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  1. “No Time Limit” for Sonangol
  2. The Truth Behind #WeAreThePeople
  3. Jordan, Iraq Discuss Oil Pipeline
  4. Czech Diplomat Visits KRG
  5. UK University Partnership with Soran University
  6. Iraq’s First Closed-Loop Car Wash
  7. DFR welcomes Latvian delegation to Kurdistan
  8. Japanese Signs Loan Agreement with Iraq
  9. Weekly Security Update 11 – 17 Feb 2014
  10. Iraqis Welcome Interfaith Harmony Week
  11. Iraq Becomes China’s Number Two Crude Exporter
  12. Oil Development Continues at Hamrin, Despite Risk
  13. Erbil and Baghdad: One Step Forward?
  14. Turkey Defers to Baghdad on Oil from Iraqi Kurdistan
  15. Prepare for “The New Iraq”
  16. IEITI Response to Recent Article
  17. The New Iraq: 2014 Discovering Business
  18. Urban Development in Post-Conflict Cities
  19. TAQA opens new Erbil Office
  20. Changing Sea Lanes: Basra Wrecks Pose Risks
  21. Arab Partnership Participation Fund 2014/15
  22. Fulbright Foreign Student Program Opens
  23. KRG Addresses Euro Parliament on Human Rights
  24. Gazprom Raises Cost Estimate For Iraq Field
  25. Tadano Delivers Seven Cranes
  26. Al-Sadr – Retiring or Repositioning?
  27. IBBC Addresses French Businesses
  28. Massive Potential from Trade and Investment
  29. Chinese Foreign Minister Meets Zebari in Baghdad
  30. KAR Win Ninewa Refinery Contract
  31. Maliki Heralds Construction of Karbala Refinery
  32. Iraq Buys Small Arms and Ammunition from Iran
  33. French Delegation Arrive in Baghdad
  34. Standard Chartered makes New Appointment for Iraq
  35. Iraq Leads Region with $519bn in Planned Projects
  36. Weekly Security Update 18 – 24 Feb 2014
  37. Iraq Stock Market Report
  38. New Report on Erbil Property
  39. Petrofac Results and Operational Update
  40. Iraq’s Summer Irrigation Water Supply Threatened
  41. Belgian Firm Completes Kufa Water Facility
  42. ENI Stays in Last Minute Deal, Sonangol Exits
  43. Luaibi to IOCs: We’re Here to Help
  44. Sonangol Pulls Out of Iraq
  45. A Warning from the Sonangol Departure
  46. Are Iraqi Banks Too Liquid?
  47. Iraqi Kurdistan Talks Independence While Locals Strike
  48. KRG Spokesman: Talks Useful, But No Agreement
  49. Amb. Faily Speaks at Brookings
  50. Baghdad’s 700 Unfinished Reconstruction Projects
  51. Iraq Stock Market Report
  52. KRG Visit Bolsters Relations with Spain
  53. UN Casualty Figures for February
  54. $4.7bn for Electricity Sector in 2014
  55. Trade with Sri Lanka up 80%
  56. KRG Ministerial Visit to Portugal
  57. Iraq’s Tallest Hotel Opens
  58. Generation Global – empowering young learners to become adult nation builders
  59. Total Considers “World-Scale” Petrochemical Plant
  60. US Firms Line Up for Kurdistan
  61. Baghdad’s “Financial Blockade”
  62. Barzani welcomes Standard Chartered to Kurdistan
  63. Weekly Security Update 25 Feb – 03 Mar 2014
  64. Koreans win $1.7bn Power Contracts
  65. Iraq-Iran Talks on Borders, Shatt al-Arab
  66. BBK Bank Considers Kurdistan
  67. First Secondary School for Syrian Refugees
  68. Iraq’s Missing Market
  69. Iraq May Build Refinery in Sudan
  70. Poverty and Unemployment Not Being Addressed
  71. Budget Problems go Beyond Erbil-Baghdad Crisis
  72. Constellis Launches New Auto Parts Distributorship
  73. IBN – Home of Iraq’s Best Bloggers!
  74. Oil Exports Hit 25-yr High
  75. Gazprom Connects Badra to Main Pipeline
  76. Genel Releases Full Year Results
  77. Ooredoo hits out at Iraq Delays
  78. $100m Appeal for Anbar
  79. Hyundai Elevator wins $63m Contract
  80. Kuwaiti Company to Clean up Basra
  81. Another Kurdistan Success for the MEA
  82. US Travel Warning
  83. Religious Business Names being Swapped for English
