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  1. Economist: deletion of zeros from the currency will reduce the dollar traded in the l
  2. Parliamentary Finance: in front of the Council of Ministers one month to write a sala
  3. IMF Executive Board Concludes 2015 Article IV Consultation with Iraq
  4. float the Iraqi dinar and its impact on the economy August 17, 2015
  5. Iraq uses global to banks to issue international bonds worth six billion dollars
  6. Najib: the expectations of the International Monetary compatible with the new financi
  7. IMF: growth prospects remain positive in Iraq
  8. IMF This is why Iraq is facing economic problems
  9. Breaking News Abadi instructs to conduct immediate measures to activate private secto
  10. Iraqi dinar compete Arab currencies in the exchange rate
  11. Print two categories of the Iraqi currency in Kurdish
  12. Iraq displays sovereign bonds for sale
  13. Economist reveals a plan to protect the Iraqi dinar from landing
  14. Version 50 categories and 100 000 dinars currency cash end of the year
  15. Iraq poised to meet investors ahead of crucial bond sale
  16. S&P Assigns ‘B-/B’ Ratings To Republic of Iraq; Outlook Stable
  17. deletion of zeros and the issuance of Banknotes small to strengthen the dinar
  18. the currency of the 50 thousand dinars will be issued soon and the postponement of th
  19. Cash reserve ensure the stability of the dinar 9/16/2015
  20. Finance proposes the adoption of  flotation
  21. Parliamentary Finance confirms the lack of concern on the value of the dinar against
  22. Work: open 18 new offices for the smart card in Baghdad
  23. Iraq Deploys Forces at Borders
  24. Economist: lifespan of the currency paper 3 Ochehr..oualemadenah 25 years
  25. Parliamentary Finance: investment budget of 30 trillion and 83 operational and workin
  26. Iraq's plan to stop the issuance of international bonds because of the high yield
  27. Parliament is considering a proposal to unify the banks vulnerable to bankruptcy for
  28. monetary policies in Iraq and proposals for the next phase applications
  29. high financial reserves despite the challenges
  30. Parliamentary Finance: budget bill will pass in two weeks
  31. frozen funds in the state treasury
  32. Iraqi currency, "chunky" in residential homes
  33. Will dinar exchange rate impact Iraqi financial crisis?
  34. Parliament calls for reducing the financial value of the dinar against the dollar,
  35. Iraq's non-binding conditions of the International Monetary Fund for lending
  36. Parliamentary Finance reveal activation of customs tariffs starting from next Friday
  37. An invitation to re-examine the outside of government investment
  38. Iraq begins in 2016 to cut its currency against the dollar
  39. raising the value of the dollar to the 200 to cover the salaries of its employees
  40. Economist: 50 Thousand category did not affect the "inflated" prices in local markets
  41. It calls for central banks to buy gold Meskukath and confirms the arrival of specie 1
  42. Expert: Currency exchange rate affects the import and export value
  43. "electroniccollection" 01/10/2016
  44. High price of the dollar will not last long 01-10-2016
  45. IMF Managing Director Approves a Staff-Monitored Program for Iraq 01-12-2016
  46. the issuance of large denomination threatens small
  47. Issuing smart card for more than 20 thousand advanced to the inclusion of subsidized
  48. the application of 'the law of the fish' on the Iraqi dinar categories
  49. Iraq Planning Currency Redenomination 01-18-2016
  50. raise taxes and the value of the currency to bridge the budget deficit 01-19-2016
  51. The application of customs duties on goods entering Iraq tariff 1/19/2016
  52. Raise value of the currency, says National Alliance Deputy
