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  1. Investment VP: Focus on the entire picture, not just the dinar but politics economics
  2. Assention to the ITFC is absolutely necessary for Iraq to welcome global investment
  3. We are positioned to have a golden opportunity in this investment.
  4. We are seeing movement for iraq right now to securing a stronger govt and currency
  5. Kuwait’s Prime Minister is visiting Iraq this weekend to discuss the two countries
  6. The trade off for chapt vii maybe that the na remove maliki
  7. 3 items to mention on the “state of the dinar”
  8. Ban Ki Moon is making a trip to Baghdad tomorrow… to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  9. Leaving them no alternative to pull down the Maliki government
  10. Raise The Price Of The Iraqi Dinar Against The Dollar As Possible
  11. January ’13
  12. Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) "risk in the indispensable"
  13. Iraqi dinar would soon return to what it was prior to 1980
  14. IQD expected to rise by reserves and growth of economy
  15. Iraqi Cabinet rules out replacing or omitting zeros from Iraqi currency
  16. Abtan (East): jump in the exchange rate of the dinar (restricted) Central Bank
  17. Dinar in Circulation
  18. Washington worried about the situation in Iraq; Will not renew DFI protection in 2013
  19. Currency will not be replaced, no zeros dropped in 2013
  20. Banks in UK bailing on Dinar?
  21. Looking to get caught up to speed...
  22. Dinar Market Rate
  23. Economist calls for a deletion of the three zeros currency to withdraw counterfeits f
  24. World Bank restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed in order to raise the value of the Ir
  25. CBI restricts withdrawals April 15, to stabilize rate
  26. Economists: central bank tightening reason behind the rise in prices of the dollar ag
  27. Problems with Ameraq Account, need help.
  28. An investigative committee: Central Bank sold 56% of Iraq's oil revenues and more tha
  29. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh: No one knows what happens inside the Central Bank
  30. Central Bank to take urgent action to preserve the stability of the dinar exchange ra
  31. OMH !!! This explains EVERYTHING !!!
  32. Experts claim to speed up Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization
  33. What's really happening: Guru's, scam, etc!!!
  34. Iraqi Government forms committee to set value of the Iraqi dinarPosted: June 11, 2013
  35. Iraqi Government forms committee to set value of the Iraqi dinar
  36. Iraq obtained the green light from the United Nations to take it out of Chapter VII
  37. Great news comin... 06-26-2013
  38. Awaken IIF Members IS THIS RV EVE???
  39. 06-29-2013 dinar news!!!
  40. Anyone read any of the books on Amazon.Com about the Iraqi DInar?
  41. 07-02-2013 DINAR NEWS!!! Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate .. Timid rise
  42. Iraqi markets see demand for USD fall, Dinar Up
  43. Question about Information from Articles
  44. Financial: improved after Iraq Dinar from Chapter 7
  45. IQD experiencing ‘remarkable’ increase 07-08-2013
  46. 07-14-2013 DINAR NEWS!! yahoo... 1IQD :1.16 USD BOOM! BOOM!
  47. 07-14-2014 DINAR NEWS!! with FULL OF HOPE (ALL IN)
  48. 07-15-2013 dinar news!! Rv or lop?
  49. 7 Questions for Dinar Speculators
  50. This thread is for anyone who wants to complain.
  51. Possible IMF speak for RV
  52. Article: Iraqi Officials Divided Over Dinar 'Reset'.
  53. 07-26-2013 dinar news!! Be carefull of heart attack!!!
  54. Attention -- Maliki Supporters !!!!
  55. 08-07-2013 dinar news!! Ho! Ho! Ho!
  56. Its over
  57. Question about where to sell
  58. Hey IRAQ!
  59. 08-31-2013 dinar news!!! As you expected it will rise soon..
  60. 09-02-2013 dinar news!
  61. 09-10-2013 dinar news!! Believe it or not...
  62. 09-30-2013 dinar news 1:1 within the next 4 years???? Float....