  84. Turkish Foreign Minister visits Kurdistan to boost mutual relations
  85. Iraq-US Cultural and Educational Update
  86. Iraqi Youth Turn to Bingo-like Game
  87. Video: Saudi, Qatar “at War Against Iraq”
  88. Canadian Delegation visits Kurdistan
  89. UN Calls for Full Integration of Women
  90. Iraq Stock Market Report
  91. Stirling Group Trains Young Iraqi Firemen
  92. Red Cross President Visits Iraq
  93. Iranian Company Attacked near Kirkuk
  94. Video: Shelling Continues in Fallujah
  95. Knowledge Hub for Natural Resources Governance
  96. US-Iraq Business Week Strengthens Ties
  97. Minister Apologises for Plane Row
  98. Weekly Security Update 04 – 10 Mar 2014
  99. Oryx Petroleum Makes Oil Discovery
  100. Gulf Keystone Update
  101. Thales to Provide Security System at West Qurna
  102. Iraq to Invest in Indonesian Oil Refinery
  103. Swedish Ambassador visits Kurdistan
  104. Another Week of Progress in Iraq
  105. In State Banks We Trust
  106. WesternZagros to Start Production at Sarqala
  107. Bitter Maliki-Nujaifi Exchanges Strain Political System
  108. Indian Workers “Stranded in Iraq”
  109. Renewed Call for Protection of Journalists
  110. New Permanent Mission of Iraq to the Arab League
  111. T Rowe Price takes Profits on Iraq Debt
  112. ShaMaran Announces Reserves and Resources
  113. Sterling Global Operations Wins UXO Contract
  114. Senior Iranian Targets Iraqi Markets
  115. HRW – “Don’t Legalize Marriage for 9-Year-Olds”
  116. Economic Chaos at Anbar Border Crossings
  117. Japan, UN Accelerate Economic Recovery in Iraq
  118. EU Increases its Humanitarian Assistance
  119. Iraq’s Oil Exports Hit Record High
  120. Excess Electricity in Iraq?
  121. DNO Announces New Wells at Tawke
  122. Budget Reading Goes Ahead Amid Boycott
  123. Delegates From 40 Nations Attend Terror Summit
  124. Iraq-Kuwait Flights To Resume
  125. Kentz-Foster Wheeler Venture Wins Shell Contract
  126. Weekly Security Update 11 – 17 Mar 2014
  127. Does ‘Mental Accounting’ Matter?
  128. US Franchise Opportunites in Iraq
  129. Asiacell Selects Anam Technologies
  130. Exports via Ceyhan Halted for 3 Wks
  131. Women’s Movement Faces Setbacks
  132. Report Denounces Human Rights Situation in Iraq
  133. Gulf Keystone to Raise $250m Debt
  134. A Challenge for the Electoral Commission
  135. US Delivers Critical Arms to Iraq
  136. Basra’s Mighty Petro-Dollar
  137. UK Export Finance to Help Kurdistan Development
  138. Jordanian Economic Delegation to Visit Iraq
  139. KRG Offers 100,000 bpd Through SOMO
  140. AB Maritime Plan Basra-Dubai Ferry Route
  141. Disqualified Candidates Spark Controversy in Iraq
  142. Shahristani Welcomes Barzani’s ‘Good Will’ Offer
  143. Iraq Calls For Foreign Investment For New Housing
  144. First of Iraq’s 10 New Fast Trains Ready for Shipment
  145. Metinvest to Supply Large Diameter Pipes
  146. Health Ministry: Iraq Needs 56,000 Physicians
  147. United States and Iraq Collaborate to Improve Service Delivery
  148. Baghdad Showcases Homegrown Fashion Talent
  149. 1500 Housing Unit Development Planned for Baghdad
  150. Another Look at Corporate Actions
  151. Weekly Security Update 18 – 24 Mar 2014
  152. Iraq’s Electoral Commission Ends In Mass Resignation
  153. Central Bank of Iraq Buys 36 Tonnes of Gold
  154. Turkish Energy Minister: We’re Waiting to Export KRG Oil
  155. Ayatollah Sistani For Nobel Peace Prize?
  156. US Supports IHEC, On Time Elections
  157. Our Publisher Retires
  158. Iraq’s Oil Income Surges
  159. Alfren Announce Full Year Results
  160. Taqa to Invest $300m in Atrush
  161. Budget Delay Hits KRG Banks
  162. Analysis of IHEC Resignation
  163. ISIS Shifts Tactics In Fallujah
  164. Iraqis Hone Skills To Preserve Heritage
