic Corps Mtg
  114. Video: What’s Behind the Unrest in Iraq?
  115. Iraq Protests Hurt Baker Hughes Earnings
  116. Genel Energy: Trading and Operations Update
  117. Dragon Oil Updates on Iraq Operations
  118. Foreign Minister Arrives in Kuwait
  119. Maersk Announces Deal for 2 Exploration Blocks
  120. Turkey makes Oil Find near Iraqi Border
  121. Projects Worth $189bn Frozen in Iraq
  122. Progress still being made in Iraq
  123. Southern Oil Exports Rise
  124. Draft Budget Fuels Kurdish Export Row
  125. US Embassy Annex Closed
  126. Video: Iraq Violence a ‘Blowback’ from Syria
  127. Video: Unease After Attacks
  128. Erbil’s Big Challenge: Tourists vs. Locals
  129. Sistani Silent so far on Anbar Violence
  130. Iraq Increases Oil Discount to Jordan
  131. NIC Reduces Downpayments at Bismayah
  132. Nineveh may soon Request Autonomy
  133. UN Aid Reaching Refugees
  134. US, Iraq Conference on Provincial Powers Law
  135. Political Initiative to Resolve Anbar Crisis
  136. Iraq Stock Market Report
  137. STX Wins More Iraq Business
  138. Bristol VMD Delivers Emergency Vehicles to Iraq
  139. EU announces €75m Support for Iraq
  140. CNN Reporter goes Back to Iraq
  141. Swedish Diplomat Visits DFR
  142. “Slaughter of Journalists in Iraq Must End Now”
  143. UNAMI Half Yearly Report on Human Rights
  144. Iraq “a Hotbed of Human Trafficking”
  145. Iraq Oil Revenues Decline
  146. Zebari Meets EU Commissioner for Development
  147. Iraq to Form 3 New Governorates
  148. KRG President Addresses EU Parliament
  149. Logicom Expands Cisco Ops to Include Iraq
  150. Video: Al-Qaeda Winning Fight for Fallujah
  151. Al Qasim Uni Agreement with Tehran Uni
  152. UK Trade Mission to Kurdistan
  153. Illegal Sidewalk Vendors Thriving
  154. Azerbaijan Embassy “This Year”; New Flights
  155. Come, See and Start
  156. Weir Wins $98m Contract with Lukoil
  157. Corruption and Construction in Karbala
  158. Capacity Building Programme for Human Rights
  159. Fmr Ambassador Argues for US to Do More
  160. $82m of Hellfire Missiles for Iraq
  161. US Re-Affirms Partnership with Iraq
  162. KBR and Others Sued for Kickbacks
  163. Conference on Legal Aid for Vulnerable Populations
  164. Attempts to Solve Housing Crisis Cause Problems
  165. Iraq’s Oil Brinkmanship
  166. Iraq Pays Another $1bn Compensation to Kuwait
  167. $16m Deal for Cancer Care Solutions
  168. Afren Expects Resource Upgrade
  169. Oryx Updates on Kurdistan Operations
  170. Pentagon to Sell Apaches to Iraq
  171. Iraq’s Imagined Conflicts
  172. VP of the German Bundestag meets KRG
  173. Bulgaria to Open Consulate in Erbil
  174. Iraq, Iran Plot Oil Revolution, Challenge Saudi
  175. Arabtec to Expand to Iraq
  176. Elections Commission Assigns Electoral Ticket Numbers
  177. Weekly Security Update 21-27 Jan 2014
  178. Veolia wins $115m Desalination Contract
  179. New State-Funded Investment Bank
  180. US Embassy Officials Talk Franchising
  181. Launching the “National Teacher Training Strategy”
  182. It’s All About Risk versus Reward
  183. KRG Natural Resources Monthly Report
  184. UK Appoints New Trade Envoy to Iraq
  185. Mister, Can You Spare a Dinar?
  186. Video: Death Toll Tops 900
  187. Legal Firm to Pursue Buyers of Kurdish Oil
  188. List of Coalitions and Entities in the Elections
  189. Canadian Ambassador meets with KRG
  190. Baghdad, Erbil Continue Struggle for Authority
  191. Video: Nicholson, “Iraq has Massive Potential”
  192. Foreign Minister Receives French Ambassador
  193. Details of Coalitions Contesting April Elections
  194. UN Casualty Figures for January
  195. Weekly Security Update 27 Jan – 03 Feb 2014
  196. $700m Air Traffic Control System for Iraq
  197. Erbil Airport Sets New Records
  198. Expatriate Doctors Return to Iraq
  199. Oil Exports to Jordan Halted
  200. Video: Al-Qaeda Severs Ties with ISIL
  201. Video: Seven More Killed in Iraq
  202. Anbar Headed Towards Isolation
  203. Policies to Attract Private Investment
  204. Pakistan to Resume Iraqi Flights
  205. US Investigates Iraq War Recruitment Fraud
  206. Everyone Wants to Be a Governorate
  207. Iraq’s “Massive Potential”
  208. New Research Reveals Leading ISX-Listed Banks
  209. Statement from Iraq-US JCC on Energy
  210. Barzani meets German Foreign Minister
  211. Private Security Companies in Iraq
  212. KOGAS may Sell Stake in Akkas
  213. Oil Crisis Not About Money …
  214. “No One is Safe”, Human Rights Watch
  215. Indian University signs MoU with Iraq
  216. Standard Chartered to Open First Branch in Kurdistan
  217. National Museum to Reopen
  218. Biden Plan Re-Enters US Policy-Making Debate
  219. 3G Licences “at Least $307m Each”
  220. Versar Announces Contract Extension
  221. New Retirement Law Full of Loopholes
  222. Capital Gain Tax on IOCs in Iraq
  223. $95m Snow Sports Resort in Kurdistan
  224. Karbala’s New Computer System to Prevent Corruption
  225. Iraq Stock Market Report
  226. FM Meets Iraq/Iran Negotiators
  227. Weekly Security Update 04 – 10 Feb 2014
  228. Oryx Declares Demir Dagh “Commercial”
  229. Siemens Wins Service Contract for Baiji Power
  230. Poverty Rates on the Rise
  231. British Consul General visits KRG
  232. Containerised Cargo using Shatt Al Arab
  233. Capital Banking Solutions to Supply Sumer Bank
  234. Commercial Law Development Program
  235. Italian Business Delegation Visits KRG
  236. IBN – Making Your Job Easier
  237. Oil Find Declared Commercial, Shares Fall
  238. Iran to Trump Iraq on Exploration Terms?
  239. India Buys more Iraqi Oil
  240. UN Concerned about Fallujah
  241. UK in Kurdistan Business Forum
  242. Parsons Presents to South Oil Company
  243. Controversy Surrounds Alleged Iraq-Iran Arms Deal
  244. Southern Gas Corridor is Open for Iraq
  245. Young Entrepreneurs in Erbil Making a Killing
  246. High Level Kurdish Delegation Arrives in Baghdad
  247. Canadian Minister on Historic Trade Mission
  248. Iraq Stock Market Report
  249. Sadr’s Political Exit Boosts Maliki
  250. Underage Marriage Growing in Iraqi Cities