  63. 09-30-2013 dinar news... It's moving....
  64. Economists Divided Over Deletion Of Zeros
  65. Wa Hoo!!!! The Iraqi RV is real and found
  66. 10-23-2013 IRAQI DINAR news (One Step Closer)
  67. Message From Dinar Trade
  68. Come end of Nov, Im out
  69. Delete Three Zeros = Redenomination/Lop
  70. calculate your iqd wealth in infinitecoin
  71. CNBC Art Cashin Predicting Up to 4 Currency Adjustments by Sunday
  72. Controversial Prediction: IRAQ is an investment opportunity
  73. us focus is on more than four million people with lure of "investing in Iraqi dinar
  74. Whars really happening!!!
  75. Article: Iraq Buys $1.56 Bln of Gold, Biggest Purchase in 3 Years
  76. Article: Gold and the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Iraqi Central Bank Buys 36 Tons of Gold
  77. CBI will Reprint New Banknotes with Added Features (2 articles)
  78. Article: Iraq’s central bank may buy more gold in coming months: Minister
  79. Article and TV show to air: Friday at 10:00, The Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction? WHNT
  80. Yale Grad Trusts in Bank of Baghdad to Help Deliver Returns
  81. "Iraqi Dinars scam trial set to begin in U.S. Court"
  82. Article: ‘Dinar Divas’ Destroy Credibility of Investment Opportunity- Guardian TV
  83. CBI Governor Turki Says Any Exchange Rate Supported
  84. I see this as a positive for our investment in Iraq
  85. Came across this on my Facebook feed if anyone is interested.
  86. Iraqi Dinar trading on Forex
  87. Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari
  88. Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years !!!!!
  89. raqi appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh
  90. doption of the general budget of the middle of next January
  91. Anyone else see this?...
  92. Raise zeros will not affect oil prices
  93. All blocs willing to speed up Budget Law endorsement
  94. Budget in 2015 for the implementation of Article 140
  95. SMART CARD to the seriousness of cash trading
  96. Next week's federal budget will be ready to vote
  97. Urgent .. Jubouri: Tomorrow will be the end of the second reading of the budget law
  98. Parliament completes a second reading of the budget law and raises Gelth next week
  99. Audit Bureau reports do not match with the cash balances in the Ministry of Finance
  100. Session will be held Wednesday instead of Tuesday to further discussion on the budget
  101. Iraq plans to borrow two billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund
  102. Parliamentary vote on the financial end
  103. Parliament will hold an emergency session of the budget in the event of non-completio
  104. The World's Next Country
  105. Parliamentary Finance: Budget report will be ready next week
  106. Iraq says not to renew its call for the USA to "protect his money
  107. The BUDGET was COMPLETED and the parliament will vote on this week
  108. Headlines!!!! 2015
  109. BUDGET will be completed in the next two days
  110. Forecast the return of high oil prices over the next June (4 dinars per dollar)
  111. Budget done!
  112. Issuing MasterCard card for Iraqis inside and outside
  113. Budget SIGNED
  114. Determine the time to DELETE THE ZEROS
  115. Finance Minister Looking tax compliance with America
  116. Support the dinar (HEADLINES)
  117. deletion of zeros during the current year
  118. Iraq Financial Crisis Promots Emergency Action
  119. Call to support the dinar transactions instead of the dollar
  120. Subjected to sell the dollar, according to supply and demand
  121. Finance: the salaries of the region will be launched within days
  122. ISIS opens private bank for loans and damaged currency redemption in Mosul
  123. Sterling Currency Group
  124. The government is seeking to increase dollar sales to 125 million to reduce the value
  125. $13 million stolen from banking company in central Baghdad
  126. 2-18-2015
  127. Sunday .. publication of the budget in the facts of Iraq Law
  128. Finance Minister: adoption of the budget
  129. Iraqi Central Bank announced on Thursday, for the withdrawal of 50 dinars currency
  130. Attention uk based dinar investors
  131. Ahtiatatna of hard currency and very good cover of the Iraqi dinar to 150%
  132. FREE “50 DINAR NOTE” EXCHANGE with Xchange of America
  133. 03-05-2015 dd ii nn aa rr...