  165. IHEC Retracts Resignation
  166. West Qurna 2 Begins Production
  167. Samsung Sign $840m ENI Zubair Deal
  168. Abu Risha Condemns Bridge Attacks
  169. IBN Reporter Wins Award
  170. Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline Repair Causes Delay
  171. Election Campaigning Begins
  172. Iraqi Art Goes Global
  173. Weekly Security Update 25 – 31 Mar 2014
  174. Did Baghdad Reject Nechirvan’s Offer?
  175. Why Two Exchange Rates?
  176. KBR Faces New Investigation
  177. Call For International Archaeologists
  178. Budget Delay Continues
  179. UNAMI Warns of Divisive Election
  180. Money Still Flowing into Iraq
  181. Alstom Wins €400m Zubair Contract
  182. Zebari Receives UN Director for Women
  183. Video: New Media Campaign Targets ISIL
  184. Baroness Nicholson’s Speech to Investment Forum
  185. UN Casualty Figures for March
  186. Hanwha Gets $511m Advance Payment
  187. Citi to Advise on $2bn Loan for Boeing Jets
  188. Erbil Stock Exchange “This Year”
  189. US, Iraq Agree on Chemical Weapons
  190. KRG briefs Middle East Institute
  191. Lucky Cement Starts Production in Iraq
  192. Petroceltic Abandons Shakrok-1, Shares Slump
  193. Kurdistan Minister Meets German Think Tank
  194. Full List of Election Candidates
  195. Weekly Security Update 01 – 07 Apr 2014
  196. Shell’s First Crude from Majnoon
  197. GKP Investors Relax
  198. Dragon Oil Spuds Iraqi Well
  199. Iraq Stock Market Report
  200. Jumping Ship? Defections Ahead of the Elections
  201. First Mass Vaccination Since Polio Found in Iraq
  202. Stocks Brace for Iraqi Election
  203. US Firms form Iraq Oil Services Group
  204. GKP Arranges $250m Debt Financing
  205. Iraq’s First Pizza Hut Opens
  206. Emergency Message for US Community in Iraq
  207. Policemen Killed in Suicide Attack
  208. 3x Chevening Scholarship Places for 2015/16
  209. An Eventful Week in Iraqi Business
  210. Iraq to Buy Czech Fighter Jets
  211. GSK Investigates Alleged Improper Conduct in Iraq
  212. Technip Wins FEED Contract at Rumaila
  213. LUKOIL begins Seismic Survey at Block 10
  214. Luaibi sees Kurd Oil Export Deal Soon
  215. Iraq Renews Podesta’s $1m PR Contract
  216. ICTSI to Invest $130m in Port Deal
  217. French Firm to build mini Eiffel Tower
  218. Iraq to End Thai Rice Ban
  219. ADIB Plans Iraq Expansion
  220. $46bn-Worth of Projects Boosts Kurdistan Region
  221. Old Phones, Computers Threaten Public Health
  222. IDB Contributes $217m for Major Trade Corridor
  223. Iraq Stock Market Report
  224. UN Reaffirms Support in Fight Against Corruption
  225. Govt Submits Controversial Emergency Powers Bill
  226. Bulgaria Strengthens Links with Kurdistan
  227. Weekly Security Update 08 – 14 Apr 2014
  228. Daewoo Wins $589m Gas Separation Contract
  229. ABB’s Ventyx Wins Power Deal
  230. Empire World “On Track” for 2017 Completion
  231. Travelport Renews Iraq Agreement
  232. Abu Ghraib Prison Shut due to Security Fears
  233. Alstom Wins €225m Equipment Deal in Anbar
  234. Gazprom Neft selects Pipeline Contractor
  235. Militants Close Euphrates River Dam
  236. Black Diamond, Rezhwan Refinery Joint Venture
  237. The Need for Private Industry
  238. Mosul “to Refine Oil in Disputed Areas”
  239. HP Considers Iraq Office
  240. ShaMaran Announces Atrush-4 Test Results
  241. Iraq “Must End Dependence on Oil”, fmr Minister
  242. False Claims made by Black Diamond, Rezhwan
  243. Warka May Cost US Army Millions
  244. Hanwha Opens Precast Concrete Plant at Bismayah
  245. Kurdistan Welcomes British Business
  246. Iraqi Elections: all Talk, no Walk
  247. Faruk Medical City (FMC) Opens
  248. Special Ballot for Army Causes Concern
  249. Iraq Tops Impunity Index
  250. Candidates’ Posters the Butt of Jokes