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  1. ISX ‘Hidden Gems’ Await Discovery
  2. A Preliminary Look at 2012 Foreign Commercial Activity
  3. Lack of Skilled Iraqi Employees Preventing Oil Industry Progress
  4. Erbil Oil & Gas Exhibition 3-6 September 2012
  5. Iraq to Increase Basra Light Exports for 2nd Half Aug
  6. DNO to Book Q2 Loss on Kurdistan, Oman Charges
  7. Bahrain’s Gulf Air to Resume Service to Iraq
  8. Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Democracy or a Monarchy?
  9. Weekly Security Update
  10. DNO Falls on Q2 Results
  11. Eni has “No Plans for Kurdistan Oil Deals”
  12. Afren Updates on Operations in Kurdistan
  13. Core Inflation Drops to 5.9%
  14. MP Accuses Saudi Over Oil Pipeline
  15. Mid-Euphrates Airport to be Managed by Babel, Karbala, Najaf
  16. Heritage Oil Shares Jump on Sale to Genel
  17. Baghdad: 1,250 Years and Counting
  18. Iraq Pipeline Delays Threaten Shell’s Majnoon Output
  19. US Delivers Last of 140 Tanks to Iraq
  20. KRG Warns on Oil Exports
  21. Korean Consul General Completes Term in Erbil
  22. Weekly Security Update
  23. Turkish Firm Wins $500m Steel Plant Rehabilitation
  24. Baghdad Seeks To Get A Grip On Oil Deals
  25. Iraq To Showcase Investment Opportunities To Britain
  26. DNO International Finds Oil At Benenan-3
  27. Iraq Now 2nd Biggest OPEC Oil Producer, Bigger Budget In 2013
  28. Genel’s Hayward Expects Resolution to Kurdistan Oil Crisis
  29. Grape Expectations: Dohuk Shows off the Fruit of its Vines
  30. Germany Invites Iraq to Investment Conference
  31. Positive Messages from London Conference
  32. Iraq Approves $359m Zubair Oilfield Contract
  33. Shell to Re-Start Majnoon Output in Q1
  34. Lucent to Pay $4.2m over Iraq 911 System
  35. KRG Attends 22nd Economic Forum in Poland
  36. The Iraqi Airline that Leaves Early, Late, or Not At All
  37. 26 New Opportunities in Iraq
  38. Iraq Oil Production Highest Since 1979
  39. Iraq Shortlists 2 to Build Breakwater
  40. Iraq says Shell Denies Oil Talks with KRG
  41. UNESCO to Protect Leaning Minaret
  42. Cabinet Approves 3 Energy Deals, Delays 1
  43. Petrel Resources Interim Results
  44. UNAMI Welcomes Appointment of IHEC Board
  45. Sound Bites to Sum Up Iraq
  46. Passavant-Roediger Wins $23m Deal in Kerbala
  47. Recommendations from Iraq Finance 2012
  48. Weekly Security Update
  49. Pentagon to Continue Funding Iraqi Training
  50. Iraq Increases Oil Sales and Discount to Jordan
  51. Kobler Calls for Commitment to Peaceful Conflict Resolution
  52. Iraq Agro-Food 2012 Exhibition, 26-29 Nov, Erbil
  53. Trade Bank of Iraq Doubles Capital
  54. Frazer-Nash to Support Rumaila Modernisation
  55. Missan Oil Company to Drill 80 New Wells
  56. Basra’s Shanty Towns: Where Politicians Protect Squatters for Votes
  57. TBI Denies Payments from Syria for Fuel
  58. The Great Zloty Fraud: Money Changers in Karbala
  59. Ambassador Beecroft Arrives as New US Ambassador
  60. KRG Increases Educational Links with Poland
  61. Football Star Eyes Iraq Broadband Business
  62. US Army Can’t Show Delivery of $1bn Fuel to Iraq
  63. Iraq and the US Elections: Who Actually Cares?
  64. Bad Weather Halts Basra Oil Exports Again
  65. 45 New Oil Wells Drilled in Maysan
  66. Iraq Ratifies Nuclear Protocol
  67. Kurdish Villagers Demand Compensation for Forced Evacuations
  68. Foreign Minister Meets Russian Ambassador in Baghdad
  69. Weekly Security Update
  70. Pakistan Petroleum Signs Contract for Block 8
  71. DNO Expects KRG Payment Before Year-End
  72. EFG Hermes Eyes Expansion into Iraq
  73. Iraqi Government Bonds Rally
  74. DNO Taps Additional Oil in Kurdistan
  75. Petroceltic Operations Update
  76. $4bn for New Refinery in Karbala
  77. Total Says Unclear if Iraq Wants it to Exit Halfaya
  78. Video: Shahristani on Oil Market, Production Outlook
  79. Opposition? What Opposition? The Incredible Shrinking Iraqiya Party
  80. Foreign Firms Win $290m Hospital Deals
  81. Maysan Province Seeks to Control Local Oil Fields
  82. Vast Exploration Hands Back Qara Dagh Block
  83. Iraq Oil Exports, Revenues up for October