  53. The invitation of the Iraqi dinar link to the global economy 01/19/2016
  54. Abadi Urgent: Iraq has succeeded in reducing the expansion Daash
  55. CBI does not follow the contractionary policy and therefore raise the Iraqi 1-23-2016
  56. Citizens: banks, forcing us to take over and Daiana «dollar» Dinars 1-23-2016
  57. the contractionary policy and therefore raise the Iraqi currency
  58. Iraqi Dinar Currency to be Powerful to Enter in the Global Currency Markets 1-25-16
  59. Parliamentary check on the health of the economy to increase the dollar price news
  60. The central bank is preparing to launch the e-dinar recommends depositing the salarie
  61. Parliamentary Finance: Coin of 50,000 dinars withdrawn traders and trading Gebouha
  62. the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar would lead to monetary inflation affects
  63. Abadi plans to distribute plots on «beneficiaries» next week
  64. Urgent Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President to visit Baghdad soon
  65. Expert (time): A class of 50 thousand dinars tamper-proof
  66. Member of the Parliament of Kurdistan warns of emptying the region of 25 thousand din
  67. Photos reveal large stash of Iraqi Dinars in Turkey
  68. Sterling Currency Group execs indicted in $600M Iraqi dinar sale scheme
  69. Economist: weak purchasing power of the citizen for the decline in sales of the Centr
  70. the coming days there will be a major financial demonstrations to demand the conserva
  71. 8 million Iraqis have paid from the State Council stressed opening up the country to
  72. Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar is the Center of Latest Iraq
  73. Baghdad Chamber of Commerce will hold an expanded seminar to discuss the problems of
  74. In Iraq .. (2000), banking and financial transfer company
  75. Iraqi dinar recovery expectations after the end of the war the daash
  76. President of the International Monetary Fund and Ban Ki-moon to visit Iraq soon
  77. The local currency to invest in global stock
  78. Parliamentary Finance exclude the issuance of central bank Edition 100 thousand dinar
  79. Iraqi dinar recover! 3-9-16
  80. Financial: auction sale of foreign currency "Savior" to Iraqi dinar
  81. Management of the money supply and stimulate development
  82. Financial advisor Ebadi warns: Iraq at the crossroads!
  83. Jubouri: Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President to visit Parliament on March 26
  84. Central Bank: scrutinize only and does not put restrictions on selling the dollar con
  85. Schedule a visit Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President devoid of Iraq Visit
  86. Economist: speculators are behind the rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the
  87. Urgent Abadi: International plans to start next week to stand with the financial plig
  88. Iraq being a financial and economic talks with the IMF in Amman
  89. Parliamentary Finance warns of rise in price of the dollar in the coming period
  90. IMF plans to lend large sums Iraq
  91. Central bank: Iraqi dinar Bmoasfath and techniques ahead of a lot of European countri
  92. This is it again and again 4-12-2016
  93. Video: What the central bank says about the falsification of Iraqi banknotes?
  94. Sources: important meetings in Washington between the Iraqi Finance International Mon
  95. Iraq and the cash and the World Bank: Intensive talks on economic reform
  96. Iraqi dinar oil between the hammer and the anvil of political conflicts!
  97. Finance Minister meets with US Treasury Secretary
  98. Green Zone staff are trapped inside after closing all the doors
  99. Fears of continued high price of the dollar against the dinar in the current crisis
  100. 2017 ??