  134. Iraqi currency between the deletion of zeros and new editions
  135. save the dinar 03/10/2015
  136. Facts and oddity of the changes related to improving the game Dollar in Iraq
  137. The role of the exchange rate
  138. high price of the dollar behind beneficiaries took advantage of Article 50 of the Bud
  139. Currency smuggling out of the country (GOOD NEWS) 03-19-2015
  140. Abadi emphasizes the need to develop to control the Iraqi dinar exchange rate mechani
  141. citizens and various bodies of promoting rumors
  142. This is the one that we need
  143. financial stability the dinar return likely weeks (very bad)
  144. Zebari to discuss the drop in the currency exchange rate 03-31-2015
  145. billion and $ 400 million from the International Monetary 04-01-2015
  146. Economists call for a return to work and raise the auction currency Article 50 of the
  147. 04-05-2015
  148. Exchange of 50 Dinar Notes
  149. Central Bank to take new measures to stop the decline of the dinar
  150. a maximum period of two months 04-10-2015
  151. Iraqi central government allowed banks to open outlets to sell the dollar
  152. Measures to improve the Iraqi currency 4-13-2015
  153. near issuing new coins from the category of 50 to 100 000 dinars
  154. expects the low dollar exchange rate: mafias manipulate prices 04-14-2015
  155. Iraqi PM Seeks Billions From Obama, IMF, World Bank
  156. Issuing securities worth 50 and 100 thousand dinars: the Central Bank
  157. smart card will be launched on May 2 for the displaced in the region
  158. Showing from newspaper site 1iqd= .9 usd
  159. the government and the central bank to control the prices of the dollar 4-17-2015