  84. Zubaidiyat Power Plant to Start Early 2013
  85. Handicapped Villager Builds Water Generator, Introduces Green Power
  86. Iraq Adds 250MW to National Grid
  87. Turkish Company Signs $700m Basra Steel Contract
  88. Iraq Pushes for Stronger Links with Japan
  89. Iraq to Buy up to 30 General Dynamics Stryker Vehicles
  90. TAQA Buys into Atrush Block
  91. Tawke Export Payment Received by DNO
  92. Bin Shabib & Associates Opens Erbil Office
  93. TAQA Takes Profit on WesternZagros
  94. Eni Confirms Commitment to Iraq
  95. Baghdad Retains Quality of Living Ranking …
  96. US Launches New Support for Civil Society Program in Iraq
  97. Iraq “Reopens Strategic Pipeline”
  98. Anbar Announces Desert Cultivation Project
  99. Najaf Refinery Increases Oil Storage Capacity
  100. Al-Maliki Receives Kuwaiti Media Delegation
  101. Iraq’s Refining Capacity to hit 750,000 bpd in 2013
  102. Al-Maliki, Ban Ki-moon, Discuss Chapter VII
  103. TAG Heuer to Open Store in Iraq
  104. Lufthansa Consulting Wins Mosul Airport Contract
  105. Iraqi Airways Recieves its first Airbus A330
  106. Shiite Leader: ‘There Won’t Be A War’ But Maliki’s End Is Near
  107. Air Arabia takes off
  108. Video; ‘Looking for Nothing’ in Iraq’s Desert
  109. US, Iraq Commit to Enduring Strategic Partnership
  110. US Marine took $150k in Bribes in Iraq
  111. New Iraqi Oil Prices for January
  112. BlackBerry App World now Available in Iraq
  113. EIA Welcomes Lifting of Flight Ban
  114. Iraq Stock Market Report
  115. Vitol “Apologises” for Kurdish Oil Purchase
  116. STX Wins $150m Power Plant Order
  117. New Contract Signed for Free Zone in Baghdad
  118. 60% of Parliament in Breach of Financial Disclosure Rules
  119. WesternZagros Completes Successful Oil Test at Kurdamir-2
  120. Iraq “The Next Big Market” For Baker Hughes?
  121. Iraq Launches National Education Strategy
  122. Iraq Completes $146m Baghdad Water Scheme
  123. Haiti Jumps Ahead of Iraq in Corruption Perceptions Index
  124. UNAMI Welcomes Voter Registration
  125. Weekly Security Update
  126. A Home-grown Rally
  127. KRG Investment Board Chair visits Austria, Slovakia
  128. Maliki meets US Deputy Secretary for Resources
  129. Advancing Iraq’s Unfinished Constitutional Agenda
  130. New Date for Anbar Investment Commission Conference
  131. Energy Companies no Proxy for ISX
  132. Iraq’s Ghadhban Fails to Win OPEC Sec Gen Position
  133. British Firm Pleads Guilty to Iraq Fraud
  134. Two New Forests in Muthanna
  135. Basra’s Governor Meets US Businessmen
  136. Iraqi Oil Minister’s Address to OPEC Conference
  137. Russian Investor Increases Stake in Gulfsands
  138. Iraq Seeks Pipeline Investors
  139. Iraq invites NESPAK for Irrigation Project
  140. Iraq Declared ‘EITI Compliant’
  141. Video: Iraq Oil Minister on OPEC Sec Gen Result
  142. BP Proposes Cuts to Rumaila Target
  143. Iraq Takes Delivery of C-130J Super Hercules
  144. Iran to Boost Exports to Iraq to $12bn
  145. UNAMI Welcomes Amendment to Elections Law
  146. Iraq Stock Market Report
  147. Recycling Natural Resources into Knowledge
  148. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Hospital after Stroke
  149. Kentz Wins $55m Iraq Contracts
  150. CNPC’s First Crude Cargo leaves Basra for China
  151. First Boeing 777 Enhances Iraqi Airways Fleet
  152. Video: US Forces Gone, but Problems Remain
  153. “No Deletion of Zeros” from Dinar in 2013
  154. Mitsubishi Wins Transformer Contract
  155. Iraq to Buys 10 Chinese Trains
  156. Italians May Build Brick Factory in Najaf
  157. 1,000 Housing Units for Maysan
  158. Weekly Security Update
  159. World Bank Commits $900m to Iraq
  160. Valerus Awarded Contract for Iraq Processing Facilities
  161. Croatia’s Ingra Signs $1.5m Deal in Iraq
  162. Starwood Hotels Expands in Iraq
  163. Progress on Human Rights, But Problems Remain
  164. Will 2013 Decide the Fate of Iraqi Oil?
  165. Kurdistan Calls for Jordanian Industrial Zone
  166. US Man Guilty of Tax Evasion on Iraq Consulting
  167. Ministers Attend Reconstruction Conference in Baghdad
  168. Iraq – US Cultural and Educational Cooperation JCC
