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  1. Najafi calls the Legal Committee
  2. Supposedly the new IQD has been printed and delivered
  3. Iraq stocks: Price can not be determined till it is internationally traded
  4. Deletion of zeroes: We believe they are going to move forward
  5. CBI telling us the new currency… will be introduced on or about January 1, 2013
  6. It’s extremely important to our investment that Iraq gets their budget done.
  7. Dong RV’ed in Europe, Obama met with the IMF and talked to Maliki
  8. We are not out of the rv race for this year
  9. BAGHDAD issued arrest warrants
  10. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Iraq purchasing power???
  12. Wow this section has been slow!!
  13. Self Proclaimed Guru's
  14. For entertainment purposes Only. Laugh at your own risk.
  15. More on the entertainment front. These idiots never cease to amaze me!
  16. What is really going on with iraq?
  17. Compass Banking Buying Dinars - WELLS FARGO NOT BUY OR SELL - A Few Others
  18. The Anointed One
  19. From Batman in Iraq...........not Gotham City!
  20. RUMOR Thoughts
  21. Gunfight At O.K. Desert Iraq, December 18, 2013 3PM (Approx.)
  22. Warka Bank ... Einstein Knew
  23. must read rumor
  24. Intel from Guru TerryK
  25. Intel from Guru TerryK
  26. Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man
  27. Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man part 2
  28. Intel Guru TNT Tony
  29. Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man
  30. Intel Guru TNT Tony for the tnt fans
  31. Dinar Guru Breaking Update ***
  32. Intel Guru Dinar Daddy
  33. Intel Guru DC said it going down in germany
  34. Intel from your number one pumper Guru TNT Tony
  35. some more pumper Intel Guru TNT Tony
  36. Dinar Vets Site MIA
  37. see what Guru pumper TNT Tony has to say Things are happening in Iraq in the news
  38. Sign of an RV
  39. Intel Guru DC Iraq is moving forward
  40. Intel Guru DC Iraq is moving forward I’m excited i just can't hide it
  41. Guess what happened they ri not rv
  42. $3.86 per dinar???
  43. $1,00 hi hi
  44. what are the pumpers saying here one for you
  45. Im hearing somethng you needto know
  46. Civil War & Bargaining Status
  47. Must Watch This Video
  48. article says news about Warka Rumor as far as i know
  49. here what one of the pumper stryker is saying
  50. In case anyone would like some dinar news
  51. Will the dinar be abolished as means of defunding IS militants ?
  52. some new intel from Okie_Oil_Man hi hi
  53. Guru Tlar Rate 1 to 1. When? This week
  54. A bunch of Iraq dinar websites
  55. Free Dinar Giveaway
  56. How?
  57. here what the Guru are saying
  58. Guru tlm724
  59. news flash CURRENCY CODE XE TRADE
  60. it will not RV, it will float for 2-4 years up to and over a 1.00
  61. Month of CELEBRATION
  62. Guru American Contractor
  63. Newshound Guru Kaperoni
  64. 02-18-2015
  65. Warka bank
  66. Iqd value to be close to a dollar within 2 weeks
  67. Intel Guru Frank26
  68. April is fool.....
  69. The Best of GURU Kaperoni 04-11-2015
  70. The Best of GURU Delta
  71. Dr Shabibi begins to speak!!!! (Iraq rv)
  72. RV should be done before September 2015????
  73. 50k Iraqi dinar note will equal $50,000 USD
  74. Iraqi Dinar Scam - 1:15-cv-02032-LMM- FBI Warning - Documents
  75. I'm very excited for JULY/AUG/SEPT (Iraqi dinar rv)
  76. Iraq in process of Revaluing now!!!....Breitling
  77. Another Bank Story 6-24-15
  78. 6-25-2015. Firefly
  79. Intel Guru Mnt Goat 6-27-2015
  80. The Iraqi Dinar will revalue video Jun 27, 2015
  81. Preventing Victims of Dinar Scams since 2004!
  82. Latest rumor
  83. Actually Not a Rumor: Merry Christmas to Everyone Here on The IIF!
  84. Guru wmawhite
  85. Intel/Newshound Guru Holly [new Guru]
  86. Guru Millionday 2-25-2016
  87. Guru Bondlady
  88. Guru Delta
  89. RV or FLOAT 8-18-2016
  90. Newshound/Intel Guru BGG 8-29-2016
  91. 9-6-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat
  92. Bank Story 9-16-2016 (from other site)
  93. America here is what's planned too happen in the very near future starting 9-20-2016
  94. Experts: we aspire to make the Iraqi dinar portion of international reserves
  95. 10-03-206
  96. Guru Breitling 10-19-2016