  101. The arrival of a Swiss equipment for the printing of currency to Iraq
  102. Zebari and US ambassador discuss Iraq's negotiations next week with the International
  103. The Presidency of the Parliament stresses that the IMF demanded Iraq change the budge
  104. Parliamentary Finance: reject the dictates of the International Monetary Fund
  105. Budget approved under the supervision of the International Monetary and can not be re
  106. Abadi Showcase infallible and the progress of negotiations with the IMF
  107. Iraq announces obtaining loan of $13 billion from IMF
  108. Official statement: Iraq and the International Monetary agreement to prepare the cred
  109. Iraq gets a financial certificate enables him to deal with international banks with h
  110. Iraq's negotiations with the International Monetary produce a loan of $ 13 billion
  111. UPDATE 1-IMF deal to extend Iraq $5.4 bln loan at 1.5 pct, 5-19-2016
  112. Iraq is consistent with the IMF on a program to prepare the credit arrangements, whic
  113. Iraq's agreement with the International Monetary position to issue bonds on the globa
  114. Iraq received the first of the beginning of July the international loan installment
  115. Re - engineering the banks check the economic feasibility
  116. Central banks: the category will be withdrawn from circulation 500 euros
  117. The central bank stopped 300 companies transform financial and banking deal
  118. Parliamentary Finance demanding the central bank reduce the high dollar exchange rate
  119. Parliamentary Finance Abadi calls for an end to corruption auction window "sell the c
  120. Kanani: IMF loan makes Iraq subject to international economic standards
  121. Release of funds for the displaced through smart cards next week
  122. No need to amend the budget to implement the terms of the International Monetary
  123. A proposal to make the official rate for the dollar at the central bank in 1300 dinar
  124. Up to date list from the Banknote News on Iraq
  125. Central Bank calls on citizens to complain against the dollar sell them at more than
  126. Consultant Abadi: Currency market focus monopolistic central policy weighed on the do
  127. Calls for financial reforms of the International Monetary Fund
  128. Congratulations .. Congratulations embezzlement Central Bank reached record highs
  129. zeroes currency and the value of human
  130. Reform package "impede" the processing of the ration card items
  131. Parliamentary Finance: Most banks and shops to drain currency
  132. The central bank does not exist for the fifty thousand fake currency
  133. World Bank: Economic situation in Iraq remains fragile, with a high GDP growth rate
  134. Banking reform requirements
  135. Integrity announces the recovery of more than 135 billion dinars during the first hal
  136. Iraq begins to pay its debts and internal considering postponing installments Paris C
  137. 500 dinar bank note 7-2-2016
  138. Iraq and the International Monetary Fund 7-6-2016
  139. Finance calls to speed up the implementation of borrowing to deal with economic crisi
  140. Iraq's international bonds rise after the approval of IMF loan
  141. IMF calls on the Government of Abadi to achieve reforms in exchange for loans
  142. Upgrading of Iraqi currency
  143. Invalid: Iraq reserve "locked" and not decline or deterioration in the budget.
  144. First and Second Reviews of the Staff-Monitored Program and Request for a Three-year
  145. IMF: No Dinar Devaluation, Committed to Dollar Peg
  146. Exchange rate and disinformation
  147. IMF says no reason to devalue Iraqi Dinar IRAQ NEWS, July 16, 2016
  148. Parliamentary Finance: issuing banknotes in the marshes included the right step
  149. IMF agreement test for Iraq 7/23/2016
  150. Parliamentary excludes energy to reach a political agreement "soon" to pass the oil a
  151. What does it mean to float the currency? 7-25-2016
  152. Keeper sets 2017 launch date for electronic currency
  153. Sba 8-7-2016
  154. Diwaniyah administrationis seeking to keep hard currencytolimit banking offices unlic
  155. Parliamentary Economy: Iraq exceeded the financial crisis
  156. Urgently raise the general amnesty law from the parliament session agenda today
  157. The central bank determines the criteria for the purchase of foreign currency from ba
  158. Iraq is heading toward financial stability
  159. Finance Committee hosts chairman of Supreme Audit Advisor Economic Council of Ministe
  160. Commission implementation of the strategic framework agreement held its first meeting
  161. pass the oil and gas law to solve problems between Baghdad and Erbil
  162. Float the Iraqi dinar 8-16-2016
  163. Tomorrow .. an important meeting to agree on a general amnesty law
  164. Baghdad discussed the budget in 2017 with the World Bank over the next week
  165. Central Bank: Class {100} thousand dinars printed and waiting for the right time to p
  166. New talks between Iraq and the IMF early September about five billion dollars loan
  167. Central Bank: Putting the sale of foreign currency window to ensure the stability of
  168. Parliamentary Finance: no intention to repeal Article 14 of the Convention on the Int
  169. Washington suggest the IMF projects growth of non-oil sector in Iraq by 2018
  170. Military retirees pay the salaries for a meal in September by the "Key Card"
  171. Experts: Ask a coin 100,000 dinars will increase prices and raise inflation