  160. Iraq participates in the annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund
  161. The Iraqi Central Bank and the Iraqi Dinar
  162. Sdr 04-20-15
  163. Coming with this Month of April 2015?
  164. The rise of the dollar because of customs duties and income tax
  165. financial crisis and its impact on project financing
  166. Mr. Bahaa al-Araji: Iraq is suffering from a financial crisis and not economic
  167. Economy calls for parliamentary approval of the CBI Law and the "removal" of thgov''t
  168. Central bank: Iraq withdrawal worth two billion dollars IMF April 27, 2015
  169. Parliamentary Finance: high dollar prices of the subject «temporary»
  170. Executive order 13303
  171. Iraq will make revaluation till the end of 2015
  172. Declared one of the institutions after four months of receiving a government request
  173. Finance: Ask a coin category 50 000 dinars will increase the volume of inflation
  174. Rate of exchange 5/6/2015
  175. Dollar bubble caused by pessimistic expectations and preference for foreign exchange
  176. the issuance of new Class currency loses value
  177. Iranian” drown the Iraqi currency market
  178. This is it....
  179. 05/18/2015 Parliamentary Finance: strengthening of the dinar currency to print large
  180. Economist: talk about a former delete zeros early
  181. 50,000 dinars = 100 dollars? 5-19-2015
  182. Parliamentary Finance: Iraq's new currency will be traded outside Iraq
  183. Finance deletion of zeros instead of issuing large categories
  184. The government resorted to import movement to support local product
  185. issuance of a new class is the restructuring of the coin and not to improve
  186. The deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency restores its monetary value
  187. reducing the size of the money supply as the rest of the corruption of previous years
  188. the issuance of a new class of the coin is not to improve the situation directly
  189. arrival of the issuance of the national card system to Baghdad
  190. Corruption and manipulation in the printing of the new currency
  191. Parliamentary Finance outweigh lower demand for the dollar with a new currency issuan
  192. tariff and confirm it increases the purchasing power of the citizen
  193. Financial panic 06/03/2015
  194. banks are dealing with the citizen by his desire to acquire the currency with the exc
  195. tax will raise the price card Shipping "mobile" category 10 000 to 13 000 dinars
  196. Disorders of the Iraqi exchange market after the decline of the dinar
  197. raise hard currency prices in front of the Iraqi dinar 06-07-2015
  198. Abadi adviser calls for lowering and raising the dinar dollar sales for the launch of
  199. Baghdad resort to printing money and pay the dinar to decline
  200. high exchange rates .. and conversion fees exceeded the 8%
  201. Parliament is seeking to know the fate of 124 trillion dinars of budget surpluses thr
  202. Finance parliamentary: the reliance on central bank monetary policy open
  203. Saleh appearance: high prices in Ramadan seasonal phenomenon
  204. Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister calling for adjusting exchange policy
  205. Economic exclude that the dollar goes back to the old price in front of the dinar
  206. Exchange rate changes is a global phenomenon
  207. Iraq depends on internal loans until the moment
  208. We will take all measures to restore the value of the dinar against the dollar
  209. Charges the central bank to stand behind the rise in the dollar
  210. Baghdad to protest the high price of the dollar
  211. The government is taking measures to raise the value of the dinar
  212. Reasons for the high exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar
  213. Now it's moving JUNE was the start of the GAME
  214. the weakening of the dinar attempts failed and seven facts constitute a shield for ou
  215. Class 50 thousand dinars will be issued end of the year and demanded a delay of 100k
  216. The feasibility of the new denominations
  217. The Iraqi government is taking action to reduce the collapse of the dinar against the
  218. In coordination with the Central Bank of organized crime constitute a crisis cell to
  219. Dollar reserves enables us to issue large sections of the local currency
  220. the project to delete the zeros will be applied beginning of the year 2017
  221. Prevent the circulation of only 500 dinars category in the markets
  222. Government banking sector seeks to open up to the world
  223. Do not damaged currency trading affects the Iraqi economy
  224. Parliamentary Economic warns: deletion of zeros from the currency needed to "force" a
  225. Maliki: the need to provide liquidity of the local currency to meet the needs of the
  226. Exceptional crisis had to be exceptional decisions
  227. The power of the Iraqi dinar was the cause of the growth of the economy of neighborin
  228. Parliamentary Finance: the issuance of a new currency will revive the Iraqi economy
  229. The survival of commodity prices to rise despite the drop in the dollar exchange rate
  230. Bubble exchange rates and the stability of the Iraqi dinar challenge
  231. Finance Announces ways to revive the Iraqi economy
  232. Cell crisis, decided to start issuing treasury remittances and the launch of a nation
  233. Economist warns of the growing value of foreign currency at the expense of the Iraqi
  234. Iraq MPs set to approve anti-money laundering law
  235. the issuance of new categories of cash to facilitate the process of carrying currency
  236. Efforts to enact laws that support the monetary policy of including "federal tax and
  237. Parliamentary Finance Committee: “Iraqi reserves approaching $ 80 billion”
  238. IMF: rising dollar and interest rates varying Andhiran negative risk
  239. Parliamentary Finance warns of the spread of counterfeit currency
  240. The current time is right to delete the three zeroes from the local currency
  241. World Bank gives Iraq two months to approve the anti-money laundering law
  242. Urgent Cabinet approves financial application for a loan 14 trillion dinars to fill b
  243. (1.134) per dollar per dinar
  244. Financial crisis: devaluation of the Iraqi dinar is it the solution?
  245. The market is witnessing high "strange" Although the descent of the dollar
  246. Ali al-Maliki: attribute the reasons for high prices in the markets to the deteriorat
  247. government is about to achieve administrative, financial and political reform
  248. Experts contend: the emergence of the 25 thousand fake currency in the market
  249. Iraq to endorse new investment law next week
  250. A member of the parliamentary finance: Money Laundering Act and arrived