  169. Brazilian Delegation Visits Iraq
  170. Min of Elec takes over Fuel Inspection for Power Stations
  171. Elsewedy Electric Signs $169m Power Plant Deal
  172. Iraq Stock Market Report
  173. Iraq Boosts Gold Reserves
  174. Iraqi Kurdistan Trade Mission – 24 Feb to 1 March 2013
  175. Iraq Gets 2 New Navy Ships
  176. Video: Thousands Protest Govt ‘Sectarianism’
  177. Nose Job: Mosul Men go Under Knife for Good Looks
  178. Private Bank SME Lending Tops $224m
  179. Video: Iraq’s Royal History Under Spotlight
  180. Look At ‘Little Iraq’ Shows Why Iraq Is So Troubled
  181. UN Rep on Human Rights in Iraq
  182. Bulgaria to Open Iraqi Embassy in January
  183. No Licence Required: Lawless Roads, Helpless Police
  184. Video: Scramble for Iraq’s Oil Wealth
  185. Conference on Countering Antiquities Trafficking in Iraq
  186. UNAMI and UN Women Support Female Parliamentarians
  187. Iraq Approves Private Free-Zone near Baghdad
  188. Housing Minister Proposes Standardised House Design
  189. One-Sixth of Iraq’s GDP Creamed Off
  190. Video: Open Mic – Iraq One Year Later
  191. WesternZagros Appoints New GM in Kurdistan
  192. IEI Holds its Annual Energy Forum in Baghdad
  193. 3rd Basra International Oil & Gas Conference
  194. Deloitte Reports on MENA Oil, Gas M&A
  195. Iraq-US Cmte for Cultural and Educational Cooperation
  196. How Much Does Iraq Really Need For its Budget?
  197. Iraq Unveils Plan to Revamp Science Infrastructure
  198. Eide Steps Down as MD of DNO
  199. Diplomats in Erbil Reflect on 2012 *
  200. Iraq Stock Market Report
  201. LUKoil Slashes Iraq Oil Output Plan
  202. World Bank to Finance Lafarge Cement Plant in Kerbala
  203. Kurdistan and South Korea Cement Relations
  204. Video: Iraq sees Worst Flooding in Years
  205. Tough “Cybercrimes Bill” on Hold in Iraq
  206. Iraqi Firms Need Foreign Expertise as much as Capital
  207. Review of 2nd Report from Iraq Revenue Transparency
  208. Schneider Wins $74m Sub-Station Contract
  209. Iraq Waives Visa Restrictions for Pilgrims
  210. Video: Maliki Warns Protesters to End Rallies
  211. Basra to Open Border Crossing with Saudi Arabia
  212. Get the Full Picture of Iraq
  213. US Judge Leads Workshop on Letters of Credit
  214. Iraq Bans Importation of Certain Vehicles
  215. UK’s Amarinth Wins Business at Zubair
  216. Guy Delbès Resigns from Petrel Resources
  217. Asiacell IPO Opens for Subscription
  218. Private Bank Earnings Jump 90%
  219. Iraq Remains Largest Importer of Jordanian Products
  220. Video: Iraqis Preparing to Mark Arbaeen
  221. Asiacell to be Top Holding in Invest AD’s Iraq Fund
  222. Iraq, Spain Sign Agreement on Culture and Science
  223. Soldier Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes in Iraq
  224. Video: Iraqi Town Caught in Middle of Territory Dispute
  225. ISX Cracks Down on Speculators
  226. Genel Energy Starts Direct Oil Export to Turkey
  227. Iraq Names New Deputy Oil Minister
  228. Petroceltic Updates on Iraqi Operations
  229. New Boss at North Oil Company
  230. Weekly Security Update
  231. Oil Exports Down in December
  232. Iraq “Needs $20bn to Upgrade Agriculture”
  233. MP Accuses Turkey of Limiting Water Supply
  234. Capacity Building Workshop on Survey Questionnaire Design
  235. Emergency Parliament Session Indicates Size of Opposition to Maliki
  236. Kuwait Energy In, Turkey’s TPAO Out
  237. Land Allocated for Residential City in Basra
  238. US Contractor Pays Millions for Torture in Iraq
  239. The New Iraq: 2013 Discovering Business
  240. Hoard of Ancient Gold Coins found in Wasit
  241. Video: Sheikhdoms Don’t Like Iraqi Democracy
  242. Video: Iraqi Musicians Performing for Peace
  243. Foreign Minister Zebari Meets US Ambassador
  244. SRSG Kobler Calls for Constructive Dialogue
  245. Video: Syrian Kurds Seek Essential Supplies in Iraq
  246. Iraq Reserves Right to Sue over Oil Exports
  247. Oil Exports from Basra Resume After Bad Weather
  248. Confusion Over Design Contract for Iraqi Parliament
  249. Video: Anti-Government Protests Persist
  250. New Ambassador from Bosnia and Herzegovina