  172. Maliki calls for “activating” the strategic framework and Washington renewed its comm
  173. Statement at the End of an IMF Mission on Iraq - we may not see the RV until sometime
  174. Parliamentary Finance calls to control the rate of the dinar against the dollar
  175. Saleh: Iraq has implemented all the conditions of the International Monetary Fund!
  176. demanding the central bank to intervene "urgently" to reduce the dollar exchange rate
  177. Abadi meet with Director General of the International Monetary Fund 9-22-2016
  178. Then, and Now
  179. Promises new Iraq to help financially 9-24-2016
  180. IMF expressed satisfaction with the government's actions in the framework of financia
  181. Iraq's Mystery Money
  182. Iraq to the whitelist financially 09-26-2016
  183. Float the Iraqi dinar economic phenomenon that will support the national currency
  184. The government is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the local market
  185. IMF to continue talks with Iraq and is likely to complete his reform agenda through t
  186. Iraqi attempts to issue international bonds to ensure the failure of US
  187. Deletion of zeros from the currency adds a monetary value 10-08-2016
  188. mafias control the currency market .. Central Bank demands that immediately
  189. The demands of the Iraqi Central Bank determine the causes of the collapse of the cur
  190. IMF disrupt the arrival of the budget to the parliament and weights adopting mid-Dece
  191. Parliamentary Finance: today the delivery date for the government's budget to the par
  192. Finance tracks correct raise the confidence of the IMF in Iraq 10-17-2016
  193. The demands of the Iraqi Central Bank determine the causes of the collapse of the cur
  194. 1600 smart card issuing new covered by social subsidy
  195. Iraqi forces are "ahead of schedule", the Pentagon has said, 10-18-2018
  196. The dollar stabilizes at 1295 dinars
  197. The Central Bank raised the dinar against the dollar 10-23-2016
  198. Rivers called dollar selling to citizens by 3000 dollars according to the controls
  199. CBI succeeded n raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar 10-27-2016
  200. Iraqi monetary system enhanced the currency of a new dinars 10-31-2016
  201. Central Bank: the deletion of zeros in early 2017
  202. Parliament: Hosting bank governor and directors of banks to discuss the reasons for t
  203. Deletion of 3 Zeros Project will be Executed Very Soon: CBI Governor 11-09-2016
  204. Economy .. currency's strength a reflection of the strength of the economy
  205. Reasons to delete three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the ze
  206. New measures to curb manipulation in hard currency 11-14-2016
  207. Parliamentary Economy: project to delete the zeros from the currency has become impos
  208. Raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency's progress and evaluation
  209. Iraq new 500-dinar note (B357) confirmed
  210. Economists: The deletion of zeros hold reformist acceptable facilitate currency excha
  211. money laundering and delete deferred zeros 11-30-2016
  212. In the parliamentary Finance Member: it can pass the budget today, despite the disput
  213. We will Increase Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate against U.S Dollar: CBI
  214. IMF Executive Board Completes First Review of Iraq’s SBA 12-05-2016
  215. Currency torn determines the suitability for trading?
  216. Iraqi dinar lacks stability against foreign currencies, and continuous complaint
  217. Is Iraq heading to float the dinar against the dollar? 12-12-2016
  218. Imf 12-13-2016
  219. New BD version .. enhance cash to our system 12-15-2016
  220. Imf 12-19-2016
  221. “Central” Iraq currency supports deleting “zeroes” dinar 1-2-2016
  222. IMF Statement
  223. Trad Bank of Iraq open to ALL
  224. Iraq: Calls to raise the value of the dinar 2-3-2017
  225. Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again
  226. IQD showing on Bloomberg
  227. There's a lesson here Iraq
  228. Iraq will Exit from Chapter VII in the Next 2 Months: Al-Abadi
  229. Printed currency volume exceeded 11 billion and 600 million dinars
  230. Head of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar
  231. Iraq resumes next Friday talks with the IMF & WB 4-15-2017
  232. E-dinar.com releases it's new crypto currency.
  233. Abadi: Investment doors open to international companies May 14, 2017
  234. Abadi’s financial adviser criticizes calls to cut the dinar and warns of the effects
  235. Why can't I get in touch with anyone from Warka Bank and my account?
  236. CBI has Signed MOU with the Palestinian Monetary Authority 6-5-2017
  237. With Chapter 7 Lifted, Iraq Regains Control of Its Own Economy
  238. Trump congratulates ‘heroic’ Iraqi soldiers and Peshmerga in Mosul liberation
  239. We are Stabilizing IQD Exchange Rate without a space for Speculation: CBI Governor
  240. Buy and sell currency window The latest instructions issued by the CBI
  241. 08-30-2017
  242. Changes Is COMING!!! 10-25-2017
  243. The exchange rate of the dinar linked to a basket of currencies 11-03-2017
  244. Here we go!!
  245. Iraqi Dinar Currency is Moving towards IQD Revaluation: Experts
  246. Official CBI Exchange rate now 1190
  247. and now we shall return after this breif pause from our sponcer..........
  248. Who is still holding out for return on this?
  249. Publicly Disclosed Banknote Security Features
  250. Kuwait Dinar RV vs. Iraqi Dinar RV